Gus Johnson is the latest injured Cowboys running back


The Cowboys have heard plenty of people tell them they need to add a running back to the roster, but they’ve responded to all questions about their plans at the position by saying that they’re comfortable with the group of players they already have.

At some point, though, sheer attrition may force them to make a move. Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar sat out Thursday night’s game with the Chargers because of injuries and Joseph Randle was held out after returning to practice after tweaking his oblique a few days ago, leaving the team with two backs in uniform.

Only one of them made it through the entire contest. Gus Johnson, an undrafted rookie from Stephen F. Austin who got the start, left with what coach Jason Garrett called an AC joint separation in his shoulder.

“It was disappointing,” Johnson said, via the Dallas Morning News. “You get banged up playing football. It’s what happens. Sometimes the pads can’t be your hero. It’ll be fine.”

That may be the case, but the reality for the Cowboys is that they don’t have enough healthy bodies at the position with three of the five players sidelined and/or in varying stages of recovery from injuries.

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  1. Back to 8-8 for the Cowboys if Jerrah doesn’t start making some smart moves… best move would be to hire a real general manager.

  2. Thank you Cowboylover for the quick response. How can anybody knock Dallas anymore for the moves in recent years? Must just be people who pay attention to what happens on Twitter more than the actual field. Just rehash the old Jerry the Gm jokes. Stephan is taking them in a great direction.

  3. Next best option is to hire a suitable candidate. If that’s Ray Rice, Steven Jackson or Chris Johnson.. We need a strong back that will endure impact and keep moving.

    Partime runner just doesn’t make into today’s NFL.

    To me Ray Rice makes since …he’s more durable than the others. Steven may be the strongest and Chris Johnson is definitely the fastest. Unless of course you pickup one to compliment them all …say the likes of Marcus Coker. Kid out of Maryland played with Iowa Hawkeye’s and transferred to Stony Brook university of NY.

    This kid Marcus has great size and speed. Will not run pass many but very difficult to bring down. He was hampered by a few injuries, and didn’t get drafted.. It wouldn’t hurt to bring him in for a shot.

  4. the 7th sign that Ray Rice is being blackballed by the NFL

    how many teams need a solid RB and Rice cannot get a tryout


    oh, but we don’t say that word… in the PC America

  5. Bowles may be a nice man but he is not head coach material in the NFL. He inherited a good defense in Miami and another one in Phoenix Just another in the long line of decent assistants promoted because there is no one else out there and will be run out of NY in three years or less. The list is long with some good coordinators that should have never been a HC in the NFL. Most recent. Spags. Scott Linehan and on and on

  6. cobrala2 says:
    Aug 14, 2015 1:28 PM

    Theyre fine, all they need is a pass rush, instant Super Bowl.

    They were 22nd in the league in turnover margin last year; I’d be more worried about that, plus all of the penalties they get at really bad times.

  7. The fact that people can’t give Ray Rice a second chance says a lot about our country. He’s on video doing one of the worst things a man can do to a woman. True. But he had, by all reports, been a model citizen up to that point. And, by all accounts, he has been a model citizen since that point. There are plenty of players who’ve done worse and are still in the league; players with history of violence and misdeeds. Ray Rice made a huge mistake and has paid dearly for it. Sure, he hasn’t been beaten up by all the guys that want to beat him up, but career-wise, I think he has paid the price for his transgression. He needs his second chance. And the Cowboys would be crazy not to give it to him at this point.

  8. Last year they had a nice year caught a lot of people by surprise……..then they lost their MVP on Defense D. Murry now its all back on Romo, and everyone will be gunning for them now. Totally different going from the hunter to the hunted. Will be lucky to finish 8-8

  9. Ray Rice hasn’t played in a year and didn’t play well last time he did. If you need a poster boy for how unfair America is you could do a lot better.

  10. After a running play, RB Gus Johnson tried to imitate announcer Gus Johnson calling it, and his body exploded…

  11. I am beginning to think that icallitlikeiseeit67 and nfloracle have similar DNA. You can tell because they both blabber without thinking.

  12. I don’t really care who they bring in as long as they can pass protect. Don’t really care to see Romo cringing on the ground holding his ribs again.

  13. Why would or should the Cowboys sign a Ray Rice when he is not the Rice he used to be. Some of you need to look at his production from his last season he played. It clearly reflected a guy who was ineffective at RB. I don’t care about the domestic issue. He’s not as good as the backs the Cowboys now have.

  14. My friend we all our opinions, but coaches knows best. Two years ago you would have said D. Murray was done. He’s been a player that has done nothing but disappoint his first few seasons.
    Then he breaks out into the best RB in the NFC in one season.

    May Ray Rice had some issues or concerns with the Ravens that we just don’t know about that caused his bad seasons. We don’t know…

    I’m saying everyone deserves a chance to rebound. What’s wrong with bringing him in for a look?

    Amagine if the Cowboys had written Murray off two years ago! Hmmmm!

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