NFL draft to remain in Chicago for 2016

The NFL draft will be staying in Chicago.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel have scheduled a joint press conference this afternoon. NFL Network reports that it will be announced that the 2016 draft will take place in Chicago.

Chicago hosted the draft this year, and NFL officials praised the city for turning the draft into a huge event, with tens of thousands of people visiting “Draft Town” in Grant Park. So it’s not a surprise that the league has decided to keep the draft in the Windy City.

Still, there was strong sentiment that if the NFL is going to move a team to Los Angeles next season, it would make a lot of sense to hold the draft in Los Angeles next year as sort of a Southern California kickoff. The fact that the draft won’t be in L.A. shows how much work the NFL still has to do to get the ball rolling there.

The league has talked about making the draft a traveling event, moving from city to city each year. For now, however, Chicago is the place the draft will call home.

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  1. It’s the perfect choice. Middle of the country. Plenty of space. Great restaurants. Great clubs. Why wouldn’t it come back? And the best part is not having to hear Jets fans get too much publicity for a horrible team

  2. The Chicago event was absolutely great! It was first class all the way and a great experience for fans from all teams. Each team had it’s own tent to watch the Draft on TV. It was great watching my Lions pick with a bunch of other like minded fans. It can stay in Chicago for a long time as far as I’m concerned.

  3. good. another reason not to watch anything but actual football games that has to do with the WWE, errrrrrrr, I mean NFL. I can honestly say it was horrible last year and I won’t bother even tuning in.

  4. Goodell is just doing a favor for Woody Johnson so there’s fewer NYJ fans there to boo their Top 5 selection each year

    I don’t care where they have it myself – though they should in fact spread it around the league cities rather than play favorites

    But I DO hope they’ll move it back to April

    I think if Goodell has his way he’ll keep pushing the draft later until we don’t have the 2016 draft til 2017

    Seriously – this guy is an idiot. The owners might like their profits – but imagine if they had a commissioner who WASN’T such an imbecile?

  5. Roger is a smart businessman, taking the show to Real Americans and away from the East Coast.

    Just one more savvy business move, and another one that Goodell wont get credit for due to all the group-think against him by those who don’t do their research first.

  6. Roger Goodell is officially the patron saint of trolls. I look forward to future drafts being held in Russia at 3 am, followed by games between the London Foghats and the Mexico Smog.

  7. .
    If it was a ratings driven decision, the choice would have been Boston. It would have produced record breaking numbers.

  8. How about instead we hold the draft in Tejas. All the drafted players could get a giant steak with their name and new team logo branded into it; sounds way more fun and delicious than the old jersey routine. We could even have Goodell fire a couple of six shooters into the air when announcing a pick at the podium. Now that is how you spice up the draft.

  9. I guess this is one way to keep the Bears semi relevant.

    Hey Goodell haters. If he is doing such a bad job, why doesnt one, just one of his bosses want him fired? And why is it the NFL is enjoying unprecedented profits and popularity?

    You obviously will never understand this, but big business has big politics. There are no rules in a knife fight.

  10. fartsmella says:
    Aug 11, 2015 11:47 AM


    Oh really? More like #goodellmustgoteachyouaboutsmartbusiness

    Or are you not planning to tune in on Sundays?

  11. Of course the NFL will keep it in Chicago because they got the venue and park for FREE. As usual cities are bending over backwards for the NFL. No wonder the NFL demands that cities/counties/ states give welfare to the NFL’s mulitbillionaires. Don’t give us the crap that the draft “generated” lots of income for hotels and restaurants. Every other convention creates the same revenue, AND they pay their fair share.

    That said, it was refreshing to see the draft in some place other than NY with their obnoxious Jets fans.

  12. B.S. I wasn’t for moving out of NYC, but a rotating basis for each city, is was not good but a great idea. Them keeping it in Chicago, will make it harder to rotate and the only reason they will move, is if something goes wrong. Rotate the Draft!

  13. The draft was a blast in Chicago last year. Had an amazing time. I got to meet some retired NFL players, there was great food and drink, and I got to take a picture with the Lombardi trophy….an absolutely amazing event. Glad it is staying in Chi Town.

  14. tharoostah says:
    Aug 11, 2015 12:32 PM
    Excellent! We will still be celebrating our superbowl win at that point. #JAYCUTTYSUPERBOWLMVP


    Thank you for icing that Vikings arrest cake with a most excellent Cutler joke. It has made an otherwise mundane Tuesday a little more entertaining.

  15. After tweaking the rules to favor Aaron Rogers (which is good business) and ignoring his over-inflated footballs then Goodell had to throw the Bears’ owners a bone.

  16. I am from NY. I have only been to Chicago once, but I fell in love with it. Real cool City.

    Not a big fan of Rahm Emmanuel though.

  17. I think it should just rotate around through all 32 teams.

    Give each fan base a chance to be the dominating presence to cheer for their teams on draft day.

    If you want to do this for the fans like they always say that is the best way.

  18. Best decision that Roger Goodell has ever made.

    Then again, he’s been only making bad decisions since the Saints Bounty Scandal.

  19. Before anyone says “herp derp murder capital you’ll get shot”, realize that Chicago is not even #1 in the state in violent crime rate and homicide rate. That title probably belongs to Harvey or Rockford

  20. I was at the Draft last year in Chicago (staying at the Hilton) and I can honestly say it was amazing the NFL did a great job of hosting it and for 2016 hopefully it will be better.

    Those helmets were amazing but hopefully the bring them closer than why the Tribune building this time.

    The best thing about the draft was getting into Selection square for free Friday night and being 20 feet from the team representatives making the picks.

    Go Bears!!!

  21. rextraordinaire says:
    Aug 11, 2015 1:22 PM
    Before anyone says “herp derp murder capital you’ll get shot”, realize that Chicago is not even #1 in the state in violent crime rate and homicide rate. That title probably belongs to Harvey or Rockford


    It had gone entirely unmentioned for 40 comments, until you mentioned it.

  22. Since the Governor of Massachusetts was wearing a Free Brady shirt yesterday for the ALS challenge and there are Goodell Sucks shirts showing up all over the region, there was no chance of it being held in Boston.

    Since NYC was out and Baltimore is the Murder capitol in the US most East Coast locations did not make sense.

    Free Brady !

  23. I only watch on TV and will never attend….so they can hold it on Mars for all I care.

  24. Baddell realized he’d get booed no matter where he went so might as well go to a city where they have real pizza and not a big cracker with some cheese and sauce.

  25. rextraordinaire says:
    Aug 11, 2015 1:22 PM
    Before anyone says “herp derp murder capital you’ll get shot”, realize that Chicago is not even #1 in the state in violent crime rate and homicide rate. That title probably belongs to Harvey or Rockford

    Chicago is no where near the top in murder rate and there are plenty of cities, including other NFL cities that have a much higher murder rate.
    Chicago’s murder rate is about the same as Tulsa Oklahoma.

    Don’t be afraid of facts.

  26. Don’t really care where they have it. Chicago is fine and you can’t beat NY but why does it have to air so darn late at night on the east coast?

    Also it needs to be sooner in the off season. The Commish has managed to find a way to screw up this popular event.

  27. The only way I would watch the draft would be if they made Jay Cutler the Master of Ceremonies. That would be a train wreck waiting to happen!

  28. Wait a minute Didn’t that liar Godell say the draft would visit different cities? oh so he lied like he is allowing to happen with the Pats

  29. The draft is proof more isn’t always better. It used to be one of my favorite weekends of the year. Now Thursday ends as it gets interesting, I’m doing something with my girlfriend Friday and Saturdays late rounds just don’t matter. The teams weren’t even in the same building as the players last year. Not sure why people loved Chicago.

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