Louis Delmas appears to have torn his right ACL again

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For the second time in the last nine months, Dolphins safety Louis Delmas has been diagnosed with a torn the ACL in his right knee.

That’s the initial diagnosis after Delmas was carted off the practice field today, a league source tells PFT. Delmas is still holding out hope that an MRI will reveal the injury is less serious, but the medical staff that checked him out after the injury believes the ACL is torn again.

Delmas also tore his right ACL last year, in a December game against the Ravens. Knee problems have plagued him for much of his career, which is the primary reason the Lions released him after fie years in Detroit.

The Dolphins had been expecting Delmas to be their starting free safety this season. Instead he is expected to spend the season on injured reserve.

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  1. Hi, I just got here from the “we’re going to win the division” article and … oh.

  2. As a Lions fan, you have my sympathies. But not my surprise.

    Really fun player to watch, bu this guy just plays with such a reckless abandon there’s no way he can stay healthy for too long.

  3. Not a dolphins fan (being in New England – quite the opposite actually)… but feel for fans here when your starters get hurt/out before the season really even begins.

    The preseason is becoming more and more of a time to just keep fingers crossed and hope your team makes it to week 1 semi-intact.

  4. I totally sympathize. I’m facing my 3rd ACL reconstruction on my right knee due to a sports related injury.

    My orthopedic surgeon is top notch. He’s worked on UFC champs, pro surfers and pro skaters. These people can afford the best and they choose this guy. The rehab crew at his facility is also fantastic.

    All of that being said, your knee is never the same after ACL reconstruction. You are changing the geometry of your knee. You might get back to 90% if you are lucky, but you are never going to be 100% And if you are engaged in a contact sport (like I was), your risk of re-injury goes through the roof.

    I hope he recovers and can continue his career, but he needs to be smart and realize that when you have had multiple reconstructions, you are “on the clock”. Play your heart out, but start planning for a future outside of the NFL.

  5. .
    Next man up is a great slogan, but in reality it rarely succeeds. It’s seldom when the replacement is comparable to the starter.

    That’s especially true at the safety position where there is a lack of quality league wide .

  6. Hope Delmas has a full recovery and will be able to suit up again one day since he is a class act… For the Dolphins, it is always tough to lose a starter but that pass-rush will make average DB’s look above average.

  7. Same knee?
    Maybe, just maybe we should have taken him back a little slower. He was injured a month later than Albert was and just as valuable in a young secondary.

    His knees are a known issue and to be playing a scrimmage at an elevated level – as a vested veteran he could have probably sat out while letting his body still mend. He wasn’t learning anything new at this practice.

    Ultimately his mind was fooling his body.

    Sad to see this happen, he seemed like a good dude and worked hard for us on and off the field. Has to be devastating after all of that rehab.
    I hope his knee rehabs well and he makes smart choices for a good life after football.

  8. This is terrible. Why are the football Gods treating him so? Two of the same injury to the same knee essentially in between last season and this one? WTF? What are they doing in practice? Hope it’s not torn and the initial diagnosis was exaggerated.

    Patriots fan here. But I never wish for Dolphins or any other teams players to be hurt. Just that they perform poorly when playing the Pats.

  9. SSDD, We just can’t keep DB’s & o line upright!!! Start looking at the cut list & see what ever we can get to fill the holes!!! First team offense looked pretty good tho!!! GO FINS!!!

  10. I would like to personally say kudos to a couple of PATS fans for classy and respectable comments here. It’s not the norm, and in general your fan base does not act like that. Thanks for showing there are a few good ones of you out there and we can have a friendly rivalry.

    Dolphins Fans

  11. Field is worse than a cow paddock. Benjamin and Delmas went down with their knee injuries within minutes.
    If you are going to bring the NFL to Spartanburg South Carolina, then the playing fields need to be decent.

  12. Dolphins lost there leader on defense, bad day for the defense but at the same time Walt Aikens gets his chance to step in and show what he’s got. He might be able to match the athleticism but the leadership is going to take a hit for sure!

  13. Dlmas’ knees were the only reason the Lions and fans were OK with letting him go. Dude’s awesome and could have ben one of the greats if his knees didn’t betray him.

    I was secretly rooting for him to come back and be what we hoped he could be for the Lions. Sad to see that’s probably not going to happen.

    Suh on the other hand, sorry no rooting for the guy in this case. Delmas was the truth. Suh doesn’t have much in common with the truth.

  14. Even though I’m a Bears fan and Delmas was a Lion for most of his career, I see a lot of parallels between his career and Mike Brown’s, so he has my sympathy. They are both guys who had the talent, heart and instincts to achieve much more in the NFL than their bodies allowed them to.

    What really stinks in Delmas case is that the safety position is so undersupplied in today’s NFL that if he had stayed healthy all these years, he could literally be naming his price right about now.

  15. Sucks for Delmas, but I really like the young kids Miami has there. I think Aikens can step in and be a good player, plus M.Thomas can play. Even the rookie Ced Thomas has had a pretty good camp so far.

    Let’s just hope Reshad Jones stays healthy.

  16. If they did a Lachman’s test on it and that showed a loose joint, at that point, the MRI is just a confirmation of what the medical staff also already knows. I’ve never once seen medical staff say something was a torn ACL and it turn out to be a sprain…only the opposite. Hopefully dude is okay.

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