Five-year, $65 million extension for T.Y. Hilton


The Broncos and Cowboys gave receivers Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant, respectively, five-year, $70 million contracts in the final moments of the expiration of the deadline for signing franchise-tagged players to long-term deals.

Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton has gotten a similar contract a full season before application of the franchise tag.

Per a league source, Hilton’s contract is a five-year extension, with a total value of $65 million. Also, $39 million is guaranteed. (The amount fully guaranteed at signing is not yet known.)

He was due to earn $1.542 million in 2015, which makes it a six-year, $66.542 million dollar deal.

Still, unlikely Thomas and Bryant, Hilton was given a chance to swap out the injury risk arising from a final season — along with a possible dip in his numbers thanks to the presence of Andre Johnson, Donte Moncrief, and Phillip Dorsett — in exchange for something similar to what the receivers who had finished five years of service received last month. Hilton has played only three years.

The early details suggest that it’s a win-win, like the Russell Wilson contract. Hilton could have gotten more by waiting until February — and he also could have gotten a lot less.

Technically, the deal isn’t yet done. Although the Colts have announced it, they’ve specifically said he simply has “agreed to terms.” Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, nothing has been signed yet.

Still, with the Colts announcing the deal, it boxes both sides in to finishing the job. Look for a photo of Hilton with pen to paper to come sooner than later.

55 responses to “Five-year, $65 million extension for T.Y. Hilton

  1. He’s good. Not that good.
    But it raises a question. Just how high is the cap expected to go in the next few years. Been seeing some big numbers.

  2. Colts overpaid just a tad. I do think TY is a very good player, he reminds me of 1990’s Packer WR Robert Brooks who was outstanding until he blew out his knee.

  3. I would love and hate to be Antonio Brown right now. Ball your behind off every season, signed a contract extension and now you are watching lesser players make at least $20m more than you!

    Steelers need to show this guy some appreciation. Luckily for my Patriots Gronk is a TE (biggest underpaid player by today’s NFL standard)

  4. Good for him. I’ll admit I was wrong about him getting that kind of money. Not to say he doesn’t deserve it, I just thought with all the receivers they have amassed, that his value would be marginalized.

    After all, Luck gets credit for making him and not the other way around. Plus, the Colts have gotten old and pricey and the upcoming payday for Luck should land them in a precarious position.

    They are in a win-now situation. It’s hard to see how paying TY and other vets is gonna work out.

  5. Terrible deal for Indy. Now way is Hilton worth $13 mil a year or $39 guaranteed.

    Add it to the growing list of missteps by Grigson. The same genius that traded away a first rounder for Trent Richardson and drafted Phil Dorset in the first round this year.

  6. While I like the Colts and pull for them all times except playing the Broncos (Manning fan), T.Y is a good, not great receiver. For him to get paid almost the same (extension wise) as DT and DB is crazy in my opinion. I was thinking maybe five years at $45-50 mil max. No way he should get similar to Dez & Demaryius….

    With that being said, it’ll be a nice thing for Luck to have T.Y. locked up prior to his extension. He knows at least one receiver will be there for the long haul, barring injury.

  7. He sure knows how to torch the Legion of Boom! Ran right by those guys

  8. As a Pats fan, I like it. The Colts keep putting money and draft picks into wide receivers, and they still haven’t done anything to figure out how to stop the run (not just against the Patriots; every team knows the game plan against the Colts is run, run, run).

  9. has anyone ever been extended after their rookie year even though they have 3 years left on their deal, because the team is scared poop-less about the type of deal they’re going to have to give that player at the end of the rookie contract, because that player is Jesus and laughs at record books and makes one handed catches like other people breathe? asking for a friend in Jersey.

  10. It’s moves like this that will make sure the Colts are raising AFC participant banners for years to come

  11. Good and smart sign… Why wait and truthfully T.Y. earned and deserves it… He’s a Playmaker and even if his production decreases this year with all the new addition he still deserves it as decoy pay… I also have to say this I like the Colts Managements team they take care of their payers I remember they took care of Edgrin James even after he left the Colts… T.Y. couldnt be at a better place unless he wants to come to Miami… Indeed…

  12. Look at his v stats for his 3 yrs pretty much comparable to the big guys thomas numbers are alot to do with manning same as hiltons numbers have alot to do with. Luck not their fault t hey play with elite qbs

  13. Good for T.Y Hilton to get his money, whether its too much money or not. NO one is happier about Russell Wilson’s contract than Andrew Luck!

  14. I don’t see how they over spent they used his last year of his rookie contract included in the deal making it 6 years for 66 mil. 11 mil per year. smart management by the colts locking this dude up until his 10th year in the league.

  15. Money spent on wide receivers is the same as spending it on rims for your car. It will look nice but will not get you through the snow.

  16. Perhaps stars like Megatron and Antonio Brown shouldn’t sign such long term contracts because the market is going up every year and lesser players will soon make more than them. This leads to the player feeling “underpaid”. Perhaps shorter contracts would be better and then they can sign a new contract every few years when the market changes, especially since the league rules are geared towards offense.

  17. “zerotrophiessince1961 says:
    Aug 13, 2015 8:26 AM

    The Wilson deal was NOT a win/win. He’s not a franchise QB. But he’s paid like one.

    72 – 43”

    Congrats to the dopes of the day. Not a Seahawks fan but I just had to shoot these dopes down. Yeah, sure, Wilson isn’t a franchise QB lol…

    – 2 Pro Bowls, first as a rookie

    – NFL record for most wins in the first 3 years of any QB in history.

    – Seattle 20-30 before he was drafted in the 3rd round in 2012 (long after blue chippers Luck and Griffin III).

    – 40-19 since then,6-2 playoff record two Super Bowl appearances, one ring (which should have been two via Beastmode and the whole world knows it).

    And before you bring up the lame “defense carries Seattle” straw man argument, Shady Brady had the exact same type of team in the early 2000’s…excellent defensive core, and a clutch kicker, while he game managed, all the big Randy Moss “fantasy number” years equaled squat. In fact that is the MO for nearly every Super Bowl winning team – strong defense and a good enough offense – not the other way around.

    Last I checked a “Franchise QB” equals winning in the regular and postseason consistently, with hopefully a few peppered championships along the way. In three years that’s what Wilson has done. He’s only going to get better with a weapon like Jimmy Graham, and the QB nuances will improve as his career moves along, but the “franchise QB” intangibles are in place.

    And he also does it no being afraid to toss the best deep ball in the game outside of Aaron Rodgers – my kind of QB – especially in this lame “no defense” NFL era thanks to two whiny and popular dinky dunky phenoms in NFL history in Old 5 Head and Shady Brady. The latter of which Wilson is very much on the career pace of in his 3 short years.

  18. He a 8-9mil a year receiver like D-Jax. Only difference is Hilton has Luck to throw to him while D-Jax has the trio in Washington.

  19. One thing I can say about Jim Irsay is that he always has a top GM. If you want to learn how to build a team, just watch Ryan Grigson operate. T.Y. has only shown a little of what he’s capable of doing, and he’s done it without the threat of a top line RB in the lineup. With Frank Gore in the backfield, opposing defenses might decide to take a quick peek into the backfield and take their eyes off T.Y. for just a split second. The play-action fakes will work a heck of a lot better with Gore. Hilton will be long gone. This contract will look like a bargain in a couple years.

  20. A couple of thoughts…..I doubt Antonio Brown sees it this way, but the Steelers took a gamble on hom by upping his deal after his first full season….their gamble clearly paid off.

    As for TY, he has put up these numbers with a hobbled Reggie Wayne, no running game, and a slow Hakeem Nicks. Just wait until a combo of Gore, Dorsett, Andre Johnson, Coby Fleener, and Moncrief are out their on the field with him.

  21. Loving the Grigson hate…worst GM? Come on now. He took a team from a group of rag-tag misfits in 2012 with a rookie Andrew Luck and the only real offensive weapon being Reggie Wayne…to what appears to be the top offense in the NFL if they stay relatively healthy. For all the talk about defense, and I get it, they did use a lot of picks on D and signed some decent free agents. Cole and Langford will be solid. A healthy Art Jones will be great against the run. Clayton Geathers, the rookie safety, is already playing some LB in passing situations. 11-5 the last 3 years, advancing further in the playoffs each year. Yeah, Grigson is terrible.

  22. Terrible deal for Indy. Now way is Hilton worth $13 mil a year or $39 guaranteed.

    Add it to the growing list of missteps by Grigson. The same genius that traded away a first rounder for Trent Richardson and drafted Phil Dorset in the first round this year.

    I’ll give you Trent Richardson, but be fair, he was decent as a rookie in Cleveland. No way the Colts could have known he was going to be that big a bust. As for the rest, what are you smoking? Grigson isn’t perfect, but this team has gone 11-5 the past 3 seasons and gone further in the playoffs each year. T.Y. isn’t making $13 million a year, btw….the real number is around $10.5, about where it should be for him. If they all stay relatively healthy, the Colts offense is going to be scary. Who has the defense to cover Fleener, Allen, Carter (6’5″ and killing it in camp), Johnson, Hilton, Dorsett and Moncrief?? Oh and Frank Gore in the backfield too. And Luck is in his 4th year and only getting better. Their defense is suspect, but I think it will be better this season. And a great, balanced offense makes any D better (see the Cowboys last season).

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