Wednesday’s hearing may have made Brady, NFLPA less inclined to settle


Before Wednesday’s hearing in the Tom Brady case, Brady reportedly was willing to accept a reduced suspension in order to put the issue behind him. After Wednesday’s hearing, which featured Judge Richard M. Berman aggressively pointing out the various flaw in the NFL’s position, Brady reportedly became less willing to accept a suspension of any duration.

Multiple reports emerging after the hearing indicated that Brady is not willing to accept any suspension.

But Adam Schefter’s report from Wednesday morning was accurate; as of Tuesday, when Brady took the day off to meet with the NFL, Brady was indeed willing to accept a short suspension (likely only one game) in order to end the case once and for all. But with the NFL unwilling to discuss a reduced suspension until Brady and the NFL Players Association accept a laundry list of terms regarding the findings of the Ted Wells report and the authority of the NFL to suspend players for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the game and/or obstructing league investigations, the process never got to the point of Brady offering to accept a suspension.

Now that Judge Berman seems to be leaning toward finding that the suspension should be vacated, Brady can dig in — at least until the NFL budges on the issue of demanding various concessions regarding Wells’ conclusions and the league’s powers. Even then, Brady and the NFLPA could become sufficiently emboldened to refuse to settle, holding out for a victory in court.

At some point, then, Judge Berman may have to unleash a barrage of tough questions against NFLPA lawyer Jeffrey Kessler, in the hopes of softening up Brady’s position. But that would happen only after the NFL softens its stance.

Still, there’s a chance the NFL (or Brady) will ultimately choose to roll the dice on a ruling from Judge Berman, and then take their chances in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

This would only prolong the process, well into 2016. The one way to end the case in the near future would be to settle it, and Wednesday’s efforts to make the NFL more reasonable about settlement could make Brady less willing to strike a deal.

126 responses to “Wednesday’s hearing may have made Brady, NFLPA less inclined to settle

  1. Inflation levels, deflator, Brady pay offs, texts, phone, fumble reductions…

    You know, common sense, says Brady is guilty.

    NFL shouldn’t settle.

    Time to break the serial cheaters once and for all.

  2. Bottom line, unfortunately, the judge will rule on the CBA that all these morons signed that gives goodell the legal right to do whatever the heck he wants

  3. There is absolutely no reason for Brady to settle on anything including failure to cooperate.

    Tell the NFL not only am I not settling, Im suing Goodell, Wells, Pash, Nash, Kensil, Vincent and the other 31 owners for defamation for $1 billion.

    Take it or leave it

  4. This is all BS. Brady lobbied for a rule that allowed him to play with soft balls.

    He destroyed his phone because there was evidence of his direct involvement in it and apparently the NFL is the only entity that cannot get text records without being in possession of the actual device from which the texts were sent (the NSA is only a phone call away, NFL).

    The guy is not some NFL journeyman being ground under by a heartless NFL dictator. He’s a long-time, systematic cheater, he got caught, and he should pay the price just like a guy that gets caught using steroids.

    I ma personally sick of the NLFPA challenging player suspensions simply because they feel like they can win in court. This suspension has nothing to do with Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson or an out of control NFL. In fact, the only surprise was how hard it’s been for the NFL to prove something seemingly everyone else in the game knew was true.

  5. Are you reading this Broncos fans? Your hopes and dreams of Brady being taken down are rapidly disappearing!

    Bwa ha ha! Bwa ha ha!

  6. Curious to see how Kessler attacks the NFL’s stance that Garvey v MLB sets precedence for this case.

    That case holds some merit, except for the wording about “dishonesty”.

    Would make sense to me for Kessler and the NFLPA to hammer the “dishonesty” angle over the next couple of weeks. Pretty clear that the NFL, at best, has sketchy circumstancial evidence. At worst, it’s a witch hunt based off of a conveniently edited report that the judge has all but dismissed and shredded all credibility.

  7. How novel, the party being punished for cheating wants to dictate the terms of their punishment. The league needs to stand firm and not surrender an inch just for the awful precedent this would set.

  8. Bermans attack this sham parading as justice should be lauded. But to really push Goodell (Owners) to settle – He has to threaten to force the release of the Wells Report data that the Goodell doesnt want to unseal.
    Thats when things get real.
    The Owners will not want more sewerage released –
    After that, if Im Brady and the NFLPA – I settle for the 50K fine just to get it done with and nothing more….

  9. Not a Pats fan. But its clear they got screwed. Collateral damage after the Ray Rice fiasco. Fire Goodell. He’s a crook.

  10. Quote: “Im suing Goodell, Wells, Pash, Nash, Kensil, Vincent and the other 31 owners for defamation for $1 billion.”

    There is not a snowball’s chance in hell that will happen. Brady wants absolutely nothing to do with a defamation case.

    You’re naive to think he was 100% completely innocent in all of this. He would have to prove that in order to win a defamation case. At that point, everything is fair game, including Jastremski and McNally.

  11. Seattle lost to Brady this year–don’t worry, you’ll get over it to one degree or another some time in the future.

  12. Brady still has an incentive to settle because it makes it go away. If Judge Berman vacates the suspension, Brady still has to face another appeal, or wait for the NFL to appeal. He just needs it to be over. So, I don’t think Brady will dig in.

    The NFL has no incentive to settle. They want to push the envelope of their powers. If they lose this one, they’ll appeal and if they lose that, they’ll just wait for the next case.

    I see how the judge avoids having to rule on this.

  13. Why would the NFL “settle”?

    NE fans can’t wrap their homerist heads around this, but it was never about the (trival) crime,
    and always about Brady’s deliberate obfuscation as well as NE’s track record of lacking cooperation in general. The taint is strong in this regime.

    Brady needs a couple seasons off so he can sort out why deliberately interfering with NFL investigations is bad, mm’kay?

    As always, thumbs DOWN if you agree!!!

  14. Even if you are a Pats hater, unless you are missing a few chromosomes there’s no way you can root for a league that weaves a web of lies because they figured they could hide behind some kind of privilege and manipulate the system, to get what they want. Each and every day they are being exposed as profoundly corrupt, inept and disingenuous. You can’t be proud of a sport that harbors such clowns.


  15. When the ball boy calls the other guy the deflator, you knew that was it. Game, set, match. No longer a first ballot hall of famer either.

  16. Goodell is too dumb to realize he’s holding the losing hand. The judge is trying to tell him but he doesn’t get it.

  17. .
    If the union concedes the power to Goodell to suspend any player for what he deems ” conduct detrimental to the integrity of the league” , the NFLPA might as well fold its tent.

    That would allow Goodell unlimited and unchallenged suspensions at any time. Since Goodell would be affirmed as the sole judge and jury, his power would be unchallenged. Who and when a player is going to serve an unappealable suspension would be very valuable information to gambling interests worldwide.

    When you support Goodell, what you’re really saying is that you want the NFL to run more like FIFA, a foul, putrid, disgrace to sports.

  18. The only people left who claim that the Patriots cheated are the complete and utter filth of society.

  19. What is true Mike? The story that Brady would accept a suspension or that the NFL leaked that idea to Adam Schefter? There is a big difference. After all, Schefter says the story came from league sources… who is believing them now?

  20. “the judge will rule on the CBA that all these morons signed that gives goodell the legal right to do whatever the heck he wants”

    That seems to be what Goodell was counting on, but some of what Berman said today suggest otherwise.

    Berman made a point today of pointing out that even in an arbitration case, the accused party has the right to due process and the expectation that the proceedings will be fair.

    He seems to be speaking directly to Goodell regarding his kangaroo court.

  21. But Adam Schefter’s report from Wednesday morning was accurate; as of Tuesday, when Brady took the day off to meet with the NFL, Brady was indeed willing to accept a short suspension (likely only one game) in order to end the case once and for all.

    No, no…not another espn report.
    Not included in this story, denials that this report is untrue.

    Innocent men fight to the end.

  22. Goofdell has pushed ALL of his chips into the middle of the table is betting long on Ted Wells. How absurd.

    He can’t accept anything but Brady accepting the extreme reaches of his bought and paid for bogus contrived, custom tailored report from his buddy.

    If he did, he would be admitting that he wasted millions of the owners dollars on a completely absurd report that in no way represents anything remotely resembling an independent investigation.
    Imagine having to go back to your bosses, who have agreed to pay you $44 mill a year and explain to them that he wasted all of their money and dragged the NFL Shield through the Mud for the better part of 8 months, with no actual definitive conclusion about anything at all.

    Yeah, that’d go over well with my bosses…said no one ever


  23. If it ends up that Judge Berman is left with a decision he has to follow the law and rule only on if the process laid out in the CBA was followed. If he doesn’t rule about the process and instead tries to rule on the evidence or lack thereof, guaranteed the NFL will appeal to a higher court.

  24. Throw everybody from both sides in jail for about a year and make them share a cell. Film it for HBO and give it a name that rhymes with Hard Knocks.

  25. Nothing that Brady or the Pats have done has convinced me they are innocent.
    But almost everything I’ve learned about how the NFL operates has pretty much disgusted me.
    The sensible owners in the NFL ought to get real, this is turning off a lot of fans.

  26. Brady shouldn’t settle! This is another fumbled example of the NFL flexing its muscles. I defended Goodell for years, but, the past 8 months has swayed me the other way! I have grown tired of the politics in the league. Change needs to happen!
    Brady is one of the Greatest of all time & as a fan of the nfl (Vikings) it will be a sad day when he hangs up his cleats! It grows so tiresome to hear all the Cheat comments and hate! Brady , the Pats are a model organization & I don’t know why every team in the league doesn’t try to model their teams after them! Good luck Big Tom!!! Hope to see my Vikings playing against you in the Super Bowl before you retire!!

  27. Brady has nothing to lose at this point. It can only be the 4 games the league issed. Anything less from the judge will look bad for Goodell not that he Roger didn’T do it to himself once the reports were made public.

  28. Also, there is absolutely no possibility of Brady admitting anything at all at this point.

    that ship sailed once the idiotic Wells report hit the newspaper stands.

    Keep dreamin Goofdell

  29. Why would Brady want to settle something with the NFL when he didn’t do anything wrong. Just look at the holes in the Wells report and what came out after the appeals hearing. Completely different. This is more more railroading an innocent person then it is about the CBA, Goodell has the power, but he also as to give players due process, which he failed miserable with Brady.

  30. Goodell wants to uphold the integrity of the game, but has no problem using replacement refs?

    Rothelisberger had three women who claimed sexual assault against him and he got four games.

  31. I doubt seriously if Brady ever offered to take a one-game suspension. Even before today’s session the NFL would have been all over it. Schefter – anyone from ESPN – needs to start naming sources.

    Go for the ruling. The NFL personal conduct policy will either keep going the way it’s going, or it will be radically altered. Maybe Goodell will be cut out of the discipline process altogether. Then all we’ll have to worry about are the devastating rule changes, runaway franchises and football stoppages.

  32. ” During more than 2 hours of arguments by attorneys, the judge noted other arbitration decisions have been rejected when a key witness was not allowed to testify as he asked why ,NFL Executive VP Jeff Pash who worked on the NFL investigation , could not be questioned by union lawyers during the suspension ‘s appeal” direct quote from AP writer Larry Neumeister.
    Though arbitration proceedings are more informal, due process still needs to be applied. Judge Berman said”you have to allow someone to make their case by calling witnesses ”
    In other words, due process WAS NOT followed. The CBA does not give ” Goddell the legal right to do what ever the heck he wants” as a previous poster said!!!!

  33. Good thing, since he doesnt have the option to settle. The judge is just trying to force an agreement…but he knows full well the law is on the NFL’S side.

  34. As much as I want Tom to win, if he loses, I hope their is no appeal. Same thing for the league, if they lose, no appeal. Can we please let Judge Berman’s decision be the final one.

  35. How can you say Schefter’s report was right when his info came from league sources but those close to Brady (Zolak) said on Tuesday he would accept no suspension? Then Wed afternoon Brady’s camp says nothing has changed and they still won’t accept a suspension? Why on earth would we believe what the NFL says Brady’s position is over what Brady’s people say his position is? Bananaland.

  36. This afternoon on the Dan Lebatard Show, ESPN Legal Analyst Lester Munson stated the EXACT OPPOSITE! He said that the judge was berating the NFL because they had the stronger case and it was a ploy to get the NFL to consider settling. He said that judges do this ALL the time and even a judge in his first year on the bench would deploy this tactic, especially in a case like this involving an arbitrator’s ruling. He said that the Federal Courts rarely rule against an arbitrator’s decision. He said that the judge’s behavior today would potentially make the NFL dig in their heels further against a settlement.

    I sure would like to know who is actually correct. That is the most interesting question left. Anyone who thinks that Brady was not involved and that those “ball boys” acted on alone is a moron.

  37. Ya think????? Maybe it was also the prayer list of demands? Time for the commish to get the speed bag treatment the Seahawks enjoyed in the last quarter of the super bowl.

  38. NFL sources said Brady would accept a suspension, and now NFLPA/Brady sources say NO WAY!

    Maybe nothing changed, though. It would be perfectly in character for the NFL to have been feeding lies to the media, in a coordinated effort, with multiple sources, all full of it.

    They have a tendency to do that, in case you haven’t noticed.

  39. The Only way the Loathesome Steelers can beat the SB Champs – dare I mention Tebow – is without Brady at the helm! So, pray SteelerNation that Brady is Not allowed to play!

  40. You know what’s going to be real interesting? I mean real REAL interesting…

    Should the ruling go in favor of Brady let’s see how many people are still riding the “It’s time to end this, just be a man live with the decision and move on” train when the NFL has to decide on going to appeal’s court. Let’s see who still thinks it’s in the best decision of everyone to “just let it go” then.

  41. If Brady gets off on a technicality who cares? If the NFL referees feel like Brady cheated the game, they’ll have a funny way of making up for it. I’d be looking for a lot of holding calls against The Patriots this year if Brady gets away with cheating. If the referees feel like the NFL doesn’t have a legitimate case against Brady, then they’ll just call the games as usual. But in the long run, justice usually gets served.

  42. I can’t believe people can still side with the NFL and declare that Tom Brady is a cheater and a liar considering how this case has evolved. The NFL tried so hard to put a case together and in doing so they destroyed the mans reputation and credibility on evidence that’s wasn’t solid. I can’t help but think that the judge will rule in favor of Brady considering he’s pointed out the legal basis for overturning the suspension due to the violations in the appeal process. I can’t believe that he’d end up ruling in favor of the NFL.

  43. Goodell and Pash are egotistical idiots. They actually said that Pash edited the Wells report. That sounds like they are on the level

    At this point Brady should take zero punishment. Goodell is a tyrant that thinks he’s got total power.
    Hope he gets fired by the start of the season.

    He is ruining the start of a new season with one of his many mistakes of last season.

  44. A lack of common sense would make someone say the nfl’s shouldn’t settle now even though their position is eroding every day.

    I’m guessing that the judge is going push the parties toward an agreement that results in a one game suspension and a fine, and this case isn’t even about what really happened but the nfl’s authority to give the penalty the did. But it is very refreshing to finally hear from an impartial source like the judge about the “report” and “investigation” and it’s pretty clear that he thinks it was pretty flawed. It doesn’t appear that the nfl’s smear campaign leaking blatenly false information about such things as the actual ball pressure is impressing the judge either. Again, this case isn’t about the actual face but the more the judge teases them out the worse the nfl looks

  45. The NFL is going to lose ànd lose BIG…Goodell picked the wrong guy at the wrong time…soon as Berman mentioned the limited penalties for steroids in comparison to Brady’s 4 games, you knew the NFL was cooked…give Brady a warning and force him to sign autographs for an hour at Boston hospital and move on…it’s OVA!

  46. Nash, after a roundabout explanation, finally settled on: “The amount of discipline would be based on the sound judgment of the commissioner.”

    Sound like they just admitted to Judge, Jury and Executioner to me!

  47. AP’s article today reporting the court hearing reads like a horror story if you are the NFL.

    According to AP… the judge grilled the attorney for the NFL and went on to say he was reviewing the investigation and considering ruling ‘no suspension for Brady’ if the two sides can not come to an agreement.

    Brady offering to take a 1 game suspension according to ESPN’s “sources” doesn’t have much credibility, given ESPN’s earlier “reports” on this situation.

    This case seems to have evolved into a battle between the NFL and the NFLPA over article 46, with Brady now becoming a pawn.

    I’m not sure either side is willing or able to work out an agreement now that the CBA is under attack.

    The owners silence is deafening given the extensive publicity trending towards questioning Goodell and his pose’s actions.

    The only thing that makes sense at this time is the issues over the CBA.

  48. Thornography has a good piece that matches up the 18 times that Goodell directly or indirectly calls Brady a liar in his appeal ruling. The side by side analysis does a good job of exposing Goodell’s duplicity. It is so blatant the only way they do this is the with the confidence of the sealed transcript. The transcript is unsealed for all to see, that is if you are interested in truth. I tire of the people who continue to use Brady/Pats hate to justify the actions of a commissioner and league office that are out of control. I repeat, if the NFL wins this turkey your star player and your team is next. No one in this league is squeaky clean.

  49. Reality Check Baby is that for real or was CRY BABY already taken? Here U have a federal judge, questioning, almost every step the NFL & the comissioner have taken and that’s what U bring to the table cheater&hair pulling. I can understand hating the Pats It’s common nature to want to see winner’s lose. Stand up to your position a jealous hater who’s probably a fan of one of the first four Pats opponents. The only “sense” U seem to have is 2.

  50. Guilty as Hernandez.

    Hey how come none of his peers or ex-teammates have stood up for him? Just his lawyers….not even coach hoodie.

    You would think Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, Edelman, Troy Brown, or someone would’ve made a peep by now.

    Randy Moss said “I don’t care if he cheated, I’m okay with it”….. that’s very telling.

    Brady really thought he was bigger than the league…Guess what Mr.Bunchen, the NFL goes on without you. Bring on the Jenny Garofalo era!

    On a side note, how much is that Deflator tell-all interview going to be on Vice?

  51. I’m not sold that the Judge will give Brady a full victory. Seems that the questions today was to establish what kind of punishment would be meted out on a non-cooperation finding. The Judge didn’t seem to be sold on the ‘evidence’ side.
    My guess is that he’ll decide more down one side than another. Neither will get what they want, but it’ll be a compromise.

  52. The only demand from the NyFL’s side should be getting brady to agree not to sue for defamation. It’s amazing these people are in control of that much money, doesn’t seem like any of them would even be capable of managing a mcdonalds properly, yet somehow the NFL chugs along, tripping over itself over and over while raking in cash.

  53. Oh Tom my beautiful one, victory is within our grasp. Stand bold my valiant champion, let your courage flow. The defeat of the infidel is near!!! I love you Tom!

  54. The NFL is holding firm because they are fully aware that judges rarely if ever overturn a ruling by an arbitrator. Brady’s lawyers job now is to get him the best deal possible to make all this go away. If they push this up the ladder Brady will eventually lose and end up serving all 4 games at the end of this season, during the playoffs, or most likely at the beginning of next season.

  55. The judge wants a seettlement. A settlement will involve both sides accepting less than they want. If the NFL is demanding that Brday and the NFLPA validate a poor report of an even poorer investigation, the judge may correctly interpret that as a refusal to settle. Such a perception on the judges’s part could be very costly for the NFL. Maybe Goodell doesn’t realize it, but he cannot suspend the judge for conduct detrimental to the NFL.

  56. The only thing a wise person would take away from Berman’s actions at this point is that he wants them to settle it BEFORE he does.

    I think the reason he is grilling the NFL is they have not moved at all in negotiations and Brady has. The message he is trying to send is “give something up” NFL.

  57. Did Brady know about the footballs being deflated? I believe he did.

    Does he deserve a 4 game suspension for it? Heck no. He deserves a $25,000 fine. BTW, what did the NFL do last season when some balls were deflated during a Vikings – Jags game? Nothing.

    The NFL is so far out of bounds on its punishment that they need to be stopped. Goodell is using the phrase “conduct detrimental to the league” to justify his punishment. For deflating footballs? Roger, at least half the teams do some version of this, but everybody has shut up because Goodell is doing the equivalent of putting people in jail for 5 years for going 10 miles over the speed limit.

    If I am the NFLPA, I not only push the judge to reach a verdict in this case but I ask that part of his judgment either reprimand Roger Goodell and the NFL for its behavior or I ask that Goodell be prohibited from participating in any discipline issues due to his bias and abuse of power.

  58. All Deflategate aside, and filtering in all the last major shameful stories regarding Goodell’s decision making on punishments, this Roger Goodell fool leads me to believe he is all image and ZERO substance. How is this guy even qualified to run the league?? Geeze man, I’ve gotton to the conclusion that he is just stupidly inept as evidenced for example by the fact he that he had to hire former lawyers to help him make decisions regarding any future domestic abuse after the Ray Rice case. He has NO CLUE what he is doing. How do we get someone with common sense to take charge, man?!

  59. LoL whenever anyone mentions fumble reductions in there comments you know it’s pointless to read the rest and they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. LoL grow up. Brady maybe guilty but the punishment is way to harsh even if he did do it. I bet that the majority of QB’s in the league present and past have all done it. 1 or 2 PSI less in the football isn’t going to change the fact that this guy is an amazing QB. I don’t care for Brady or the Pats but this guy is one of the best if not best all time. I wish we had him on my team. Brady = Championships. Brady on the sorry Raiders would instantly take them deep in the playoffs. He’s just that good, like it or not

  60. No matter the outcome of this, Brady will FOREVER carry the cheater label by many many fans and players. That will never go away even if some of the a**kissing reporters won’t admit what they really feel.
    Even Kraft accepted the punishment because he knows his team is not bigger then the league.,suck it up and accept what your given and then if players and owners don’t like it then fire Goodell and your NFLPA reps. You are all part of the CBA so the court system can’t help you.

  61. The judge is doing nothing but trying to scare both parties into a settlement. He also went on to tell the NFLPA that he may not have a decision by the 4th.

  62. After reading the Wells Report, the Appeal transcript and various articles reporting from the court, it’s amazing that the League continues with their arrogant and unreasonable stance.

  63. Opening game of the season and the nation will be listening to “Fire Goodell”. He lost control of his minions so he is trying to get Brady to justify his spending of millions of dollars.

  64. why should they be in any position to settle. Criminals settle BEFORE a verdict for a lighter sentence, not afterwards. Lets get past this already so we can get on to the next Patriots cheating scandal.

  65. If Brady prevails. Is there a defamation of character lawsuit waiting for the NFL . Maybe he has no legal grounds for one maybe he does. Hopefully not. Would hate to see this go any longer than it has to.

  66. Ban Shady for life and take Kraft and Belichit with him. As long as these three stooges are affiliated with the NFL, Pro Wrestling has more integrity!

  67. While I do believe Brady is guilty, I don’t think it really matters as much as the league is claiming. I’m not a Pats fan or anything, but I really hope the leagues insistence on all these concessions comes back to bite them and they lose big. If that happens, maybe all of these stories about Roger’s power abuse will stop.

  68. The judge’s insistence on a settlement seems odd to me: isn’t a judge’s job to review evidence and come down with a verdict when the two sides are irreconcilable? Can’t someone just tell this judge to do his job?

  69. Tom Brady is a little girl. He needs to man up and accept his punishment for cheating.

    This crap is costing the taxpayers money so a rich little baby can cry in court?! Ridiculous.

    This needs to end.

  70. Oh Brady guilty,why what proof..The Ump touches the ball every single play,holding it with
    both hands. He didn’t notice.

    If you can’t beat the pats on the field cry on comments. REMEMBER they get in playoffs your team still gets beat

  71. Remember, this is a request by the NFL to confirm their verdict in the case. The judge is attempting to find justification for the decision rendered. The problem he is having is that he can’t find any justification.

  72. Brady and his supporters commenting on this site are an embarrassment to the league and sportsmanship. It is so obvious that he demanded his ball boys release air from the footballs after they were inspected by the refs that it’s not even funny anymore. If he would have come clean right away I don’t think there would have been a suspension. Now, even knowing he cheated, all his supporters are clinging to hope that this judge will simply dismiss everything.

  73. “You know, common sense, says Brady is guilty.”

    The problem is that common sense, without evidence, is usually wrong.

  74. regardless of how the judge rules, the Goodell has permanently stained himself and the integrity of the NFL offices. By making the court documents public, Berman exposed the fraudulent behaviors of the NFL offices and vacating the suspension would be icing on the cake.

  75. Maybe when the owners lose $1 billion to Brady in a defamation lawsuit, maybe they will realize you know this Goodell guy is a moron.

    And then we can all laugh at the corrupt owners and say see we told you so.

  76. Actually Brady should sue Goodell, Pash, Nash, Vincent, Kensil, Mortenson for $1 billion each

    He should sue the NFL owners that supported Goodell for $31 Billion. He should sue ESPN & the NFL Network and each Media outlet that supported the NFL for $10 billion each.

    You hit corruption and corrupt people by taking away their power and their Money.

    $1 billion collectively wont hurt them at all, now a $1 billion each now that would send corrupt organizations & corporations a message that you cant destroy people’s reputation or lives based on lies.

  77. the league actually does have a problem with appealing the judge’s decision if he rules for Brady.

    The entire CBA which as we know is labor versus ownership with years of court rulings siding with the terms of the CBA could be in jeoprady.

    The rulings in the past have dealt with shops where the workers had the ability to move to another shop. Thereby the CBA negotiations are give and take.

    In the NFL the workers do not have that ability.

    Look at past work stoppages, replacements brought in, lockouts with the workers forced to accept what could be deemed a CBA jammed down their throats.

    If this does go to the USSC it could open the questioning far beyond deflatedballs.

  78. #1 refuses to cooperate, #2 breaks phone, #3 first to offer a ‘settlement’. How are these actions of an innocent person? C’mon you delusional pats fans. Get your heads out of the sand and just admit he cheated. U won the superbowl and will retain it regardless. But but dont make yourself look like fools by blindly following a cheater.

  79. Brady should dig in and stay there. He did nothing. He should not admit to not cooperating with an investigation.

    Let me throw this out there …again to the all Patriot Haters….

    You are at work and there is some crime committed. You are getting accused. You are brought in for questioning by your boss…Human Resources…. You are questioned for the entire day.

    Several months later they tell you they want your PERSONAL cell phone……

    What would you do?

  80. This whole thing was fishy from the get go. Now we are all seeing it. I mean the NFL had a chance ahead of time to set up a sting against a team, with the cooperation of two other teams, and still botched it this badly. Pretty funny when you think about it. Guess they weren’t expecting this to get into the hands of anyone who’s remotely unbiased… but here we are.

  81. Sure doesn’t sound like the Schefter report backed up by Florio was accurate. I could understand why Brady might start to crack since he seems most concerned with just playing football, but I don’t really believe another anonymous source giving subsequently incorrect information ever had it right, even if Schefter and Florio don’t want to have to admit they got it wrong.

  82. I’m convinced the Public Relations Major, Roger Goodell long ago decided that the best move for the NFL is lose the court case.

    The people who are convinced Brady is guilty can forever just blame the courts while Goodell can hold up his arms and say he tried to come down on Brady.

    Meanwhile Kraft will be appeased if Brady is back on the field and the NFL regular season will start and real headlines will emerge.

    The NFL could take some of the millions of dollars it spent on this and just take it out of its advertising budget and call it a day.

    The only long lasting effects will be the Patriots losing draft picks, no one is going to feel sorry for them there. And the Patriot fans will always hate Goodell…. were they ever really fans of him anyways?

  83. Seeing the laundry list… It really stinks…

    It’s the NFL is deciding, after losing in Court multiple times for their high-handed suspensions, that they want to use Brady as the fall guy to ram a bunch of changes down the throats of the players and NFLPA.

    Anyway, when the next CBA comes out, I’ll be standing 100% behind the players even if it means no football for the year. This Goodell as Judge, Jury and Executioner disciplinary procedure has gotten out-of-control in the worst way.

  84. .
    ESPN savant Adam Schafter reported that Brady’s camp crawled on their hands and knees to beg forgiveness from the great and powerful Goodellbot.

    Former Patriots beat writer, Ian Rappaport and current Boston Herald beat writer, Jeff Howe report that Shafter’s story is false and planted by league sources to undermine the truth.

    You make the call.

  85. Now it’s the GOAT QB’s turn to play hardball.

    No games, no fine, return the draft picks, Kensil is fired, Goodell resigns and an apology from the league.

    In return – Super Bowl MVP and GOAT QB will agree not take you to the cleaners in a defamation lawsuit.

    Anything less is not acceptable. Take it or leave it!

  86. I’m done hammering Goodell. He already has proven who he is and shown his lack of integrity. The owners need to answer to this.

    After reading all the shady business the NFL front office is guilty of in the deflategate case and still hearing that a majority of the owners support Goodell and even having one owner go on record (Jerry Jones) as supporting Goodell it leads me to believe that this is how they handle things in their other private businesses.

    Meaning if they have an employee that has a grievance these owners almost always forces it to arbitration where they can railroad the employee and not get sued in court since arbitrations are so hard to overturn or more likely the employee cannot afford lawyers to challenge the ruling in court.

    Lucky for Tom Brady he is a part of a union plus he is a millionaire many times over who can afford to challenge this shady business.

    But the main thing to take away from this is this is how the owners operate. They don’t care about fairness or a fair process just winning. Arbitration is a huge scam already because it’s owners always stack the deck in their favor. In this case the NFL went well beyond stacking the deck and basically lied when it suited them, put out false information and slandered an individual. I would seriously consider a defamation suite if I was Brady.

  87. I wouldn’t read too much into any of this at this point- not a hater or a Pats fan.

    The judge was hard on the NFL as their list of demands were ridiculous- preventing any hope of a settlement.

    The league is now forced to come to the table with a reduction in demands as Berman obviously has concluded from what he has seen that the NFL’s case is pretty freaking far from conclusive.

    Of course, this is all my opinion but that’s how I currently see it.

  88. at some point in time i have to believe Disney is going to send some gray suits to Bristol and clean house due to the incestuous relationship that ESPN has with the NFL.

    the biggest joke is not Mort it’s the ESPN legal counsel acting as the mouthpiece for the NFL.

    Disney has corporate integrity programs in place that are being trampled on at Bristol, they must be taking notice, and when they act there will be a house cleaning. Yeah they make millions on the NFL, but they make Billions elsewhere and their reputation and contractual agreements require squeaky clean procedures to be followed.

  89. The NFL should just merge with the WWE. That is how much of a joke this has become to me. You have real issues that need addressing in the league and you have the commisioners office losing the trust of the players, the fans. ESPN looks like they are in the league offices pockets. Their credibility to me is completely gone. At this point I don’t care is Brady is guilty of this or not. the league handled this so poorly, that when the next CBA comes up, I’ll bet you 10 to 1 that we have a prolonged Lockout/Strike. Goodell just tossed whatever labor peace was left right out the window with this farce of a hearing. If I was the judge I’d force the players and the league to re-open the CBA and bargain this part of it to a place that both parties could live with. Right now it just isn’t fair. Players need to be kept in line but this is blantantly unfair.

  90. Pash is lawyer for the NFL and he admittedly altered the Wells report. What else do you need to know?

    The NFL is crooked and Roger needs to go.

    No suspension.

  91. One thing is for sure.

    I am now pro-PLAYERS in every major pro sports league in America.
    Go NFLPA.
    Go MLBPA.
    Go NBPA.
    Go NHLPA

  92. I’d love for Brady to take this to federal court where lying under oath is perjury with prison consequences. As it is, he can lie all he wants under the arbitrator with no prison threat hanging over his head. He wants to settle, but the NFL is pissed at the Pats/ Brady stance and will rightfully not budge without an admission of guilt.

  93. I so hope this goes to court. It will be scorched earth on both sides.

    Tom and his texts about pool covers revealed, equipment delfators being called to the stand, Goodell under oath, A parade of NFL coaches and owners asked who said what to whom and when?

    All great, entertaining stuff.

    And meanwhile there’s an injunction so Brady can play his last year or two in the league while this all goes on and Goodell/NFL and Brady all get sucked dry by lawyers fees…

    It’s a win win for everyone!

  94. I’ll be glad when this whole thing is over so you can get back to being a decent reporter instead of a Pro-bono lawyer for Brady.

  95. Mike, I totally, but respectfully disagree. The way I read this is the judge is more inclined to side with Brady, and the NFL could face a very embarrassing loss. Bad for the league and doubly bad (hooray!!!) for Goodell. I believe the judge is indirectly telling the NFL to settle with Brady or face a decision that will tarnish the NFL. Of course, I could be totally wrong.

  96. To the lieutenants sent by Kim Jong Un
    (1) the psi of Pats balls at half time was within the range GIVEN BY LEAGUE.
    (2) the psi of Colts balls at half time was significantly higher than expected.
    (3) McNally voluntarily stayed after the game for being questioned.
    (4) McNally said “the psi should be 13″ in Jets game.

    Most signifincantly :
    (5) million dollar investigation failed to find any hard evidence, not even a text message between Brady and McNally, this is almost impossible if McNally had helped Brady cheated for years, ON SOMETHING NOBODY CARED..
    (6)McNally worried about not getting signed gifts from brady, this is almost impossible if McNally had helped Brady cheated for years, ON SOMETHING NOBODY CARED…

    Read (5) and (6), meaning,”Deflator” simply can’t possibly be related to deflating footballs.

  97. sbchampsagain,

    If there is anything “valuable” to you, don’t you think NFL would have checked them?

    The scandal has become a show-off of stupidity.

  98. realitycheckbaby:

    A question to your common sense:
    How did McNally deflate footballs before he got needle?
    So that is ALL you can come up with……

    Best Regards

  99. The NFL should just merge with the WWE.

    I agree completely.

    Brady can deflate balls till his heart is content.

    Ndamukong Suh can end Brady’s career this year by stepping on his throwing hand.

    Suspensions can be handed out and be vacated after crying about it.

    Sounds like a game plan or take your medicine cheat boy.

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