Panthers lose Kelvin Benjamin to torn ACL


An MRI has confirmed the worst fears of the Panthers after wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin was carted off the practice field today.

Benjamin has torn his ACL, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network first reported and the Panthers have now confirmed. After a great rookie season, Benjamin will now have surgery and miss his second NFL season.

Benjamin made a cut on a pass route and crumpled to the ground without anyone touching him, immediately grabbing his knee. It didn’t look good, and although Panthers coach Ron Rivera said after practice that he was hoping it was just a sprain, that turned out not to be the case.

Last year Benjamin had 73 catches for 1,008 yards and nine touchdowns, and the Panthers were hoping for at least that much production again this year. Instead, it’s back to the drawing board for the Panthers, who will have to hope someone can emerge as an effective No. 1 receiver while Benjamin sits out.

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  1. Benjamin had 73 catches for 1,008 yards and nine touchdowns. Who will step up to replace those numbers? I don’t see the Panthers winning their division for the 3rd straight year with this sad news.

  2. billsbackto81 says:
    Aug 19, 2015 5:40 PM
    Has anybody else had enough of these joint scrimmages.
    Start the darn season already!


    What does a joint scrimmage has to do with him tearing his ACL. This was something that if it was going to happen, it was going happen regardless rather if it was a joint scrimmage, a practice, preseason game, or regular season game.

  3. Totally sucks was looking forward to seeing him in action. Get on the mend Kelvin.

  4. billsbackto81 says:
    Aug 19, 2015 5:40 PM
    Has anybody else had enough of these joint scrimmages.
    Start the darn season already!


    What does a guy making a cut and going down UNTOUCHED have to do with joint practices? Many players have been injured in non-contact practices with their own teams. Unfortunately, such injuries are part of the game. But I do wish the young man a speedy recovery. Remember that Rod Woodson injured himself early in camp and came back to play in the super bowl later that season.

  5. Never like to see this. Tough luck for the Panthers. When I saw the video it was clear this was not just sprain given the immediate pain and no contact. Benjamin will be back though…maybe just not this year. A bright spot is it’s early and a lot of WRs will be looking for places to go over the coming weeks.

  6. Ouch! Why so many ACL’s in recent years? What has changed to make this a common injury now? Field surfaces? Player size? Lack of proper conditioning? Just bad luck?

    Get well & come back strong Kevin, the Panthers will miss you dearly.

  7. taeh324 says:
    Aug 19, 2015 5:45 PM
    billsbackto81 says:
    Aug 19, 2015 5:40 PM
    Has anybody else had enough of these joint scrimmages.
    Start the darn season already!


    What does a joint scrimmage has to do with him tearing his ACL. This was something that if it was going to happen, it was going happen regardless rather if it was a joint scrimmage, a practice, preseason game, or regular season game.
    True. But if it’s gonna happen I’m pretty sure fans would rather it happen during games that actually mean something don’t you think. He along with other players have been lost in games that do nothing but see what you have in your second and third string players that want to show they belong. He was already a proven player and now he won’t have the chance to build on what wad a promising rookie year. Speedy recovery KB, don’t over eat while you’re laid up : )

  8. Corey Brown is being overlooked but I’m not sure he can handle being the number 1 option. Better give Brandon Lloyd or Reggie Wayne a call

  9. That’s terrible news. No matter what team you root for, I think we can all agree that this kid makes Panthers games so much more fun to watch. Hoping for a speedy recovery and seeing him back to full speed on the field next season

  10. .
    You can have a great draft. You can sign the right free agents. You can manage your cap. However, injuries make everything else irrelevant.

  11. Saints fan here however, I don’t like seeing anyone get hurt like that. Get well and prayers for you Kelvin!

  12. having a horrible camp so much injuries. hill done for the year , kelvin done for the year. star out for 3 weeks , charles johnson injured , shaq thompson injured, kwan short injured , bene benwikere injured . these all starters with the exception of hill . tough camp just got to stay heathy from here on out and maybe get welker or reggie wayne

  13. Who’s the single person who down voted all the get well commemts. What a jerk.

  14. Best wishes. Get the surgery ASAP, listen to your physical therapists and don’t attempt to come back too early. An ACL is an “out for season” injury for a reason!

  15. Man that is really unfortunate. Screw the freaking preseason and training camp. These guys should only need like two weeks before the regular season. Its ridiculous.

  16. It’s the Panthers fault.

    Go look at their last 3 drafts. How often did they address the WR position considering that they were starved for skill players???

    You’ve got to know that all WR’s get hurt, pull hamstrings, etc.etc. So you have to draft enough of them to have in case of injury. Just like any other position on the team.

    Rivera has had little to know regard for offensive skill people so I feel no remorse for him or the Panthers.

    Hey Rivera??…next time covet offensive skill position players as well as you do defensive players and you won’t be in these situations. Idiot.

  17. This is a bummer.

    I was excited to see Newton to the Funchess/Benjamin combo that would have been fun to watch seeing such a tall squad.

    The Panthers will remain tough to beat their defense is still the calling card.

  18. Was it the field they were on? Delmas went down with a non-contact injury in the same practice. Granted, Delmas was coming off a knee injury last year but losing two guys for the year on the same field without any contact seems odd.

  19. Even though he could, please don’t call OchoUno (T.O.) now that’s he’s poised to get on the bus to Canton. Signing him would mean waiting another five years or more for his Canton induction. Sorry Kelvin/Cam-rolina.

  20. I am a Giants guy but this is a damn shame. He was an exciting player to watch. Hope he comes back strong

  21. Man that sucks!! Losing a top WR on your team for the
    season during training camp/preseason really sucks!
    Hopefully for the Panthers he comes back next year 100%!

  22. Praying for a speedy recovery!! This kid is going to be a star in this league. Go Broncos!!

  23. ACL/MCL tears all over the place, they should start making ALL RBS,WRS,CBS. who have to run fast an specific routes/cut corners start wearing knee bracesthere 100’s of them out there that are light weight and don’t really slow a person down ” just tightens the knee to prevent these things from happening “. I had my knee busted 26 yrs ago “with 3 screws in it “, and i’m still running like i was back then. just a different style brace for what ever i’m doing ” IF I NEED IT ” and i have 13 different style braces. Once you get used to running with them , they just become 2nd nature + makes your legs stonger.

  24. With all the money invested in player salary hearing the turf was in possibly poor condition is not good.

  25. Now the Carolina fans are going to be driven Stark Raving Mad by watching how Funchess manages to have so much talent but have such crappy results…some poor ref will get knocked out of a game from all the balls bouncing off that kid’s frying pans.

  26. Best wishes for Kelvin and sorry to hear this news Panther fans. Hopefully, your team can come together and the players can rally around one another. Pulling for you guys in that division.

    Bills Fan

  27. Snake bit Panthers. They have no number 1 receiver at the moment nor are they likely to find one now. Its going to be a long season in Charlotte and there will be no backing into the playoffs this year.

  28. Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams are rookies with Seattle can be WR1 in Carolina. As someone pointed out before, this terrible, but not drafting any WRs who made the team since Cam came, has made it a lot worse.

    You have to keep a stream of talent coming year in year out, so that the next man up thing works. Also, imagine if Cam had had both Kelvin and Steve Smith last year.

    On top of that, an injury to LB Davis or Kuechly will crush the defense. Shaq Thompson may or may not contribute and after him Klein and Mayo will fail lack the requisite skill.

  29. Wow. I traded Kelvin for the first rookie pick in my dynasty league a couple weeks ago. I actually feel bad for the dude.

    Get well Kelvin. You were a true rookie stud.

  30. So Benjamin getting hurt automatically makes the Falcons the NFC SOUTH champs ??? Panthers or Saints win the South this season cause ATL is soft and Tampa while not soft has a lot of question marks most importantly at QB.

  31. Ouch!!! Any fan of the game takes this news with a sense of loss, no matter what team we root for! Hope he has a speedy & successful recovery , thoughts and prayers from Minnesota!!

  32. With no disrespect to any of the injured, if you’re a WR who’s an UDFA, a low-round rookie or a fringe veteran with your practice squad eligibility running out, this year is the best chance you have to make an NFL roster in a long time.

  33. Damn…….and double damn!!!! This totally sucks for the Panthers!! Get well soon, KB!! We’re gonna miss you out there this year……

  34. I agree that this totally sucks for us, but it’s not the end of the world. Corey Brown is having a fabulous camp. Ted Ginn is as fast as he ever was. If Funchess can stay healthy, he will be a major contributor. And with Benjamin’s injury occurring when it did, we have 3 weeks to see what Boykin can do, and if Bersin has gotten any better since he stepped on that imaginary banana peel in Seattle. Plus, Ricky Proehl is a great coach. I think our receivers will be OK.

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