Chris Cooley “literally begging” for a contract


Chris Cooley really wants back in the NFL.

The former Washington tight end said on his radio show that he has told his former team that if they’ll bring him back, he’ll take the league minimum and even agree to forego the salary he’s entitled to if he ends up on injured reserve.

“And it hurts to beg,” Cooley said, via the Washington Post. “I’m literally begging.”

Washington, however, is not listening to Cooley’s begging. The team is desperate for healthy tight ends and hasn’t signed Cooley, which should tell him everything he needs to know. (He should also know that some of the concessions he’s offering if the team signs him, like giving up his pay if he gets hurt, would violate the Collective Bargaining Agreement.)

Cooley’s comeback attempt sounds like a joke, but he insists he’s serious.

“I’m going to play for someone this year. I’m going to get an opportunity. I personally know [that] for a fact,” he said.

The reality is, it’s Week Two of the preseason. If teams were interested in Cooley, they would have brought him to camp by now. It’s not impossible that some team will suffer an injury at tight end and ask Cooley to come in for a workout, but when you have to beg for a contract, that should tell you that NFL teams think you’re done. Whether you’re ready to admit it or not.

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  1. I actually think he’d make a good coaching prospect. His film study articles are worth reading.

  2. Bring him back in… why not??? If he sucks just cut him. He’s only 33 and was one of the best TE’s in football just a few years ago. Low risk signing with #47. #HTTR

  3. This make no sense. Yes he would earn 3 times more in the league than he’s making on radio. But, as good as he is on radio, if he goes back to the league he may not get the radio gig back.

    He has said he thought he was black-balled by Mike Shanahan, and that Kyle always had his back — the unfortunate truth is he was washed up at 30 like a lot of former players.

    Top 10 in his hey day, but there’s a lot of practice squad guys who can do what Cooley can do at this point..

  4. On a talk show Cooley was saying 3 out of 4 decision makers had wanted to sign him but there was one holdout. That holdout sounds like Scot if you listen to Scots response when asked about Cooley.

    If the Redskins brass override Scot on this we will probably see who really is in charge. If Cooley is not signed you know Scot is running that show. I hope Snyder and Allen get the heck out of Scots way.

  5. Maybe this washed-up clown would have a chance if he hadn’t been killing RG3 any chance he got the last few years. He’d be a good guy to have in your corner right now, huh Chris?

  6. It’s a little confusing. If this is true:
    “I’m going to play for someone this year. I’m going to get an opportunity. I personally know [that] for a fact,” he said.

    Then why the begging? SMH

  7. Cooley,

    You seriously need to stick to radio. It doesn’t take much talent (which is evident in your case) to sit behind a microphone and get paid, and you won’t get any further concussions doing it.

    You have had more than a couple concussions in your playing days, and with your desire to come back (literally begging to come back to a horrible team – really?) and play no longer having the speed and tools suggests you may have had one too many. Besides, your old team and how they feel about you is obviously not mutual.

    You were good your first four years in this league. That doesn’t excuse your final two years as a player. Seriously, stick to your day job.

  8. Sometimes you are done with football, and sometimes football is done with you. In this case, football is saying that it is done with Cooley. Chris Cooley played the game at the highest level possible, had a lot of success, and made a lot of money. That’s more than most of us will ever be able to say. Time to move on, Chris. Let it go…

  9. Will the NFLPA allow a contract that is voided if a player gets hurt? If that were so, I suspect a lot of teams would include that in their terms of agreement. I’m not even sure current labor law would allow it.

  10. this doesn’t make sense. the Redskins aren’t allowed to sign him in the same year that they’re paying him for another service (team owned radio show)he has confirmed this himself.

  11. “He should also know that some of the concessions he’s offering if the team signs him, like giving up his pay if he gets hurt, would violate the Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

    No one ever accused Cooley of being a deep thinker.

  12. Cooley was barely 3rd string material 3 years ago when he caught all of 2 passes. That so many Redskins fans want him back shows the general cluelessness of the fan base here. Thankfully McCloughan won’t be contemplating such a ridiculous move that everyone else in the building(i.e. Snyder and Allen) is apparently open to. This just shows how badly the Redskins needed a real GM.

  13. Red Skin fans who denigrate Cooley should be ashamed of themselves. The guy was a main stay on the team, played lights out football and deserved better than you trolls are giving him.

    Fan since 1958

  14. I know Joel McHale the host of the Soup played TE for the Washington Huskies but I didn’t know Chris Cooley played for them too, I thought he went to Utah State I guess I was wrong.

  15. Cooley claims 3/4 Skins officials want him back. We know the top 4 heads on this team are Snyder, Larry Micheal, Bruce Allen, and Scot McCloughan.

    Can you guess who the odd man out is?

    Just stop Cooley.

  16. Chris Cooley was a very good TE but it’s time to move on he is 33 years old, has bad knees. Scot McCloughan also does not a history of signing a lot of FAs who are in their 30’s.

  17. He can’t get a job with the Redskins because of what he has said on the radio. Period. Not that there was anything wrong with what he said. There just happens to be a prima donna who can’t take criticism at the most important position on the field.

  18. He should make a youtube video of himself working out, running, catching passes, etc. Blabbing doesn’t get you anywhere in the 21st century; you need to sell yourself online.

  19. The Redskins signed D.J. Williams and Ernst Bron this week to their TE. I would say that is a good indication that they have no interest in Chris Cooley.

  20. They are waiting to sign him after first game of regular season.

    That way his contract isn’t guaranteed for whole season.

    He’d being playing week to week — which def makes the most sense….

  21. I think he’d rather just play for the skins this year than to have to do commentary on how they need a TE because they’re playing six offensive linemen every game. Our blocking TE right now is our backup right tackle, in case you didn’t know.

  22. Redskins need to bring him in on the cheap and add some veteran presence in camp even if he doesn’t make the final roster. That or they need to find a team deep in the TE spot and make a trade like the New England team just did.

  23. Your time is up…time for new people. Enjoy your radio show. Most would die to have that gig.

  24. Hell he could make the team her in SEA. Wilson hurt, McCoy cant catch crap. He can block better than Grahamcracker, can use him to rest Jimmy. I’d take Cooley in a heartbeat as a backup.

  25. marginal player on terrible team. He was likable until he went on radio. hopefully he’ll keep pandering and the organization will fire him.

  26. And this, young men playing football in high school and college, is why you finish your education – – so you can make a decent living and NOT have to beg for a job.

  27. As a Cowboy fan, this is really funny. Just remembering him bash Romo for choking. Well at least Romo can still hold down a job in the NFL and he is two years older. Good riddance

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