Redskins can’t get RG3 concussion story straight


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III left Thursday’s preseason game in the second quarter to be evaluated for a right-side stinger and a possible concussion.

Joe Theismann, a color analyst on the Redskins’ preseason broadcast, told viewers that Griffin had taken a concussion test and been cleared. That news was passed along by several outlets, including this one.

But at halftime a Redskins spokesman told others who asked that the team had no comment on Griffin’s health and that he had “no idea” where Theismann got the information he passed along. The Redskins said Griffin was out for the night — he wasn’t returning, anyway — but would not confirm anything regarding the concussion test.

The final answer is that it will be addressed by Redskins coach Jay Gruden after the game.

Griffin was sacked three times and took several other stiff shots in four series, three that ended in punts and one in a lost fumble, vs. the Lions.

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  1. Portis fed that info to Joe Theismann.. And now he is trying to back track saying Gruden will address the topic after the game.
    They won’t ever play hard for RGme… He will be on IR by halftime of week 1

  2. Horrible line and OC calls all straight drop backs for RGIII. First pass play for Cousins is a roll out and he also had a read option. Yeap, that makes sense.

  3. The play calling isn’t the issue. I think that RG3’s incessant need to talk about how great he is, is now starting to cost him because people don’t want to work as hard for him.

  4. I feel sorry for RGIII playing behind that awful line. Even a bulky QB would have a tough time surviving all those hits.

    Also, glad to see “Redskins” used on this site!

  5. The offensive line is bad but horrendous pre snap reads and post snap adjustments are not helping.
    Perfect storm for any defensive line.
    Robert, you mean well but the NFL isn’t Baylor. Get out while you have your health young man. This isn’t your game.

  6. Big Skins fan here, always supported RG3 and hoped for him to improve, but it seems like he just doesn’t have what it takes. It’s really sad and astonishing to see the digression especially after the success that he had during his rookie year. The frustrating part about it is that you can’t really blame it on one particular thing. He doesn’t have pocket awareness, can’t manipulate the pocket, doesn’t have the timer needed to realize when the ball should be released, doesn’t have the anticipation required to throw timing based passes. His line didn’t do him any favors tonight but Colt came in and played behind the same line and seemed to do just fine. At this point, RG3 has no confidence in his line and I wouldn’t be surprised if he admitted to being in over his head at the QB position. You can compare it to when David Carr was behind an abysmal line and never developed as a QB, but like I said Kirk and Colt seem to be fine behind the same line. Again, It’s really hard to watch, especially after the hope and excitement he gave us during his rookie year. Sigh..

  7. I haven’t watched the game yet due to living on the west coast. It will be showed on NFL network at 9pm pst. I will watch to see what happened before I bury RG3. I have been a Redskins fan for over 35 years so I don’t have loyalty to players but to Redskins Nation. RG3 needs to just be vanila when talking to the media regarding anything about his play. When your not producing on the field and can’t stay healthy you need to just work hard, study film.

  8. They better make sure they get a deal done with Trent Williams. You see what happens when he is not playing.

  9. Good thing the Lions didn’t have Suh, he would have been killed… Oh wait, he gets to face the Dolphins d-line with Suh, Wake and Vernon for the first game of the season. Might end his season in the first game.

  10. Pre season or no, you just know a bad team when you see it. The Redskins are flat out horrible.
    RG3 is a dead man walking; when he can actually stand upright that is.

  11. Interesting that Jay Gruden ran the plays that are best for Kirk Cousins but didn’t do the same for RG3. Of course RG3 didn’t play well but Jay Gruden could have at least made things easier for him like he did for the other 2 QBs.

  12. I’m not surprised it came from Theisman, he was getting the names wrong all game so not surprised he got this wrong as well

  13. I’m not surprised Theisman got it wrong, he got the names of players wrong all night, so it only seems right he gets this wrong as well.

  14. Every notice how the line looks terrible only when Robert is playing? Time to end this experiment and let Cousins have the keys.

  15. The Oline is bad, but RG3 can’t seem to read the defense and set protections. The Oline needs help but RG3 isn’t helping matters. Why is he even out there? The poor guy is incompetent as an NFL QB. He may have done better as a track star.

  16. Theismann just said what he was praying for, that his QB Jesus would come back and justify all the love and support he shows Bob even when he’s being planted, throwing wide, and just dropping the ball for no reason.

    Joe is the biggest Skins cheerleader out there and doesn’t have a shred of credibility when he is supposed to provide analysis during his broadcasts. All he is lacking is some Daisy Dukes and pom-poms in the booth.

  17. Bunch of rg3 wingnuts here again. Always love blaming someone else for his failures. Guy wimped out and even faked his injury so he didn’t have to answer to his #1 QB passer rating after the game. Oh wait,,, wrong QB.

  18. Concussion? Bob Griffin feared the Lions starting defense that was working him over and took a dive.

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