Steve Smith on practicing with Eagles: I’d rather be at home


There were no fights between the Ravens and Eagles at Wednesday’s practice, which is notable because of how many fights other teams have had at their joint sessions and because Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith has been known to engage in a scrape or two over the course of his career.

The lack of fights doesn’t mean that Smith was enjoying himself on Wednesday, however. Smith didn’t pay much lip service to the potential benefits of matching up with the Eagles when asked how things went after practice wrapped up.

“I’d rather be at home,” Smith said, via the Baltimore Sun. “Today’s my wife’s birthday, so I’m not at home. I’m over here doing this bull [crap] and missing my wife’s birthday. That’s my honest opinion. I’d rather be at home singing happy birthday to my wife, but I’m out here getting questioned to assess a rookie corner.”

The rookie corner in question is Eric Rowe and Smith said facing him for a few seconds at a time made it hard to judge “if he’s going to be the next Deion Sanders.” Rowe gave a colorful account of his conversations with Smith during the practice.

“He’s like, ‘I saw it in your eyes, you about to s— yourself.’ I’m like, ‘Nah, I don’t panic,'” Rowe said, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

There was one thing that Smith seemed to like about the practice, which ran less than the three hours that the Ravens usually spend on the field because the Eagles set the schedule. Smith said it was great and “like apple juice” to have a shorter session than he’s become accustomed to in Baltimore.

57 responses to “Steve Smith on practicing with Eagles: I’d rather be at home

  1. Hey want to be tough guy, I mean Diva, you’re in the NFL, Philly is an hour and a half from Baltimore, why don’t you put the family up in a nice hotel in Center City, take her out for dinner in Rittenhouse Square.

  2. still the baddest WR in the game.

    not the best, but damn if he aint the pound for pound baddest dude in the NFL..

    Catches a pass, trucks a defender – breaking his own arm, then scampers 8 yds for a TD…

  3. Wow, bunch of Steve Smith haters…and did someone really say he’s mad for getting blanketed by a rookie CB IN PRACTICE? yeah…we’ll see how much Smitty get’s blanketed this year, by anyone let alone some rook…

    I guess haters gonna hate, and ballers gonna ball #IceUpSon

  4. bigbenownsthenfl says:
    Aug 19, 2015 4:39 PM

    he fits in with that 3rd place afc north team!

    And yet Baltimore still advanced further than Pitt. who won the division.

  5. Waaaaaaahhhh! Most guys have to travel for their work. Very few get paid as much as he does to do it.

  6. Steve Smith is awesome. I’d take him on my team any day. Like previously stated, he’s pound for pound the toughest dude in the NFL. Plus, he backs it up.

  7. People spew hate when you beat up women or can’t remember all your illegitimate children’s names. Now here’s a dude that wishes he could be home, with his family, singing his wife happy birthday – and people still spew hate. I guess it’s true – you can never win.

  8. You’re getting paid millions and millions to play a game, dude. Im sure your wife prefers you making that money over seeing you on her birthday.

  9. Shouldn’t the headline read:
    “Steve Smith on practicing with Ravens: I’d rather be at home. But if I have to practice, I’d rather practice with the Eagles cause it’s “like apple juice” “

  10. Everybody thought he was done before last season. I drafted him in the last round (15) in Fantasy in a keeper league w/ 3 starting WRs. Going to ride his retirement year! Go get ’em Steve! Make ’em crap their pants!

  11. Foe some reason I suspect Steve’s wife will manage just fine whether it be a party in their huge mansion or going out to dinner where they serve 100 dollar filet mignon and thousand dollar bottle of Dom Perignone.

  12. You can always retire Smith. There’s no reason you should be out there if you don’t want to be. Just resign and commence having fun in your own life. Go to all the birthdays you want, and even hit a few nightclubs. Every day can be a party. I’d hate to have you torture yourself working six months out of the year catching a football.

  13. You guys are ridiculous insulting Steve Smith like this… You have all the answers, huh. You guys sound jealous of a professional athlete and the money they make… They’re allowed to joke around and make comments you know.

  14. At least one person will be happy with that quote. Happy wife, happy life! Not a bad way to let her know he’s thinking of her. lol
    I am a Giants guy but I have to say, love him or hate him Steve Smith is a bad bad man between the lines.

  15. Dude may not say the right things to make fans happy, but he scored some major points with his wife.

    He’s in for a good time when he does get home…

  16. Steve Smith is so great its beneath him to practice against a college team he is a beast my favorite receiver of all time

  17. Thanks Panthers, dudes for real. I knew he was a Raven the moment he left town. Tells it like it is and afraid of no man. Ravens are retooled just a few years after winning a SB. Usually Texans players come in and make a big impact. And the ones Ozzie drafts. This year’s the one.

  18. I love my wife more than anything in the world, but if I made Steve Smith money, I would have no problem missing her birthday. Neither would she.

  19. You have all the answers, huh. You guys sound jealous of a professional athlete

    He’s out of touch with the real world. He’d better make that football money last, cause it doesn’t sound like he’ll enjoy working for a living.

  20. He’s just upset cuz he’s stuck on a team that soiled themselves on two separate occasions during their Divisional playoff loss last year.

  21. “Two PD’a on both his endzone routes. Stay classy, Steve”

    That will really affect the way we assess his career statistics.

  22. Steve Smith ….I remember him. Didn’t he play for the Panthers? Still in the league after all these years, good for him….good for him.

  23. You make me laugh my eagles. Steve is the toughest pound for pound, laughable. Great receiver yes, tough, not. Smith is like the Chihuahua you see barking and causing a seen trying to make it look like he’s a tough dog. He’s like the Nascar tools that go at each other but are always being magically held back by there friends. There’s a lot of guys in the NFL Smiths size that would knock him out fast. Maybe he should fight Ronda Rousey. Smith is a great receiver but the toughest???

  24. I hate playing against Steve Smith. More heart and tenacity than any WR EVER. For him to want to quit like this either he’s losing a little or the Eagles D was just suffocating to him. Or both.

  25. Poor guy. It must suck making all that money, and having to practice instead of being at home singing happy birthday to your wife.

    I missed my wife b-day because of work, and I’m pretty sure my income is less than Steve Smith.

    Cry me a river!

  26. I appreciate the honesty.

    People are so extreme these days, there is no middle ground.

    FTR, he did “suck it up”… you see him at home with his wife, where he wants to be? Or was he at a stupid joint practice where he doesn’t want to be?

    He was asked a question and gave an honest answer. If they were practicing in Baltimore, he would have been able to see his wife, his family, so he was upset that he got dragged out onto a stupid expedition scrimmage in Philadelphia. I don’t blame him, I’m against joint practices.

    Keep being you steve.

  27. I would expect the Ravens to think the Eagles practice easy. They went 3x slower to accommodate them. The Eagles huddled after every play and allowed the Ravens time to set up on every defensive series.

    Philly didnt huddle or wait to snap the ball once in practice until the Ravens showed up.

    Chip and Harbaugh probably had an agreement not to run hurry up so the Ravens could run the defensive plays they wanted and also have time to get there guys in the right position.

  28. Josh,
    What you forgot to mention, is that before he said anything to reporter, they had to put the soap box down so he could reach the microphone! Lil man’s mad cause he got beat by a rookie. You’d think he’d be used to it by now. I mean really, if not for rookies, or any player for that matter, how could he possibly get in and out of the cold tub on his own or keep from drowning without a life jacket for that matter.

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