Ray Rice explains subpar 2013 season to Rodney Harrison

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Rodney Harrison created a stir on the first day of the new Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, arguing that the Cowboys should sign former Ravens running back Ray Rice. And people were listening.

Specifically, Ray Rice was listening.

Rice got in touch with Rodney to discuss, among other things, that Rice lost his fastball in 2013, when his average per carry fell to a career low 3.1 yards. Rice explained that he played through a significant hip flexor injury, which contributed to the dip in his play.

Someone else may have been listening to Rodney, too. Coach Mike Pettine admitted on Tuesday that the Browns have discussed signing Ray Rice, but that they won’t be adding him right now. If the reaction to the possibility of signing Rice isn’t too strong, that could be the signal the Browns need to give him a second chance.

Ultimately, Rice could be better than any other option the Browns currently have. And with the Browns primarily hoping to win games and save jobs, maybe the time has come for Rice to get his second chance. It would be fitting if it comes from the franchise that his original franchise used to be.

71 responses to “Ray Rice explains subpar 2013 season to Rodney Harrison

  1. Everyone knows he’s not only the first player (or the last) to do what he did, and everyone also knows he got a raw deal. Frankly, I still don’t understand why what these guys do in their personal life should have any relevance to their professional one.

    Oh right this is America. The place where steroids in baseball merit a congressional hearing.

  2. All the people who say he shouldn’t get a second chance probably don’t realize that some of the players and coaches on their favorite team wouldn’t be there if they weren’t given second chances at one point or another in their careers. Nobody can or should try to defend what he did but everyone has made mistakes and done things they regret, because this guy had his worst moment caught on tape people think that they can stand in judgement and condemn him for an act that he has already served his punishment for. If he says it was a hip flexor, let some team bring him in for the vet minimum and give him a chance to compete. If he’s not good enough, cut him and that’s that. What is interesting to me is that people seem to care so much about what pro athletes do in their personal lives, he and his wife have moved on, what does banning him from his livelihood accomplish?

  3. People screw up all the time, some even worse than what Rice did…if he is truly sorry and is committed to proving that he will atone for his mistakes, there’s no reason that he shouldn’t work again in the NFL assuming he’s still got what it takes skill wise.

    Hell, they let Michael Vick back in….

  4. That’s the problem… Too many guys have gotten away with too much stuff and others have paid the price…..first time offense 1 year… Second time banish… You are paid enough to to know that the opportunity you have is a lottery ticket that 99.99 percent of society won’t get …

  5. Is the hip flexor injury a reason or an excuse? Maybe we’ll find out after all. After all…it is the Browns we’re talking about here, isn’t it?

  6. Imagine the outrage if he punched an animal. Off the charts. He’s more than paid his fair share.

  7. For 3.1 yards per carry, the Browns might be better off trading for /bringing back Trent Richardson before signing this guy…at least Richardson is younger and has far less baggage.

  8. So glad Ray got in touch with Rodney Harrison. I’m so tired of the media getting it wrong about Ray’s production in 2013. He had a serious injury!

  9. His actions weren’t worse than Peterson’s just because there is video footage. At least Rice’s wife got a couple shots in.

    Let him play if he still can.

  10. The double standards of people, i dont think the was much long-term outrage when the Dallas line man killed his own team mate, but Ray R cant get another chance.

  11. Everythings not black and white. It’s not that no one will give him a chance because of what he did. It’s a combination of his skills compared to the headache. The reality is his skills don’t outweigh the headache. It may as the season goes on with injuries but I don’t think so. It’s to easy to find a young guy that runs hard. Thats what the NFL is for running backs. There’s a few elite and more than 32 average guys. The numbers aren’t gonna work out for ray.

  12. Umm.. Didn’t Adrian Peterson beat a defenseless kid? And isn’t he not only playing, but also starting this season? Don’t understand why Ray Rice is getting so much of a harder time from people than AP..

  13. The issue will never be resolved because each side can argue 1.) he punched a woman in the face or 2.) he was a great presence in the community and made one mistake

  14. So much hate on Rice’s play… Why is everyone so doubtful? He was a stellar RB his entire career except for one year, which was recognized as an aberration at the time, likely attributable to O-line play, and he was primed for a big comeback season until the whole domestic violence incident.

    Worry about the PR… worry about his year+ off… don’t worry about his 2013 season.

  15. Listened to Cleveland sports radio today, some women called in and said they had no problem with the browns signing him..others hated the idea. Fact is, if he can play n doesn’t repeat fans will accept him

  16. Birdsareback- yes, I want Rice to be pounded, to death, by 350lb angry men. But I don’t want him doing it in an NFL uniform, nor do I want him being paid to do so.

  17. The girl he hit still married him so I’d think maybe that was an isolated incident and he’s truly learned and been humbled by the incident. If so, he deserves a 2nd chance if he still has the necessary skills. Just a few years back he was one of the top backs in the league.

  18. So I guess Baltimore cheated by not listing Rice and his hip flexor on any injury reports? Tell Wells to finish waxing that ‘stash because there’s another “independent” investigation for him.


    Is it just easier to blame a phantom injury than face the reality that the Ravens ran you into the ground the year before and, just like every other RB before him, that massive workload put him on a fast, steep decline.

    I get wanting to come back and having a good year so that maybe people remember him as a football player instead of a wife beater but the man hit the wall and he just isn’t the same Ray Rice that won a Superbowl.

  19. People are condemning Rice because he hit a woman. What if Ray’s girlfriend was the MMA Rousey? I’m sure then people wouldn’t care if he knocked her out.

  20. I think emotions come into this debate too much. People seem to forget that ray rice was pretty terrible in the nfl before his incident happened. He was totally on the decline of his career, why should anyone give him the time of day?

  21. How in the world is it “fitting” for him to go to the Browns?

    He NEVER played for the Browns. Not even close. He missed them by over a decade.

    Perhaps if his first game back was against the Ravens… that might be “fitting.”

    Or perhaps on his way to his first game back, he gets stuck in an elevator causing him to miss the game. That might be “fitting.” There’s no tie-in with the Browns at all. If that’s even where he signs… I think there’s teams with far more desperation at the position than Cleveland. Dallas has been tossed around.

  22. Ray Rice the person better realize that Ray Rice, the football player, is done. If Ozzie Newsome doesn’t think you’ve got it any more, then, what else is there to say?
    Move on, Ray, and continue to restore your life.

  23. Betcha the Cowboys could nab Ray Rice for the league minimum. He’d be way better than McFadden.

  24. These Personal Conduct policy cases can still help your team. In Rice’s case, we’ve seen him play well before. Signing him at the league minimum is a good chance to take. He frees up money for other players that the team should be signing. Get talent cheap so you can pay more for the high-priced guys.

    Or you can just go on hiring children’s role models and tacking on another losing season.

  25. Is Rodney Harrison going to be on everyday spouting his superiority over everyone (on every subject)? Definately went to the Bob Costas School of Broadcasting.

  26. Rodney is a cheap-shot specialist. Maybe Rice got his training from Mr. Harrison.

  27. Adrian Peterson is playing…..Media welcomed him with open arms??????? It makes me sick. I for one would love to see Ray Rice in a Lions uniform and would welcome him to Detroit even knowing there would be media backlash. But with Peterson not a peep ………..The guy beat his preschool age little boy with what equates to a whip and caused significant injury and bleeding to the boys testicles and not a single word has been mentioned about why he is now back????? Yet Ray Rice knocks out his girlfriend who was uppity and drunk getting in his face and the guy cant get a sniff mostly because of what will take place with the media. Don’t get me wrong I condone neither one of there behaviors but in this scenario which was really worse? That woman could leave and never see Rice again or could somehow defend herself yet a little boy with no say and no one to turn to is subjected to that? Say what you want about prison but I can tell you this Petersons time would have been alot harder then Ray’s would have been as it seems a little backwards on the outside that it plays out differently. Peterson needs a beating and I would be really surprised if he makes it through this season unscathed as I am sure many players are licking there chops at laying some serious wood on him legal or not. The man deserves a second chance.

  28. greenbaychicksarefat says:
    Aug 11, 2015 9:08 PM

    Ray Rice is a woman beater, why would you want him on your team?


    EVERY team has them, Rice was just caught on video. Not condoning, just sayin’.

  29. Seems to me that NE should sign him and the Miami O Line coach. They’d be Richie Incognito and AP away from the All-Time Anti-Wells, Anti-Goodell team.

  30. Sign him. He deserves a chance.Everyone does in this country. Hey,Hope Solo got one. Why can’t Ray Rice get one? He’s gone through so much over the last 15 months.

  31. Just give the man a shot, after he shows what we all know already, he can go away for good.

  32. Merely pointing to the bad O-line in 2013 doesn’t really prove anything. Both Rice and Bernard Pierce were horrible in 2013. But in 2014, Pierce was still horrible, while a journeyman running back, Justin Forsett, had a pro bowl year. So how might Rice have fared had he been the running back in 2014? No one knows. But Pierce certainly didn’t return to form, so who’s to say Rice would have? Rice’s production had been dropping even before 2013. And even in 2013, it wasn’t just his hip flexor; he was overweight and slow.

    And has anyone mentioned whether or not Rice is willing to work for the vet minimum? When you factor in the PR hit due to the video, his questionable ability/durability, and the money he wants…is it really any wonder teams are staying away?

  33. What Rice did was completely wrong, but he’s had a stiffer punishment because it was all on video. Outside of this event, he was a model player on and off the field for the Ravens and did a lot for the city of Baltimore. He deserves a second chance and should get it.

  34. If only Ray were a Patriot and would have just cheated on her with another woman, and also deflated every football so as to never fumble, then he would be contesting just a 4 game suspension.

  35. I hate the Ravens. However, Rice and his wife were both drinking and likely drunk. They were arguing. She swung at him. He reacted. Yes, he is bigger and stronger and yes, no man should lay a hand on a woman. He has done everything to better this mistake. It is not as if he stalked an ex-wife in her home or attacked her. It is like a DUI. They are all wrong and dangerous. But a .081 is far different from a .195.

    This guy is not a bad human. There are plenty of really bad guys out there and violent bullies. Ray Rice is not one. His wife and he have worked through it, and so should the rest of the world.

    Free Ray Rice.

  36. medialovesthecowboys says:
    Aug 11, 2015 8:43 PM

    Everyone knows he’s not only the first player (or the last) to do what he did, and everyone also knows he got a raw deal. Frankly, I still don’t understand why what these guys do in their personal life should have any relevance to their professional one.

    Oh right this is America. The place where steroids in baseball merit a congressional hearing.

    If what an employee does in his private life reflects poorly on the company he works for, then it’s fair game. That’s not limited to the NFL; that happens pretty much everywhere in the real world.

  37. greenbaychicksarefat says:
    Aug 11, 2015 9:08 PM

    “Ray Rice is a woman beater, why would you want him on your team?”

    Adrian Peterson is a child beater… do you want him on your team? Apparently the Vikes do.

  38. Ray Rice does not excuse what he did BUT it’s crazy out of say what 150 running backs in training camps that he is not one of them. #freeray

  39. The Ravens O-Line was HORRIBLE in 2013. That said, Ray will never overcome the fact that everyone has seen him clock his then fiance on video. Furthermore, if he does get signed, watch how many fans will cheer him on once he hits the field.

  40. Why their personal life impacts their professional is commiting assult usually does. Most people would have ended up in jail over such a video, and lost their jobs. The fact he is out and lobbying to come back is proof he got off unbelievably easy.

  41. That’s a pretty coherent response to me.
    Obviously Goodell maintains that he has done absolutely nothing wrong.

    Wells best be getting ready to take the fall.

  42. Did anyone see the video of the “deflator” savagely knocking out PSIs from Tom Brady’s balls?

    I really don’t care about what happens off the field. I am not stupid enough to hold up NFL players as role models. I only care about losing money on bets because somebody cheated the game.

  43. The Browns have good young RBs. They don’t need Rice. The Cowboys could probably use him, though.

  44. I hope he does sign with a new team if for nothing more than you can stop tagging “Baltimore Ravens” on stories about him. Ravens have moved on and we really like our current backfield. Forsett is motivated to show last year wasn’t a fluke and off the field he’s a model individual. Taliaferro will explode his second year and rookie “Buck” Allen so far sounds like the real deal.

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