Chargers, Rivers finalize four-year extension


A four-year contract extension announced Saturday night will keep quarterback Philip Rivers with the Chargers through 2019.

The news was first reported by Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego and then quickly confirmed by the Chargers. The extension was done after a summer of posturing by both sides and rumors that talks would be shelved with the regular season approaching.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Or something.

Acee reported the deal is worth $84 million and $65 million guaranteed. Had the sides not worked out a deal, the exclusive franchise tag for 2016 would have been around $25 million, so it was in the team’s interests to get this deal done now for many reasons.

In addition to a bunch more guaranteed money, the extension gives Rivers, 33, peace of mind and gives the team at least some level of stability with rumors of a move to Los Angeles still swirling.

Rivers posted his fourth career 30-touchdown season in 2014 and went over 4,000 yards passing for the sixth time. He’s started 144 straight games for the Chargers.

46 responses to “Chargers, Rivers finalize four-year extension

  1. Regardless of the posturing like most of the recent extensions this made too much sense for both sides not to get done.

  2. Worth. Every. Penny. Anyone watch Kellen Clemens lately? Not pretty. The team would be lucky to win 6 games if they let Rivers leave. He makes any team he’s on instantly competitive.

  3. Well, you figure they give a “qb” like Wilson $62 mil, you have to expect going forward that the really good to elite qb’s are going to get $65-$75 mil.

    It’s a good thing Miami locked up tannehill before all this.

  4. That’s a lot of money for a guy who won’t get you there. They really didn’t have much choice though.

  5. Good job Chargers!! $65 Million Guaranteed!! Rivers is a 5 time pro bowler who has over 250 TD’s. With him now locked up through 2019 and if Melvin Gordon is the real deal the Chargers offense will be the real deal for years to come.

  6. If anyone deserves this contract it is Rivers.. He is a class act. He is committed to his family, he is always seen around town doing things with his kids.. Very competitive and is always a Team Player!!! Congrats on the new contract. Now let’s hope we can keep him here in San Diego. It’s time our city council gets their heads out of their ass and steps up to the plate and make it happen.. What a shame if they can’t keep the team here

  7. Congrats to Rivers. He is a committed family man and is always seen around town taking his kids places. He is a great team player very competitive, great QB and deserves it. Now let’s hope our city can get their heads out of their ass and does something to keep the Chargers here in San Diego where they belong.

  8. A few things becoming clear now.

    1. The Ravens were right forcing Flacco to prove his worth.

    2. After Flacco proved his worth, the Ravens had no choice but to hold their end of the bargain.

    3. The Ravens were right to pay Flacco, and anybody who objected to it, either was a Flacco hater, or a bitter fan of other teams jealous of the Ravens success.

    4. If you are one of those mentioned in 3, feel free to apologize. we will forgive you.

  9. Rivers is the best of the 04 class. Sheli got lucky and well Big Ben has a storied franchise supporting him. Rivers has the Spanos which is right after having a York.

  10. If Rivers is worth $65M “Guaranteed” then Eli[te] Manning is worth $130M “Guaranteed” — especially since Eli[te] is a 2x Super Bowl MVP, and Rivers has yet to even make it to The Big Game (i.e., Super Bowl). N(umb) F(rom) L(aughing)

  11. Meanwhile, Super Bowl count: 0.

    He gets to join the “getting paid 20 million without having done a damn thing to deserve it” club along with Cam Newton and Matt Ryan.

    Rivers is better than those two, granted, but “almost” doesn’t count in the end run.

  12. He is a lucky guy. He gets to finish his career with the Carson Chargers. It has a certain ring to it. Seriously, who would not pick Carson over San Diego? Apparently the NFL robber barons think it is a great idea. Bye bye Chargers.

  13. Hey, Finally San Diego has something to be happy about!! Rivers signed for the long term….oh. wait a minute, I guess they can drive 3 hours to go watch him. Go Chargers!!

  14. If they don’t go all in for a championship the next four years, I’ll be forced to find a new team. Even if they move to LA, by the time a stadium is built and open for business, they’d be playing with a 37-38+ year old qb and could be in a rebuild mode

  15. raiderapologist says:

    Rivers is now getting paid like guys that won something. Good for him.


    As usual, you don’t make sense.

    Stand by for Luck’s new contract, someone else who ‘hasn’t won anything’.

  16. Congrats to Rivers. Coming from a Ravens fan, he’s a good QB and a fierce competitor. I think the Chargers possibly win their division or at least make the playoffs. AFCN has a brutal schedule this year. AFCW and NFCW are two of the toughest divisions in the League. Even the Raiders look to be improved and on the right track.

  17. wallabear says:
    Aug 16, 2015 1:49 AM
    If Rivers is worth $65M “Guaranteed” then Eli[te] Manning is worth $130M “Guaranteed” — especially since Eli[te] is a 2x Super Bowl MVP, and Rivers has yet to even make it to The Big Game (i.e., Super Bowl). N(umb) F(rom) L(aughing)


    Junior Manning was a passenger in those wins, secured by your D and clutch plays that made him look good. Rivers would have actually contributed something.

    But by then Manning and his daddy were already well hated for their post draft tantrum, so you were welcome to him.

  18. Eli was clutch in both Super Bowl runs. Go back and watch the game in San Fran. In a rain storm getting pounded by the 49ers front. I think he was sacked at least 7 times and knocked down probably 15. Had no running game.

    Eli has beaten both Favre and Rogers in Lambo in the playoffs. Only 2 QBs in the history of football have road wins in Lambo. Vick and Eli. Eli did it in subzero temps. And the came in and smashed the Packers and Rogers.

  19. “He gets to join the “getting paid 20 million without having done a damn thing to deserve it” club along with Cam Newton and Matt Ryan.”

    You forgot to add Russell Wilson to that group.

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