Seahawks could add a quarterback with Tarvaris Jackson out


The Seahawks added some depth in the secondary on Monday and they may need to add some at quarterback as well.

Coach Pete Carroll said Monday, via Curtis Crabtree of PFT, that quarterback Tarvaris Jackson is going to be off the field for a while after suffering a high ankle sprain in the team’s preseason opener on Friday night. Jackson was injured when he took a hit in the third quarter of the game and needed assistance to get off the field.

R.J. Archer is the only other quarterback listed on the depth chart, but Carroll said that wide receiver and one-time quarterback B.J. Daniels will serve as the team’s No. 3 this week with Jackson out of the lineup. That’s hardly an ideal scenario, of course, so Carroll said that the team will also be considering options outside the organization to shore up the position.

Former Seahawk Matt Flynn is on the list of experienced free agent quarterbacks with the likes of Rex Grossman, Michael Vick and Tyler Thigpen. If the Seahawks do sign someone, they’ll need better play than they got from their offensive line against the Broncos if they’re going to like their chances of avoiding their appearance in a meaningful game.

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  1. BJ Daniels should just stay at QB. He seemed fine there in preseason last year and is a junior version of Wilson as far as mobility – which will be a necessity behind our O-line.

    He’s athletic, but I don’t think he’s good enough to make it as a receiver and won’t supplant Lockett as a returner.

  2. Anyone see that nice stop BJ Daniels laid onto the Broncos return man? Just went up and brick walled the guy. Very cool to see. Definitely impressed me. I’d rather keep him at QB than have Flynn/Grossman/Vick/Thigpen. None of those guys equate to wins, so why not roll the dice on Daniels at number 3 and use Archer at number 2. Archer played pretty good against the 2s and 3s. He made a stupid decision and put the ball on the ground in the red zone but other than that had a pretty solid game.

  3. What they really need to do is another dramatic step. Trade Bruce Irvin and/or Michael Bennett, and get a couple of starting caliber OLineman. Damn, they looked bad against Denver’s #1 and #2 Rushers.

    You just made Russell the second highest paid QB in the NFL, now you’ve got to protect him.


  4. BJ will really have to shine on special teams,but not in a return role, obviously not needed there, to make this roster.
    They should make Tom Cable take snaps for the fourth quarter last three preseason games since he has had such an influence in the draft room taking these guys 2-4 rounds earlier than projected. It will cut the likelyhood that Archer or whoever won’t get dinged like TJax did by 33%.

  5. With the O-line in the shape it is in, they need to get somebody in there who can take a hit. Maybe the Heft Lefty aka The Pillsbury Throwboy…? The three listed above wouldn’t last a game.

  6. It’s a good thing they don’t need a competent qb to win games there in Seattle or they could be in trouble. As long as they have Lynch and that system defense they should be competitive with whoever is taking snaps.

  7. Flynn is a smart player and knows the offense already. He could actually compete with Jackson for the backup spot. Archer has been hot garbage from the beginning.

  8. No Tarvaris is the same as playing with Tarvaris. It’s going to be a long season in Seattle. The troops are already restless and greedy. Not enough rations to go around. 1-3 start and the house of cards is going to collapse. mark it!

  9. Tjoke should thank his lucky stars that he has kept a job, albeit a backup one, considering he’s one of the worst qb’s this league has seen in the past 20 years. He couldn’t even hold down the #3 spot in Minny, and if not for Bevell, wouldn’t have been on the seahags roster since day 1. He was cheap, and didn’t pose a serious threat to the vastly overpaid & overrated Wilson, so he still has a job. He wouldn’t be even good enough to beat out the majority of the league’s #3 backups in a “real” competition, that much is for certain.

  10. Seattle Seahawks sign Michael Vick because he fits the same style of offense because Michael Vick and Russell Wilson are both moble quarterbacks

  11. Favre looked pretty good tossing that pigskin in those wrangler commercials, just sayin.

  12. That O-line is hot garbage…they need linemen more than anything or this competitive run will be over very quickly when the qb or rb our busted up. Letting the only competent lineman they had go for an athletic but soft TE (who has no chance of blocking anyone) is going to be regretted.

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