Could Tyrod Taylor win the Buffalo job tonight?


On the surface, the NFL’s decision to give ESPN a preseason game between the Bills and Browns lends credence to the notion that NFL is retaliating against Bristol for criticisms of the Commissioner from former ESPN employees Bill Simmons and Keith Olbermann. But the game has plenty of intriguing story lines, starting with the starting quarterback job in Buffalo.

Albert Breer of NFL Media reports that Tyrod Taylor, a free-agent arrival with 14 regular-season appearances, 35 career regular-season passes, no regular-season touchdown passes, and a career passer rating of 47.2, could win the job with a “good performance” tonight against the Browns.

Coach Rex Ryan has yet to name a starter for the third preseason game. Whoever it is will likely have the inside track to winning the Week One job.

Ryan has raved about Taylor; per Breer, Ryan discussed trading for Taylor when Rex coached the Jets. Ryan has compared Taylor to Russell Wilson. For all anyone knows, Taylor is as good as Wilson, who like Taylor would have been stuck on the bench behind Joe Flacco for four years in Baltimore.

One factor that helps veteran Matt Cassel, the other apparent finalist for the job, comes from his experience playing with big personalities like Randy Moss. With running back LeSean McCoy and receiver Percy Harvin surely intent on getting the ball as often as possible, Cassel could be better suited to manage them than Taylor, whose primary concern will be the basics of running an NFL offense, not placating guys who want more touches.

But Taylor may be the better player, which could be the difference between a 16th season of no playoffs and a long-awaited return to the postseason.

28 responses to “Could Tyrod Taylor win the Buffalo job tonight?

  1. Going to be hard to prove anything tonight for Taylor with the Bills 3 best running backs all out if the game with various injuries.

  2. Taylor can’t throw from the pocket, has trouble understanding the safety reads and has had to have the offense simplified to function in it.

    I’d love to see the Bills get back to respectability but Rex loving the option of Taylor tells me that he hasn’t learned from his time in New York.

  3. Should we really consider it “winning the starting job”

    Best case scenario: He plays starting QB for the worst franchise in Canada

    And to think I actually respected this team up until this offseason with all the ridiculous, uneducated opinions of Buffalo fans jumping on deflategate like Devin Mccourty jumping on Malcolm Butler after The Pick.

    Used to think they were a tough, hardworking team w good fans. Not anymore

  4. RB’s? How about Watkins and Harvin out of the lineup? That will hurt some. However, based on the play of Cleveland’s secondary in the joint practices, getting open won’t be a problem for anyone tonight.

  5. Not a Bills fan, but your D is killer!!! Wish Miami had a great D like that!!! The only thing that is gonna kill the team is No QB, & No running game!!! Hope we one up on ya but it’ll be a race for 2nd place with ya!!! GO FINS!!!

  6. He’s played better than I thought he would. Cassel is the safe option, Taylor could be the most exciting and has plenty of talent around him while he learns on the job. I’m hoping he wins it and surprises some people.

    Kubiak tried to bring him to Denver too this offseason. He’s better than people think

  7. If he wins the job, and I’m thinking he will…it will be funny to see all the anti- Buffalo trolls go quiet…I wasn’t a fan of the signing but after seeing him practice and his performance last week…he’s definitely got the opportunity to be the NFLs next big surprise.

  8. b1gwin says:
    Aug 20, 2015 4:17 PM
    Somewhere out there Michael and Marcus Vick are laughing hysterically while also crying angrily at the same time.
    Big difference in college between the 3. Tyrod could always throw the ball unlike the Vick brothers

  9. If Tyrod Taylor can be successful tonight with the Bills’ top 5 running backs and Watkins, Harvin, and Woods out, I’ll be extremely impressed. Have my doubts, but would love to see Tyrod succeed.

  10. Been a Tyrod Taylor fan ever since seeing him in a 2011 documentary about that rookie class’ QBs. The kid has heart and a significant dose of that X-factor magic. All this time, I’ve been hoping he’d get a legit shot. Now, he will.

    – Titans Fan

  11. No…wait. That couldn’t be. Tyrod Taylor wasn’t with the Ravens in 2007. Sorry. My bad. It was Troy Smith.

    But Tyrod DOES have a lot of heart.

    (And Billick was a tool.)

  12. They draft Sammy then start a QB who would rather run then pass….. The Bills do nothing but shoot themselves in the foot. EJ is 6-8 and his most experienced target during those 14 games was Srevie Johnson. Add in Marrones offensive plan and the terrible oline and it blows my mind how he even won 6 of those games. They knew when they drafted him he needed time to develope.

  13. Joe, Tyrod is better than that bust Carr for the Raiders………do us a favor and take your family to the circus. Enjoy some kind of entertainment in Toronto, certainly no NFL you can go to.

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