Request for injunction could be next step in Brady case


On Wednesday, Judge Richard M. Berman scheduled the next hearing in the case regarding Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension for August 31. If the case doesn’t settle that day, Judge Berman may issue a ruling by September 4.

If he doesn’t issue a ruling before September 10, that doesn’t mean Brady automatically will miss the regular-season opener against the Steelers. At some point, Brady and the NFL Players Association will ask for a court order preventing the NFL from implementing the suspension until Judge Berman rules.

Absent a modified DeLorean and 1.21 gigawatts, there’s no way to undo a suspension deemed improper after the fact. This means that Judge Berman likely would be inclined to issue and injunction that lets Brady play until he rules.

And if that ruling entails a second hearing conducted with a neutral arbitrator followed by further proceedings before Judge Berman to enforce or vacate the outcome, Brady could play most if not all of the season until the case ends.

If the ruling results in a win for the NFL, there’s also a chance Judge Berman will rule that Brady can play while an appeals court reviews his decision.

So Brady could play before a final ruling, and he possibly could play in the event of an adverse ruling, with the suspension not kicking in until the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issues a ruling. Or, possibly, until the U.S. Supreme Court either declines to review the case or resolves it against Brady.

Bottom line? Unless there’s a settlement, #DeflateGate isn’t going away any time soon. And Brady possibly will be playing until it lands in highest court in the land.

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  1. What a freaking joke! They’re in federal court wasting tax payers dollars and who knows how long this will continue! Any competent person knows rules were bent to gain an advantage.

  2. Hhmmm… and to think this whole issue revolves around a few people jumping to conclusions….

    by not being aware that footballs lose pressure when they get cold !!!

    How dumb is that ???

    After the “Jump to Judgement”

    it became a three ring circus

    can we say… COVER UP

    and now no one wants to admit fault !!!

  3. #DeflateGate will be gone when the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year and at the podium when Goodell goes tries to bring the trophy, Kraft tells him leave it and go.

  4. I think in the next NFL/ NFLPA agreement their needs to be a neutral arbitration committee. That being said, they should be the end all be all powers that be. I think the NFL should push for the NFLPA to agree to wave all rights to further court litigation under the next agreement with the penalty that if you attempt to go to outside court litigation you lose your privilege to play in the National Football League. You’re for all intense purposes fired permanently. This way these cases aren’t tying up courts with frivolous cases. Seeing this somehow being wasted at the supreme court level seems utterly stupid and a waste of money.

    In this the commissioner loses his powers of appeal and the players get what they want and have neutral arbitrators. If you don’t like it then you better have a degree from college and find yourself another job or another league to play in.

  5. NOBODY is bigger then the game… This is pathetic and the amount of money spent on this BS. Either suspend him or let him play. Either way this circus needs a tent over it.
    Personally I think he is atleast guilty of conduct detrimental to the game but could care less if he is suspended or not. I would prefer him to play so there are no excuses if the Pats dont have a good season.
    If this were any QB not named Brees, Brady, Manning or Rogers they would be suspended for 6 games without question. Treat each and every professional player equally regardless of the position or salary they hold.

  6. Bottom line? Unless there’s a settlement, #DeflateGate isn’t going away any time soon. And Brady possibly will be playing until it lands in highest court in the land.

    My God. I hope your right.

  7. If the two sides can’t come to an agreement, which I seriously doubt, then Brady could keep this law suit going for maybe 2 years and then retire, wouldn’t that be a kick in the NFL’s groin.

  8. In the future, a best-selling movie will FOREVER PRESERVE the disgraceful actions of the current NFL office.

    The NFL is blinded by their environment (their perceived power and nobody is above them).

    Also, many folks in the media took a stand against the Patriots based on fake information. Because of job security, they wouldn’t change their views to reality.

    NFL office, breaking news: THIS IS AMERICA!

    The NFL thought they could wiggle around their official 19 Jan. letter to Mr. Kraft that stated all tested Colts’ footballs were within the permissible PSI ranges — INCREDIBLE and UNTRUE letter sent by the NFL.

    Then …. the TRUTH and WRATH of the Ideal Gas Law (IGL) deflated their paper ship.

    Is it surprising the Missouri Supreme Court, in a separate case, ruled in May, 2015 against Goodell and stated: ….“the terms of the contract designating the NFL commissioner, an employee of the team owners, as the sole arbitrator with unfettered discretion to establish the rules for arbitration are unconscionable and, therefore, unenforceable”.

    Finally, who made the decision at halftime to STOP testing the Colts’ remaining 8 footballs (only four balls tested, 3 found deflated)?

  9. Injunction? This case is going to be won by the NFL. Letting a cheater get away with this sharade would be an insult to common sense, make a mockery of the rule of law & cause the entire NFL to be diminished unrecoverably to the level of a complete joke sport. Anyone with integrity will want Brady to be punished.

  10. The irony would be if Brady got knocked out for the year in a game he was playing during the injunction, lost he case and had to start next season on the bench.

  11. If the U.S. Supreme Court accepts certiorari over this dumb case about an over inflated football when it rejects more important cases that actually affect all Americans lives… I’ll move to South America. That will be the final straw.

  12. Berman will open up a can of worms if he rules against the arbitrators decision in favor of the NFL. Judges very rarely ever overturn an arbitrator’s decision. No way he lets this whole mess go much further. He’s already pressured both sides to come to a compromise. That language will become more forceful on the 31st and both sides will eventually meet in the middle. Brady misses a game or two and the NFL will have to accept no admission of guilt.

    Then we all get on with our lives.

  13. This particular trial could go on for months, making the injunction a virtual certainty.

    Every football fan wants to see Brady out there, as well as the Steeler boys. We want to see the best that the league can present. In Brady’s case, an injunction could last the whole season.

    While I’m sure everybody agrees that an injunction would be proper, I’m beginning to wonder if that’s the right route for Brady in this case.

    Wouldn’t it be more powerful – more impactful – if Brady didn’t seek the injunction and sat out the first four games. Then, a judges ruling vacating the sentence, would clearly demonstrate that the decline of the game is solely the cause of the commissioner.

    It might give pause to the owners, causing them to lift their heads from their stacks of money and reflect on the state of the game and their respect for their fathers.

  14. Oh, Roger Goodell. If only you had just issued a penalty on the field, or given them a warning like you did the Vikings. Or perhaps a 25K fine and moved on.

    But you and the rest of the bitter ex-Jets in the League office couldn’t leave well enough alone.

    You had to do the sting. And leak false evidence to the press, and pay 5 million for an independent report that was never actually independent. And then, when the science proved you wrong, you tried to make it about lack of cooperation. And then you tried to game the appeals process, after which you tried to prevent the appeals notes from being published. And so on and so on…

    It was all going to be so glorious, wasn’t it? You were finally going to get the Patriots. You were going to pay Belichick back for leaving the Jets at the altar.

    And it’s all gone so horribly wrong. It’s like the Titanic and the Hindenberg had a baby and that baby had Jed York as its nanny.

    But you’ve gone all in and there’s no turning back, and you can see the smirk forming on Brady’s face as you stare at your meager pile of chips while a bead of sweat rolls down your face.

    Oh look! Is that your phone? That would be the owners calling. They’d like to have a few words with you. It seems like only yesterday you told them not to worry, that this was a slam dunk.

    And instead of thinking about what brand of champagne to uncork at the celebration, you’re wondering if you should update your LinkedIn profile.

    And you think once again “How did it come to this?”

    It was you, Roger. It was all you.

  15. The League continues it’s arrogant stance with their unreasonable settlement demands. Based on the Judge’s questioning, you would think they would be bending over backwards to settle this matter to avoid the negative precedent that will undoubtedly come if the court is forced to make a decision in the case.

  16. This has taken on a Shakespearean tome. All your sins and violation of many of the Ten Commandments.

    Who could make this up? Will Evil (Goodell) triumph over good (Brady)?

    This has never been about a fair, neutral, use of due procession on alleged equipment infraction, it’s a holy war by the owners to show the players they are just replaceable meat.

    We can now call Mt. Robert Kraft by his new nickname given to him from his fellow owners – Shafted Krafted. Didn’t even see it coming.

  17. Oh, Florio, say it ain’t so……jeez…..I think we all want this over. Very frustrating as it is so obvious what the right decision should be.

    Should this judge do the right thing and exonerate Brady and the Patriots, I would hope it would end there.

    The only appeal I would support would be Brady’s.


  18. It’s time for this lying, inept, and corrupt commissioner to go. This guy is doing more damage to the shield than any of his predecessors.

    Goodell certainly isn’t overly smart or qualified for the job. He’s simply a DNA lottery winner. His father the politician is the only reason he has the job.

    Time to go Baby Huey. You’re a disgrace to the game, the shield and it’s fans.

  19. And of course you know the NFL and DunceDell think Harold Henderson is a “neutral” arbiter. He does whatever DunceDell wants. So its just another person parroting what DunceDell wants.

    Amd that sham of reducing Hardy from 10 to 4 games was just a ploy to get Brady in front of that puppet in case the NFL lost in court. That is their backup plan.

    Pick a totally neutral arbiter if Berman doesnt smack the NFL in the head first. I have a pretty good feeling Berman is ruling for Brady and the NFLPA. He knkws the NFL is just lieing and making absurd conclusions

  20. TB12 will play until the No Facts League realizes someone deflated the Packers Balls during a game in Frozen Green Bay. This despite all the new rules governing ball handling….

  21. This complete embarrassment of sham…….imagine……a case about air pressure in a football……actually going to the Supreme Court?

  22. A lot of reporting from numerous sources on “Deflategate.” I hve narrowed my reading to PFT. So far, this is consistently the best coverage, and everything written seems to be right in line with what actually happens(ed).

    I think an injunction is not only possible, but likely. I also believe that the NFL appeal process should voluntarially change, before the new NFLPA CBA. I am so disappointed in the NFL, no other way for me to see it, they’re liars.

    Ted Wells is nothing more than a hitman dressed in independent clothing. Whatever short term benefits he brought his firm, will cost them more in the future. Would a large company or organization hire this firm, or Ted Wells after this fiasco is over?

    And for Ted, the nightmare will continue with the Turner defamation suit. Run Jim Turner, run!

  23. I like most fans on both sides of the fence am completely sick and tired of hearing about this everyday. While I believe Brady should get some punishment for at least being arrogant during the investigation let alone for possibly knowing about deflation of balls and wish they two sides would settle (ie 1 game suspension that was mentioned yesterday), I am starting to think the NFL will never settle and possibly prefers to lose completely in court. I think the Pats have been doing various forms of cheating over the years and there are some handful of owners that are tired of it. Goodell is their puppet, and they instructed him to take this to the limit no matter what happens. This is a sign to Kraft and the Pats that the other owners are tired of their cheating ways, and they will drag this out as long as they can.

  24. Let’s also not forget that both the refs handling the game balls before each play, and the Colts player making the interception never felt anything wrong with them. Like the special counsel who investigated Pete Rose said, this is literally about nothing.

  25. I for one am sick of all the speculative articles on this site. In fact everyone I know this side of New England is sick of reading about Brady. Most fans of other teams want to focus on the new season, football and not be besieged with Brady verses the NFL legal issues! Pat fans enter every thread whining like little girls about their fortunate son What will be will be.

  26. This whole case has been marked by NFL lies, big and small. The big lie is that the NFL is acting to protect the “integrity of the game”.

    The truth is that deflategate is just another chapter in the owners running roughshod over the game’s integrity in their efforts to increase their control and profits.

    Let’s examine the facts.

    1. 2006 – The owners hire a staffer (when Paul Tagliabue steps down) that is theirr obedient servant, not an independent-minded individual like Tagliabue that will act in the best interest of the game.

    2. 2011 – The owners lock out the players to force a redistribution of wealth by giving the owners a higher percentage of the revenues.

    3. 2012 – The owners lock out the officials and replace them with a clown car of individuals that embarrass even the owners.

    4. 2015 – The owners, through the NFL office in New York, implement a sting against the NFL’s leading franchise (and the owner that saved them in the lockout and replacement ref scandal) that blows up in their face when simple science disproves the charges but they double down with fines, the taking away of draft choices, and the targeting of the team’s best player who is headed his sixth super bowl (that he will win and be named MVP).

    5. 2015 – The owners, through the NFL office in New York, put a target on the back of possibly the greatest player in the history of the game as part of a scheme to force new interpretations of the CBA that will allow a puppet commissioner to do the owners’ bidding. They use lies, leaks, fines, the taking away of draft picks, player suspensions, a smear campaign, abuse of the CBA, while wasting the federal court’s time and do it all in the name of protecting the “integrity of the game”.

    History indicates that Bob Kraft convinced the owners to stop the madness of the lockout and replacement ref scandal but now that he is a target there is no leadership to end the current disgraceful display that Judge Berman and Counsel Kessler are revealing to anyone willing to read.

    Until the media calls out the owners, by name, or Brady targets them in a defamation suit, there is not a lot of pressure on them to settle. They are too busy flexing their muscles in front of a full length mirror and admiring themselves.

  27. This is getting crazy if air pressure was such a big deal the league would have said something when Aaron Rodgers said he overinflates his footballs and admitted that sometimes the refs take air out and sometimes they don’t so all those times the refs did not take air out he had a so called unfair advantage

  28. If it was in fact true (and who knows with any leak you hear as it relates to this proceeding) that Brady was maybe willing to accept a 1 game suspension if the language was only for not cooperating with the NFL witch-hunt and not anything related to deflation, that’s out the window now as his case is strengthened by the day.

    He should dig his heels in and finally get the vindication he’s deserved now that someone rational and talented is governing this case. It has becomes obvious to all that no balls were deflated and no one was ordered to do so. A countersuit is not out of the question with what the NFL has attempted here.

    Also, enough is enough with the sheer incompetence of Goodell. This debacle has cemented the idea that he must go.

    He and the NFL should have to lower their flags and march straight out of town, stopping at every home they pass by to beg forgiveness for attempting to assassinate the character of a man without proper evidence, and with a clear ulterior motive.

  29. After yesterday, the judge was letting them know that the side that is not willing to settle is not going to like the result. I think the NFL has no choice but to work out a settlement.

  30. The NFL should offer a settlement to Brady commensurate with the one issued to Brett Favre for not turning over his phone for the same amount and call it a day and forget any suspensions because that is what justice demands. That is what Judge Berman is hinting for you to do!

    Many posters who have come to their senses, now believe after the records have been unsealed, that the integrity problem lies with Roger Goodell and the NFL’s front office not Tom Brady or the New England Patriots.

    Do what is right now or forever risk be tainted by these preposterous proceedings which have not helped withhold the image of integrity for the NFL even remotely. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s pretense of being the protector of the integrity of the league, while in reality himself being the worst example of anything resembling such a noble reflection of honor has instead turned the entire concept upside down.

    The only thing worst than the partaking of this sham is not having the good character to admit the whole thing should never have happened in the first place. Do it Roger or risk the reputation of your own legacy. We changed our minds about Brady, we can change our minds about you. Judge Berman is trying to help you, are you listening?

  31. The NFL knew all of this would happen / was going to happen. They probably guessed that Brady would win on appeal. So, instead of making an appropriate and quick ruling, the NFL dragged its heels every step of the way. If nothing else they wanted Brady to suffer from the hassle and any emotional distress that went with it.

    Even if Brady eventually walks away scot free, as many suspect, the NFL will have inflicted its damage. (Not to mention the huge fine and loss of a draft pick from the Patriots.)

  32. the league actually does have a problem with appealing the judge’s decision if he rules for Brady.

    The entire CBA which as we know is labor versus ownership with years of court rulings siding with the terms of the CBA could be in jeoprady.

    The rulings in the past have dealt with shops where the workers had the ability to move to another shop. Thereby the CBA negotiations are give and take.

    In the NFL the workers do not have that ability.

    Look at past work stoppages, replacements brought in, lockouts with the workers forced to accept what could be deemed a CBA jammed down their throats.

    If this does go to the USSC it could open the questioning far beyond deflatedballs.

  33. If Brady wins, it’s open season on cheating. Anything will suffice and no longer will the best team win. The team that can best find a way to cheat will win. Now I guess that’s acceptable for anybody that can’t compete under the rules. In my eyes and I am not a New England hater. I root for an NFC East team, how many times do you let one franchise get away with cheating. If I’m the NFL I forget about the CBA. The union gave Goodell the right to decide discipline then fight the decisions. It’s time to give the union a beating like the unions in the real world.

  34. Has it crossed anyone’s mind that the real reason Goodell ordered the spygate tapes destroyed was because they showed the Patriots did nothing wrong?? In lieu of recent revelations it’s quite, if not actually possible.

  35. The NFL has already won.

    By dragging this out the entire offseason they have kept the public attention on PSI instead of PI.

    Nobody talking about the horrible calls in both Dallas games. Just focused on destroyed cell phones

    Now the preseason is here and its back to real football not this dog and pony show.

    I believe Brady will miss some games but they will manipulate the process so he plays the big money games like Pitt Indy and Dallas.

    Like I said the NFL has already won.

  36. The CBA does not allow for Goodell to act in an arbitrary and capricious manner. His role as the arbitrator in the appeal hearing requires him to conduct himself reasonably. Berman’s comments regarding a quantum leap from the findings in the Wells report to the ruling made by Goodell suggests that the judge doesn’t consider Goodell’s actions reasonable. Berman’s line of questioning (why is deflation as bad as PEDs; where is the proof pertaining to Jan. 18th; why was Pash not allowed to be called as a witness; etc) to the NFL further calls out the reasonableness (is that a word?) or lack thereof the process.

    People getting hung up on the fact that Berman has only sided with the Union twice out of 68 times in the past aren’t considering the possibility that the NFL has screwed this up far worse than any of those 68 previous appeals.

  37. If Brady has to sit any number of games and the Pats lose then there’s an * next to those wins as well as any playoff spots affected by the result of those games. Might just as well * the whole season, unless the Pats repeat then we can add an !

  38. I believe that Berman will vacate the suspension and grant an injunction. It would leave the NFL with two choices. They can either start a new appeal process with a neutral arbiter or just appeal Berman’s decision on the grounds that he had no right to grant any relief based on the CBA. The ironic thing here is that the NFL thought they outsmarted Tom Brady and Jeffrey Kessler by filing their case first in New York. As it turns out, that move may have been foolish.

    Berman may end up siding with the NFL, while at the same time ripping Roger Goodell and the way he does business. That is actually the owners’ best hope. Roger Goodell’s behavior is callous toward potential victims of his actions and he is a reactionary dufus who has no business being the CEO of a professional sports league (or even a Dunkin Donuts franchise).

  39. Why Did it Take Wells So Long to Create His Report and Why did Goodell Take So Long to Rule on the Appeal?

    We all kept asking these questions.

    We are seeing why today.

    Being so close to the regular season, the pressure is all on Brady and the Patriots.

    I wonder who put this all together. It is very ingenious.
    I am amazed. This is the real way to screw your enemy.

    The other fans laugh today, but they will not think it is so funny when it is their turn. Next time it will be even harder to defend against because the NFL has learned some very important lessons with this case.

    The NFL is so CORRUPT.

  40. It amazes me how Judge Berman is destroying the the credibility of the NFL in this case and showing that nothing happened other than cold air causing deflation yet jealous Patriot haters still choose to ignore the lies and deceit of the NFL and still back Roger. I guess I should should expect the same stupid comments trolls have been making up through this entire witch hunt.

  41. Owners got to wise up and fire their puppet and his cronies. Jeffrey Kessler for commish.

  42. I don’t understand this “neutral arbitrator” stuff. Berman’s job is to determine if the CBA was followed in this case. And according to the CBA, Goodell can hear the review. That’s one of the most clear parts about this case. So how would a new hearing with a different arbitrator even be a possibility, unless it were part of a settlement?

  43. Goodell and his cronies have dug a deep hole for themselves. Now it’s time to lie down for a long-overdue dirt nap.

  44. “I guess we’ve known each other for 17 years. … I’m a big fan of Tom Brady as a player and I really enjoy being around him as a person.” — Drew Brees, 8/19/2015

    Two star QBs shafted by the NFL. Why?

  45. Pats fan here.

    I can’t believe my fellow fans have been duped by this fraud. Tom, I love you but please take your medicine.

  46. You can’t be semi-pregnant and a football can’t be semi-deflated. After a $5 million report that featured inconclusive scientific results that indicated it was possible that some footballs may have lost a minimal amount of PSI if you assume a certain gauge was used, the footballs were not wet and the timing of the halftime measurements do not matter. In addition the amount of PSI that “MIGHT” be missing is not detectable by a single person on the face of the planet earth. In other word “maybe” semi-deflated.

    This is not about deflation of footballs or for that matter integrity of the game. If it was about integrity of the game how about suspending JJ Watt for being generally aware that the Texans CBs hold receivers beyond 5 yards from the line of scrimmage when certain refs have the game. You might as well also take away some draft picks and fine the Texans as well. How about that cheating Payton Manning being suspended for knowingly participating in a scheme to run an illegal pick play on 3rd down.

    This is really about an initial sting that was a mistake made by the league, then a cover-up that included a smear campaign by the league to win in the court of public opinion and now it has evolved into a face saving exercise for the commissioner and a need to satisfy league owners who want to remain dominate over the players.

  47. If the CBA makes any reference whatsoever to due process or fairness, then the judge would be upholding the CBA in vacating Goodell ‘ s decision.

  48. You don’t want to understand because you see the case against Tom Brady melting away. Now you see it, now you don’t. It must be tough for you but unfortunately your backing betting on the wrong horse. Not to late to open your eyes.

  49. Tom brady cheated to win the super bowl but since its done with we cant go back and take the trophy away. So whats fair is for Brady to serve the 4 games, then have the judge rule no suspension but it would be too late and brady already served it. I say take away the super bowl if he cheated to win it, plain and simple. Is cycling the only respectable sport that takes trophies and records away from cheaters?!?!?!?!

  50. decision.

    In this case, there are questions as to whether Tom Brady got fair treatment at his appeal hearing.

  51. The haters haven’t had an original thought about this case since day 2.

    They just keep shaking their rattle.

  52. Berman is pretty smart, doesn’t want to get the courts involved in settling these disputes. Unfortunately if neither side comes to an agreement by Aug 31 you can bet Berman makes a decision.

    My bet is Brady gets two games.

  53. letsgobuffalo4 says:
    Aug 20, 2015 10:47 AM
    Tom brady cheated to win the super bowl but since its done with we cant go back and take the trophy away. So whats fair is for Brady to serve the 4 games, then have the judge rule no suspension but it would be too late and brady already served it. I say take away the super bowl if he cheated to win it, plain and simple. Is cycling the only respectable sport that takes trophies and records away from cheaters?!?!?!?!


    Dude, even if the league were to strip the Patriots of the SB, your team would still have zero. Nada. None. Zilch. And it will always be this way. You don’t really believe that The Bills are ever going to win a SB do you? Really? No, of course you don’t….

  54. Here is what we know……………. Common sense tells us that Brady was aware and part of the scheme to deflate the balls. That is clear. The deflator was on a diet? really? Regardless of what most patriots fans are claiming, ( I have a lot of respect for the few pats fans who are not acting like young boys just caught masturbating and that can see through the b.s. and admit what is evident.) We also know that the NFL does not have the proof beyond a shadow of doubt to present for their case. Brady destroyed the phone with the proof and there are no pictures or voice recordings of brady participating.

    Brady did it! He cheated! Not the first time! NFL’s only proof was destroyed so they cannot prove it! They have no proof! End of story! This is simply a battle of how much power does Goodell have from the CBA!

    The question is not “Did Brady cheat?”! Yes he did! Not sure why the delusional fans still argue it! It’s clear! Let it go! He cheated! The question is not “Does the NFL have proof?”! No! They dont! Brady destroyed it! They have no proof whatsoever! The question is does Goodell have all the power to make the decision with what they do have against him which is not clear proof! That goes back to the CBA and possible loopholes that the NFLPA may find!

    Bottom line! Brady cheated! NFL has no clear proof!
    End of story! Stop trying to save a cheaters legacy because it’s the qb for your favorite team!

  55. jim0tt0 says:
    Aug 20, 2015 1:00 PM

    Pats are a disgrace to football

    Get real.

    Teams like the Browns, the Jets, the Bill, the 49ers, the Vikings, and the Jaguars are a disgrace to football.

    Do you realize how terrible NFL football would be if you didn’t have good teams like the Patriots making it interesting?

    What would the losers have to cry about?

  56. Get real.

    Teams like the Browns, the Jets, the Bill, the 49ers, the Vikings, and the Jaguars are a disgrace to football.

    Do you realize how terrible NFL football would be if you didn’t have good teams like the Patriots making it interesting?

    What would the losers have to cry about?


    Cheating to gain advantage and skew a fair playing field makes you a good team? It may give you a lot of unfair wins my friend but it will never make you a good team. Ask Lance Armstrong how he is looked at in regards to his sport. Brady is fortunate he won’t be stripped titles. Atleast he has that. Armstrong is no longer a champion but a cheater and he lost his titles. He now is labeled a cheater. Brady will now forever be the same. He cheated. Even if the NFL cant prove it and they lose the case, everybody knows what happened. Unless your delusional. 95 percent of the real world will always believe he is a cheater. Who cares about the 5% delusional fans who all root for the pats. Numbers and percentages always win

  57. The troll meltdown is in full motion because:

    1. They are going banana’s that, finally someone that is independent is looking at report, is tearing it apart and doesn’t appear to agree with its conclusions.

    2. the nfl is cleanly on its way to losing this case in a big way

    3. The pats are getting their 4th SB ring at the beginning of the season and are on of the favorites to get a 5th.

    4. The HOF voters are going to fall all over themselves to vote brady in first ballot the moment he is eligible and this isn’t going to affect that one little bit. It will be a small footnote in history.

    As for “cheating” when you try to make that case about brady to someone that actually understands football you are going to have to explain to them how a couple of ticks of pressure below the minimum (depending on what gauge was used to measure the ball; not under at all according to one of them) lead to the colts being demolished or brady having the greatest 4th quarter comeback in SB history with no possible question about ball inflation.

    As for spygate, since it wasn’t illegal to film signals in any year the pats won a SB you are going to have to come up with something else to prove your point if you want to claim cheating.

    You have nothing. Enjoy the championship presentation on Thursday September 10th!

  58. Well, the judge is from New York, so more than likely he will grant the injunction, but then uphold the NFL 4 game suspension right before the Jets play the Patriots in week 6, so Brady will be out for that game through the game against the Giants in week 9.

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