Is Chancellor’s holdout selfish, smart, or both?

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It took three day, but it finally happened. Rodney Harrison and yours truly had a somewhat sharp disagreement during NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk.

The debate was sparked by a conversation regarding the status of Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor, whose holdout has become an afterthought amid the litigators and jawbreakers who have dominated training camp.

Is Chancellor being selfish or is he making a smart business decision? Rodney says the former, I say the latter.

And then it occurred to me after the dust settled: Maybe it’s both.

But that would have meant room for a potential agreement between Rodney and me. It’s more fun when we don’t agree.

For more potential agreements and disagreements and agreements to disagree, tune in weekdays at 6:00 p.m. ET.

Until then, watch the clip and learn something that you possibly didn’t already know.

48 responses to “Is Chancellor’s holdout selfish, smart, or both?

  1. The fact is it’s neither.

    Bam is trying to look out for himself but it’s not smart because it can’t work.

    Hawks will NOT fold on this especially with his replacement playing so well in camp plus there just isn’t the cap room.

  2. Isn’t he in like the 2nd year of a 5 year deal? And aren’t the Seahawks knee deep in cap problems because they pay their secondary, RB, TE, MLB and their QB as the position that’s going to win them games?

    He’s underpaid. But he’s got no chance at a better deal by holding out because of his teams current financial situation. So he’s being dumb.

    That said, I have never seen a team as lucky as the Seahawks. The NFC CG last year, the miracle catch at the end of the super bowl, the Fail Mary. There are more.

    So I hope he keeps holding out into the regular season though.

  3. Pointless.WilsonThomas,Sherman and Wagner were all the Seahawks could afford.
    I’m impressed they squeezed all of the big 4 in.
    Kam is a great player but he isn’t irreplaceable like Thomas.

  4. Bam Bam signed a 4 year deal in 2013. He is the 8th highest paid safety in entire league, due 7 million this year. So worthy of a hold out? Not really…

    Due for a new contract? Absolutely.

    Too bad Seattle can’t afford to pay him what he is really worth. This dude plays with his heart on his chest. Not a Seahawks fan but a big Bam Bam fan.

  5. NFL contracts are not worth the paper they are written on. He is a little selfish but it is a smart business decision too. NFL teams cut injured players with time left on the contract all the time. They cut players half way through a deal. Why should players “honor” the contract when the NFL teams don’t?

    I really don’t know why this is even an eyebrow raiser. It has become the norm to cut players with time left and yet when the rare player holdout we get all worked up.

    If Kam’s injury from the playoffs last year was more serious do you think the Seahawks (and every other NFL) wouldn’t hesitate to cut him?

  6. Put it this way, with a new story about another athlete going broke after his paying days, how many of these loud superfans that turn on a player for not bleeding team colors give the players a few bucks? A man only has a brief period of time to collect an NFL paycheck, how do you honestly fault a man for making all he can while he can? Anyone reading this ever go to their boss and happily offer to have your pay cut? Or if you’re one of the best in your profession in the world and are a part of why your company is currently the or one of the best in the world, how many WOULDN’T use that leverage to get a raise?

    Lie to yourself if you want but we all know what the answers would be. Just because a guy grew up someplace far from “your” team, rooted for another team growing up (sometimes even that team you hate,) went to college nowhere near you and “your” team signs with “your” team doesn’t mean the man turns into a superfan. This is a job to these men, period. Of course they’ll be loyal to a company who’s loyal to them (the professionals anyway,) and they’ll likely be appreciative to fans even when they play for some other team. But this is still business and so long as teams reserve the right to break contracts and cut guys, players have every right to do the same to teams.

  7. As a fan it always sucks when a player of your favorite team holds out but when a player gets cut its a business… But when when a player wants cash in he’s being greedy… It’s just ignorance

  8. A. Selfish. Final answer. 2 yrs into a 5 yr contract, when they’re trying to keep a Super Bowl(LOSING) team together.

  9. Dude signed a multi-year contract last year. Last Year.
    Honor your word. And don’t tell me teams don’t have to honor their word, the players agreed to that in exchange for more money..

  10. Rodney is spot on, Kam is being selfish. There is absolutely no way Seattle will bend to his wishes, nor should they. He’s not helping his case with his holdout, he’s hurting himself too with any team that he might be traded to or potentially go to as an FA later.

    Interesting to see a formers players point of view on the issue, thx! I’d be interested to hear his view of any potential fines accumulated during this holdout too.

  11. How many people can Seattle give more money? Are they the only team not operating under a salary cap?

  12. I understand Kam Chancellor wanting to hold out, but I’m not quite sure if I’d restructure his deal to give him more money or to give him an extension.

    PFF, the scouting company used by NFL front offices, has ranked only two of the Legion of Boom members as elite-level players (Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas). Kam Chancellor only gets an “above average” grade. It’s basically another way of saying he’s good, but not great in the scouting community.

    I’m not saying that Kam doesn’t get picks because of Seattle’s pressure upfront or because they can’t throw to Sherman’s side or too deep because of Thomas, but if I’m Seattle I would think about dealing him for picks.

    They’d still be Superbowl Contenders and it would alleviate a bit of the stress knowing that there’s one less person you need to worry about paying.

    Further, those draft picks would come with a rookie wage scale contract. I don’t think Seattle will end up doing something like that, but a good front office has to at least consider trading him.

  13. Selfish and ridiculous… Just signed a new deal… That’s on him. Honor the contract dude…

  14. Definitely Selfish! With no honor. If any of us in the real world did this we would be fired and required to give our pro-rated signing bonus back! I’m a BIG Seahawk fan, but I will never look at Kam Chancellor the same again.

  15. After Wilson threw the losing interception in the Super Bowl, did anybody see the replay of Sherman’s face going from arrogance to about to break down into tears? That was funny.

    Better yet, did anybody see Irvin and Bennett go roid rage on Gronkowski only to both get slammed by him? That was even funnier.

  16. It is a system of their culture… as much as I like Schneider… (who if he had his way would be running the Packer organization) he has spent too much on his QB and can’t afford to keep his Championship Defense together…

  17. He’s being dumb for holding out. It’s not like he’s the QB on this team. Everyone gets paid after the Superbowl. What took you so long Chance?

  18. You have a finite career and if your goal is to make the most possible money then I understand the holdout. Football is a team game but there is a limited amount of money and teammates are in competition with each other (whether they want to be or not) for the available salary.

    Also we’ve yet to see a team take a 0 tolerence policy to holdouts. If a team wants to make an organizational statement they should simply not have any contact with the player until he reports. Once it becomes clear that a holdout is not a valid negotiation tactic with a team, others will not do the same. You may lose a season that way but your more likely to be able to keep players cheap for years to come.

  19. If he was playing bad the team would ask for a pay cut or cut him so I guess under that logic if he feels like he’s out playing his contract and has leverage he should get a raise. League controls the media so players are always made to look like selfish jerks, and some of them are, but I hope he doesn’t overplay his hand. End of the day, loyalty isn’t rewarded in this league, it’s a business right, and as such….

  20. Chancellor’s holdout is not smart. The Seahawks simply will not renegotiate his contract with 3 years left. And with an ability to turn late round draft picks (like Chancellor) into star players in the secondary, it’s entirely possible that Seattle finds out Chancellor is expendable (with guaranteed money already paid). Or if he wants a trade, he could be traded to a team with a different defensive system that exposes some of his coverage weaknesses. Chancellor is an important player on that defense, but he’s not as important as Thomas, Sherman, or Bennett. And nobody, no matter how good they are, is getting their deal reworked with 3 seasons left. That is a futile holdout that would have had more juice in a year or two. Chancellor doesn’t have the leverage he thinks he does.

  21. Might shock the world if his half brother made the squad. Between Bailey and shead stepping up I think we’ll be fine. Chancellor will likely cave in by week one anyways

  22. What does selfish have to do with it? It’s a business decision from Kam’s point of view. The ‘Hawks wouldn’t hesitate to cut him if he didn’t contribute to winning.

  23. NFL players work in an overall business environment characterized by extreme greed. Owners squeeze every available nickel out fans, sponsors, suppliers, and players. It’s not possible for any player to be selfish: His production far outweighs the return that he gets.

  24. drunkwino, my heart bleeds for a guys up make hundreds of thousands to multimillion dollars a year for several years and then go bankrupt. Oh wait, I have no sympathy for those guys.

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