Ex-QB Erik Kramer treated for injuries after reported suicide attempt

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Ex-NFL quarterback Erik Kramer was being treated for injuries Wednesday night after a reported suicide attempt at a Los Angeles-area motel.

Kramer reportedly shot himself Wednesday evening, but his injuries were not considered life threatening.

His former wife told NBC News she believes Kramer is suffering from depression in part as a result of head injuries suffered during his football career.

“He is a very amazing man, a beautiful soul, but he has suffered depression since he was with the Bears,” Marshawn Kramer told NBC News. “I can promise you he is not the same man I married.”

Kramer, 50, helped the Lions to a 12-4 record in 1991 before later playing for the Bears and then the Chargers. A Los Angeles native, he broke into the NFL with the Falcons and also played in the CFL before playing in 13 games and throwing 11 touchdown passes with the Lions in 1991. He threw 29 touchdown passes for the Bears in 1995.

Kramer later worked as an analyst for FOX and on Bears preseason broadcasts.

In 2011, Kramer’s son, Griffen, was found dead during his senior year of high school of a drug overdose.

39 responses to “Ex-QB Erik Kramer treated for injuries after reported suicide attempt

  1. I’m going to pray for Erik Kramer, by all accounts a decent man and the LAST QB to win a playoff game for the Detroit Lions. And, there may be something to the head injuries, but my God, if I lost a son to drugs I’d be depressed on that alone.

  2. To blame football for depression is foolish. Having one’s own son die and dealing with life post-spotlight is more likely to cause depression than some nebulous claim that hits he took caused it.
    Look elsewhere for blame. Lots of retired players who took hits didn’t commit suicide. Many might be depressed because they aren’t in the limelight and don’t have the team camaraderie. That, though connected to football, isn’t the fault of the game.

  3. Erik, you’re one of my favorite Quarterbacks. Thank you for the inspiring performances, I will remember you forever. Today is a new day, huddle up and enjoy it and embrace it, the Lions and their fans will always need you to be there for them as part of this team. 🙂

  4. Sad.
    I remember the Erik Kramer – Steve Walsh QB competition here in Chicago. Kramer won me over with some inspired play.

  5. Hope he gets the help he needs and gets better but I don’t believe the cause of all of this is due to football. It’s just to easy to point at that right now.

  6. My thoughts and Prayers are with you Erik and your family. I hope that you get the help that you need.

  7. Why are they blaming football? Could it be possible that the man was depressed because his son died at a young age 4 years ago? But I guess that story wouldn’t fit with the current media backlash of football.

  8. I believe he suffers more from the loss of his son and not football. I could not imagine living with that pain. Always liked this guy. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  9. Sad story of a man who had a decent career then lost his son and obviously had some inner demons. I hope you can find peace within yourself and resolve your problems.

  10. That poor family. Losing your kid has got to be the worst, whether you’re a former pro athlete or not. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  11. Prayers out to Erik and his family. I remember well that glorious season he had with the Bears back in the mid-90s… arguably the best offense the Bears ever put on the field before or since.

  12. Every player needs to consider if more than 5 or 6 years playing is worth it. Most of these players do not end up well, no matter how many times ignorant people say well, they knew what they were getting into.

  13. Very underrated player. The best QB the Bears have had since McMahon and yet he’s rarely mentioned. Enjoyed his work on TV for the Bears which gave no clue to the suffering he was going through.

    I do hope he gets the help he needs now and that it’s not too late.

    It’s getting to be hard to stay a football fan when you realize what players go through. I don’t care if they know it going in – I can’t help but question if I should really be devoting my time and money to a sport that leaves too many men in this state.

  14. For those questioning whether this is related to football, go to the original story or check other stories.

    The couple has another son, 17-year-old Dillon.
    Said Marshawn Kramer to NBCNews.com about her ex-husband: “He’s such a good dad and he would not do this to his son. This is brain injury.”

    Hope this clears it up for you. Eric Kramer is a good person and I hate this for him.

  15. Erik was always my favorite gb of the Lions. I remember him shredding the Cowboys. Why the Lions let him go is still a wonder to me. He had all the tools needed to be one of the best. Please stay positive and get any help needed to move on.

  16. Must have been that beating he took from my Redskins in the NFC Championship game. Just kidding… prayers going out to Erik and his family.

  17. Not trying to be mean but I’m sure his wife his trying to blame the NFL to get paid. Maybe I’m wrong. Get well Erik.

  18. Marine Corps vet here……..😔😔😔😔 I know what it’s like to deal with extreme depression and it’s no joke. Get well Mr. Kramer. No doubt the loss of his son probably accentuated his current state. Awful…..just awful. I don’t know you, but I hope you push through this brother.

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