Randy Moss doesn’t completely slam the door on a comeback

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With the Panthers suddenly in need of help at receiver and with other teams one torn ACL away from losing a top wideout, there aren’t many veterans available to fill the void.

One veteran who hasn’t played since 2012 could be.

Asked by reporters at joint Patriots-Saints practices in his home state of West Virginia whether he’s officially retired, Randy Moss said this, via Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com: “I would say never, but ahhhhh . . . let’s leave it at that.”

And then Moss, who was wearing Patriots gear at the practice session, walked away.

As Darin Gantt of PFT noted earlier in the hour on PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, Moss already has a home in Charlotte.

Last year, Moss mused about coming out of retirement to play with Peyton Manning. So would Moss do it to play with Cam Newton.

39 responses to “Randy Moss doesn’t completely slam the door on a comeback

  1. Oh please, get over it! Moss proved that he has nothing left in the tank already. Any team desperate enough to sign him isn’t going to get any productive play out of him anyway if the number of targets and the team’s success are the only thing that motivates him to play at a high level.

  2. During his career Moss said that he ‘only plays when I feel like it’. I guess he feels like it now because he wants another big payday. Certainly not for love of the game.

  3. G.O.A.T.

    Simply the MOST electrifying wideout to have ever suited up.

    Any team would be lucky to have him, as long as his heart is in it and he has his stuff together.

  4. Who wants a guy with locker room cancer, a guy with the worse attitude ever in NFL history. He’s worse than T.O. I wouldn’t waste a dime on this clown. He’s not even consider a Vikings any more.

  5. Who wants a guy with locker room cancer, a guy with the worse attitude ever in NFL history. He’s worse than T.O in my view. I wouldn’t waste a dime on this clown. He’s not even consider a Vikings any more.

  6. I enjoyed Randy, but late in his career he would only run streak plays or long post routes. He became predictable which made it easy for teams to cover him.

    He isn’t going to run routes in the middle or screens.

  7. I want him back in a Patriots uniform for the 2015 season so he can go out a winner. Randy Moss has 19 games left in those legs.

  8. When he was on the niners his last year the guy was still able to separate from defenders by a mile. Don’t believe me? Watch the Super Bowl vs the ravens again, Kap was just blind the entire game

  9. No one doubts Moss’ talent and abilities, his work ethic….well that’s another story

  10. Moss is still better than 50-60% of the wideouts I the league today! Shame how NE kicked him to the curb. Classless cheating *** organization.

  11. This is dumber than the talk of Kurt Warner and Brett Favre coming out of retirement. Do you think Randy Moss has been working out to stay in football shape for the last three years? His last good season was 2009. Six years ago! I’ll never understand why so many people believe that a guy who wasn’t good in his last year would all of a sudden be good after sitting on the couch for a few years. At least this is more realistic than a Herschel Walker comeback.

  12. If he was as good a route runner as Jerry Rice then I could see it working out. Jerry had a 1,000 yard season when he was closing in on 40 years old.

    Stay retired Randy because I’ll probably be dead by the time you get in the hall of fame

  13. Other than T.O., whom I believe can still play at a high level, Moss is the best and only possible #1 receiver out there. T.O. is still not far from game shape, look at the guy. Moss doesn’t look bad himself. Toss him an incentive contract with $1 million base and get it done. He can’t take the Panthers to the Super Bowl, but that wasn’t happening for that team, anyway.

  14. He and T.O. could still start in this league. Moss with a good QB would still be able to catch 80 with 10+ TDs in today’s NFL. Coaches just don’t want the headache or distraction. People said Moss was done while in OAK. Then he played with a good QB for the first time and broke records. Then they trade him to a team with no QB and all of a sudden he lost it. So dumb. The NFL is as much about opportunity as it is about talent. They’re all talented. Not all get chances.

  15. With today’s advances in sports science and training, there’s no reason why he couldn’t still play if he dedicated himself to getting into game shape. Hell, look at Bernard Hopkins!

  16. Randy has proven one thing for certain in a career that could’ve been far greater if he had his head in the game. He proved that no matter how good a situation he had he could “blow it all to hell.” Shameful to have golden talent and a tin foil heart. He had the perfect situation in New England but he couldn’t resist lighting a match to it.

  17. rjpats says:
    Aug 20, 2015 1:52 PM
    Greatest physical talent to ever play receiver

    Did you really just reference Moss and physical lmfao maybe athletic but my 11 year old daughter plays more physical then Moss ever did.

  18. As a Cowboys fan, I would love to see him as a #2 – Dez and Moss, Williams and Beasley sharing the #3 – damn!! Not going to happen, but he could still play at a very high level.

  19. Randy is like Brett; ask him a question and don’t take the answer too seriously! He would need the team to be a top contender and Carolina is not!

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