Eifert gives Bengals a scare, walks off on his own

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Tight end Tyler Eifert gave the Bengals a scare when he went up for a pass in Thursday’s practice and landed flat on his back, but all indications are that Eifert is fine after spending a couple minutes with team trainers.

Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com tweeted that Eifert may have just lost his wind and needed some time to gather himself.

Eifert is having a strong camp and figures to play a prominent role if the Bengals can keep the 2013 first-round pick healthy and on the field.

An elbow injury in the 2014 opener ended Eifert’s season. The team was eager to move on from Jermaine Gresham after last season, though, and the thought of having a healthy Eifert in the middle and a healthy Marvin Jones on the perimeter to take some of the pressure (and extra coverage) off of A.J. Green is an exciting one for the Bengals. Most eyes are still on Andy Dalton (and Marvin Lewis) when it comes to winning the biggest games and getting the Bengals to the next level, but Dalton having a full complement of weapons in an offense that figures to run through power back Jeremy Hill is very important.

9 responses to “Eifert gives Bengals a scare, walks off on his own

  1. The Bengals have perhaps the best roster in the NFL. If they can finally get the playoff monkey off their backs, look out.

  2. Of course… if Dalton loses his #1 TE, #2 WR, #3 TE, #4 TE again… and… has jerome simpson and andre caldwell as his receivers…. IT’S ALLLLLLLL HIS FAULT.

  3. Oh and talk about fragile, Eifert and Marvin Jones are both fragile. Jones will never play a full season his entire career. He has already been hurt this year in camp. I’d put my house on the fact that he doesn’t last this season without a major injury.

  4. Not mentioned, he made a sick catch on that play. As stated above, if he (and the rest of the Cincy squad) can stay healthy, there’s a good chance the Bengals will make a splash in the playoffs.

  5. I see Dalton is giving him the AJ Green treatment – airmail it over his head, inviting disaster.

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