Report: Julius Thomas fractured finger against Steelers


Tight end Julius Thomas’s first game with the Jaguars ended early on Friday night.

Thomas left the team’s game against the Steelers after making one catch for two yards with what the team called a left hand injury. Ian Rapoport of NFL media reported that the injury is a fractured finger and that the team hopes it will have a minimal impact on Thomas’s play.

Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union quotes a source who says it is a “small fracture” and that the team hopes to know more about his status after further evaluation on Saturday.

The Jaguars had success moving the ball through the air after Thomas’s injury with Blake Bortles completing 11-of-15 passes for 118 yards overall. The caveat is that most of that work came after the Steelers started moving reserves into the game during the first half, but there were positives for the Jaguars despite the injury to their biggest offensive addition of the offseason.


11 responses to “Report: Julius Thomas fractured finger against Steelers

  1. That’ll be his excuse to miss the first half of the season, or play at half speed. Saw that movie several times when he was in Denver. Jags fans, have fun watching this pansy spend most of his time there nursing injuries, and not showing up.

  2. This guy is stealing money from the Jags. He’s never going to live up to that contract. Once he realizes he is not playing with Peyton any more he will go into “injury” mode, only to emerge during the next contract year.

  3. Oh, we’re playing the “caveat” game with Bortles’ stats?

    Sure, let’s also add the caveat of what his incompletions were, in no particular order:

    1. Harbor gets behind a defender, ball is placed in his hands, he somehow doesn’t catch it.
    2. Pierce has the ball go right to his hands, he plays hot potato with it like it’s some kind of live grenade.
    3. Hurns doesn’t properly secure a ball put up away from the defender that hits him right in the hands.
    4. Coverage is good in the red zone, Harbor starts to break away from a guy, Bortles has to throw a bit further ahead of him to get it past a defender, it’s barely incomplete (but on the replay you can see that if he hadn’t thrown it that far out and trusted Harbor to have a shot at it, it would have been batted down or possibly even intercepted).

    So without three drops, he’s not 14/15.

    And I guess the Steelers get no credit for their offense, because they were playing against reserve guys in places, especially on the defensive line. Since that’s clearly how that works.

    Let’s quickly address the idiot Jaguars haters. Clearly you missed where this is building a team from scratch and Gus and Dave had to burn down the old team to build a new one, which is slowly getting better. It’s amazing to see Bortles called a “joke” when the only ball he didn’t put in a receiver’s hand was just slightly out of reach (and had it not been put where it was, it would have been a pick). The guy showed poise and accuracy, and took a risk of personal injury to run and extend his arm for a touchdown at one point. The players think he’s a real leader, he’s put in effort over the offseason. Bortles hasn’t gotten in trouble with the NFL, hasn’t had to check into rehab, hasn’t had his posse causing trouble, had his jaw broken, been running a dog fighting/killing ring, or any of that.

    As for Thomas, a broken finger isn’t that bad, it’ll heal quickly, and I’m certain there’s no faking there. For one thing, it’d show up on an x-ray. Also, he got upended hard after a catch, so to walk away with just a broken finger isn’t bad, it could have been a knee or shoulder or something. He’s been putting in time in practice, so if he was going to fake an injury and try to shut down, he would have done it before game action.

  4. That Seahack loser can’t get the Niners out of his head so he posts about it on a Jaguars article.

    Oh and someone get him some glasses, apparently coming from a PODUNK town like Seattle he doesn’t know the difference between San Francisco and it’s surrounding cities.

  5. JT injured already?

    I was at least expecting him to make it to the regular season before getting injured.

    Pure glass.

  6. Done for the year, Jags are snake bitten. Fowler, Thomas, done. Jags games are going to be scrimmages for the rest of the league. 2-14.

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