Adam Jones thinks he’d have $100 million but for his suspension

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In many respects, it’s amazing that Bengals cornerback Adam Jones remains in the NFL a full decade after the artist formerly known as Pacman arrived amid a flurry of off-field entanglements that culminated in a one-year suspension after only two NFL seasons.

Jones, who soon will turn 32 in a sport that consistently turns toward younger players, believes that if he hadn’t gotten into trouble he’d have a lot more money in the bank.

“If I would have never gotten suspended, I would have $100 million right now,” Jones said, via Coley Harvey of

The subject came up after reporters were posing questions about Jones’ football career if he’d only be a kick and punt returner instead of a defensive back, too.

“Ifa, woulda, coulda,” Jones said.

Of course ifa/woulda/could Jones had $100 million, he’d still owe more than $12 million of it to the guy who was shot in Las Vegas during an incident that Jones allegedly instigated. Unless his ifa/woulda/coulda applies not just to the suspension but to the specific behaviors that contributed to it.

Since then, Jones has matured considerably, becoming a key contributor to a Bengals team that has been to the postseason in four of his five seasons in Cincinnati. It’s an impressive story of redemption for a player who eight years ago seemed destined to be long gone from the NFL by the end of that decade.

Instead, he’s made it halfway into the next one, and he’s still going strong.

36 responses to “Adam Jones thinks he’d have $100 million but for his suspension

  1. That $12M judgment will keep on growing–Adam will spend the next 30 years digging out from under the rubble created by “Pacman”.

  2. So what you’re saying is… the Bengals have taken a meathead and molded him into a productive player who can now stay out of trouble

  3. As a close friend of the organization is is known that Pac.. Adam Jones is a key member of the veteran leadership in that Marvin Lewis-run locker room

  4. So, is he blaming others for suspending him, or is he blaming himself for short-circuiting his career through boneheaded behavior? If it’s the latter, it’s nice to see him growing up. If it’s the former, then he still hasn’t gotten it and likely never will.

  5. Adam Jones, who could not remain on a Cowboys team devoid of defensive talent. Adam Jones, who left abused women and a man paralyzed for life in his wake. I dont think he has been on an ESPN highlight reel in 8 years now…

  6. If I had a million dollars I would be a millionaire. I enjoyed the episode of Joe’s vs Pro’s where he was torched by the Joe.

  7. Jerry rehabilitated him with his stay with the boys …lol
    Never thought this guy would ever turn things around but to his credit he has and has played like the first round selection he was.

  8. We love to trash Goodell, and rightfully so, but this is one case where he got it right, and it led to the exact outcome that was/ is best for everyone. It is probably why Goodell is such a heavy hand with punishment, it is because of his early success in helping guys like Vick and Pacman.

  9. Vegas guy to Goodell, “You bonehead! You trashed Pacman’s career now he can’t pay me.”

  10. Living in Cinti, we get more info that isn’t always “sexy” and thus doesn’t make national headlines. Why? It’s because it doesn’t generate interest. That’s the case with Adam Jones . At age 26 the light came on for him, no coincidence it was the time he had his first child. Was he a moron prior to that? Definitely. He he atoned for those mistakes? Not my place to judge. What I do see is someone who has become a leader. He spokes every year at the rookie symposium and owns up to what mistakes the Pacman made. Adam indeed cost himself millions. Water over a bridge.

  11. He was such a meatheaded gangbanging jerk that I KNEW he was going to end up out of the league and bankrupt in the first five years of his career. I mean, Jerry Jones had to assign a babysitter to him when he played for the Cowboys.

    Then he proved me wrong. I feel bad for those he may have hurt in his Pac Man days, but I’m happy he’s turned it around.

  12. If Adam Jones has just a little bit of “Pacman” left in him, I’m sure he’ll be bankrupt within 2 years of retirement. Pacman was a total and complete bafoon. For Adam’s sake, I hope Pacman is dead and gone forever…

  13. I feel bad for the paralyzed guy but I still can’t believe Pacman should have to pay him that cash. It’s not like he told the guy with the gun to shoot him.

    He deserves to pay some money for making that situation dangerous but that amount is ridiculous. However, I’m totally fine with the shooter paying that sum.

  14. And if you hadn’t been throwing your millions around making it rain, a certain other individual wouldn’t have been left paralyzed for your pleasure… what’s the value of THAT?
    Like you wouldn’t have just spent every cent of it… anyone wanna start a pool on how long it takes him to be bankrupt after he finally retires after all these years of mediocrity DeAngleo Hall style, one celebrated look-at-me big play a game offset by ten horrible ones where he slinks to the sidelines and blames somebody else?

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