Matt Barkley on all the Tim Tebow attention: “Doesn’t bother me”

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The guy who’s competing for the Eagles’ third quarterback job who actually played better didn’t get a standing ovation, and isn’t the object of natural curiosity.

At least Matt Barkley gets it.

The non-Tim Tebow on the depth chart below Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez seems to be handling the non-attention he’s getting well, anyway.

Doesn’t bother me,” Barkley said, via Mike Sielski of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Barkley was 12-of-20 passing for 192 yards, and simply looked more comfortable throwing the football than Tebow (the interception was on a tipped ball, so he gets a pass on that).

And as much as it might chafe anyone to be asked about the guy he’s competing with, Barkley said he understands the appeal of the guy trying to take his job.

“He’s a fan favorite and he’s a good teammate,” Barkley said. “He played well today for not playing in a year or two, whatever it’s been. He did a good job. It’s pretty funny to see their reaction. He’s loved everywhere he goes, as he should be. He’s a great person. Love him as a teammate.”

Of course, there are holes in that quote big enough to run a, say for instance, a large running quarterback through. The fact you have to point out that Tebow hadn’t played in two years, or that he’s just a swell guy underscores the difference between the two.

Barkley might be better at the stuff you want a traditional quarterback to do, and it might not matter in the least.

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  1. Barkley looked good, best of any QB on that team yesterday. If agholor doesn’t make that play sanchez’s day goes from bad to horrific.

  2. Matt Barkley could have easily cemented himself as the number three quarterback, or even a viable trade option, if he managed to convert on the deep throws.

    He had three opportunities to hit a deep ball but greatly underthrew the receivers. Mile Austin had to come back for one as he made an acrobatic grab to complete one of the three.

    Tim Tebow has all the heart in the world but he just doesn’t have the accuracy to be a signal caller in the NFL. He clearly motivates those around him and the fans but with the three arms in Philadelphia, not sure he will stay on.

  3. By all accounts, Barkley out played Sanchez but he should not get a pass on the tipped interception.

    Barkley looked comfortable in the offense for sure but he appears to have a weak arm. In Tebow’s defense, he was playing with third stringers and had to handle a few bad snaps.

    Perhaps Barkely should be the backup and Sanchez battling Tebow for that third spot?

  4. I hated Tim Tebow the football player in college bcuz he was I guess great hard to say as a Seminole fan but I didn’t think he could play in the nfl you can tell he’s worked hard to get back in the league and I think that’s what I’m starting to like about him he never gives up

  5. oh it will, you see the media won’t let that happen. I live in buffalo and there was an article in the Sunday paper about rape and sports (following the Patrick Kane story) I am sure it won’t get much traction, and I feel like writing the woman who wrote it a email because she apparently didn’t know TIM TEBOW is back in the NFL. It’s not often in the NFL you have upstanding member of society and pretty much a good teammate in the league, and that just can’t happen. They must run his career into the ground again before they can move on, to you know, how Micheal Sam is trying his 5th come back and how everyone is rooting for him.

  6. Have no dog in the fight so to speak but Tebow and Sam are not examples of the same fight. Tebow wants to play football and will stop at nothing. From all reports it sounds like Sam wants everything but football.

  7. in my review, tebow was the lead in almost every article thus far written about the eagles colts game.

    for no apparent reason other than his religious affiliation and popularity with a certain demographic.

    meanwhile back at the football game, barkley should have gotten more ink, as he was by far the better quarterback of the two.

    but make sure, all you timmy fans, to blame that same media that’s hyping him, when this guy who isn’t a good quarterback gets cut. by the second coach who’s good friends with urban, and who would clearly be inclined to give tim every chance to win the job, especially given barkley’s play in regular season games.

  8. First of all, #3 QB’s don’t mean a thing in the NFL. They play in preseason, not to evaluate them, but because they don’t want their real QB’s getting hurt. And if 12-20 is anything to brag about, against other 3rd stringers, your team is in real trouble.

  9. Objectivity goes out the window when Tim Tebow is involved. Too bad. I thought he threw well under pressure. But you’re looking at a guy playing with 3rd team in 1st preseason game. He has a different skill set than Barkley so it’ll come down to whether they want a specialized contributor or emergency backup option. And that may be decided by the health and performance of Bradford and Sanchez more than anything.

  10. I watched both Barkley and Tebow in their game against the Colts yesterday and there is no contest. Chip Kelly would be nuts to keep Tebow over Barkley as the 3rd QB. I realize that it was just a small sample and not everything was equal in terms of the supporting cast they had around them. But it seems as if Barkley would have much better chance of actually winning a game if he had to step in and start a game for any reason. In fact, Barkley looked better than Mark Sanchez, which may not be saying a lot, but considering the tenuous health situation with Sam Bradford, the Eagles may well need all the depth that they can get at the QB position.

  11. But chip jelly doesn’t run an offense that asks for a traditional quarterback therefore untraditional Tebow would likely have the upside over traditional quarterback Barkley

  12. “He had three opportunities to hit a deep ball but greatly underthrew the receivers. Mile Austin had to come back for one as he made an acrobatic grab to complete one of the three.”

    Look at it again. The Safety was coming over the top – he had to throw it short. He put it in a pretty good spot and Austin made a great play on the ball.

  13. conormacleod says:Aug 17, 2015 9:37 AM

    First of all, #3 QB’s don’t mean a thing in the NFL. They play in preseason, not to evaluate them, but because they don’t want their real QB’s getting hurt. And if 12-20 is anything to brag about, against other 3rd stringers, your team is in real trouble.
    Well, seeing that Sam Bradford has an extensive injury history, the number two and three quarterback is extremely important for the Philadelphia Eagles.

  14. Both Barkley and Tebow look good as third stringers when you consider the following are second string on teams….
    Dan Orlousey, Jimmy Clausen, Manziel, Landry Jones, Ryan Nassib, Case Keenum, Bryce Petty, TJ Yates and Case Keenum.

  15. conormacleod says:Aug 17, 2015 9:37 AM

    “First of all, #3 QB’s don’t mean a thing in the NFL”

    Tell that to the Arizona Cardinals, who had to start a third string QB in the Playoffs last year.

  16. The entire reason for signing Tebow was to push Barkley to be better and not get comfy as the 3rd stringer. Chip drafted him because he actually liked him (and faced him for years in the PAC-12).

    Barkley is a really great guy too, huge family man, I hope he can get his shot one day.

  17. he played good but we havent seen him on a real game.

    Tebow has more clutch potential but Barkley’s passes were really good yesterday..

    we’ll see

  18. Where was Barkley’s Touchdown? My point is Tebow is a WINNER. Regardless of his stats, he will always find a way to win. Barkley is like the majority of the NFL QBs, good stats but no Ws to show (like Jay Cutler). I call these QBs LOSERS.

  19. I recall Barkley’s freshman year at USC. After one of the first spring practices, his interviews were peppered with lots of “Praise the Lord” and “Praise God.” I think someone told him to tone it down, because he never talked like that afterward. My point is, that he and Tebow are like two peas in a pod. No wonder they’re “good teammates”. Only difference is that Tebow is more public about his beliefs than Barkley.

  20. Good luck with that Matt. Both Orton and Sanchez crumbled under tebowmania. Of course you don’t have much to lose so you might pull it off.

    As a Bronco fan I had my fill of timmy’s minions so I’m hoping they keep you, Bradford and Sanchez and boot the attention seeker off the team.

    Real football doesn’t need timmy’s gimmick plays and his legion of goons.

  21. Maybe we’ll get to see Barkley play with the 3rd and 4th string next week. That will be fun. Kelly doesn’t have to cut any of his QBs. Barkley and Kinne are eligible for the practice squad. If another team wants them, they will have to pay the Eagles.

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