Adrian Peterson leaves practice with thigh injury, expected to be fine


The Vikings waited a long time to get running back Adrian Peterson back in their lineup, so the prospect of losing him to injury isn’t one they’d like to entertain.

It’s one they had to at least consider on Tuesday. Peterson limped off the field after being stopped on a running play during the team’s practice and then headed back to the locker room with the medical staff after returning to the field for one play. It’s being called a thigh injury that Matt Vensel of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and Peterson’s backup Jerick McKinnon report is not expected to be a major problem.

“He got tangled up,” McKinnon said. “A defender fell on him, but he said he was all right. Everybody knows Adrian’s got a cape on. He’ll be back out here. I don’t think anybody’s worried about him.”

It’s not clear when Peterson will return to work, but that won’t impact his availability for Saturday’s preseason tilt with the Buccaneers. Peterson isn’t expected to play in the preseason at all, something that’s been the case for several years and Tuesday’s thigh scare is a reminder of why the Vikings would rather not risk having Peterson play in games that don’t count in the standings.

27 responses to “Adrian Peterson leaves practice with thigh injury, expected to be fine

  1. A year away is a long time. He is in shape but not necessarily in football shape. These kind of things will happen for a while. Glad it’s nothing.

  2. Big PACK guy here. Hope he’s ok, I want MY GUYS to play against the division at their best. And I think AP and the Brodge could have something special this year. Just not against MY GUYS, ok? Haha. GO PACK!!!!£

  3. I hate to see anyone not play because of injury and I don’t waste time wishing it might happen no matter how horrible the person is and child abusers are among the worst of the worst but statisically, RB’s have been shown to really wear down after age 30. The Vikings had to know this and yet guaranteed Peterson even more money so who is the fool here?

  4. “This guy beats his four year old within an inch of his life then leaves practice with a sore thigh? Poosie!”

    Beat within an inch of his life? What source do you get your info from, CNN? I mean yeah he switched his kid and went overboard and it’s not cool, but beat within an inch of is life… that’s a bit extreme. #ThanksALotObama

  5. 30 year old running backs heal pretty quickly. Especially ones that have used illegal substances to get back from injury in the past.

    No worries.

    Unless you’re worried that since he will be bored he will beat the hell out of a defenseless 4 year old.

    That’s a legitimate concern.


  6. Dude – Your moniker is INCORRECT. The Chefs weren’t NFL Champions after 1969 Season. The Chefs were AFL Champions. They didn’t join the NFL until 1970.

  7. Haven’t seen such a collection of ‘stupid’ in one place since Faux Newz appeared on TV.

  8. Such vitriol in the comments directed toward AP. One would think that AP commited felonious assault. Courts looked at it and were satisfied it was a misdemeanor. Argue all you want. Makes you look petty. You won’t be satisfied until he’s banned for life. Ain’t gonna happen baby. Get over it!

  9. 1969nflchampionskansascitychiefs says:
    Aug 12, 2015 8:45 AM

    The Vikings have ZERO Championships.

    Gee Wiz, did anybody know that? I wonder how he came up with these unknown facts? Could someone else repeat that again so that the 1/10th of 1% of us know it?
    What a DRONE!
    Peterson will be all tight, have you ever gotten stepped on by a 300 lb guy with cleats on?
    It hurts and takes some time to heal.

  10. bobnelsonjr says:
    Aug 12, 2015 8:09 AM

    …and so it begins.

    bridgeh2o says:

    If you mean the IGNORANT and jealous comments from pack fans, yes, it begins!

    ALL DAY is fine, but your QB has been injured the last 2 years.

    I understand your worry, though.

    Peterson is a PACKER KILLER.

    Every packer fan understands Peterson will make mince meat of your”defense”.

    Pray that Rodgers stays healthy for the 1st time since 2012.

    Rodgers is all you got!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 1969nflchampionskansascitychiefs says:
    Aug 12, 2015 8:45 AM

    The Vikings have ZERO Championships.



    Tokyo you don’t post much anymore. You use PFPT , 28 lashes or this account more. Same rubbish however.

  12. 1969nflchampionskansascitychiefs says:
    Aug 12, 2015 8:45 AM

    The Vikings have ZERO Championships.



    AGAIN with this? There were two professional football leagues in 1969.Some people are very dense or very stubborn and most possibly both. The KC Chiefs weren’t apart of the NFL in 1969. How could they be NFL champs? They couldn’t, the champs that year was the Minnesota Vikings. You saying otherwise matters not.The Chiefs were the AFL and Super Bowl champs. Pretty simple for most to follow but some here still need to catch up. And this would be one of those.

  13. mymazdaluvsme says:

    Your troll comments REAK of FEAR..


    Your spelling REEKS of a failed education.

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