Landon Collins knee injury adds to rough start for Giants


The Giants spent two days practicing with the Bengals this week, but it didn’t seem to do much to help them figure out how to get anything past the Bengals on Friday night.

Andy Dalton took the Bengals 52 yards on six plays on Cincinnati’s first possession of the game and capped the drive with a three-yard touchdown pass to Mohamed Sanu. That ended Dalton’s night with three completions in three tries for 31 yards against the Giants starting defense.

That defense lost one of its newest members when rookie safety Landon Collins left the game with a knee injury. There’s no indication of the severity at the moment, but the Giants lost Mykele Thompson, another rookie safety, to an Achilles injury that called for a cart to take him to the locker room. That doesn’t bode well for the fifth-round pick and any absence for Collins will require the Giants to look outside the organization to bolster an already thin spot on the roster.

Those issues would be big ones for the Giants, but they may be masked in the short term by the inability of the starting offense to move the ball against either the first- or second-string Cincinnati defenders. Eli Manning ran four drives with the offense and picked up just one first down and gaining 38 yards on 14 plays.

The Bengals will likely be pleased with the work of their first teams, allowing them plenty of time to analyze the players fighting for spots on the back end of the roster.

Giants fans, on the other hand, won’t like that performance one bit and the fact that Tom Coughlin ran his starters out four times in the first week of preseason tells you he didn’t like it either.

UPDATE 9:25 p.m. ET: The Giants say x-rays on Collins’s knee were negative, but he may be in for further evaluation once the team returns to New Jersey.

26 responses to “Landon Collins knee injury adds to rough start for Giants

  1. Think Kenny Phillips career started about the same way… Never quite lived up to the billing after that injury, but had a long career. Here’s to hopefully better medical treatment..

  2. Liked Collins a lot coming out. Didn’t want my team to draft him, but only because I’m an Eagles fan, and they need/expect their safeties to be solid cover guys. Collins, I think, is more of an in the box type of guy.

    Didn’t like where he wound up, since the Eagles will have to see him twice a year. But I hope he stays healthy and on the field. Hopefully this is just a minor thing and they just kept him out as a precaution.

    Don’t know much about Thompson, but best of luck to him getting back on the field

  3. Looks like we will be shopping at “Bin 53” on the lookout for some veteran safety help.

    Why Lawd, why couldn’t Will Hill stay off the Kush? SMDH

  4. I had concerns for the D before the latest injuries. Hoping preseason means as little as it usually does.

  5. Funny how a lot of you frauds we’re making a big deal out of the Giants going 5-0 in the pre-season last year. When your team doesn’t look good the following season in the first pre-season game, it’s “No big deal, it’s just pre-season.” And you’re right, the pre-season is irrelevant.

  6. bencoates57 says:
    Aug 15, 2015 8:27 AM

    Nothing like losing to the Bengals.


    9 or 10 teams have done it every year for the last 5 years. Obviously you didn’t watch the game last night. Both Bengals first units were operating like a well oiled machine. The offense walked through the Giants 1’s, and Cincy’s first team D may as well have been a brick wall. It’ll be scary to see what happens if/when we get Burfict back. WHO DEY!!!!!!!

  7. @ritchiethegreek

    No playoff wins for your team since 2008 & Donovan McNabb was your starting QB & Andy Reid was your coach.
    It’s been almost 20,000 days since the city of Philadelphia has celebrated a championship in pro football. No championships since 1960.
    Two 10 win seasons that are completely absent of any postseason success in the last 2 seasons.

    From the way eagle fans talk, you’d think Chip has delivered the achievements of the 70’s Steelers, 80’s 49ers or the 90’s Cowboys. When in reality, Andy has just as many regular season wins in the last 2 years & Ritchie Kotite has more playoff wins than Chip Kelly! 😂

  8. @richiethegreek,

    You have to remember who your talking about. These are the same frauds who booed A Rod years ago now worship at his feet. Also the same frauds who tried to run Coughlin out town on a yearly basis. Now they think he’s Vince Lombardi

  9. Would you like to talk about the 2015 season? How do you think the Giants will fare against the Eagles? What do think will be the Eagles and Giants records, respectively? Nah, you’ll wait and see first.

  10. Yeah, Dallasux, they are definitely frauds. Those are two very good examples. Another one would be how Giants fans act like they’re these high society type of people, when in reality their fanbase is remarkably similar to ours in terms of fan behavior and stadium experience. Our stadiums are 90 miles apart and a lot of our fans share a state.

    We differ in the fact that most Eagles fans tell it like it is. Giants fans have an excuse for everything and they are usually deluded in reality. Their outlook on the 2015 Giants is a great example.

    You are dead right about the Manning and Coughlin thing. They hated these two and we’re ready to run them out of town. The tables unexpectedly turned and now they have this sort of faux pride and nostalgia about the good ole Coughlin and Manning glory days. They will running the two back out of town come December, and this time their timing will be two years two late instead of two years too early.

  11. here’s your prediction: 2015-16 will bring 56 years of frustration to nyc’s little brother. it will be another year without a lombardi trophy in philadelphia

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