Jets source says broken-jawed Geno Smith “deserved it”


IK Enemkpali got fired (and quickly re-hired in Buffalo) for punching Jets quarterback Geno Smith in the face.

But while the Jets came out quickly to describe it as a sucker punch, the idea that Smith played a role in his own getting punched is gaining traction.

Via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, unnamed sources within the team are saying Smith “deserved it.”

Smith “was up in [Enemkpali’s] face and pointed/touched his face,” an eyewitness said.

That followed Ryan Clark’s defense of Enemkpali on ESPN Radio earlier Wednesday morning, as he explained the situation surrounding Smith stiffing the linebacker out of $600 worth of travel expenses.

“These guys were in each other’s face,” Clark said, via the New York Post. “Geno put his finger in his face and told the guy, ‘Well, you’re not going to do anything about it.’ . . .

“It became about the fact that Geno wasn’t necessarily apologetic and being in a way remorseful about the money when saying he was going to pay IK back and he didn’t. He was rather smug about it.”

Whether he was or wasn’t, Enemkpali was wrong to punch him in the face, breaking his jaw and taking him out of action for a portion of the regular season. That’s something the legal system will work through now, along with the league as it applies its personal conduct policy.

But with Smith’s career in the balance this year anyway, it’s not a good look for his future that teammates would immediately blame the victim.

230 responses to “Jets source says broken-jawed Geno Smith “deserved it”

  1. If you touch my face in a verbal confrontation, what happens next, is totally on you.

    Describing what happened between the two as a sucker punch is incorrect.

  2. I don’t love how this country has become a nation of victims. Some people deserve to be punched in the damn jaw. In this instance, Geno Smith was one of them. Smith obviously has no respect from anyone in that locker room. Enemkpali just did what I’m sure many other players have wanted to do.

  3. Geno deserved it. He knows it too. You don’t get into another grown mans face, touch his face, taunt him when you owe him money and get away with it. The arrogance of that guy for thinking he could.

    Props to IK for being a man and standing up for himself.

  4. Even the coach said it takes two to tango. Although Geno didn’t do anything back (most likely because he was on the ground screaming) I knew he was the reason for getting punched. You owe money…PAY UP!!!

  5. Everyone stop with the “this is Rex trolling the Jets” or “IK did what Rex was dying to do”.

    This is actually Rex sending a message to any fringe players on the Patriots.

  6. when you refuse to pay back a loan and say there’s nothing you can do about it … the red jersey doesn’t mean squat …

  7. It seems a little premature to say the player was wrong for punching the guy in the face.

    While in most cases it is wrong, if Smith put his hands in and then touched his face, Smith got what he deserved because at that point, it is a response not an initiating blow.

  8. Enemkpali is a backup. He has three career tackles.

    Which is to say he’s already had a better career than Geno Smith.

  9. Geno is a whiny, self-entitled pnssy. A real leader/man wouldn’t have to have been asked for the $$. He would’ve taken care of it immediately.

  10. Why do people put Geno on a pedestal?
    You don’t waive your finger in someone’s face AND try to clown him – then expect nothing to happen.
    You know Geno thought IK wouldn’t do anything because Geno is the QB.
    Get that crap outta here.


  11. Your starting QB gets smashed in the face by a back-up and nobody in the locker room comes to his rescue, like an O-lineman or one of the captains?? Shows how little respect they have for Geno. I bet Fitzpatrick plays well and next year Geno is gone.

  12. Silver lining in all this….the Jets open with us(the Browns), so all NY needs to do is kick two field goals and they’ll win 6-3. But hey, at least we’ll look like a total clown show with our “new,cool” uniforms. What a joke. Sell the team, Jimmy. I HATE BEING A BROWNS FAN

  13. IK was certainly wrong to punch Smith, but the bottom line is that this is a failure of leadership on Smith’s part. Regardless of the circumstances of the $600 owed and why he no showed to IK’s football camp, Smith just handled this all wrong.

    A franchise QB needs to be a team leader and needs to be respected in the locker room. Stiffing a teammate over $600 is not good leadership. Creating bad blood with a teammate over a petty debt is not good leadership. Letting that bad blood fester is not good leadership. Goading a teammate over a personal disagreement is not good leadership.

    This was a situation that a true leader would never have allowed to get out of hand like this.

  14. I’m not saying he should have punched him, but I don’t think taking him to court would have done much for his career either. I have a feeling that would have been heavily frowned upon by the Jets management,.

  15. As Bowles said, 6th graders could have settled this better. QB’s are supposed to be leaders though…

  16. So wait Ryan Clark is defending this but said earlier a fight during training camp shows a team lacks leadership?

    This buffoon is more annoying than McNabb, get him off television.

  17. Either way, IK ‘scareer is over. He may be with the Bills now but the leage will come after him with the conduct policy and then possible criminal charges. Either way it doesn’t look good for him.

  18. Now there are two sides to every story..we are hearing the other side now
    Lets be honest if some dude gets in your face with his finger in your face and defiantly tells you I’m not paying you and what are you going to do about it?

    Thats enought to get cracked in my book

    If thats really the way it went down then Geno is a punk and deserved it

  19. As a Jets fan, I’m more than happy to go in another direction. What direction that is, I have zero clue.

  20. He got a job from the Bills. Best thing for both teams. Geno has had his opportunity, more than most get. At best he is a backup qb, nothing more.

  21. Story is out of control and I’m so sick of these unnamed cowards be a man and just put it out there and is Geno’s money that short that he has to stiff another player lol

  22. Smith has always been a smug, entitled jerk. When things didn’t go his way in college he acted like a pouting baby – see the Kansas state game in 2012 that derailed his heisman hype, fast forward to the draft where he began pouting and threatened to leave when he wasn’t a top 5 pick – that was fun to watch for me – seeing him humiliated like that. The past two seasons after being handed the starting job – he was absolutely terrible – a really bad qb and never took ownership of his failures. All the idiot media tried hyping him up after the last game of 2014, he basically got what was coming to him. Karma caught up to him, he instigated the situation and there should be no legal recourse pursued by him because the whole situation was his fault. Rather than give the LB his money, he treated him disrespectfully and basically dared him to do something about it and the LB took action accordingly.

  23. I hate to say it but I think Geno’s career is don
    e not due to the jaw due to he stinks and he will take it out on IK through litigation !

  24. I’d be shocked if Mehta has any real sources. Everyone in the organization hates the guy. Im shocked he still has a job.

  25. Looks like the Jets released the wrong guy and Rex didn’t miss a beat grabbing him to make for instant divisional hype. This was almost as good as the punch that knocked Dipietro out for the Isles few years ago when he was laid out by Pens goalie Johnson at center ice in a fight filled game – at least that was by the opponent, not your own teammate. And the circus continues for the Jets….

  26. If these stories are true, Geno was not only asking, but begging to be punched in the face. No, punching a guy in the face is not the answer, but it sounds like Geno could have taken the high road and instead acted like a complete ass.

  27. If smugness is grounds for coming after someone, there are some other players in the League who are in real danger.

  28. The Jets are a better team without Geno. But when there are reports of multiple discussions prior to this between these two about this issue- Geno’s reaction shows how classless he is. On his best day he is mediocre and his leadership and teamwork are both nonexistent. The wrong player got released and in all aspects Geno got better than he deserved. I watched him at WVU and have watched him (at least twice a year) in the NFL. Only QB I’ve ever seen look left, motion to throw left and the ball went 30 yards out of bounds to the right.

  29. It seems to me that Geno was feeling a sense of entitlement just before feeling his jaw breaking. Not exactly the qualities that you look for in a “franchise” QB.

  30. Why does everything have to be a legal situation??

    Geno was acting like a punk. Not the situation you would want or expect out of your starting QB-the de facto leader and tone setter of your team.

    Sucks that it happened,but the fact that it did speaks volumes about Smiths “leadership”.

  31. Finger waging in face while saying “what are you going to do about it” gets other face broken every time Geno…
    He got what was coming to him.

    Good luck in Buffalo, IK.

  32. Seems like the more details that come out about this story the more you start to wonder if a bunch of Jets players weren’t secretly cheering IK for doing this

  33. Amazing.

    Simply amazing.

    This kind of crap never happened wth Rex as head coach. And, Mark Sanchez was arguably a much better candidate for a knuckle sammich.

    If true, and Geno was mocking IK, then Geno got what was coming to him.

  34. Geno is a punk… It’s been obvious since the day he was drafted. (pouting on national TV). Now it’s starting to look more and more like he got what he deserved. I’m not advocating violence but every man knows you have that friend or guy who hangs around that you don’t cross… Looks like Geno identified that guy a little late

  35. Remember he wasn’t coming back to Radio City Music Hall for the 2nd round because he wasn’t chosen in the 1st. Same guy and not good if teammates aren’t sticking up for him. I think Rex made his point yesterday.

  36. It is a little telling that teammates have not come to the defense of Smith, either physically or verbally. Sounds as if Smith is not too popular in the locker room.

  37. Smith is as good as done with the Jets. Fitz will play as long as he isn’t brutal. There will be no rush to get Geno back in there. Terrible attitude. Immature and not much talent to back it up.

  38. This is your quarterback, Revis, glad you made the switch now? The jets are a laughingstock, the quarterback is supposed to be the leader..the guy who gets everyone under control. Sounds like the jets are screwed.

  39. The guy has zero credibility in the locker room. Otherwise players would have got in the middle to calm it down. Another sub 500 for the J-E-T-S also known as L-O-S-E!

  40. What victim? Sounds to me like Smith made first contact and then challenged Enemkpali to do something about it. Challenge accepted. Game over.

  41. This sounds like Geno trying to haze a player and it back fired. Not sure why a third year player on a rookie contract would need to borrow $600 from another player that’s lower on the depth chart. Doesn’t make sense.

  42. No football article has ever given me the urge to go make a bag of popcorn before opening it up and reading it … until now.

  43. Geno has always come off to me as kind of a tool. While the word of “unnamed sources” is always sketchy at best, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this is how it actually went down. What a waste of a good draft pick for the Jets.

  44. And Rodney Harrison has the gull to bust on this guy and the Bills when Harrison was maybe the dirtiest player to ever wear an NFL uniform. Guy was suspended for head hunting, substance abuse and PED’s, yet he wants to talk about somebody else.

  45. With so many news stories and different sources out there on this one, sounds like Geno being “apologetic” may have been a quick sling out there but the team media. How does Geno being out affect fantasy football? I hope you weren’t planning on drafting him, but you should be planning on drafting the other 3 it affects. Find out through Fantasy Fball Champs calculator.

  46. Only in American can the victim of violence be judged to be at fault by, otherwise intelligent people. Geno was smashed in the face by a madman and it’s his fault?

    I guess so, since hours of time & space has been devoted to make sure Geno Smith is disrespected, then we’re surprised that a team mate thinks it’s OK to disrespect him.

  47. If all these statements about Geno sticking his finger in IK’s face and goading him are true (I for one am believing they are), then I wouldn’t call IK’s punch a sucker punch or consider Geno a victim. It’s becoming more and more clear that Geno (and his ego) starting this fracas and IK just happened to have ended it. If any QB acted like Geno did, then there’s no way that QB can ever be considered a leader on the team. Geno might have been considered the starting QB, he’s playing in NY but apparently he considered himself a prima donna when he has yet to prove he is even an average QB.

  48. If he was in his face and put his hands on him there isn’t much the courts can do to him. All he has to say is he felt threatened and he was defending himself. The more that comes the worse the Jets and Geno Smith look. It’s simple Geno thought he is the starting QB so he can do whatever he wants and nobody was going to do anything to him.

  49. This situation screams to the systematic problem of college football and to an extent the NFL. These young players have never really had to handle difficult situations because someone has usually been there to “take” care of it. This more than not results in poor decisions later in life. I hope Gino is fine in the long run but I don’t think IK was the only villain here thus resulting in a bad situation which came down to saving face and reputation. Gino thought IK would back down and run but he thought wrong. Let’s see how things play out?

  50. Classless statement… Geno is still your teammate and you may be counting him to win games, this year. Keep it inside the family, never bash a teammate, in public. Same old Jets.

  51. The Jets only fired half of the problem. Numerous stories indicate that Smith’s action in the locker room is consistent with who he is as a person – arrogant, belligerent, and entitled.
    The quarterback needs to lead by example, and a locker room full of Geno Smiths would be a disaster.

  52. Leadership…

    None to see here.

    Although the Jets probably now have the better QB as their starter. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fitz do pretty well with the WRs the Jets have.

  53. IK made Geno the Headliner to his football camp and was paying for his travel expenses out there. Then Geno is a no show and all IK did was request his money back for no services rendered and Geno tries to stiff him again.

    That boy is lucky that he only got punched in the face. People have done a lot more for a lot less.

    Bet he wont do that again!!!!

  54. Its clear Geno isn’t well liked or respected in the locker room. Guys never stand and watch as the starting QB gets punched around by a non contributor to the team. Other than guys like a Jeff George or Ryan Leaf I can’t think of a QB that his linemen wouldn’t stick up for. Geno must be a real turd.

  55. Geno is just a punk. IK should have controlled himself better, but maybe this will all turn out best for the Jets. Geno was overrated as a QB and lacking as a leader.

  56. Always felt Geno Smith had a ‘just happy to be here’ attitude and wasn’t about making a mark for himself or being great. Don’t care for that attitude and seems it may be others aren’t hip to him either. Glad to see the linebacker get picked up by Buffalo and also think that may say something about how Rex Ryan felt about Smith as well.

  57. As suspected… the guy has a trail of immaturity… and mediocre-at-best football talent… AND helped cost his team a player with even MORE talent.

  58. Yea, every day, fringe linebackers just sucker punch starting (I use that word loosely in the case of Geno Smith) QB’s in the NFL.

    Smith has been an ego-maniac and self-centered since he was at WVU. He has a way higher opinion of himself than others.

    He owed the guy money, did not pay him back, spoke condescendingly to him in front of his teammates instead of being grateful that the man spotted him the money, and then he got in his face, touched his face, and basically dared him to do something.

    I think Rex was right. Hire the guy, he was pushed into it. Geno is cut by end of season by the way. He is not liked or respected by his teammates. Maybe Canadian league for him but is not NFL QB.
    When he cried and went home after not being drafted in first round, teams all should have known.

  59. There’s probably more than few Jets who secretly wish they could’ve done what IK did. This team will never truly get behind Smith for obvious reasons.

  60. “Whether he was or wasn’t, Enemkpali was wrong to punch him in the face, breaking his jaw and taking him out of action for a portion of the regular season.”

    No, he wasn’t. If you touch the face of most people in a less-than-affectionate way, you’re gonna get punched and you should get punched.

    The Jets cut the wrong guy because it’s pretty obvious by on-field play and off-field actions that Geno Smith is not an NFL quarterback.

  61. You’re not the victim if you start something or if you instigated it to a physical point. You’re a co-participant. This country has really turned into a nation of wusses as former Governor Pennsylvania Ed Rendell once said. These guys play the most violent sport on the planet and when a punch is thrown, a now confirmed non sucker punch, everyone wants to run and call the law.

  62. If there is ever going to be true parity in the NFL then the Jets need to rotate through the divisions on a yearly basis.

    It is not FAIR that the Pats are assured two games a year against this dumpster fire.

  63. Am I the only one who thinks Ryan Clark’s Jets “sources”, sources who all trained with IK in the off-season, might just be a LITTLE bit biased? Two sides to every story, and until Geno’s camp releases a statement we are hearing just one.

  64. Memo to Geno: Bills still need a QB but don’t expect Rex to call when you finally get cut by the Jets.
    You asked for what you got and should know better than to disrespect a teammate like that. Enjoy your liquid diet.

  65. Smith is a clown who felt entitled from the draft forward. Instead of using the draft day snub to motivate him he has been a whiner with a chip on his shoulder. The wrong kind of chip.

  66. If these reports are all true, geno looks like the bad guy here and he is the supposed victim. I don’t see jets personnel or staff rushing to defend a guy who just broke their qb jaw and went to a divisional rival without geno REALLY being a… Something. Maybe jets need to try to trade geno?

  67. I think both of these guys off lucky. How you ask? He’s lucky that he and this LB are both employed in the high-profile NFL which I’m guessing kept the violence from getting higher. If they had been employees of Pep Boys or Lowe’s, et al, Geno might have gotten more than a broken jaw, Enemkpali would have gotten more than just fired and we all know it. Stories like this are reported on your local news everyday and they almost always involve a weapon and the following line “the victim is in ‘X’ hospital, in critical condition; his assailant is being held in police custody on ‘X’ dollars bond”.

  68. Geno Smith is a disgrace to still even be in the NFL. He is a self entitled punk who put his hands in Enemkpali face and even touched him. The punch was provoked from Geno and he deserved it.

  69. Sounds like he deserved it to me. If you owe someone $600 you should pay them and if you don’t pay and also act like a jerk about it then maybe you shouldn’t be too surprised when you get jacked in the jaw. If I were IK I would be pretty mad about my coach calling it a “sucker punch” when it’s now very clear that it was no such thing. If Fitzpatrick plays well and Geno loses his job permanently it would be hilarious and exactly what Geno deserves not to mention the best thing for the Jets

  70. When your teammates don’t back you up, you’re finished as a QB. You’ve lost the locker room and have no credibility or respect. Pack your bags, Geno–your days as an NFL QB are numbered. You were never very good anyway. This ought to make it clear to the Jets that they should draft a QB next year.

  71. Where i grew up, a broken jaw is a well known risk of running your mouth. .
    American has grown soft.

    100 years ago if you tried to pull the crap we see going on today, you’d be shot in the streets and everyone would understand why. No courts, no lawyers.

    Now adays, punks get to walk around, running their mouths without any fear of repercussions.
    Hate to say it, but a nice punch in the kisser is exactly what most americans need.

  72. Why do they even want this guy on their team any more? The GM needs to fired.

    As much as Rex is a bafoon, he’s leagues better then Bowles and isn’t even in the same universe as Geno Smith.

  73. my dad used to say, “never play with another man’s family, livelihood, or his money” lol…, regardless of how insignificant it is to you it could mean the world to that person in multiple facets…Geno got his jaw broken but I’m sure he broke this guy’s trust and hurt his feelings deeply to the point of insulting him.

  74. Unfortunately for IK this took place in the open instead of in an elevator where the league could ignore it.

  75. $600 is $600. It may not seem like a lot because theyre football players but that’s a good chunk of change. If someone wasn’t going to pay me back and were in my face, I’d be out of a job too

  76. There is a big difference in putting a finger in someone’s face and actually touching them. I suspect Geno did the latter and no legal charges will be filed against IK but he’ll still sit a couple games, or more, or less….Jeez, who knows anymore what he’ll get from Captain Consistent AKA The Commish

  77. You put a finger in/on a mans face while talking down to him and telling him he will do nothing about it I’m gonna say 9 times out of 10 you get hit in the face…

  78. And the Jets will deserve:

    “And with the first pick of the 2016 NFL draft the NY Jets select…”

  79. jets can’t choose a franchise qb. first sanchez now smith.

    smith lacks the leadership. and probably the skill too.

    smith is the culprit here. as alleged franchise qb, he deservedly should be held to a higher standard.

  80. Don’t say you’ll do something then back out like there aren’t consequences. Easy.
    While he didn’t deserve a broken jaw, Geno did deserve to answer for it. The more people hold themselves to their word the better place we will all be in.

  81. I barely paid attention to Geno Smith when he was in college and barely pay attention to him now. At no point in the past did he seem worth any particular attention, even when his college hype peaked. And despite my having such minimal interest or care, he still puts across this incredibly powerful sense of unlikability, ineffectiveness, and delusional arrogance.

  82. My Bills picked off Geno 4x in the first quarter of a game last year. Beat those buffoons 2x by a combined 45 points. For Rex that won’t be enough, we may bury those losers by a combined 70 pts this year

  83. When Sanchez was there – all the mocking – mind you the only QB since Namath to get to back-to-back AFC CG.

    What a pathetic franchise the NYJ are thanks to awful GM’s

  84. Coach Bowles lost credibility as well since he is the one that announced that Smith had been “sucker punched.” By the way Geno, the best place to buy straws would be at those big box stores.

  85. Jets fans deserve this. Fitzpatrick should be an upgrade at QB, and if not, they can get an early look at Bryce Petty.

  86. I’m very much against victim blaming, and I’m very much about trying to consider all perspectives in an altercation.

    While I’m putting myself in IK’s shoes I’m trying to think about what I, a non-violent person, would do if somebody who owed me $600 poked my face while telling me there’s nothing I could do about it…

    … I might very well have punched him in the face.

    Touching somebodies face is an extremely aggressive move, that I believe is akin to a threat.

  87. Since IK is 100% guilty of assault I have to wonder what his suspension will be compared to more probable than not?

  88. Bowles first action should have been to trade/cut Smith as soon as he took over the team. Not sure if the front office would have allowed it, but it’s been obvious since day 1 he’s not the guy.

  89. When you stiff a man on money, try to punk him, and put your finger in his face, you are not the victim.

  90. Why would an NFL starting QB not pay off a measly $600 owed to a teammate? You’re supposed to be one of the leaders of the team. You’re not in prison trying to make a rep for yourself. You’re a pampered NFL millionaire. If true, it’s outrageous and feel no sympathy for Smith. Petty fool.

  91. The more details that come out, the more I like the idea that Rex signed this guy IK. What’s the over-under that Geno skips the Bills games this year if he’s recovered – he’s got to know Rex will create some weird blitz to ensure IK will get another chance to blast him.

    If you put your finger on my face and act like a smug dick when you owe me money, I’ll put you out for 6-10, too. Maybe “Glass Joe” Geno Smith should’ve thought about all that.

  92. Ha, if Smith was a female and the story played out the same way his teamates are saying IK would be banished from the league and face legal actions. Funny how you are suppose to control your emotions when its a female, but when its a male its game on. Man I love the people of this country.

  93. IF Geno Smith touched him, that is assault, IK can argue that he was simply defending himself.

    Geno is at fault, not saying IK used the best judgement, but Geno assaulted IK before IK had the chance to assault Geno

    “Your right to shake your fist ends where his nose begins”

    As Gen had ALREADY assaulted IK, it was simple self defense.

    Hope the Jets figure out that Fitzpatrick is a better quarterback, that gives them a better chance at winning.

  94. Their both idiots….$600 bucks. Chump change compared to what they make…it was a childish stand off by two grown men. I’m sure one of them used the “I’m rubber & your glue…” defense during their little spat. But what do you expect…its the Jets with a rookie coach.

  95. LOL Rex put a hit out on Geno for messing up his Coaching Job in NY then hired the hit man. Bottom line is Geno has no respect from his team and management is sugarcoating it to make it look like they don’t condone this type of action, the Jets suck even with all the off season players added. They STILL don’t have a QB!

  96. This bum geno smith was GM Idzik’s hand-picked QB. What does that say about Idzik? Another overrated and over matched ivy league grad.

  97. The fact that it was reported that the money was for travel expenses cause IK booked Geno for his football camp and Geno was a no show makes sound even worse. IDK Geno’s schedule but your skipping out on the kids..

    As much as they are saying it was wrong for IK to punch him it sounds more and more like it was the right thing to do..

  98. This was a guy who claimed to be the “best QB” in the league at one time or another…of course he was acting like a diva…the jets loss is the Bills gain….Go Bills

  99. If these statements are true, then it makes sense that a 6th round pick would take the action that he did. It’s not an excuse, but it makes it more understandable.

    You have to wonder if someday Geno will look back on the incident as the beginning of the end of his career. If he really has become that arrogant with so little reason, then perhaps it’s time for a big fat slice of humble pie.

  100. Its kind of silly when you think about it. These mega wealthy NFL players fighting over $600 is like regular people fighting over $6.

  101. I’m not sure what Bowles was talking about. It seems to me this is exactly how two sixth graders would handle this!

    And I’d tell my kids any day of the week — don’t let people walk all over you.

    If someone sticks a finger in my face after he has stiffed me on cash??? I can’t say I’d hold back.

  102. I wonder what some of these same idiots would be saying if a nobody LB with 4 tackles in his NFL career had broken team mate Tom Brady’s jaw.

  103. Theory: It started off with the fact that GeNope stiffed the kids at the camp, then he compounded the issue by blowing off the $600. When it came time to pay up, he acted like everyone expected, tried to get tough with IK and ended up on the business end of IK’s fist.

    Also: nothing about the above theory is much of a stretch… And with equal confidence I say the mysterious motorcycle accident is never really given much more press until it’s revealed to be total BS.

  104. They should have either released or tried to trade Smith. I just can’t imagine that he will be able to go back into that locker room without there being issues.

  105. I don’t think it’s wrong to punch someone if they poke you in the face, and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who does. No self-respecting man would let anyone do such a thing. Especially not a Geno Smith.

  106. When are NFL Franchises going to start looking a little deeper at the hood rats that are coming into the league?

    How long do you think advertisers and season ticket holders are going to support this nonsense?

  107. Well that changes my mind. Saying “your not going to do anything about it” is no different then saying “do something then”, “let’s go”, “hit me”, or “throw the first punch”. They are all an invitation to fight. In fact what Geno said was probably the most disrespectful way of going about. Not only is it a challenge to fight it’s a way of doing it where the other guy no longer has a way to walk away with dignity. He not only challenged him he tried to punk him out in the process.

    Fighting isn’t cool and it doesn’t make you look tough, but if your going to do it it’s better to be the one who was goaded into it then the one who forced the issue.

  108. myeaglescantwin says:
    Aug 13, 2015 9:16 AM
    Where i grew up, a broken jaw is a well known risk of running your mouth. .
    American has grown soft.

    100 years ago if you tried to pull the crap we see going on today, you’d be shot in the streets and everyone would understand why. No courts, no lawyers.

    Now adays, punks get to walk around, running their mouths without any fear of repercussions.
    Hate to say it, but a nice punch in the kisser is exactly what most americans need.

    I completely disagree now a days people have no problems shooting. Making people talk and act a lot tougher then they would if they had to back everything up with there hands. 100 years ago you would have been beaten and fished hooked in the streets for running your mouth.

  109. todiorio says:
    Aug 13, 2015 12:13 PM
    How come Jason Whitten of Cowboys only missed one game with a broken jaw…just saying…
    The difference is his team actually wanted Whitten back. All I’m saying is if Geno were to disappear of the face of the planet tomorrow, the Jets wouldn’t send anyone to look for him.

    Geno should be held up as an object lesson to every rookie: “You are not due respect or anything other than a chance. You’ll get what you earn whether it be an NFL MVP trophy or a broken jaw.” Geno’s the poster child for today’s egotistical and totally self-centered society, it’s victim mentality that takes no responsibility for personal actions and it’s arrogant delusion that life somehow owes people something just because you decide to grace the planet with his/her presence. Take a good long look people.

  110. jag1959 says:
    Aug 13, 2015 7:15 AM
    As Bowles said, 6th graders could have settled this better….


    I never had 600.00 in the 6th grade.

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