Steelers rookie Bud Dupree thrown off the field for fighting


If the league’s not going to do anything about on-field fighting, the Steelers will.

According to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin just kicked outside linebacker Bud Dupree off the practice field for fighting with a teammate.

It was the second tussle of the practice for Dupree, who tangled with guard Ramon Foster and wouldn’t let it go.

According to Dulac, the first-rounder was grabbed by veteran defensive end Cam Hayward in an effort to break things up, then escorted off the field by linebacker Lawrence Timmons.

This stage near the end of training camps is usually when most of the fights break out, with the Cowboys and Rams throwing down last night merely the most dramatic.

We’ll now anxiously tune into “the network” tonight to see how many times the Dupree scrap gets replayed, though it likely won’t be 11.