Joe Thomas on playing through injuries: You suck it up, you’re a lineman

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Browns tackle Joe Thomas hurt his knee on Monday when he was rolled up from behind during a play and missed practice on Tuesday, although the two things weren’t totally related.

Thomas was scheduled for a rest day anyway and he said Tuesday that he would have been able to go through the practice session without a problem. Thomas’s resiliency comes as no surprise since he’s never missed a regular season snap since coming to the Browns and his ability to do that is even more impressive after he revealed that he’s played through three torn MCLs and two high ankle sprains since starting his career.

“You just suck it up. You’re a lineman,” Thomas said, via the Akron Beacon-Journal. “The great thing about being a lineman is you need to be quick and fast, but you don’t need to be that quick and fast. So if you lose a little bit because you’re hurt, it doesn’t hurt you that bad. You can make it up with technique.”

Thomas said the only non-preseason game action he can remember missing because of injury came at Wisconsin when he tore his ACL during the third quarter of a bowl game in his junior year. Thomas missed the fourth quarter of that game, which really makes you question his commitment to the program.

We kid, of course. Thomas’s ironman streak boggles the mind given the position he plays and how well he’s played it despite the many aches and pains that crop up over the course of an NFL season. The Browns haven’t been able to point to many positives over the last eight years, but putting their faith in Thomas was one decision the franchise got right.

13 responses to “Joe Thomas on playing through injuries: You suck it up, you’re a lineman

  1. “Suck it up”
    That’s why people love this guy- no excuses, no prima donna stuff. Hard Core Dedication and determination. A man’s man.

  2. This man is a beast! Having the pleasure of watching him game in and game out is one of they very few things I can think of that would give me reason to be envious of Browns fans

  3. Despite the fact I am a Bronco fan and always will be, I know enough to appreciate greatness, even from afar. Thomas is one of the best players, regardless of position, in the NFL. Have no idea how the rest of the Browns cannot get their act together and improve with Thomas being so respected throughout the league. If I had my choice of NFL players I would want my son to live and play like when older it would be Joe Thomas or Vince Wilfork.

  4. Not a Browns fan or a Browns hater but Thomas is hands down the best pick they ever made since going back to Cleveland. It’s always nice when you can draft a player and not have to worry about that position for the next 10+ years. Now if they could only do that at the QB position.

  5. Wisconsin’s finest right there! He was invited to New York for draft day. Instead, he went fishing with his dad. He’s a class act and on his way to canton.

  6. Great player, the Browns should have mercy and let him finish out on a good team. Otherwise it’s like watching Michelangelo paint the ceiling of an outhouse.

  7. Johnny Manziel should be attached to Joe Thomas’ hip. This guy continues to do and say the right things. Nothing better than hearing someone at the top of his craft embodying a persona that is no-nonsense, anti-diva.

  8. I think he might have finished last season with an injury that he kept to himself, as his play tailed off the last 4-5 games. He sure is fun to watch, though. He makes the job look easy.

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