Eagles list four starters at right guard. Yes, four.


Not only is every depth chart released before the first preseason game unofficial, most coaches act like discussing it violates some sort of convention.

But the first Eagles depth chart is stranger and less official than them all, mostly because four different players are listed as the starting right guard.


You’re a starter*, Andrew Gardner. You, too, John Moffit. Matt Tobin and Julian Vandervelde, you’re up, too.

Lest you think Chip Kelly is trying to play mind tricks with anybody but the players themselves, the Eagles listed in bold letters on their official release that the depth chart for the team’s preseason opener Sunday vs. the Colts was compiled by the team’s public relations staff.

Coaches — even ones like Kelly who put themselves in charge of everything — are busy doing other things.

Tobin started seven games at right guard last year. Moffit walked away from football in 2013 but reportedly went to rehab to address personal issues and signed with the Eagles in June. Gardner played in all 16 games for the Eagles last year and started six times at right guard while Vandervelde has been with the team since 2011 as a backup interior lineman.

Allen Barbre, who got hurt in the opener last year and missed the rest of the season, is alone atop the depth chart at the left guard spot vacated when Kelly cut Evan Mathis earlier this summer. With Lane Johnson and Jason Peters seemingly solidified at the tackle spots, Barbre’s move inside should be permanent. As for the other guard, well, we’ll see what happens Sunday and what the team’s media relations staff thinks in the coming weeks.

25 responses to “Eagles list four starters at right guard. Yes, four.

  1. lol , I do remember seeing a formation with the o lineman lined up out wide,w/ wr behind them in a monster truck bubble screen kinda look so theres that ….

  2. Chip just said in his press conference the depth chart was done in alphabetical order. You probably should get the context of something before posting an article. Chip had said repeatedly the depth charts during camp and the preseason mean absolutely nothing.

  3. Kelly said last week that PR guy Derek Boyko was making the depth chart with no input from the coaches.

    Also, every one of Geoff Mosher’s daily updates on Eagles TC says that all four of those guys are getting equal reps with the first team.

    Once you know both of those facts, there’s not much to read into the depth chart’s failure to put one guy in the lead position.

  4. Eagles list four starters at right guard. Yes, four.

    Wow, he really has become friends with Belicheat.

  5. After the power play he pulled over the winter and then jettisoning any player that had ever even hinted he didn’t agree with “the plan”, you honestly believe that Chip is letting a PR guy put together anything without Chip dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”? Riiiiight. smh

  6. Wouldn’t play poker with Chip. Wouldn’t play chess with Chip. Not foolish enough to second guess Chip.

    Apparently, there’s a lot of you who would.

    If a lot of new moving parts mesh quickly and this team stays healthy, they challenge.

  7. Sounds like Mathis “overcompensation”

    Seriously, Gardner is decent, but not a Starter! He was given more than enough chances as a Dolphins with holes everywhere at Guard and Tackle. His best attribute is versatility as a backup. Believe me, not being a Hater, but their is no team more desperate for a Guard than the Dolphins and they let him walk. Tells you something, huh?

  8. From what I’ve seen, it seems like the want Moffit to take the job. He was the dark horse coming in, but there has been a lot of good buzz around him since he signed. I don’t know that he’ll get the job, I still think it’s a battle between Tobin and Gardener, with Tobin having the inside track.

    I think Moffit was just brought in for depth, to have a guy that had starting experience on the cheap. If it didn’t work out, they could move on with no major implications. But once he got there, I think they really like the way he fits the system. I think they’ll give him every chance to get the job, but 2 years out of football is 2 years out of football. But I would not be shocked ot see Tobin as the starter week 1, with Moffit eventually taking over the job

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