Report: Bills claim Enemkpali (and few are surprised)


IK Enemkapali was unemployed for only about 24 hours after breaking the jaw of Jets quarterback Geno Smith.

In a plot twist that’s too good not to be true, Enemkpali was reportedly claimed via waivers on Wednesday by the Buffalo Bills and coach Rex Ryan, who coached the Jets the last six seasons before being fired last December.

The NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport was first to report via Twitter than Enemkpali is headed to Buffalo and set to resume his career as the most infamous backup outside linebacker in recent history. He reportedly punched Smith, leaving him headed for surgery and out of action 6-10 weeks, over an unpaid $600 debt in the Jets locker room on Tuesday.

By claiming Enemkpali, the Bills acquire his rookie contract, worth $510,000 this season if he makes the team. He was a sixth-round pick in 2014.

This move, of course, isn’t about Enemkpali making or not making any team. It’s about Rex Ryan having a very public chuckle at the expense of his former employer.

77 responses to “Report: Bills claim Enemkpali (and few are surprised)

  1. Does it make the Bills better?

    Does it help the Bills win the AFC East?

    No and Hell No. This is why Rex will be gone from Buffalo, and out the league in 3 years. It’s not about poking another team, its about winning. He does not get it.

  2. I actually love this move for the aforementioned reasons and more

    No excuses for IK – that was a bonehead roid rage moment.

    But when the so-called leader of your team of starting QB can’t conduct himself in a manner that earns the respect of even a rookie, he’s not one who should be leading your team – and in fact the so-called leader of the team deserves the majority of blame for allowing this situation to develop in the first place

    And at the very least we can all agree that IK has good instincts for attacking the QB and decent hands as well.

    What could go wrong? 😉

    (I think we can also agree that adding IK to Rex’s circus in Buffalo will likely result in more entertainment for us all!)

  3. I guess if you’re a man, being assaulted doesn’t matter. Though probably more likely that it’s condoned because beatings happen on every play in the NFL.

  4. “so-called leader of the team deserves the majority of blame for allowing this situation to develop in the first place”

    Your ethics are completely warped.

  5. Is it funny? I guess it is, but these kind of moves, that are more focused towards getting a jab in at the opponents expense than actually making the team better, moves that Rex isn’t a stranger to making, is one of the reasons why Rex hasn’t and won’t win anything.

    I mean seriously, does any sane person think that the AFC East is now Buffalo’s?

  6. I can imagine that conversation now between IK and Rex

    Rex: did you hit him with the left or the right

    IK: The right coach

    Rex: Nice! I wish you would have done it last year so I had a better reason to bench him.

  7. I’m a diehard Jets fan and I actually liked Rex Ryan. Now that he’s signed the guy who broke a teamates jaw in the locker room, I’ve lost all respect for this coach. I don’t care what the reason was for IK’s actions. He didn’t put the team first and he showed his actions could cost the teams chance to be successful and you go and sign this guy. What a loser!!

  8. I want to see if Geno plays against Ik. Rex takes the dog off the leash, “go get your 600 bones, “.

  9. Didn’t Rex say he’d learned his lessons from his time with the Jets and that he wasn’t going to repeat the same mistakes?


    Rex is ALWAYS going to be Rex.

  10. It is OFFICIAL!
    The Jets have officially removed the Dunce Cap from the Browns, and taken their place in the Front Corner of the School room!
    Who runs this Franchise? Ronald McDonald?

  11. Well, to be honest I don’t think he makes the team. The Bills are already very well stocked at the position with Hughes and Mario, and have backups in place.

    But man, I have to love Rex for the stiff middle finger to the QB who cost him his last team.

    Come on Geno fans, jaw with me a bit!

  12. So what…this guy will be suspended for years if not more. He’s also gonna get prosecuted legally in New York. He will probably never play in the NFL again. Not that he was that good any way…No loss.

  13. Devil’s Advocate.
    He is a Defensive coach and this guy was one of his defensive guys last year with the Jets. Plus, he’s gonna rattle Geno. He he.

  14. i can’t be the only one who thinks Geno’s role in this has been downplayed, and the camp body got tossed under the bus. can i?

  15. Let’s see…Brady cheated for the Patriots and may or may not remain suspended, but still he has brought controversy to the Pats. The Jets brought it on themselves with Mo Wilkerson’s “pay me” meme and Sheldon Richardson’s suspension, and now with Smith (and has any Jets player defended him and supported him? Doesn’t sound like it) out and (assuming Fitz plays decently) likely done, and now the Bills take on the player that just might wind up in jail just to diss the Jets (just as he rejoined the AFC East instead of going to Falcons just to diss the Pats) and “build a bully”…gee is Matt Cassel a bully?

    Which leaves only one team in this division without controversy, but with a man named Suh and (assuming Brady stays suspended) the best QB in the division, Tannehill. Which could mean this team wins the AFC East this year.

    Way to go, Rexy! Dang this IK signing proves just how predictable you have become!

  16. I thought that either Buffalo or New England would claim him just to tweak the jets nose a little. Imagine he makes the team and Rex sends him on every blitz once Smith comes back at mid season, that would be great to watch.

  17. Yup. It’s still a mystery why the NFL bothers having a domestic violence policy (or a player code of conduct at all). THIS is exactly how you end up with an Aaron Hernandez in the league.

  18. I figured someone in the AFC East was going to reward him for breaking Geno’s jaw, figures it’s be Ryan.

    Buffalo doesn’t have a pressing need for linebackers…..

  19. Won’t IK be suspended…I’m a Pats fan and I could make the obvious comments; but, I won’t…..this guy will be taking up a spot on the team and should be unable to play for quite some time. If I’m a Bills fan, I’m not happy about this.

  20. I like Rex Ryan, but this was a dum pickup. You already have Meathead Richie on your team. I guess they’re going for the all-bad character locker room. This dude needs to get some anger management classes since he went off like that and broke a dude’s face, going from 0-100 just like that in a work setting. Imagine if he’s out drinking or something?

  21. Are people really making Bills QB jokes at the expense of a guy who came from the jets? The Jets are one of the only teams who’s QB situation is worse than Buffalo’s.

  22. I just wonder if the Bills are giving him a $600 signing bonus… 🙂

    Honestly – it’s a low risk/moderate reward scenario.
    He wasn’t terrible last year on the Jets as a developmental player, and a number of folks were saying he was looking good in camp until the altercation…

    If the guy doesn”t make the team – no real loss.
    If he makes the team? LB Depth.

    I sincerely doubt he’s going to get suspended for a locker room fight – especially now that some of the other stories around the altercation have come out.

    So … eh – I’ll give Rex the benefit of the doubt. If he wants to try to salvage the career of a young player while tweaking the nose of a division rival – eh… I’ve heard of worse things.

  23. Several teams put in for Enemkpali, but the Bills had a worse record than all of them last year. The teams that wanted him were the better teams in the league last season… can you blame Buffalo? I don’t believe it was a jab at Ryan’s old team… just a smart decision.

  24. Hilarious move by the Bills. They still won’t win their division ( I REALLY Hope they do), but this is an awesome slap in the face! LOL

  25. Rex picking this guy up less than 24 hrs after he hurt a teammate is again showing why he will never be a successful head coach in the NFL

    You don’t reward bad behavior, ever…

  26. Let’s not get carried away on all this just yet. IK was scraped up off waivers – he technically does not have a roster spot and just like everyone else, he must compete. Now then, should IK make the team, that’s when the fun begins. It’s just Rex rubbing the Jets’ nose in the deposit right now, but if it goes further, then anything could happen. And if IK should ever have to face off against Geno on the field, I’d so love to see it.

  27. To the NFL Rodger Goodell. If I broke someone’s Jaw and the cost that is associated with it, I’d be in jail, no it and or buts about it. How come this guy’s has not been arrested and why is Tom Brady fighting in court to play for PSI when this guy sucker punched a guy and broke his jaw, and now get’s picked up by another team. What am I missing here?

  28. Geno made a $2 million dollar signing bonus. Why the hell would he need to go to a rookie, on a rookie contract, to borrow money? Doesn’t make sense.

  29. After signing Incognito and this guy, all Rex needs to do is sign Ray Rice, and he’s going to have the perfect locker room, if his goal is to star on Hard Knocks next year.

  30. The only guarantee in this sorry little saga is that the Pats are assured of winning the division title again. It’s like having a bunch of Bad News Bears teams just starting out, as their competition.

  31. This is just Rex Ryan telling the Jets to suck it. Cowards like IJ don’t last very long anywhere. I also love Boomer Esiason saying “If you owe somebody money you should expect a punch in the face”. This coming from a guy who never one anything and hid behind his linemen during fights. What an idiot!

  32. As a Bills fan, I don’t understand the idea behind this move and for sure I’m disappointed that neither the GM nor the owner put a stop on this before it happened.

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