Cowboys remove bubble wrap from Darren McFadden, sort of


The Darren McFadden era has begun in Dallas. Kind of. Sort of. Not really.

McFadden finally passed a physical on Saturday, more than two weeks into camp. And he was expected to participate in team drills on Saturday. And then, via the Dallas Morning News, he didn’t.

We’ll be very guarded as to how we bring him along,” owner Jerry Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News. “The good news is he’s in great shape and they’ve really spent a lot of time working on that aspect of him being ready to go. But we’ll be real careful with it. We’ve got a big investment in time in terms of him getting in football-playing shape, so they’ll move that along [slowly].”

During the Saturday night practice, McFadden and running back Lance Dunbar, who injured an ankle on August 5, worked out on a separate field.

The Cowboys also added camp-body tailbacks Ben Malena and Michael Hill on Saturday. Running backs coach Gary Brown predicted that, with increased competition, the Cowboys will have “some hellified running.”

We’re not quite sure what “hellified running” is, but we’ll assume that it is one of the boxes to check on the path to gloryhole.

27 responses to “Cowboys remove bubble wrap from Darren McFadden, sort of

  1. I’ve always been a fan of Darren McFadden. It was always a health thing with him. I am a fan of Joseph Randle as well. I think they should be 1A and 1B regardless of the blocking issues with Randle. That o-line will be better than last year

  2. Be careful, be reckless, speaking as a Raider fan, it does not matter, the injury will come or won’t. He can be healthy all season, or get hurt leaving the bus.

  3. When healthy McFragile is a below average back.
    Cowboy fans will soon realize what a mistake signing McFragile was

  4. McFadden might be the first player in NFL history to actually wear a red jersey in a real game. “No! Don’t tackle him!”

    Samuel L. Jackson was was hurt less in Unbreakable than this guy.

  5. packergator says:

    They’re missing Demarco Murray already.

    Chip is covering up an injury. You don’t hold a starting RB who is new to the team out of most of the practices because he had a lot of carries last season.

  6. Strange that Jerry tried to save a buck on the RB position this year. Back with E. Smith they boasted anyone could run behind that O. Line but they paid him. Whenever he was kicked up don’t remember the backups doing so hot. And that O. Line was better than this one. He’ll regret this move, come up with BS excuse then overpay next year. All while wasting one of Romo’s last decent years. Way to go…..

  7. It won’t work. Guys like McFadden who are always hurt and hardly ever play need toughening up so they can absorb hits not shrink wrapping. What will happen when the real season starts? He will get hit and he will be hurt again.

  8. As a Dallas fan, I do miss DeMarco Murray. He is big, tough, and has great vision. But he only had one healthy year – one. So the fact these backs are dinged up doesn’t mean if we still had DeMarco he wouldn’t be dinged up too.

    Let’s give them a chance & if they fail, go get another back.

  9. Jerry is very focused on that week one Giants matchup and division game. He wants all hands on deck for that one and is afraid of having any of them injured in a meaningless preseason game. Can’t really blame him.

    They would be protecting Murray too, by the way, if he were still there.

  10. As a lifetime fan, I remember the Cowboys trying to roll with guys like Paul Palmer, Sherman Williams, and Troy Hambrick. It doesn’t work.

    An elite back is essential to the success of the team.

  11. Im not even Counting On McFadden to be Productive for Dallas, He’s too Injury Prone. Randle has the Skills to be a Great back, And get Monster yards, With help from The NFL “Best” O-Line. He needs to be Coached up On his Blocking Technique, So they can sell the Play Action, If all that Comes together, 13-3 Season easy.

  12. abninf says:
    Aug 16, 2015 8:58 AM

    packergator says:

    They’re missing Demarco Murray already.

    Chip is covering up an injury. You don’t hold a starting RB who is new to the team out of most of the practices because he had a lot of carries last season.

    A detailed sports science program has led to a very specific and detailed training regimen for Demarco Murray this pre-season. The Eagles will re-define how teams deal with injuried players, older players, and players who have had a more physical toll taken on them than others.

    Keep hoping for that, though. It shows that you think the Cowboys made a mistake.

  13. abninf is mad because he knows the Cowboys are heavily overrated and Tony Romo is trash. I would be embarrassed if Jerry Jones owned my team too. Cowboys are going to flop this year, Fluke season was here and gone.

  14. I really like all these negative comments on McFadden, they’re just fueling the fire. I really believe he has something to prove an all these cowboy haters will be surprised because he will be more determined an play harder just to prove them wrong, I think he’s going to have a great season!!

  15. For those of you with VERY SHORT memories, DeFragile Murray had ONLY ONE healthy season with Big D, which he decided to cash in on with the Eagles. Lets see how healthy he remains this year! Even Chip was very aware of this, which is why he signed multiple big name backs, but lost out on Gore!

    I think McFadden will be better than Murray behind this line…

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