Report: Geno/Enemkpali fight was over money


In his second press conference of the day, Jets coach Todd Bowles again opted not to discuss what transpired between Geno Smith and IK Enemkpali before Enemkpali threw a punch that broke Smith’s jaw and elevated Ryan Fitzpatrick to the starting lineup other than to say that it takes “two to tango” even if only one punch was thrown.

Fitzpatrick met with the media as well on Tuesday afternoon and said that the team would “keep it in house” when asked about the reason for the fight, which he called disappointing.

Earlier in the day, however, former Jets quarterback and current radio and television personality Boomer Esiason tweeted that if you owe someone money and don’t pay “don’t be surprised if you get punched in the face.” There was no further context given for Esiason’s tweet, but Albert Breer of NFL Media is reporting that the fight was over money that Smith owed to Enemkpali.

Bowles said that players are free to discuss anything about what happened, so there may be more information to come about the circumstances that led to an unusual day in New Jersey even by Jets standards.

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  1. Sounds like Geno may have been trying to punk a fringe roster player. Not that I approve of Ik’s actions but if your Geno, or anyone for that matter, you got to be careful about who you mess with. Especially when you work in an environment filled with large aggressive males celebrated for their violent natures.

  2. Clearly, Tom Brady hired Enemkpali to do the hit, and Robert Kraft and Belichick were on board. Only a matter of time before “The Commish” extends punishment. Ted Wells is already hiring witnesses.

  3. Geno talked Enemkpali into going to a movie instead of a scheduled team meeting and then stiffed him at the box office. Enemkpali had to pay for Geno’s popcorn, sodas and good n plenty’s, too. Plus, Minions sucked.

    Can’t fault Enemkpali for going off.

  4. That any vet in the NFL – but especially a QB – would have to borrow money verges on the unbelievable.

  5. Maybe that punch will fix Smith’s perpetual pout. That guy has one annoying punchable face.

  6. I don’t think I can take much more of this, my sides hurt. Congratulations Jets, you are officially funnier than the food poisoning scene in Bridesmaids.

    “Ahh, it’s coming out of us like lava! Look away! The season’s a goner!”

  7. Hmmmm…

    Who owed the money? The UDFA or the starting QB?
    Something tells me this was a bet.. that Geno welched
    out on.

  8. chewy724 says:
    Aug 11, 2015 4:59 PM
    Can you imagine Tom Brady getting punched by a teammate? No, neither can I. Oh those Jets.

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    Can you imagine Geno being Tom Brady? No,neither can I

  9. Interesting… so the Jets players are involved in Loan Shark schemes… isn’t that illegal?

    Seems to me this is a job for… “Independent Investigator Ted Wells!” – if not law enforcement itself

    Despite the lies and deception of he and Roger Goodell, Jets fans and others in the NFL have made clear that they support Goodell even when he manipulates evidence, leaks false information, and engages in blatant lies (because it’s OK when he does it – it’s not like the Commissioner is supposed to have “unquestioned integrity”)

    Edit – OOPS sorry – he is under Article 8 of the NFL bylaws, which require him to be fired if he lies

    Looks like Smith is now looking at being out injured for 10 games plus a 4 game suspension whether there’s evidence of wrong doing or not

    Of course in the case of the Jets, suspending Smith helps them

  10. I don’t know a thing about either guys’ contracts but it jumps out at me that Enemkpali would be in a position where the starting quarterback would be coming to him for money. It also strikes me as odd that it would come to a sucker punch in the locker room. There is something going on here…..

    oh and the Lannisters are out of money….the gold mines stopped producing years ago.

  11. For a Jets fan, the day before training camp is always the best day of the year. Everyday after that the team gets worse. Always is, always will be.

  12. This to me sounds like another Bullying incident. Loan sharking, mafia, gambling debts? Better get on top of it GodellBOT!!

    Ironic that a player punching a QB gets cut faster than one who punches his wife or throws his girlfriend on piles of guns….

  13. Enemkpali is headed to Buffalo to join Rex. “Thanks for doing what I wanted to do last season!”

  14. chewy724 says:
    Aug 11, 2015 4:59 PM
    Can you imagine Tom Brady getting punched by a teammate? No, neither can I. Oh those Jets.

    I imagine it all the time.

  15. “the team would “keep it in house” when asked about the reason for the fight,…”

    This is Roger Goodell’s NFL. Nothing is kept in house. Mort and Steven A already have their leaks. Book it.

  16. It is more probable than not that Mr.Smith was at least generally aware that he owed money to Mr.Enemkpali.

    -Ted Wells “Independent” Investigator.

  17. Jets are losers on the field and ex Jet Front Office are losers in the League Office.

    Just because you hate the Patriots because they destroy you on the field and on the mgmt side doesnt mean your Jets can run sting ops on the Patriots.

    You clowns couldnt even do that lmao.

  18. I don’t know what the big deal is. The Jets chances of having a good season just improved drastically with dummy on the bench.

  19. Foe those who think Geno borrowed money when he makes much more. That does not make sense. So it probably was a bet that Geno lost and refused to pay.

  20. A bad idea welching on your debts in the NFL.

    What if Enemkpali was cut from the same cloth as Aaron Hernandez and let a gun, rather than his fists, do the talking?

  21. At least the shot he got in was a big one. It would have sucked to have just been a b!tch slap.

  22. Foe those who think Geno borrowed money when he makes much more. That does not make sense. So it probably was a bet that Geno lost and refused to pay.
    Since when did something have to make sense? Especially with Pro Athletes.

  23. How the heck does a 2nd round drafted starting QB owe money to a 2nd year 6th round corner?

  24. League will let the Jets once again (original tripgate) conduct their own internal investigation even though no other franchise has ever been given that right and nothing will come of it *yawn*.

  25. Hey P*triots fans, let it go!!!!!! Gheez your whining comments on EVERY story are sooooo tired. Here’s an idea, go start a support group for entitled cheating liars with no accountability! Share your tears on your own thread because the rest of league’s fans don’t feel sorry for you and as Jay Cutler would say “doooooooon’t care!!!!” Lance Armstrong and OJ are innocent too right? That’s what they said so yep must be so

  26. The Jets are terrible despite the fact that they are perpetually cheating while the league looks the other way. Roger and Mike looked the other way for Woody on tampering, on videotaping, and on tripping. And that’s just what we know about. It’s obvious the Jets are chronically cheating and yet the league ignores it, and the Jets are still the punching bag of the NFL. And now we find out Geno is the punching bag of the punching bag.

  27. Wow the guy needed money so bad he decided to give up his pro football paycheck? Smart dude!

  28. Punching age knout was the only way the players could get him off the field. Inside info says the entire team chipped in and gave IK enough money to get Geno gone for good.

    Have family that have been Jets fans since they shared Flushing meadow with the Worlds cairn outside if the Namath SB year and a few good Gastineau years, they agree, this team completely sucks. They have broken more hearts throughout the years then any good looking girl could.

    Tod Bowles should be drinking heavily by year two LOL

  29. I’m guessing the vets made Enemkpali and other rookies pay for a massive dinner bill. Geno promised he’d help out at the time, welshed on the promise, and it escalated from there.

  30. In any other NFL locker room where the starting qb gets sucker punched, the rest of the team is coming down on the puncher hard, real hard. But not in Jets land…………….where nothing makes sense but everybody is fine by it.

  31. When you have owners yucking it up over training camp fights, you are encouraging it. Only a matter of time before injuries occur. It’s not rocket science.

  32. another example of poor decision making by Geno. Instead of paying your debts, you are out 6-10 weeks. Probably much harder for your teammates to see you as a leader if you are perceived as a deadbeat.

  33. So this is Richie Incognito’s fault right? Also, should we fire the linebacker coach…just cause?

    Can’t wait to see how Goodell handles this…

  34. It’s a gambling debt clowns.

    If you think it had something to do with IK Enemkplilkfadsgljasljszfais lending Geno money you should punch yourself in the face.

  35. Dear Lord Pats whiners, it’s not all about Brady or your team. Let it go . . . your QB lied and destroyed evidence. Move on and look to Game 5.

  36. Reporter: IK, why is your nickname “The Jawbreaker”?

    IK : uhh,,err…because I like Gobstoppers

    P*triot Fans: Yep sounds believable!

  37. How did I know that this was all going to turn into “Geno’s own fault that he got punched in the face”!!! I think if somebody shot Geno it would be viewed as his fault for standing in front of the barrell of a gun!! SMH!!!

  38. Tells you a lot about Geno, can you imagine what would happen to a guy that punched Brady……also the idiot that called this a sucker punch … That’s how gossip gets twisted ,,,, what an idiot

  39. Somebody got dissed and decided to keep it real. You can bet this was over $20. Anyway, it ain’t the first time I heard of one player breaking another’s jaw.

  40. Forget who has the higher salary. A QB is supposed to be a team leader. How is anyone who owes money to someone going to project as a respected leader?

  41. Oh look, a ton of Jets fans crying about being trolled by Patriots fans. LMAO! Hahaha

    Hey Jets fans….look up….



  42. This was NOT a so called “sucker punch”. Smigth owed the guy money and basically said he’s not paying; argument than punch. Big difference between that and how the coach desires it as” he walked up and punched him in the face”
    While I agree it was STUPID, this was not as premeditated as first reported.

  43. I think this incident says more about geno than the other guy. He had to gave done something really stupid to warrant a response like that. He’s either not a man who honors his promises whatever those are or he ran his mouth thinking he was too high on the totem pole for anyone to call him on it. Either way that’s not the sign of leadership. I’m not trying to hate on the jets. I’m just stating what seems obvious. I would imagine his reputation 8 league circles will take a hit for this no pun intended.

  44. Just please don’t let it be tied to gambling on dog fights or collection of bounty payments.

  45. Ik asked Geno to show up at a charity event (his summer football camp in his hometown), Geno agreed, Ik pay for the airfare and a limo, Geno didn’t show up. It was $600.00. I’m sure he’s been asking for it since the beginning of camp so… Ik loses $510K over six hundo and Geno’s sucking on straws.

  46. If Rapaports report is correct and Geno had failed to show up for IKs’ camp in Texas and subsequently agreed to pay the $600 back to IK for tickets purchased for the trip to Texas…two weeks into camp and Geno made no effort to pay, IK confronted him today and following Geno putting his finger in his face..IK clocked him. So the Jets cut IK. That seems fair..that piece of sh.. Geno had plenty of time to make this right and opted not to. A couple of questions; Geno said he couldn’t get to Texas because of a bike accident..true or false. Is this the quality of players in the Jets organization? Should IK gone to the coach and explained the problem? And finally will Geno pay back the $600 he owes and how does he feel about screwing up IKs opportunity for a career?

  47. Geno Smith Sucks and the Jets were never going to win anything with him playing anyway so IK did the team a favor

  48. meepmeep172 says:
    Aug 11, 2015 5:06 PM
    Hey Jets….look up…..



    I’m not a Jets fan…. but wouldn’t it be Karma if a bad thing happened? My point of view this is not a bad thing for the Jets or their fans.

    Just saying. Probably getting close to the end of Glass Joe’s career.

  49. One punch and the Jets got better. Now they dont have to watch Geno play for 6-10 weeks before switching to Fitzpatrick. IK just threw his name in the hat for superbowl MVP if the Jets get there. Even though we all know they won’t break a 6-10 record.

  50. This is for everyone that has trouble with reading comprehension.
    It wasn’t a gambling debt. Smith received $600 to attend an event in Texas. Smith cancelled saying he had a death to someone close to him. When confronted to pay up Smith acted up and was belted.

  51. This is the most entertainment the Jets will provide this season. Also high point of Genoa career. Wrong person was cut.

  52. Ah, the Jets are still suffering from the Rex Ryan residue. You know, classless and stupid.

    What a joke they are. It doesn’t matter about Smith, anyway. He is not a good QB so he won’t be missed.

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