Could LeSean McCoy injury open door for Ray Rice?


When Bills coach Rex Ryan appeared recently on PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, I asked him whether he’d consider signing running back Ray Rice, given that they spent Rice’s first year as a player and Rex’s last year as a coordinator together.

“For us, we kind of have a loaded backfield, so there won’t even be a consideration there, because [of] the type of depth we have,” Ryan said at the time. “And I think that’s probably what a lot of it is. I was with Ray in Baltimore [and] I really liked him when I was there. . . . We don’t have any interest and we never went into great detail about it because of the type of depth that we have at running back.”

With that depth suddenly being depleted given the lingering hamstring injury to Fred Jackson and the new hamstring injury to LeSean McCoy, there’s a chance that will change. As noted when first sharing the coach’s quote on August 9, however, there was a forcefulness to Ryan’s response, suggesting that the door is shut.

The door would definitely be shut if someone else signs Rice, and the possibility that the Bills could become interested in Rice could be the spark the Browns need to finally add him to the roster.

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  1. Wow! It won’t happen! All the Bills RBs will be back before the regular season including Karlos Williams. People are making way too much over this and just looking to print a story.

  2. With the exception of Karlos Williams, all of the Bills backs were veterans. It’s unfortunate that Ryan decided to run them all into the ground during training camp. There are backs available to sign, but Ryan will probably choose the most controversial one.

  3. No matter how badly the media wants someone to, no NFL team is going to hire Ray Rice. The PC police and the clickbaiters alike are just waiting for it to happen, but there’s no team desperate enough to hire a guy that was only getting 3.1 yards per carry in his last season.

    It’s not worth it. He’s two years older, two years out of the NFL, and oh yes, a herculean task for any PR team to handle.

  4. You guys just want the media feeding frenzy and numerous articles and therefore clicks on your site that signing Rice would generate.

  5. Nope, even if he does miss a few weeks Brown, Jackson, and Dixon are all close to returning. Plus Williams who had some sort of surgery and is expected to be back soon. Just doesn’t make sense whatsoever, not worth the circus. They’ve got five good running backs already and will end up having to cut one of them.

  6. the wheels off this years dream team are falling off quick.
    Faithful Fred Jax
    are all hurting after a week of preseason and your starting QB is Matt Cassel

    Yeah, this experiment is gonna work out….or not

  7. I’m an Eagles fan, and I genuinely liked LeSean McCoy when he was playing for my team, but it was his production that I liked…not so much LeSean himself. For years, watching the likes of McCoy and Desean Jackson flourish in Philly was awesome, but there was always this lingering feeling in the background of my mind that if either of these 2 players happened to be on ANY other team in the league other than the one team I love…I would THOROUGHLLY hate their guts. You cannot deny their talent, you just can’t, but both of them are the type of grown men that leave much to be desired in terms of their maturity and professionalism.

    The football world, especially in Philly, gasped upon hearing that the Eagles cut ties with their very best player in return for a young LB coming off an injury in Kiko Alonso. I’ll admit that I myself was taken aback as well, and initially I didn’t like the sound of showing McCoy the door in return for a linebacker. I’ve since warmed up to the trade, and I sincerely believe that Chip Kelly got rid of McCoy at EXACTLY the right time. I know I wasn’t the only one who noticed that McCoy seemed visibly slower last season, and I think it’s pretty clear that he has already passed his peak and is now on the downward slope of his career. Sproles certainly got far fewer touches, but in terms of average yards per run and catch…Darren Sproles blew McCoy out of the water last season. It left me begging the TV screen for the little Sproles to get the ball more for god’s sake.

    At the risk of sounding like a bitter ex-McCoy fan, coming into this season I genuinely felt that McCoy was gonna crash and burn in Buffalo somehow. He can still dance around like a clown with the best of them, but his ability/willingness to plant his foot and hit a hole with wreckless abandon just isn’t there. It’s all downhill from here for the kid.

  8. briang123 says:
    Aug 18, 2015 10:51 PM
    Ray Rice deserves a second chance. Look at what Vick did with his.
    Agreed. All signs point to the fact that he has changed for the better, that he understands and takes responsibility for what he did, and he and his wife have moved on. He certainly deserved punishment, but not a lifetime ban.

  9. I’m from Buffalo (Tonawanda to be exact), and it won’t happen. Not because of the negative PR, but because it isn’t needed. The backs will be back for the season. On the Rice PR stuff. Wherever he goes, he breaks some runs, see if he isn’t forgiven.

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