Sean Payton points out that “the network” keeps showing fights

Sean Payton made it clear he didn’t want his players fighting during their work against the Patriots.

But according to Mike Triplett of, Payton also didn’t let the league off the hook for its role in what looks like a small epidemic of fights in camp.

“You guys watched it last night,” Payton said of Tuesday’s Cowboys-Rams rumble. “For as much as we’re harping about avoiding it, hell, the network puts it on 11 times.”

He didn’t mention a specific network, but the NFL itself does happen to run one, and it’s commonly referred to as “the network” by many of those who work for and around “the shield.”

So maybe Payton meant NBCSN. Or ESPN. Or, heck, maybe Lifetime.

But what is clear is that fights draw eyeballs, and as long as the NFL Network is in that business as well, then they’re complicit in the outbreak, which they want to sound so concerned about.

But Payton also mentioned the recent Houston-Washington brawl on “Hard Knocks,” another venture the league has a stake in (via NFL Films and HBO).

“It’s a big reason why we’re practicing with them [Patriots] a third time,” Payton said. “We know it’s gonna be about improving both teams. We’re both trying to do the same thing at this period of training camp.

“That’s unfortunate when you see it happen with other teams. And clearly when you put a team on television like “Hard Knocks” and then practice with someone else, we’ve seen that formula happen two years in a row. So that’s nothing new.”

And neither is the fact television networks will run the footage on a loop, since it’s more interesting than most anything else they can show from a football practice.

28 responses to “Sean Payton points out that “the network” keeps showing fights

  1. Football fights are lame…bunch of guys wrestling with full pads and helmets. Tune in to the NHL regular season if you want to see decent fights.

  2. “So maybe Payton meant NBCSN. Or ESPN. Or, heck, maybe Lifetime.”

    You could try doing some research and figure out which network showed the fights 11 times… but nah thats too much work.

  3. I guess he doesn’t watch the evening news.
    They don’t show Boy Scouts walking old ladies across the street.

  4. More incompetence from the commish….sends out memo to teams to stop fighting and another memo to nfl network to promote them….

  5. You can not tell a man to turn on and off his emotions and violent aggressive side on and off like a light switch… It does not work like that… Especially when you have men trying to make the team so they can make the roster to take care of their families… That passion and aggression mixed in with limited opportunity breeds this stuff… You have to expect it… If you truly want it to stop it the NFL has to come up with an alternative for the lack of opportunity for the non-stars and players trying to make the cut… Because I can almost guarantee you that most of it is fueled by someone going a little harder so they can make the team… Indeed…

  6. Fighting is a bad role model for the youngsters to learn, only way to prevent it is give those players fine and suspension, regardless if it’s practicing or real games. It’s time for Goodell to do his job the right way.

  7. This is the NFL. They’ll do whatever sells. They were hawking their hardest hits videos glorifying guys being knocked out well after concussions were known to be an issue.

  8. the NFL sells violence everyday…when a kill shot happens, it gets played over and over…when a leg is snapped it gets re-run…when there’s a fight, its played and sold as passion

  9. coldwater32301 says:
    Aug 19, 2015 11:24 AM

    You can not tell a man to turn on and off his emotions and violent aggressive side on and off like a light switch… It does not work like that…


    Really? You must have never participated in any full contact sports before in your life then, because that is exactly what is required to do that.

    If a player can’t focus and control his emotions and aggressiveness they do not belong in the sport.

  10. You mean like the NFL used to sell posters of the same brutal hits they were fining players for?


    coldwater32301 says:
    Aug 19, 2015 11:24 AM

    You can not tell a man to turn on and off his emotions and violent aggressive side on and off like a light switch… It does not work like that…


    It needs to work like that, or you’re going to be costing your team 15 yards, often in critical situations. How many times do you have to extend the opposing teams drive before you figure it out?

  11. treye2 says: Aug 19, 2015 11:28 AM

    Sean Payton is becoming more unlikable each year.


    Roger, is that you? Seriously though, Sean Payton is office because he isn’t afraid to call the NFL front office out over being disingenuous. Of course, he’s been banned for a year for not kissing the NFL brasses hind sides.

  12. If you knew anything about football you wouldn’t say the fights are more interesting than anything else at a practice.

  13. Goodell threw a penalty flag on the Saints for what they might have been thinking 3 years earlier. It was totally unfair for Sean Payton to have been suspended for a year for not knowing what didn’t really happen. So, people finally take notice of Goodell’s fabricated accusations when he suspends Brady for 4 games.

  14. The same thing happened when the NFL started to get all concussion happy. They said they took it serious but then everytime NFL networks flagship program came on during that time among 3-4 clips there also was a clip where Clay Matthews tackles Kevin Kolb and gives him a serious hit to the head and concussion. It wasn’t like it was an unknown thing it was a popular play bc the trainers missed it and Kolb stayed in the game even though he was noticeably hurt. Everyone knew that was the play that he got the concussion yet they glorified it everyday on their network for the entire season.

    You can always tell when they are blowing smoke by looking at there coverage on twitter, their network, or their website. Thats where you will learn how they really feel about something.

  15. It’s the same network that had Tebow ranked ahead of Hall of Fame NFL Players in a top ten list of Heisman winning NFL Players.

    Same network that ignored the monster seasons by Rodgers, Brees, Stafford, Brady and Eli in 2011 in favor of the a fluke.

  16. treye2 says:
    Aug 19, 2015 11:28 AM
    Sean Payton is becoming more unlikable each year.
    Just because you’re a non-saints fan doesn’t make this statement true. I’d say he’s becoming more likable due to his willingness to go against the powers that be which would like coaches to walk the line that they determine.
    Don’t let your tinted football fan glasses cloud the truth.

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