Eagles sign Deontae Skinner

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The Eagles have been practicing without their top three inside linebackers this week and they added a player with some experience at the position to the roster on Friday.

The team announced that they have signed former Patriot Deontae Skinner. Skinner played seven games for New England last season, starting once, and was released after the draft in May. He recorded 16 tackles and a sack.

Kiko Alonso has missed more than a week with a concussion, DeMeco Ryans is on the way back from last year’s torn Achilles and Mychal Kendricks missed a second straight practice on Friday.

Outside linebacker Brandon Hepburn was waived/injured with an abdominal injury and defensive end B.J. McBryde was waived. The Eagles also signed defensive end Alfy Hill.

20 responses to “Eagles sign Deontae Skinner

  1. xavier179 says:
    Aug 14, 2015 5:04 PM

    Eagle fans have that sick feeling in their gut telling them that this will be a very long season.


    Yes, it will be a slow moving train wreck.

    Cowboys fans can’t wait…

  2. Eagles already hurting at LB and DB, and the season is has yet to begin. The offense is behind the 8 ball to score points as I don’t see that defense defending anyone. Picking up NE cuts does not instill confidence.

  3. Shady wasn’t Chip’s “kinda guy”, even though he was a top 3-4 rb in the nfl the past few seasons. But hey, they got an often injured, average at best even when healthy lb’er. Yeah, Chipster knows what he’s doing…….NOT!

  4. Ha, Ha, Ha! Oh My God the Eagles sky is falling!!!! The Eagles just replaced their 89th and 90th guys on the roster!!!! They will never win another game again!!!!

    — what Cowboys fans seems to see when they read this article

  5. thefootballgodssay says:
    Aug 14, 2015 5:11 PM

    If this philly team is SOOOOOO talented why they got to bring somebody in
    the last thing anyone would describe us as is talented. no one, including Philly fans, have any idea whats going to happen.

  6. Solid player for Pats last season. Upset they let him go shortly after he started a game for them: classic BB type of move. Decent depth LB who plays all 4 STs. SEC Player in college, so good football pedigree there.

  7. The birds led the NFC in sacks last year. They completely destroyed the Cowgirls o-line on Thanksgiving day. As much as I love Trent Cole, he is not the reason we were so disruptive up front. That was Connor Barwin and Mychal Kendricks. Those guys are still there and will be ready to go week 1. Add a healthy Demeco into the mix and there is no team that wants to see us on any Sunday afternoon. We’ll be just fine haters.

  8. thefootballgodssay says:
    Aug 14, 2015 5:11 PM

    If this philly team is SOOOOOO talented why they got to bring somebody in

    I am NO English Professor and DEFINETLY did NOT stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night but what exactly is this vernacular?

  9. octom says:
    Aug 14, 2015 5:01 PM
    Ok – philly got Kiko and saved salary money to sign Murray and Matthews.


    I see that you’re sorta slow so I’m gonna break it down for you. Shady McCoy has been the MOST CONSISTENT RB over the past 4 seasons. You traded him for 2 RB’s that both have EXTENSIVE DURABILITY concerns/issues. Lets not even get into the stats about RB’s coming off a 250+ rushing attempt seasons.

    On top of that a Very talented YET FRAGILE Kiko Alonso fresh off of his 2nd ACL surgery and now under league Concussion Protocol and inactive!!!

    But somehow some of you Iggles fans still feel great about this huh? Lol

    Still Wonder why you have ZERO LOMBARDI’S?

  10. Maybe u should start worrying about Cruz and Eli. Shady led the league in losses from scrimmage last year because he dances looking for holes. Don’t get me wrong, Shady is a great player but did not fit the system that is being developed in Philly. It’s nice of you to spend so much time discussing the past, buy the only thing that matters is the future. So, we will all have to wait and see what happens in the coming season for everyone, including Big Blue.
    Thanks for the slow comment; you would know. Worked in Manhattan for 20 years and met many of your ilk.

  11. I love cowboys fans, man. They seem to believe that because they won a few superbowls 20 years ago it’s going to help you win this year.

    Know what would help more? If your current qb would spend more time on the football field than he does at fantasy conventions and vacationing in cabo. Maybe it would help the choking problem. There is a reason he was undrafted.

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