Peyton Manning will sit out the preseason opener


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is learning a new offense implemented by a new coaching staff. And as he gets ready for the new season, he won’t be playing at all in the preseason opener.

Mike Klis of reports that Manning will skip Friday night’s game against the Seahawks.

Brock Osweiler, a second-round pick in 2012, will start in Manning’s place, giving Osweiler a chance to play with the first-team offensive line, starting running back C.J. Anderson, and starting receiver Emmanuel Sanders. (Per Klis, starting receiver Demaryius Thomas, who missed the entire offseason program while unsigned, also will not play on Friday night.)

Klis explains that the Broncos decided a cameo from Manning didn’t justify exposing him to the Seahawks defense in Seattle. Klis also notes that it will be the first time Manning will skip a preseason opener since 2012, his first year with the team.

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  1. What its it? Is Manning a melon-headed sissy or is he just afraid of Seattle’s defense? Thumbs up if he’s a melon-headed sissy. Thumbs down if he’s afraid of Seattle’s defense.

  2. That’s pretty candid of the Broncos. Halfway through the post I was determined to comment “Yeah right, they just didn’t want to expose him to the Hawks brutal D.”

    To be fair, in 2013 Derek Wolfe got hurt pretty bad (bent in half backwards) in a preseason game against Seattle, went down with a neurological thing immediately after recovering from that and missed half the season. There was also some complaining after the fact that the Hawks were running up the score and “Always Compete”ing, trying to come out with a W, whereas Denver was more playing an exhibition game and making an effort to expose younger players to situational football scenarios.

    Smart. For all you know, some unknown hulking 5th rounder 6’3 DB wants to make a name for himself by being the guy who Theisman’s your HOF quarterback. (My money’s on Dion Bailey.)

  3. The Seahawks treat the preseason as being very important to get the young guys into the frame of mind that each game is as important as the Superbowl. It is a championship mentality and it needs to be instilled in the younger players right from the start. I’d be afraid to play the Seahawks too.


  4. I will never forget seeing Peyton M’s eyes during the SB game against the Seahawk’s. They were as big as saucers when he saw the ‘Legion of Boom’ destroying the Broncos O, and making a mad dash strait for him! No doubt that game still haunts his memories.

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