Anthony Barr back on the practice field

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Outside linebacker Anthony Barr is back on the practice field, and the Vikings hope to have the 2014 first-round pick back in action for the rest of the preseason.

Barr had four sacks last year before having season-ending knee surgery in November. A separate knee issue kept him out for much of the spring, and he’s missed the team’s first two preseason games.

He’s feeling good,” Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said. “We should get him some reps this week (vs. Oakland).”

The Vikings lost starting right tackle Phil Loadholt to a torn Achilles tendon two plays into last weekend’s preseason game. Running back Adrian Peterson’s return to action likely won’t come until the Sept. 13 season opener.

19 responses to “Anthony Barr back on the practice field

  1. I am concerned about Barr. He’s missed practically the whole offseason with knee issues after having knee surgery toward the end of last season. If he can be as explosive as he was early in the season last year, he’ll have a huge impact on the defense and could be the difference between very good and elite. I have my doubts about it. He will probably be a solid player this year but maybe not the game changer we’re expecting.

  2. thats nice, when healthy he and Levy are the best linebackers in the division and it isn’t even close.

    no reason to rush it though, I’d rather him sit the first 6 weeks and have a long all-pro career then rush it and ruin his knee for the rest of his career.

  3. Barr was so exciting to watch last year! Finally a coach who knows what he wants and knows how to get it out of guys. This is the most excited I’ve been for the season in 10 years! Lets go!

  4. If Barr stays healthy I see no reason why this won’t be a top 3 defense. Top 3 of all time that is. SKOL!!!
    Calm down Paul, you are sounding like a Cheesehead.

  5. I wish some of my fellow overzealous Vikings fans would be a bit more realistic. Some of the delirious comments I see are the reason why the other NFL fans ridicule us so much.

    See: “If Barr stays healthy I see no reason why this won’t be a top 3 defense. Top 3 of all time that is.

  6. Knee injuries generally take a full year to heal and with his talent level, you would think the Vikings might nurse him back slowly so they don’t risk a relapse.

    But given the importance of maintaing Zimmer’s undefeated streak in pre season games (yet finishing 1-5 against teams with winning records during the regular season, you know, when it really counts) I could see the logic in throwing him out there this weekend. Makes about as much sense as drafting Ponder at #12 overall.

  7. Well, it looks like you were trying to say they’re #1:

    Don’t Try To Whip My Scrotum AP says:
    Aug 17, 2015 4:32 PM

    Will be a top 3 OL this year. Book it. #rebirth #restoreorder #warrior
    They were a top 3 OL last year. In fact, many experts said they were #1 because they graded out as a better pass blocking unit than Dallas.

  8. Worried that this Barr knee thing is chronic. And he looks out of shape. No need to rush him back.

  9. Nobody got on Gerby about saying the Packers had a Top 3 O-line. Just more made up nonsense by jealous Vikings fans.
    Actually Teddy is quite correct on this one. If you have not read the comments on yesterday’s Packer Bulaga story I highly recommend that you do so now. You _will_ have a good laugh.

  10. Clay Matthews hasn’t been a problem in years and rarely shows up to make a big play unless its a dirty one.

  11. It’s amusing how the only people that comment on Vikings stories that don’t have to do with AP are Vikings fans and Packers fans. It’s kind of weird how Packers are obsessed with a team that they’ve basically owned for their entire existence. Anyway, looking forward to the Niners/Vikes matchup. Minnesota looks to be improved this year, so it should be a good gauge to see where the Niners are this year.

  12. f1restarter says:
    Aug 18, 2015 2:04 PM

    A poor man’s Clay Matthews.

    Very poor. Destitute.

    Clay had 6 tackles in an OT NFC Championship game.
    He is just poor. How does your inside backer only have 6 tackles. Brutal and you are bragging about him. He needs some some juice this off season if he is playing inside.

  13. Yeah, Matthews really showed up in the last five minutes in Seattle, had he already been ejected by then for trying to take off Wilsons, or was he busy making hotel arrangements like all the other packer suckers

  14. Listened to Ben Leber’s take on Barr. He mentioned that for him, the offseason after his rookie year was the biggest for him in terms of growth as a player. Barr has been out so hasn’t really got to experience that. Not saying he won’t after this year, but to expect him to make a major leap may be asking too much.

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