Michael Robinson says he broke up altercations between Harvin, Baldwin, Tate

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Bills receiver Percy Harvin recently complained about a pair of former Seattle teammates who, according to Harvin, weren’t thrilled about the potential impact of Harvin’s arrival on their opportunities to catch footballs.

During former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson’s Monday visit to PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, I asked him what he witnessed between Harvin, current Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin, and former Seahawks (and current Lions) receiver Golden Tate.

“I know a lot about the situation and I don’t want to get in the middle of those guys,” said Robinson, who now works for NFL Network. “You could tell there was something there. You could tell there was something there, and I don’t know what it was. I know I did break up a couple altercations between Percy and Golden, between Percy and Doug before. But you know what if that’s what Percy said was the reason for their conflicts, that’s what you have to go with. That’s what he said, man, I only reacted to what I saw.”

I didn’t push Robinson for more because he clearly didn’t want to say things that would result in a barrage of incoming texts and calls from Harvin or Baldwin or Tate. And it’s hard to blame Robinson for that, since anything he said surely would have been used against him by Harvin and/or Baldwin and/or Tate.

Still, it’s hard to accept Harvin’s version at face value, given the chronic problems he had before arriving in Seattle.

From getting into a heated exchange with former Vikings coach Leslie Frazier to threatening to walk out on the Vikings after the Patriots gave tight end Aaron Hernandez a new contract while Harvin was waiting on his to getting into an argument with former Vikings coach Brad Childress that nearly turned physical to a laundry list of problems at Florida that included alleged throwing receivers coach Billy Gonzales by the neck and throwing him to the ground, Harvin didn’t exactly bring a clean record to Seattle.

So if he was having altercations with Seattle teammates who, as far as anyone knows, haven’t had altercations with anyone else, the common thread here isn’t Baldwin or Tate. It’s Harvin.

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  1. Harvin is a certified nutbag. Baldwin is the prince of strange rants (after king Sherman and Queen Bart Scott). Tate is the guy who believes he’s as good as Megatron.

    Methinks They were probably all at fault for the Seabags pathetic passing offense since Hasselbeck left. Nothing to see here folks.

  2. The well between Harvin and the Seahawks was largely poisoned by Percy arriving with an injury he had hid, he essentially admitted as much on First Take, that he only revealed after getting a big payday. Then he opted for surgery for something most of his peers play through to take care of in the offseason. While recovering for an elective procedure, was very thin skinned and went off the handle when players essentially communicated “next man up” with the media, a cliche for injured players, especially for a newcomer who has done nothing to prove himself to the new club. These “acting like kids” quotes, again standard NFL fare, prompted Percy to be that guy who complains to the boss, so Harvin went to Pete multiple times, again which he admitted on First Take, armed with press clippings of those highly insulting (to him) “next man up” quotes from a few of his fellow receivers. His remedy for these teammates who didn’t sufficiently express grave alarm that they would be competing without NFL’s god gfit that is Percy, was to resort to violence on multiple occasions.

  3. Yes, another of the very few mistakes by John Schneider. I’ll take his ability to be the best at evaluating talent at the bottom of the draft over these anyday.

    #1) Listening to Tom Cable… “anyone can be converted to an O Lineman”
    #2) Percy
    #3) Matt Flynn

  4. Isn’t there a statute of limitations on this stuff? Like, how long ago were the fights? Aren’t we at a point where its all water under the bridge? Everyone involved has moved on with their careers.

    From where I’m sitting, the only real issue is that Harvin feels a need to talk about this stuff and paint himself as a victim. That’s insecurity. If he had the confidence and swagger that he likes to claim he has, he’d be focused on what’s in front of him right now and making sure to win the day – every day.

  5. Sounds like jealousy to me from an outsiders perspective. Tate and Baldwin were trying to make a name for themselves and in comes the mercurial Percy making what of them combined make and they got upset, formed a cartel, and kept Percy as an stranger as a means to protect their own livelihood. Happens everyday in corporate America. Its called corporate cronyism.

  6. It wasn’t Harvin. Tate & Baldwin were jealous of the money he was making. It was clear he was better than both & the perceived issue with coach Frazier was essentially nothing.

  7. “If you run into an a-hole in the morning, you ran into an a-hole. If you run into a-holes all day, you’re the a-hole.” -Raylan Givens, Justified

    I think Raylan was talking about Percy here.

  8. Harvin was brainwashed to lose in Minnesota, and brought that attitude with him.
    It happens.

  9. Harvin is a turd.

    And injury prone.

    Vikings robbed Seattle that day

    I lived in WA, and the radio’s constant gushing over this guy was sickening, they clearly did not know or want to believe his history.

  10. What makes Harvin think anyone cares? He’s had ONE good game in the last four years? The Super Bowl? He has done basically nothing since then. At what point does this get to the point where anybody cares about Percy Harvin? He’s nothing but a whiner.

  11. I loved Harvin with the Vikings, even though I felt there were times where he possibly could have practiced when he didn’t.

    At least he has admitted that he should have dealt with things differently, rather than just blame everyone else.

    Yes he has made an ass of himself at times, but he has grown and matured. I honestly wish him all the best in Buffalo, and if he really has taken that next step, wouldn’t mind seeing him back in Minnesota some time in the future.

  12. Actually, nothing Harvin said is hard to believe. Tate and Baldwin I think all of us can see like to run their mouths while Harvin is the silent, deadly type. They ran up on him and tested him and didn’t know he was akin to Steve Smith with his hands, lol. I don’t remember Harvin being dotted up, but I remember a take about Tate being that way. Also, I do recall Lynch and Sherman being pretty upset when he got traded, especially Lynch, so I’m actually going to go with Harvin here. He rarely speaks and never sugarcoats anything. If you ask him, he’ll give you the answer, even if it means ruffling some feathers. Just ask Christian Ponder.

  13. Percy may have had previous conflicts because of the way most players really are, I mean here comes a guy that can do ANYONES job on the offense only 10 times BETTER

    thats intimidating knowing this guy could have your job in a snap, THEN you have a coaching staff that doesn’t know apples form oranges.

    do you not think a guy with that talent can figure out the best way to be used and that can become a conflict between coaches? if you remember Marshawn has been in the same boat and theres been HEAT over it on more than one team..

    Marshawns that same type of player, he knows exactly when and where he should be getting the ball and when that don’t happen players get frustrated and SOME actually CARE so they speak up, they care because they want the team to WIN!

    the difference between dominating a game and just winning is what Percy brought to the Hawks and its a shame he is gone juss cuz he wanted to thump a couple receivers that didn’t know their place on the team, for the Hawks it was, Wilson, Lynch then Harvin, bottom line, thats just how it was, suck it up and stop being a little bitch about it and give your man the space and props he deserves.

    Tate and Baldwin should have been making sure Harvin had fresh towels and all the drink he needed cuz when a guy that can draw triple coverage AND a rover that means YOU as a receiver are going to be open a LOT, not Percys fault their offensive coordinator didn’t know what to do with him but one thing is for sure he didn’t become that fast and agile sitting on his laurels behind starting “receivers” on his way to the NFL, tate and baldwins lil tantrum cost Seattle a Superbowl..

  14. Tate and “Tough Doug” were giving Percy a hard time. Percy is no punk so he fired back. Seahawks took Tate and Doug’s side so Percy went on a rampage about the team, calling out RW’s fake butt in the process. Then he was out the door not long after…

    There’s a reason the realest dudes in the locker room had his back (Sherm, Lynch). Percy wasn’t about being PC. He’s open, honest and tell’s it like it is.

    Couple that with his migraine issue and there you have it. Percy may have been a problem, but there are no Saints in that locker room.

  15. If you’re Tate and Baldwin, why test a guy who threw a 45lb weight at his head coach in Minnesota? I mean come on….

    Didn’t Tate have a black eye during the post game Super Bowl celebration? Dont remember? Look up the pics. Exactly lol.

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