Mike Pettine makes it clear, he hasn’t “wavered” on Josh McCown

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It was nothing but a positive for the Browns last night that former first-rounder Johnny Manziel looked more comfortable and calm in the pocket — almost like an NFL quarterback.

But lest anyone get ahead of themselves, there’s no controversy to be found in Cleveland.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Browns coach Mike Pettine said he hadn’t changed his mind about Josh McCown’s place atop the depth chart.

I haven’t wavered on that. He’s firmly the number one,” Pettine said of McCown.

That’s the sensible answer, since McCown was 5-of-5 passing and led a touchdown drive during his short work, giving no reason to not endorse him.

But it’s also best for Manziel, to be honest, giving him time to work and develop and grow as a player.

Unrealistic expectations may have been as much of a factor in his rookie flop as his own lack of maturity, and keeping the lid on Manziel hype will serve the entire organization well.

18 responses to “Mike Pettine makes it clear, he hasn’t “wavered” on Josh McCown

  1. Why not start Manziel? At least you have a guy who can draw a crowd and make some good plays and not a career back up who has never once shown he can be a capable starter

  2. Don’t need to draw a crowd. Tickets sell regardless of the QB. Does not matter if it’s Browns’ fans early in the season or visiting fans after we are eliminated, the tickets always sell.

    WIN, that’s what has to happen, WIN.

  3. I think this is a very wise move by Pettine for a couple of reasons.

    1. When McCown started for the Bears in place of the injured Cutler, he played very well.

    2. It won’t hurt Manziel to sit behind the vet and learn (as well as mature) but it could hurt Manziel a lot if he’s thrown out there too early and gets his confidence destroyed. I don’t know where this idea came from that first-round quarterbacks must start from day one but it’s clearly a bad idea. For every Andrew Luck, there are 5 – 10 Christian Ponders.

  4. Exactly! Why switch to a young, wirey, inexperienced quarterback with terrible numbers, when you can have an old, wirey, inexperienced quarterback with terrible numbers?

  5. Josh McCown and Ryan Fitzpatrick have the most uncanny luck. They should not really be in the NFL but their timing is perfect for when a team needs a QB and they happen to be available. What’s odd is we saw McCown back to his old (bad) form last year in Tampa Bay after taking a chance on him. Great guy…terrible QB. You can’t blame the O line for all of it. Bad decisions and pressing even when he had time. Between McCown and Manziel, I’ll take Freeman Ponder. No…Tebow! Ouch!

  6. Are they actually going to wear those hideous jerseys in actual regular season games? Even CFL and Arena league fans call them ugly.

  7. Ha Ha Ha. Take it from a Bears fan. I keep hearing how good he was with us. Wake up people, he had a couple good games statistically. But had something like a 4/3 record with us. Plus his couple of wins came against bad teams if I remember right. That being said, I don’t blame him for taking the money…it’s the American way!

  8. “Our team has a proud tradition of being a loser with terrible QBs, and I’m not doing anything to endanger that!”

  9. No matter how mature, focused and hard working Johnny Soon To Be out Of Football becomes, he will still be NFL small, with below average NFL speed, quickness, and arm strength. He has absolutely no NFL pocket awareness, presence or passing ability. Unfortunately for him he has no chance to succeed in the NFL.

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