Rivers will make $37.5 million this year

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The Philip Rivers contract details are beginning to trickle out, beyond the basic numbers and the no-trade clause.

Per a source with knowledge of the deal, Rivers earns a $22.5 million signing bonus on his new five-year deal. Unlike many contracts that convert the bulk of a large base salary to signing bonus, Rivers will still earn a base salary of $15 million, down from the $15.75 million he previously was due to earn.

That’s $37.5 million in total earnings for 2015. (Sources close to me tell me that’s a lot of money.)

Rivers has much more guaranteed money, but it’s guaranteed for injury only for now. The rest of the guarantees apply to 2016 and 2017, with an early trigger each year for the money to convert to a fully-guaranteed payment.

For 2016, $16.5 million is guaranteed for injury only until the second day of the 2016 waiver period, at which time it becomes fully guaranteed. In 2017, the base salary is $14 million; $11 million of it is guaranteed for injury only and the $11 million becomes fully guaranteed on the second day of the waiver period.

That’s $65 million in guaranteed money, and the early-February decision deadline for the Chargers means that either the money will become fully guaranteed or he’ll have a one-month head start on free agency.

In 2018, Rivers has a $5 million roster bonus due on the third day of the league year, along with a $10 million salary. In 2019, another $5 million roster bonus becomes due on the third day of the league year, with an $11 million salary.

It adds up to a total payout of $99 million over five years, and a new-money average of $20.8125 million. And with relative low payouts of $15 million in 2018 and $16 million in 2019, the Chargers likely won’t have to restructure the deal to create cap space — especially with the cap going up $10 million per year.

90 responses to “Rivers will make $37.5 million this year

  1. Good for him…..he can have 8 more kids now…..pretty soon he will be able to field both an offensive and defensive football team w/ his kids

  2. Not a Chargers fan, but Rivers has always been a hell of a competitor. Might be kind of crazy still, but he does have some good years left.

    Besides that, what a salary this year! Geez!

  3. Although I’m a huge Steelers fan, I’m also a huge Philip Rivers fan as well. This cat is as fiery and competitive as they come. People misinterpret that as him being whiny.

    I don’t see that as the case at all. Dude is a tremendous quarterback and from all indications he seems like a wonderful person as well. Has like six or seven kids but they’re all with the same woman and he’s certainly got the coin to look after them.

    Big Philip Rivers fan.

  4. Sadly, acquiring a franchise QB comes around once every blue moon for NFL franchises. The lack of a market where you can sign a comparable talent is non-existing, which is causing these mega contracts and will lead to teams thinning out the overall talent on their roster.

  5. Yours sources are not from the NFL office. They are right. That seems like a lot of money.
    He better take them to superbowl this year.
    So he makes more than Rodgers, Brady, Flacco?

  6. Roger Goodell is pleased to learn he is still making more than Rivers will this year. If Rivers made more, Roger would’ve had to suspend him for a couple of games for wearing a bolo tie that is not NFL certified.

  7. I dunno his history. Has he even won just one playoff game? If not, then how can this be worth it?
    Players should get the same as everyone else. Start them at $15-20 an hour. Then if they do really good with the way they play, they get a few extra bucks. Make it to the SB? Bonuses!
    The way they get played for just a stupid game when there are those, like firefighters and teachers who do more important things with little pay, is just ridiculous.

  8. Idiots. And I hear now Eli Manning wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL. If the Giants are smart they will cut him loose after this season.

  9. WOW. Whether he is worth it or now is for the talking heads to argue. What about the COLTS. They are really pissed (not Luck). Andrew Luck is now looking at MLB star pitcher money. 150 million for 6 years minimum. That will be the bottom starting asking price from Luck’s agent. How much guaranteed? Maybe 80 million guaranteed. BTW, 150 million is —> $ 150,000,000.00. Forget the Defense and the O Line. The Cap is dead.

  10. A bargain when compared to Cutler Dalton and some other bad qb commitments. Rivers is underrated, even if he doesnt win the big one, hes probably the best career of an chargers qb in SD

  11. wouldn’t it be awesome if he picked this moment to beat up his wife or pull an Aldon Smith.

    yes this is sarcasm.

  12. and the working class Parent has to save up to shell out $120 a ticket to take their kid to a game. I am not mad at the players for getting their piece of the pie, we all know the owners are getting the biggest piece. This is getting a little ridiculous.

  13. Sick! The Chargers want corporate welfare on a stadium as if they’re broke, but will overpay one player $37.5m in one season! These NFL teams need to fund their own stadiums just as other businesses have to fund their own places of business.

  14. With all the money that Rivers is scheduled to make implies that he is the same caliber quarterback as Rogers and Brady? I don’t think so!

  15. Love me some Tom Brady man….He will earn 13 million this year, but his average annual salary on his current 3 year contract is 9 million. Money, is not the most important thing to him apparently. I’m sure his teammates appreciate that.

  16. When it comes down to these big contracts I don’t believe it is necessarily about talent as much as it is value to a team. Philip Rivers is a top 10 Qb forsure and an argument can be made for top 5, but he’s no Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. But with that said rivers is clearly the reason the chargers are relevant every year and this deal had to get done. Good QBs are so hard to come by and I don’t think the chargers are ready for a full blown rebuild just yet.. Good deal for both sides

  17. Good for my man Phily Riv! If you could see what he’s about no one would hate. Old fashioned, hardworking family can. Nothing wrong with that. Most people nowadays say dumb ish for shock value. I’m embarrassed for man kind sometimes. Good for you Number 17! “That’s My Quarterback”

  18. packmanfan says:

    I dunno his history. Has he even won just one playoff game? If not, then how can this be worth it?


    So, you admit to ignorance and then comment anyway. He’s won 4 playoff games.

    Obtaining facts isn’t difficult, it just takes a tiny bit of effort.

  19. dameeze says:

    wouldn’t it be awesome if he picked this moment to beat up his wife or pull an Aldon Smith.


    H might be the least likely guy to do this. He and his wife get on very well.

    Very very well.

  20. Tom Brady will make 7 million in 2015, 8 million in 2016, and 9 million in 2017. The cap hit is 13 million in 2015, 14 million in 2016, and 15 million in 2017. The Patriots got a pretty good deal I would think.

  21. Ragging on his kids is not cool. They’re all with the same woman, he can afford it, good for him. I wish more people were that responsible, particularly those our own government lets break into the country by the millions.

  22. floridaslonechargersfan says:
    Aug 17, 2015 10:33 PM
    Only gonna have about $100 left for him and his wife after feeding/clothing all his kids.

    Possibly true, but at least all his kids come from his long time wife and he is not a baby daddy to a convention of flooseys.

    I doubt the Rivers clan is going to have to raid the food bank anytime soon, so as long as he and his wife are on the same page then more power to him

  23. Rivers is a stand-up guy, and I’m happy for him and his family. The NFL could stand to have a few more players like Rivers.

  24. As a Pats fan, I’ll never forget Rivers gutsy play in the 2007-2008 AFC Championship game. Tomlinson sat pouting on the bench, while Rivers played with a torn ligament. He kept the score close, and that day became the unquestioned leader of that team. I think Rivers kept those mid 2000’s Chargers teams in contention, despite some lousy coaching.

  25. paulnoga says:
    Aug 17, 2015 11:25 PM
    Also, Eli Manning has 2 more Super Bowl wins than Rivers. He also wants much more.


    You don’t pay a guy for what he has already done. You pay him for what you expect he will do in the future. Eli’s best years are behind him. It appears in the future he is destined to lead the league in interceptions.

  26. Only 8 current Qbs have rings. He’s a top ten Qb for sure. Your all idi*ts if you think She Li is better. Or Russell Wilson. Or Flacco. So that puts him at 6. Haters gonna hate. Smh.

  27. cbass59 says:

    So they have ZERO cap space to acquire/keep any other good players.


    Simply. Not. True.

    They currently have a cap space of around $6 million for 2015.

    Based approximately on a $143m cap, less $131m salary, less $6m dead money.

  28. Wow! No wonders he suddenly doesn’t have a problem moving to LA anymore. For $37 million, I’d live wherever they want me to…

    You have to wonder if he ever really cared that much about moving to LA or if it was all just a pretty brilliant negotiating strategy.
    Either way, it seems like it worked.

  29. That butt-hurt look on Rivers face when he loses the big games, will literally now be “priceless”. Someone call Mastercard, marketing GOLD here!!

  30. Rivers has nothing to do with this directly, but the NFL has to be approaching the middle of the teeter-totter at this point. Games are too expensive to attend for most of the masses. Game experience is better on your TV in all but the most historic venues and even then it’s a “bucket list” kind of thing, not something you are going to want to do 8-10 weekends a year.

    Player salaries are at WTH levels, ticket prices keep going up. Attendance is going to drop off at some point and with the constant dinking around with the rules in the name of safety makes the game less recognizable every year.

    Seattle showed how to win the SB without a dominant QB… by going back to the basics ground-and-pound/defense. And they STILL pay their QB like he is the whole team.

    Coupled with the recent high profile “bad boys” of the NFL… I find myself caring less and less. Consumption will follow. I won’t be eagerly waiting for kick off on Sundays this season. DVR it and watch the game in 25 minutes will be good enough for me. Of course the next step is not watching it at all. Already quit playing fantasy football. Do still follow the “news” of the league though, as I find it interesting.

  31. He got his money, and will now shill for the Spanos desired move to LA. “He just keeps rolling, old man Rivers”

  32. Dan Patrick blew off Rivers as a Hall of Fame QB on his radio show today. In reality, Rivers has a real shot.

    QB A: 102-101 reg season, 3-7 postseason (never reached conference title game)
    QB B: 86-84-1 reg. season, 3-4 postseason (never reached Super Bowl)
    QB C: 69-73-3 reg. season (never started a postseason game)
    QB D: 88-56 reg season, 4-5 postseason (has reached one conference title game)

    QBs- A: Moon, B: Fouts, C: Jurgensen and D: Rivers

    Not a 1st-ballot guy but worthy of consideration. Also, Rivers dealing with Brady, Manning and Big Ben in same conference. Those three QBs have won all of the AFC titles since 03 except for Flacco in 12.

    Hall of Fame has many levels. Jim Brown RB level is different than Bettis type of RBs. Both in the same Hall. A few more years at same level of play probably gets Rivers in.

  33. Wow!! That’s a lot of loot for a dude that has not even played in a conference championship game!!

  34. Hate the Chargers, but Rivers always competed against the Raiders. It’s about supply and demand. NFL teams will always covet a good quarterback, and I think the Texans, Jets, and Browns would gladly pay Rivers that kind of money to have him.

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