Bills are missing their top five running backs for tonight’s game


As the Bills prepare for their season preseason game, the quarterback depth continues to get plenty of focus. The running back depth chart won’t get nearly as much, in large part because much of it won’t be playing against the Browns at 8:00 p.m. ET on ESPN.

The Bills have announced that LeSean McCoy (pictured), Fred Jackson, Bryce Brown, Boobie Dixon, and Karlos Williams are out for the game.

It leaves Cierre Wood, Ricky Seale, and Bronson Hill as the only options. For the entire game.

The Bills also will be missing the top three receivers: Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, and Percy Harvin.

So, basically, get ready to watch plenty of guys who inevitably will be watching regular-season games along with the rest of us.

15 responses to “Bills are missing their top five running backs for tonight’s game

  1. As a Browns fan, all I care about is watching the offensive starters play Buffalo’s “vaunted” defense. If the Browns offense outperforms Buffalo’s defense, I’ll consider it a preseason win, no matter the final score.

    Meanwhile, Cleveland’s starting defense looked pretty sorry against the Redskins 1st string D last week, so the absense of a couple of the Bills RBs and WRs won’t be much of a difference maker. If Cleveland is ahead on the scoreboard when the first string teams leave the field, I don’t think Buffalo will be able to use the excuse that their more elite players sat out. Cleveland won’t have all their starters either.

  2. The teams combine for 35 players out this week, including 8 DB’s from Cleveland. If the Bills can’t pass the ball tonight, or the Browns can’t stop the run…these teams will be in for a long season!

  3. The Football gods have unleashed an impressive karma storm on the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins for their many trespasses against the champs. But they appear to be saving up something special for the Colts and a Ravens.

  4. So there really is a running back named “Boobie Dixon.” I can just hear it when he has a good game…”Boobie’s all over the place in Buffalo today.”

  5. Tough game coming…Browns led by career backup Josh Backup and future careers backup Johnny Manziel. Maybe they should try to field a team between the two teams and do 7-on-7 drills. Okay, I shouldn’t talk..Bucs fan…but I couldn’t resist.

  6. mackcarrington says:Aug 20, 2015 9:11 PM

    That’s because Ryan pounded them into the ground early in the preseason.
    That is not true at all, you don’t live around here anymore and have no clue. They are hamstring injuries, Bills are not the only camp that has them, Rex has not run them into the ground as you stated.

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