Tannehill working on the back-shoulder throw


As Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill continues his development, the team has him working on developing one specific type of throw that, when done properly, is even harder to defend than Mr. Miyagi’s crane kick.

Tannehill is working to master the back-shoulder fade throw.

“It takes commitment just like anything else,” coach Joe Philbin told reporters on Sunday regarding Tannehill’s new project. “If you’re going to be good at something then you have to practice it and you have to devote time to it and repetitions to it and you have to feel like you have the right chemistry with the right receivers.”

Don’t expect to see it on a regular basis, even if Tannehill masters it.

“I think it’s obviously team-specific and sometimes it’s game plan specific,” Philbin said, “maybe it’s better against a certain corner, it’s obviously better against certain coverages and all that stuff, but I think all teams make their decisions based on that, ‘Do we have the guys that throw it well? Do we time it well and catch it well? Does it make sense against what they’re doing?’ amongst some other things.”

Philbin knows a thing or two about a quarterback who knows how to make that throw. Before becoming the head coach in Miami, Philbin served as offensive coordinator for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

So why does it work for Rodgers?

“I think because of a lot of the things I just talked about, the commitment to it, the time, the repetitions, other things and certainly good chemistry,” Philbin said.

With the Dolphins having a solid group of receivers, now could be the time for Tannehill to unleash from time to time a throw that few NFL-caliber corners can find a way to cover while at the same time avoiding the possibility of the receiver getting behind him.

23 responses to “Tannehill working on the back-shoulder throw

  1. You better get the QB OL protection or you’re gonna blow the whole season. Give T-Hill time, he’ll light it up. Do not ignore this problem. What you got now ain’t gonna work

  2. I was a Matt Moore proponent through a good portion of Tannehill’s rookie season. Then he began to win me over with consistent, noticeable, improvement that hasn’t slowed down since. Especially impressive, considering the laughable O-lines he’s had to work behind (the entire time). If he continues along the trajectory he’s established, he’s going to be very difficult to stop.

  3. Ryan Tannhill is going to be a Great QB for many years to come …Aaron rogers sat on the Bench for 3 years compare AAron Rogers 4th year stats to Tannehill’s 3rd year almost identical..Tannehill will have such a great 4th season guaranteed to be Better than rogers 4th season.

  4. I dont get the THill haters. The kid has gotten better every year under center. Mark my words in two years he will be the best QB in the AFC.

  5. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Aug 16, 2015 1:00 PM
    Should work on his entire game, Rex Ryan’s defense will bury him in the turf.
    Rex Ryan doesn’t even have a QB, and the Dolphins D is going to smother the one deminsional run game. Dolphins sweep the bills this year.

  6. To all you Buffalo Bills fans there, Rex Ryan’s d-bag. you’ll get it and know it in about 2 years like the Jets fans already do. prepare yourself for battle,Jets the jills better bring a better quarterback then what you got!drop the mic!

  7. As a Patriots fan, I wish to go on record saying what I have been saying for the last three years: When Tom Brady retires, Ryan Tannehill will be the best QB in the AFC East, and will win a lot of games.

  8. The back shoulder throw is insanely difficult, which is why it boggles my mind that quite a few QBs can hit it consistently.

    I remember once watching a Bucs game where Trent Dilfer completed a long pass when a receiver stopped to catch it while the corner overran it. Joe Theisman said, “See, that was a perfect back shoulder throw.” Us Buc fans knew that Dilfer just simply missed his target again and got lucky.

  9. Reports are he is able to get more air under the ball. (no Brady pun intended) And from seeing the camp clips it seems to be the case. This might help him to get this type throw down.

    He did get better up to this point. And I wonder if there is some record taking all the sacks into account. However some of those are on him.

    Berating dink/dunk is silly as that was the flavor last season.

  10. Maybe stop talking to the peanut shaped head, head coach about Rodgers and his past, blah, blah, blah.

    Why not ask the guy who basically invented the back shoulder pass? MARINO! Go back and watch tape in the 1990’s and watch Marino kill DB’s with the back shoulder pass.

    I’m a huge Dolphins fan and quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of hearing about what Philbin accomplished in Green Bay. In football terms, his stint as Offensive Coordinator(who didn’t call the plays during the games), is like eons ago!

    Ryan Tannehill has plenty of supporters and haters alike. Lots of the haters won’t be happy until he throws for 5,000 yards and 40+ TD’s, regardless of the W-L record. Some haters believe his W-L record is his fault all his own. Some haters believe he is horrible because he has an incompletion.

    Personally I’d take a solid QB that takes care of the ball and is a good leader of men, who is clutch. He could have ok stats if the rest of the TEAM had elite numbers. In other words, I’d take RT17 with a top 5 running game, Top 5 defense and top 5 special teams unit( meaning solid, clutch PK, Pro Bowl punter and some nice return men.

  11. “He should trying to work on winning games to actually make the playoffs”
    The only thing the QB can do to help his team win games is to score points. And that RT did. The Dolphins with a bad OL and without Marshall Lynch. scored 388 points last year. That was 6 points less than Seattle. And Tannehill scored more points and accounted for more total yards than Russell Wilson who has gone to two SB.
    It is not RT’s fault that the Dolphins defense imploded in the last 6 games (yielding an avg of 32 points per game) With a decent defense this team would have won 10 games last year.

  12. I didn’t watch all the preseason games, but what other top contenders marched 80 yards downfield, scored a touchdown in their first drive and the defense held Jay Cutler to 3 and out before we sat all of our starting lineups.

    Seems the Dolphins are a top contender in IMHO. Anyone else matched the Dolphins on the first drive for defense and offense?

  13. Respect finsfans but cmon gents……NOBODY I repeat NOBODY is worried about thill. Good guy ok qb. I used to hear dolphins fans rave about starks, odrick who were tough. They overpaid and upgraded a position that was not necessary…….

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