Bills making claim for Enemkpali could increase chances of prosecution, paid leave

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The Jets previously had no position on whether former linebacker IK Enemkpali should face criminal charges for breaking the law of quarterback Geno Smith. Their position possibly has now changed with the news that the Bills have claimed Enemkpali’s rights via waivers.

Enemkpali committed a crime, plain and simple. And while Smith’s position on whether charges should be pursued will be a factor, the Florham Park Police Department and the Morris County District Attorney will make the final call. If it appears that Enemkpali isn’t getting a specific brand of justice via exile from the NFL, the powers-that-be may be more inclined to exercise discretion in a way that could see him prosecuted for breaking Smith’s jaw in two places.

The NFL has a say in this, too. If the new Personal Conduct Policy is going to have any credibility, it must encompass workplace violence as well as domestic violence. And Enemkpali committed a blatant act of workplace violence on Tuesday.

So the end result could be that the Bills will be paying Enemkpali while he’s on paid leave, until the prosecution (if any) ends or the NFL decides how long to suspend him without pay.

58 responses to “Bills making claim for Enemkpali could increase chances of prosecution, paid leave

  1. Committed a crime? I guess… This is crazy. Yes let’s be politically correct no one person should ever strike another person. But word out of the Jets locker room is that Geno had his finger in IK’s face telling him he won’t do anything. I don’t know what planet anyone else is from but where I grew up you get a punch in the mouth for doing something like that.

  2. But do the Jets really want everyone in that locker room interviewed or to possibly testify as witnesses? What does that do to the “cheap shot” narrative if it turns out Smith was the instigator? Does it make him look coddled by the team? And does it divide the locker room further as Smith becomes less of sympathetic figure? I almost think the Jets would be better served to shrug, say “boys will be boys”, seep it under the rug and try to put it behind them ASAP.

  3. “Enemkpali committed a crime, plain and simple.”

    How do you know what went down in that locker room??

  4. The Bills are really making up for all the years they had “under the radar” “low key” “barely had a pulse” type of coaches. With Ryan the hits just keep on coming.

  5. Come on Florio, you know as well as everyone else knows Geno isn’t going to press charges. If he ever did that, he’ll never get a job in the NFL or at least never be trusted amongst the people who needs his trust the most, his teammates. Geno will just have to take this on the chin (no pun) and move on. If anything, IK will be fined.

  6. There’s NO way Geno should press charges, that would be NFL suicide. He would be viewed as weak and not a leader. Two bad traits for QB.

  7. How many fights were reported at training camps yesterday? Were those crimes, too? Why is this one a crime and not those… because Smith got hurt? boohoo…

  8. “Enemkpali committed a crime, plain and simple.” I thought you were a lawyer Florio??? Were you there? Do you have footage of the incident? I guess you need to employee a criminal attorney (as well as your long over due need for a copy editor) to acknowledge what really are the legalities of what appears to most as just a fight where one guy got his mug hurt.

  9. Um, if Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson are suspended for a year for hitting someone, shouldn’t IK also face a year long suspension? I mean, he broke a dudes jaw, which is way worst than the injuries Peterson or Rice did.

  10. You get your jaw broken when your mouth is open when you get punched. Geno was running his mouth.

    I guarantee Geno has already lost face in the locker room. If he presses charges, he’ll have no respect at all.

  11. Wait, a finger is the face is now reason to punch someone??? What moron believes that. Why stop there? How about finger in the face I shoot you in your face? Such a stupid take.

  12. What if Geno was the instigator? Then he is guilty of workplace violence also. He will get sued, suspended, etc. It’s only fair, right?

  13. No time for the nfl to police this situation. They are busy spending all of their manpower and millions on bringing down that heathen Tom Brady.

  14. Is it workplace violence only because his jaw was broken? We fire people here if there were ANY fist fights – as you might find in most workplaces. Should we start the list of suspensions and terminations with Cam Newton this season as well or is it a lesser offense because no bones were broken?

  15. He did them a favor IMO. Fitzpatrick is the better QB and Geno will probably never sniff a starters job in the NFL again. Also, for all we know, IK was defending himself.

  16. PFT – You’re too funny.

    Workplace violence in an office is different than workplace violence in an environment that encourages testosterone supplements, working out for 8 hours a day and someone screaming “1 MORE, 1 MORE, 1 MORE, 1 MORE” in your ear for several hours in a row. Not to mention your job is to go out and have a 3 hour shoving match (practice) with 89 other guys going through the same thing.

    There’s such a big difference between these guys pushing, shoving and punching and that sort of thing happening in an office where everyone is wearing suits and ties and was probably a pansy to begin with.

  17. Was steve smith charged when he beat up a teammate. How bout that Redskins receiver Westbrook years ago with an unprovoked attack? If you start charging players for stuff on the premises you’re heading up a slippery slope

  18. Even if Geno Smith ‘verbally instigated it’ that does zero damage to IK. I’ve never heard of someone getting hurt by words or waving fingers (maybe butthurt). IK had 2 choices, drop it and move on & never do biz with Smoth OR take Smith to small claims court for the monetary loss and breach of contract. IK was kind of stupid to put his career in jeopardy over $600 dollars.

  19. Geno likely doesn’t want this going to court. The only thing worse than looking like a Nancy in your locker room is looking like a whiny Nancy in public.

  20. Florio, I would have thought you learned your lesson not to accept the “story” that comes out of the NFL or a team when a finger of wrongdoing is pointed.

    That said, I agree that a broken jaw is strong evidence, especially when it is the result of a punch from a 260 lbs linebacker to the jaw of a 240 lbs quarterback.

    Who gets in a fight over $600 i/c/w a ticket that went unused due to an unforeseen tragedy? IK comes across as the last guy you would want in your locker room.

  21. He might be prosecuted, but I doubt he would be convicted by a New York jury grateful for making sure Geno never gets on the field.

    “Enemkpali committed a crime, plain and simple.” Actually, there are several legal defenses to alleged assault and battery. One needs to see all the facts before declaring it a crime, and its beginning to sound far murkier than early reports suggested.

  22. Again, jumping to conclusions about whether a crime was committed. If Geno threatened with a finger point, stuck it in IK’s face, and IK had a reasonable basis to believe he was going to get assaulted, then he has a right to clock G Smith. Done. Period.

  23. jag1959 says:

    Pretty sure Rex just picked him up to help narrow his choices at QB.

    Now that’s funny; I remember how Jon Gruden did against the Raiders in SB XXXVII after having coached them the previous 4 years. Even if Bowles puts in new systems Rex knows most of the personnel on the Jets side. He may be able to pencil in two wins this year even without a top 25 QB.

  24. If Geno threatened with a finger point, stuck it in IK’s face…..
    Ahaahahahhahhahahaha Geno, you need to holster that finger before someone gets pointed at, we don’t want it to go down like that here…this is a ‘Point Free Zone’.

    Do you even read what you write? Seriously. You’re equating pointing a finger on someone face (or at them) as reason to strike first and break their jaw? Really?

  25. crapsandviche says:
    Aug 12, 2015 5:03 PM

    Wait, a finger is the face is now reason to punch someone??? What moron believes that.
    Oh, just every guy that has an actual set of balls.

    Only a skirt-wearing Sally would press charges after he stiffed a teammate six hundred bucks and jabbed finger in his face while running his mouth.

    Geno Smith leaned a lesson the other day that he’ll never forget, one he should have learned when he was 15.

  26. 1. If the sucker-punch scenario is accurate (i.e., an unprovoked and unexpected attack), then the conduct was likely third-degree aggravated assault under New Jersey law. (N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1b(7) for those keeping score at home). That carries a three- to five-year jail exposure.

    2. If Geno got physical first, it could be self-defense (i.e., no crime).

    3. If they both simply went at it, it would probably be mutual fighting, a disorderly-persons offense under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1. The exposure for that is only six months.

    4. To prosecute this properly, the police would have to interview everyone in that locker room at the time of the incident. As a previous poster pointed out, that could open a can of worms that the Jets would be wise to let remain closed. I’ll bet if they interviewed 10 players, they’d get 10 different stories. That’s just the way life is.

  27. If the Jets officially report this to the authorities only after the guy signed with the Bills, it would certainly suggest a retaliatory motive. As a prosecutor, that would have turned me off because it would have suggested an attempt to use the criminal-justice system to settle a private grudge. If the case ever went before a jury, that would really PO a jury because it would suggest that the Jets were wasting the jury’s time to settle a private beef.

  28. Geno Smith has probably made 100x money this guy has and he’s holding out on him over $600? I don’t think the backer was justified in striking him if that’s all there was to it but the circumstances certainly make Geno look like a turd.

  29. If IK didn’t get his $600, it would be interesting to see him attempt to collect it a 2nd time.

    What kind of a locker room leader does not pay off his debts to teammates? Why shaft a teammate kind enough to help you out?

    Geno gets to think about his lack of character while he sucks baby food through a straw.

  30. Be careful he may get into it next with Incognito, that could be a “good one’. Geno surely could afford to pay? I guess he got what he deserved, but it probably shouldn’t have been quite that way!!

  31. IK’s charity bought a plane ticket for Geno to go to an event. Unfortunately, one of Geno’s friends was killed in an accident, so Geno couldn’t attend the charity event. IK wanted Geno to reimburse the charity.

  32. If Smith presses charges, he can kiss his NFL career goodbye. Who would want him in their locker room? The latest reports say Smith stuck his finger in IK’s face in front of the locker room crowd – daring him to retaliate. He got what he asked for…but then, he has never been a very smart QB.

  33. “Workplace violence”… You have got to be kidding me…. The entire premise of this workplace is violence…

  34. Hey Geno , Did you learn anything ?
    You missed a couple of lessons in Middle School or High School. First pay your debts. Don’t stick your finger in someone’s face when you are clearly wrong and ask them what they are going to do about it. Then when you get what you were asking for, don’t go with the sucker punch excuse. I know when I was in High School when you came back after your recovery, you would have the opportunity to meet the person you said sucker punched you by the flag pole at 3:20 and settle it in front of everyone. If you don’t show up you are a joke for life.

  35. So Geno, the teams QB has some punk with a record harass him about paying up in front of his team and he’s supposed to cowar and back down? Oh the 205 lb guy pointed his finger at the 270 lb freak of nature and now its OK to break the jaw of his team’s and the other 52 guys teams QB and blow up the season potentially over $600. Got it. That the Bills pick this guy up is an insult to the guy with the fractured face. Ryan’s jealousy is getting the best of him. And I really thought I was gonna route for Buffalo as my second team. Rex Ryan and the Bills should be ashamed.

  36. Chan Gailey is probably the happiest guy on the Jets now. Geno, the cheapskate, crybaby sucks. The only difference is it is through a straw now. Fitz, is the better QB and Chan is probably smiling from ear to ear now.

  37. It sounds like rule is that star players can do anything and its never a crime, but if a non-star player punches the starting QB, that should be prosecuted.

    I’m thinking of how Michael Irvin was never prosecuted for his near-fatal stabbing of a teammate (the barber chair incident). I’m also thinking of every fight that happens in training camp. This isn’t any different than any other fight in camp, except that Geno has a glass jaw.

  38. What I don’t understand is, the only people who truly know what happened in this situation are the guys who were in the locker room and were actually paying attention to the ENTIRE situation and not just Smith laying on the ground with his jaw busted in two spots. Shefter said his”people” state it was over the 600 bucks, but Shefter also said Smith stuck his finger in the guy’s face and made physical contact with his nose, cheek, or whereever on his face ? Isn’t there something to be said about Smith provoking the guy ? How many people (both man, woman, and teenage and above) would instantly be furious (or some other emotion that would require expletives) if someone not only pointed in their face, as if to say, “I am above you and I will tell you what is going to happen and if I am going to repay”, and then threw salt on the wound by putting that finger on the person’s face. IMO, the clown deserved to get nailed in the face. He provoked the entire situation. As let’s be honest, we are talking about NFL players in a locker room. Testorone, of all kinds (LOL), is at an all time high. We are not talking about a chess match with a bunch of juniors in a local high school.
    Just my two canadian pennies on the whole situation. The GM should have blocked this decision or Pegula should have.

  39. It’s a good thing the NFL is putting a stop to psi of a footballs from harming the game forever.
    Just another PED induced rage?
    And people wonder way FL has the gun law it does.

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