NFL sends memo reminding teams of prohibition on fighting


Fighting has been one of the storylines of 2015 training camps.

From the Redskins and Texans trading hard knocks on Hard Knocks to Cam Newton and Josh Norman throwing down at Panthers practice to the shot heard round Geno Smith’s jaw delivered by IK Enemkpali in the Jets locker room, we haven’t gone too long between fights that have caught eyes and sparked headlines around the football world. The NFL would like to see it stop and league vice president of football operations Troy Vincent has sent a memo to NFL teams reminding them that the ban on on-field fighting is a point of emphasis in the league this year.

Vincent’s memo reiterates that the 2015 league policy for players tells them “don’t fight, and if a fight breaks out involving other players, stay away” and lays down the penalties that are in place for players who violate that edict.

“These rules are in place for the protection and safety of our players and to keep them on the field,” the memo reads, via Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports. “As professionals, no matter how emotional the game becomes, there is nothing that should resort to fighting. Coaches are encouraged to emphasize to players, coaches, and other club personnel who are on the sidelines, that fighting will not be tolerated. We greatly appreciate all of your efforts to advance our great game, keep it competitive and professional, and to ensure that it is played to the highest standards.”

The penalties for fighting only extend to in-game situations, although the league is reviewing the Enemkpali-Smith incident for possible disciplinary action.

33 responses to “NFL sends memo reminding teams of prohibition on fighting

  1. I remember this one time that the Jets QB got pummeled by his own teammate. Granted that was not on the field during a game so these rules don’t apply, but Vincent must have had a reason for this FYI/CYA memo. Hard to see him taking a break from his super busy and important schedule otherwise.

  2. Let ’em fight it out on the field.
    Just how much damage can a guy get wearing pads and a helmet?
    Or better yet, set up a ring, put them in there in full gear and let ’em go at it on Pay-Per-View.

  3. Well, thankfully it wasn’t patriots that fought, otherwise Vincent would have fined the pats, taken away draft picks, fined and suspended the players involved. Upon appeal, “God”ell would have upheld the suspension and we would be heading to federal court again.

  4. Glad they’re reviewing it. Smith should be fined at a minimum for provoking a much large man.

  5. This is the same Troy Vincent that sent JP Losman a message by breaking his leg during training camp.

  6. Fighting is strictly prohibited, but spreading false leaks to the media, misrepresenting sworn testimony and making accusing your star performer is perfectly fine.

    Based on the way the league office has conducted themselves over the past 9 months, they have forfeited the right to condone any behavior.

  7. Right. Because the previous memos sent out regarding domestic violence and banned substances were sooo successful.

    Keep up the good work, Rog!

  8. I guess while you’re at it, remind the players that hitting women, children, animals, and bongs are illegal too. You know, since they don’t seem to get that either.

  9. Oh, the old ‘send a memo’ technique. This is familiar to all Patriots fans.

    So now next time there is a fight, it should mirror the Spygate precident and fine head coach $400K, fine team 250K, and take away the next year’s first round pick.

  10. Maybe Vincent is saying “Don’t fight…the league in court” and they’re preparing to take more draft picks from the Pats because Brady and Kessler are embarrassing them. ;D

  11. michaeldshea says:
    Aug 14, 2015 1:48 PM
    The letter also said:
    “If a fight beaks out among the Patriots, we’re suspending Brady eight games for being generally aware of it.”


    that should be
    “the next time there is an unsubstantiated rumor of a fight among the Patriots, we’re suspending Brady eight games for being generally aware of it.”

  12. snowdood163 says:
    Aug 14, 2015 3:06 PM
    Just curious, are Pats fans EVER going to stop crying?

    look at you, another roger believer upset when anyone points roger made a fool of them

  13. snowdood163 says:
    Aug 14, 2015 3:06 PM

    Just curious, are Pats fans EVER going to stop crying?

    I swear…I kept seeing posts referring to “crybaby nation”, and I assumed they were talking about the Patriots. After a while, however, I realized the posts were written BY Patriots fans, talking about the other 31 teams. Does it get any more insane than that?

  14. Wow, that’s all it took to attend to an issue that involves everyone concerned(except New England, we never hear or read about fights in their camp), a memo? Sounds like it saved millions upon millions in fines, lawyer fees, dubious investigations fees, etc. The office of NFL is amazing.

  15. snowdood163 says:
    Aug 14, 2015 3:06 PM
    Just curious, are Pats fans EVER going to stop crying?


    Just curious, have you ever had your HoF QB banned for 25% of the season because Goodell and his lackeys are incompetent?

    You know which teams I’ll take crap from over this? The Saints… that’s it. They were scapegoated and we should have listened to them. Goodell, Vincent and they rest of these dinks should be gone yesterday.

  16. Did the memo say anything about wagging a finger in front of somebody’s face?

    They should send a separate memo to the Patriots reminding them not to cheat this season. Apparently the last Spygate fine and loss of a draft pick only embolden them further.

  17. If you punch your coworker you get canned at a minimum not a fine or suspension. Is it so difficult for men getting paid huge sums of money to be expected to control their emotions? Can’t lame Roger for this one.

  18. pats fans are a crackup. still whining about poor tom. you should ALL be suspended for four games.

  19. snowdood163 says:
    Aug 14, 2015 3:06 PM

    Just curious, are Pats fans EVER going to stop crying?


    not likely. they have it much harder than everyone. and everyone is SO unfair to them.

  20. If they wan to ban fighting, they will have to ban training camp. Wouldn’t bother me. College football doesn’t play any preseason games, and last I looked, they were doing fine in the ratings and the schools were making a little bit of money.

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