Rivers still seems to be open to doing a new deal


Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers reportedly has no interest in extending his contract now that the preseason has begun. In comments made during Thursday night’s broadcast of the preseason opener, Rivers sounded like the door perhaps isn’t closed yet.

“I have a contract for 2015 and I’m excited to be here with the guys and try to go help us win,” Rivers told Alex Flanagan. “If that changes, if there’s more years after that, then I’ll be fired up. But if not, in the short term I’m excited just to be a part of this team this year and try to lead us to win a lot of football games.”

The way he said “if that changes” created a sense that he’d consider doing a new deal even though the preseason has begun. And with the Chargers reportedly willing to use the franchise tag on Rivers for 2016 and 2017, it shouldn’t be hard to crunch the numbers for a new deal: roughly $25 million (the estimated value of the exclusive tag) for 2016 and $30 million (a 20-percent raise over that) for 2017. That’s $55 million fully guaranteed at a minimum on a multi-year extension.

For Rivers, there’s no reason to accept anything less than that — unless he’s not inclined to carry the injury risk for 2015.

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  1. Forgive me, but I don’t understand why the first two years of franchising would be the starting point. This site flaunts it for each and every athlete who reaches that will they/won’t they franchise situation. Yes, Philip is awesome, a proven commodity and is likely to be healthy enough to earn it a second year of franchising. But let’s say (knock on wood), he gets hurt after one year of franchise tagging… Well, suddenly 120% of next year’s franchise tag might not make sense anymore. Just saying.

  2. Dan Fouts Jr.. all those pretty stats and NO rings, NO championships.. 52 years of losing..18,980 days since they last won anything that mattered.. BOLT DOWN!!!

  3. Phylis and the Chargers are made for each other, they’re too soft to win it all, so they concentrate on regular season wins.

    It’s all about the rings, got any? 🙂

    Choo choo!

  4. If all that stuff about Rivers being against moving to LA is true, I’d be surprised to see him get a deal done until he knows where the Chargers will be playing in the next couple of years…

    Just come to Buffalo, Rivers! With you at QB, the Bills would be legitimate Super Bowl contenders! (I know he won’t end up in Buffalo but until he signs long term (or Buffalo finds a QB), it’s a nice dream…lol).

  5. Rivers will get more wins against the Raiders, than the Raiders will get all year. Look for Chargers to sweep the Raiders (Again… Yawn…) and the Raiders should somehow miraculously best the Chiefs again once this year, taking them to an overall 1-15 record this season.

    P.s… Raiders are 4-19 against the Chargers… OUCH! That’s a lot of sweeps!

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