Who will win the NFC South?


They didn’t have a team above .500 last year. They didn’t even have a team at 8-8 in 2014.

In 2015, then, it’s no surprise that the NFC South presents one of the most confusing and confounding collections of teams in the league.

So who will win the division? That’s the topic of Wednesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, which gets rolling at the special time of 5:00 p.m. ET.

Before answering, keep this in mind: Until 2014, there had never been a back-to-back winner of the division that was created by realignment of the league in 2002. Also, from 2003 through 2010, the last place team from the prior season responded with at least 10 wins or the division title the next year.

So with the Panthers going for three in a row, good luck picking this one. Coming up at 5:00 p.m. ET, we’ll show you the results and Rodney Harrison and I will make our own picks.

Then again, you can see the results right here — until the poll changes for Thursday’s show, that is.

43 responses to “Who will win the NFC South?

  1. I’m thinking it’s either the Panthers or the Saints and it very likely will come down to which team gets better QB play over the course of the season.

    With a total culture rebuild to accomplish, the Falcons are at least a year away. And the Bucs… well…

  2. Bucs will be terrible. Saints will be lost too with Rob Ryan torpedoing that D again and no Jimmy Graham. Not exactly high on the Falcons but I’m assuming K Benjamin is out for the year so gimme the Falcons by default. Like Dan Quinn.

  3. Before Kelvin Benjamin went down, I would’ve said the Panthers … for the third consecutive year. No doubt!

    However, I now have some doubt.

    – Titans fan

  4. -ATL: Team way too Soft, sorry.

    -NO: Unfortunately, Brees can’t play in his dome every week, sorry.

    -CAR: LMAO, need I say more?

    -TB: Dark Horse, as long has Winston can avoid those game ending pick-6s, they should strangle that Division.


  5. I’m a Falcons season ticket holder, so I am showing bias.

    Saints–Best QB in the division. After that, not so sure.
    Bucs–I just don’t see it.
    Panthers–They looked really good at the end of last year. I just don’t know about their receivers. However, I would put them as the favorite.
    Falcons–O Line is still a question mark. RBs are average at best. Defense is a HUGE question mark. Considering their 1st round draft pick is a situational guy at best, I just don’t think they are improved enough to win.

  6. Tampa Bay is due for another division title. Lot of young players in key positions though, probably won’t be a legitimate threat until next year at the earliest.

  7. Sure would be nice to see this fancy new poll. It’s stuck on loading and never finishes

  8. Maybe the question should be does it matter who ‘wins’ the NFCS? Not all that long ago this was an entertaining and dangerous division

  9. Football is usually cyclical, I wouldn’t be surprised if teams in the NFC South (at least one of them) come strong this year. Remember how bad the NFC West used to be? Having said that, I think that the Falcons will win the division.

  10. Atlanta’s issue last year was poor coaching and a horrible defense. In theory Quinn fixes at least one of those issues. They should win it if he does.

  11. Gotta lean towards the Falcons IF they can stay healthy!!! Bust QB in Tampa, No such thing as a black superman in Carolina, & the Saints are rebuilding!!!

  12. Falcons have the BEST chance…

    Saints have a good chance if Falcons get injured…

    Panthers have a slight chance (the ONLY reason they won last year was the other teams were worse NOT because they were all that good)…

    Bucs, NO CHANCE…. I have a better chance at winning the lottery…… TWICE….. In a row!

  13. Hater….

    the division winner while under .500 won a playoff game and were holding their own against the Seahawks through three quarters.
    Since the realignment the Super Bowl Champions coming from the NFC is this:

    -NFC East: 2 Titles (Giants)
    -NFC North: 1 Title (Packers)
    -NFC West: 1 Title (Seahawks)
    -NFC South: 2 Titles (Bucs and Saints)

    Keep hating, cause the supposed best division in Football the NFC North just falls apart year after year…..with one exception.

  14. I have to say, I’m puzzled by all the faith in the Falcons. That team has underperformed badly for two years in a row. You don’t wash that kind of stink out of a club in one offseason no matter who you bring in as HC. The coaching change was needed and will help, and they could very well make noise in the division in 2016, but this year I’m just not seeing it. There’s too much work to do.

  15. The Bucs defense played well enough for them to get it last season BUT that o line was atrocious and by 1:30 p.m. every Sunday McCown already had two fumbles and an interception. The offense couldn’t stay on the field long enough to let the defense rest. That may change with the addition of an ACTUAL offensive coordinator not a qb coach who gets shoved into a position way above his head. I’m not saying they will be great but they honestly have some pieces to surprise folks. They have to hope to stay healthy, maybe the o line to hold up just long enough not to get the #1 pick killed, and when he gets time heneeds to protect the football. The faster he learns that the better. And for the love of God stop diving head first when he scrambles. There were at least three an runs where he dove head first.

  16. Most people are absolutely clueless on just how badly, almost criminally, the coaching staff was for the Falcons in 2013-14. The new coaching regime alone will be a winner of 2 more games. Remember also Ryan and the offense didnt exactly suck without a run game or oline that was decimated by injury again, and a total lack of defense. All of these weak points were addressed and improvements made in personnel. With the ‘easy’ schedule and ANY kind of defensive improvement it is more than possible the Falcons will reach 10 wins which I think easily takes that division.

  17. The more troubling thing about the NFC South last season aside from the Bucs who are just atrocious and wont be any better this year, is the fact that every other team has seemed to find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in several games. Panthers, Saints, and Falcons all 3 have pretty much found a shot gun last year to shoot into their foots, hard to believe all 3 will do it again.

  18. Panthers. And it won’t even be close.

    And no, I don’t believe losing Benjamin will cost us any games. Corey Brown, Devin Funchess and Ted Ginn will get most of the reps, and Joe Webb can help with some reps at WR. Greg Olsen is now the clear-cut best TE in the division (and he’s still second in the conference to that guy now in Seattle). Our defense is better than last year and on par with what we had in 2013.

    Falcons will be much better if for no other reason than they have a real coach. Brees is old and decrepit and no longer has his best weapon. Tampa is still a ways away, although I think Jameis will end up being very good.

    Panthers 12-4
    Falcons 9-7
    Saints 6-10
    Bucs 5-11

  19. It’s all up to Rob Ryan and his defense. If he gets them back anywhere near the level of performance they had in his first year, then it’s the Saints running away with it. 7 to 12 wins – depending on the D

    If the Saints struggle defensively, Atlanta has the offensive pieces to outscore opponents in shootouts. 8 or 9 wins

    Carolina has a good defense, but their offesnive cupboard is quite bare after losing their legit big-time threat of a wide reciever when Benjamin went down, and we all know ya gotta score a lot of points in today’s NFL to win anything. 6 to 8 wins

    Tampa will likely improve because Jamis is more capable than many are giving him credit for. But the team has soooo many glaring needs, that it’ll take a few more years. 5 to 7 wins

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