Eli Manning: I never said I want to be the NFL’s highest-paid player

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Giants quarterback Eli Manning is pushing back against a report that he wants to be the highest-paid player in the NFL.

Asked today if that report is true, Manning said, “No. That’s never come out of my mouth. I’ve never said it to my agent.”

Manning added that his agent has never said it either.

“It was never said by him, claiming this was the goal,” Manning said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

Manning also said that his dad, former NFL quarterback Archie Manning, called him and was upset about the report. Archie doesn’t like the idea of his sons looking greedy or selfish.

But the truth is, there’s nothing greedy or selfish about wanting to maximize your earnings. And Eli, heading into the final season of his contract, is poised to maximize his earnings next year with either a huge long-term extension or a one-year salary in the $25 million range with the franchise tag. Manning may not view being the highest-paid player in the NFL as his primary goal, but there’s a good chance that he will, in fact, be the highest-paid player in the NFL next year, if he plays well this season and hits free agency in March.

66 responses to “Eli Manning: I never said I want to be the NFL’s highest-paid player

  1. What a surprise, Ian Rappaport getting something wrong… Remember that time Antonio Brown was “holding out for a new contract this year” and that “Ben Roethlisberger was demanding a trade”??

    Guy is a bum.

  2. The media blowing things out of proportion again to make an otherwise normal situation seemingly contentious? No way that never happens (Russell Wilson)!!!

  3. this seemed like a terrible scoop from the get go…another hack job by sports media looking for click bait and maybe get their name on the ESPN bottom line.

  4. .
    The NFL Network is rapidly becoming a national joke. It’s like the voice of ownership, and league owners have a minute amount of concern for their fans.

  5. Ian Rappaport has some explaining to do. I was outraged by this report because it sounded NOTHING like Eli. His agent didn’t say it either. Who was the source, the pizza delivery guy?

  6. Cue all the mouthbreathers to spew their typical Eli comments, i.e. most QB interceptions ever, Peyton’s little brother that is only relevant because of Peyton, lucky, overrated, it was the defense!, etc.

    Of course Eli didn’t say it. He’s a guy that’s all class, and he always shows up to every game with his head on straight and ready to do his best. As a Giants fan, I am very happy to have Eli as my QB.

  7. “maximizing your earnings” in a salary cap environment by design is greedy and selfish. It ensures someone else on the team worthy of a top tier (at their position) salary won’t get it because the team is out of money. You see it every year. Look what happened to the Ravens when Flacco “maxed out”. They had to unload young talent that were due what is a fraction of what Flacco is making. You will see it now in Seattle. Eli’s brother saw the results of maxing out a contract in Indy. Subpar defenses and a miserable post season record. I think Eli can be comfortable at say 18 mil a year provided management takes the discount and applies it to maybe a top tier safety or CB so they don’t give up a million yards this season. The Mannings pimp themselves out commercially to everything under the sun, can’t they get by with a little less (relatively speaking) to allow their teammates to get rewarded???

  8. So it’s wrong to be “greedy and selfish” but okay if you say “maximize your earnings”? So “stealing and thieving” is wrong but f you’re “maximizing your wealth”, then it’s okay?

  9. Brady > Manning1/Manning2 put together
    Brady is soooo overrated… Brees owns more Top 5 overall records @ 4″ shorter. Yeah, Brady has the rings but can you imagine if Brees or Manning had those Patriot teams around them? With the refs in his back pocket and skeptical rule play, Brady should have 10 Superbowl rings by now… The refs push to make Brady a hero at the end of games (see no call head lock on Jr Galette on final play against Saints)

  10. The media would never make up a story to suit it’s own interests! Deflategate – 100% true! Aldon Smith and Kaepernick’s fight – without a doubt true! The Dez Bryant Wal-Mart video – Just wait…it’ll be out any day now!

  11. bronco1st says:
    Aug 19, 2015 1:28 PM
    So it’s wrong to be “greedy and selfish” but okay if you say “maximize your earnings”? So “stealing and thieving” is wrong but f you’re “maximizing your wealth”, then it’s okay?

    Stealing and thieving are illegal acts. Being greedy and selfish is not necessarily illegal if done within the law. Maximize earnings is what this entire country is built on. Not sure I even follow what you are trying to get at.

  12. Of course he never said “I want to be the highest paid player”. His agent told the organization that he should be paid what he is worth and at least as much as he would make under the franchise tag.

    Has he performed as the best player or even a top 10 player? Of course not. But his value to the Giants organization goes wayy beyond performance. Having never missed a start since his first, along with his stoic, unflappable demeanor both on the field and off in front of the intense scrutiny of a New York media. These things along with his performance and championship accomplishments are why Eli deserves to be paid what he deserves to be paid.

    All of you Washington, Cowboys, and Eagles fans can talk interceptions all you want, let’s just remember who holds the all-time interception record… When it comes down to it, you all wish you had an Eli.

  13. There is something about Archie that bothers me. It started with the not willing to play for San Diego draft garbage.

    And the DirecTV commercials with Eli stink.

  14. With two (2) Super Bowls, and two (2) Super Bowl MVP trophies, how about giving Eli[te] a blank check, Mr. Mara?

  15. If the line gives him any semblance of protection this year and weapons stay healthy, the Giants will be a top 5 offense with OBJ, Cruz, Randle, Donnell and Vereen out of the backfield. With this low risk offense, it won’t surprise me if Eli has a slash line of 38TD / 10 INT / 4,500 yds.

    That’s a $20M qb in this era without blinking twice. Add in the facts that he plays in NY, has championship pedigree, has an unblemished character and never misses games and there you go.

  16. Reporting on facts vs. reporting on rumors from sources. We just eat it up regardless.

  17. I didn’t believe it yesterday when I first read it. Doesn’t seem or even fit for Eli. Sports writers are vultures and will write anything. Same as that reporter for the NY Post about Rex wanting to sign Geno Smith, that was hogwash. They must stay up at night and watch reruns of Entertainment Tonight.

  18. archie manning is the kris kardashian of the nfl, and he doesn;t want eli to weaken the brand image archie has so carefully worked to create. eli will make more in commercials if he’s viewed as a good teammate.

  19. what Eli said HIMSELF on MONDAY was this;

    “It’s not important to me. I gotta do a job. I’m working and making sure this team is going in the right direction and we win more games and we have success and we get back to making the playoffs and that’s important to me, that’s what I’m focused on,” Manning said.

    “If there are discussions going on, I’m not in those discussions. I just don’t think there’s a whole lot of point worrying about it,” he added. “I got things I have to do, get ready for practice every day and that’s what I’m focused on.”

  20. If Archie doesnt like the idea of his sons being seen as greedy or selfish, maybe he should tell Peyton to actually RUN the ball when they are up by 21 with 6 minutes to play.

    Or better yet, let Osweiler come on the field. We have all seen that video.

  21. Eli and his family made a good decision not going to the train wreak in SD
    He was kid right out of school and took his fathers advise and I guess dad was on the money.

    Eli has won two Super Bowls no Giant has done that Eli has never missed a game and is the the current leader in that stat.
    Eli is very active in charity work and donates tons of his earnings.
    Eli is a leader he has taken his teams to the top twice against the great Tom Brady.
    He never lets the NY spotlight blind him he is a family man.
    He is the perfect example of what a quality NFL player should be

  22. celticsforever says:
    Aug 19, 2015 1:03 PM
    Brady > Manning1/Manning2 put together

    Yeah except, Brady is 0-2 against eli when it matters the most. That’s coming from a dallas fan. With that being said….


  23. Sports reporters (they are not journalists) are despicable. They constantly spew out gossip as if it is substantiated factual news. And then when their “leaked” information turns out to be completely bogus they seldom retract it, and never tell who the bad source was who lied in the first place.

    That leads one to believe that there may very well have never been any “source” in the first place, and that they just make these rumors up to sell copy, get clicks, or in some way self-promote themselves.

    How do they sleep at night?

  24. bigbluefan1 says:
    Aug 19, 2015 3:53 PM
    Eli and his family made a good decision not going to the train wreak in SD
    He was kid right out of school and took his fathers advise and I guess dad was on the money.

    Yeah, the Giants are a better organization than the Chargers, but Archie made his son and the whole family look very bad with their tantrum during the draft. It also contradicts this quote:

    “Archie doesn’t like the idea of his sons looking greedy or selfish.”

    The Mannings are nothing but class. However, on Eli’s draft night, they were anything but class.

  25. The Mannings are nothing but class. However, on Eli’s draft night, they were anything but class.
    He made a smart professional business decision. How can anyone fault him?

    QBs drafted now should take note. If I’m their agent, I steer them clear from the Browns, Jets, Skins of the league by making polite telephone calls to each of those teams saying don’t draft me. Too many zeroes at stake. Plain and simple.

  26. Eli should be long term greedy and copy Tom Brady…by taking less money if the Giants spend the money to improve the offensive line. A better offensive line may help him last an extra season and would help the Giants get back into the playoffs.

    Eli would probably earn more earnings via endorsements etc…if he gets to another Super Bowl…as it stands now he most likely will not get into the Hall of fame with his stats, but if he somehow gets back to the Super Bowl, even if he loses, he will most likely get into the Hall

  27. It’s become overly fashionable to try to shape public opinion by “leaking” misinformation. I can’t blame Eli, his agents, or the Giants though, as the primary example of this kind of behavior is down the street at 345 Park Avenue, NY, NY.

  28. I knew that Eli never said that. He does not care about money. He is a class act like his father and is never greedy or selfish. He is giving, loving, and generous. I wish all Eli bashing would stop. Just because he is kind and sweet and has learning disability does not give people the right to use him for target practice.

  29. Eli will never be compared to Peyton stat-wise, but WHEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to win a big game he seizes it much better than Peyton. They are strange bedfellows. Peyton can carry you to the Big Game, but generally lose it. Eli can’t carry you there, but if you get him there, he has a weird knack for coming up big.

  30. It’s not as if he was worthy of that kind of money anyways. To be frank, if the rings count, he should actually get less than Roethlisberger.

  31. Russell Wilson didn’t say it either, but he didn’t have the media stumbling all over themselves to clarify after Papa Archie chastised them.

    In fact nobody came to make that correction.

  32. I”m neither greedy nor selfish.

    Nor would I tell a team that wanted to draft me that I wouldn’t play for them.

    San Diego still hates you, Eli. Go ask your daddy what to do next. Jerk.

  33. celticsforever says:

    Aug 19, 2015 1:03 PM
    Brady > Manning1/Manning2 put together

    No dog in this fight personally.

    But Manning2 took Brady’s lunch money.


  34. arrogantnation says:Aug 19, 2015 1:09 PM

    Eli’s been a class act throughout his career. He won’t be the highest paid player, but he’ll get a lofty contract and retire a Giant.


    hows that when he threw a fit and said he wouldnt play in san diego???????

  35. Eli does not seem like an extroverted leader like Rodgers, Brady, brother Peyton, Andrew Luck, Rothelisberger or even a guy like Philip Rivers who got $65 million in guaranteed money despite never being in a Super Bowl. He got that because he is a student of defenses, puts up good stats, has had only one sub-500 season – and has a weird ability to pump up teammates to offset his club’s lack of overall talent. He is a franchise QB with no rings, overshadowed in the AFC with Brady, Peyton, Luck and Flacco. Does Eli deserve more than Rivers? Likely yes, even though Rivers played better than Eli in 2013 and 2014. But Eli’s stats – and everyone knows this, are mediocre. His two Super Bowl wins DO MATTER. But would you take him over Rodgers, Brady, Luck or Wilson? It’s hard for any QB to get a big payday after a 6-10 season. Yet good QBs are hard to come by and it’d be foolish losing him. Eli’s timing is just off this year. If he’s OK being paid like a “top 7” QB, things will be fine. Or he could have a monster season and the Giants will HAVE TO give him Fort Knox.

  36. wallabear says:
    Aug 19, 2015 2:21 PM
    With two (2) Super Bowls, and two (2) Super Bowl MVP trophies, how about giving Eli[te] a blank check, Mr. Mara?


    Because he’s not elite. 11 years is a proper sample size.

    If you take away those 2 playoff runs (the actual regular seasons weren’t that good), in every other year of his career, they either don’t make the playoffs or he’s 1-and-done (0-3) when he gets them there. Very inconsistent.

    He’s a good QB–bottom of the top 10.

  37. Even if he did say it, so what. What player in the NFL doesn’t want to be the highest paid player in the league? I doubt that any of them would turn it down. I’d love to be the highest paid player in the league, but I guess I’d have to settle for highest paid bench warmer, as you couldn’t pay me enough to go out there and get myself killed. I’m just glad others are willing to do it.

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