RG3 gets roughed up again, suffers possible concussion


The Redskins have plenty of work to do. The offensive line, specifically pass protection, would be a good place to start.

Robert Griffin III and the Redskins starters managed 10 total yards on their first three series of Thursday night’s preseason game vs. the Lions.

On the fourth series, Griffin got sacked on consecutive plays. On the second sack, his fumble was recovered by Gabe Wright of the Lions at the Redskins’ 11-yard line.

To make matters worse, the Redskins announced Griffin was then evaluated for a right-side stinger and possible concussion. He was cleared to return to the game but wasn’t going to return; Griffin finished 2-of-5 passing for 8 yards.

Starting left tackle Trent Williams, generally considered the team’s best offensive lineman, sat out the game but the four other starters played. Willie Smith started in place of Williams.

Griffin got sacked on the first drive — it appeared first-round pick Brandon Scherff was beaten on the play — and was forced to dodge rushers on almost every pass. On the second drive, Griffin got smashed by a blitzing DeAndre Levy on a third down pass to Andre Roberts that should have been caught.

Griffin took a bunch of shots — and a few big ones — in last week’s preseason debut vs. the Browns, too. Griffin is always in the spotlight. The Redskins need to figure out a way to keep him upright.

56 responses to “RG3 gets roughed up again, suffers possible concussion

  1. Should have pulled him sooner.

    8 dropbacks, 3 sacks, 4 hits, a batted ball and a fumble. He got killed out there.

    Suh who?

  2. Wanted my team to draft Scherff but glad they didn’t now, he doesn’t play with leverage and is too easily pushed back for a mam of his size. Also it no surprise that Griffin is hurt again, he won’t last the season behind that offensive line

  3. Watching this game there was nothing RG3 could do. Washington’s offensive line was allowing instant pressure and Gruden’s routes never had a chance to develop.

    Theismann was showing all the sacks and pressures before he fumbled the ball and was caught under a pile instantly. Straight out of the book, How To Break A QB 101.

  4. If I’m Cousins or McCoy, I’d start prepping as if I’ll be starting by game 3, after Griffin gets knocked out for the year. Thanks for the memories Bob G, your rookie season wasn’t bad, but it’s probably over for you…

  5. While Griffin is a headcase, he has been cruelly left in the game on more than a few occasions since entering the league.

    You have to wonder about the mentality of some coaches.

  6. I will agree with the sentiment that the Redskins offensive line was bad, but let’s not forget that RGIII got hurt trying to recover his own fumble. He wasn’t even touched. Just lost the ball running by himself. Had he held on to the ball he wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

  7. Starting QB for the 2016 Arizona Cardinals. Where he’ll actually do pretty well. If he isn’t killed by that Washington O-Line this year.

  8. If it’s the line and not RGIII, why does McCoy immediately look better? Nobody even touched RGIII when he dropped that second fumble.

  9. Willie Smith #60 is absolutely awful. He got beat by a bull rush, a speed rush and a swim move in consecutive possessions. If he’s still the backup LT after tonight’s game then the Skins deserve whatever happens next.

  10. He will not make it to halftime against Miami. Isn’t it funny how the Redskins respond once RGme isn’t on the field anymore. Starters or back ups they are all professional football players going against equal talent. The franchise is a joke.

  11. Not his fault at all gettimg sacked but this play was. The game is truly depressing to watch. They won’t win 1 game this season unless they can beat Buffalo

  12. Questionable O-Line? Yes

    Biggest problem? QB. He’s still got to find a way to make plays. He can’t scramble? Isn’t that his specialty? How can you be the best qb when you’re on your back? Even Johnny Football knows better.

    Good luck Washington, you’re gonna need it.

  13. You could put Rogers, Brees, Brady, Romo or Ryan behind that line and they would suck,too.

    It’s absolutely disgusting how lousy that O-line is. I don’t care if it turns out they don’t like RGIII, nothing professional about what I’m seeing them do tonight.

  14. He had plenty of time to throw on that play. Ball has to come out.

    If you have three seconds in the NFL, the ball should already be out. At this point I can only comment on that play, but it seems like he had at least three seconds, pulled it down to run, fumbled, and you know the rest.

    Well the NFLN will have the game on in 2 1/2 hours.

  15. Clearly, No.99 (Corey Wootton) did a Body Plant on RGIII, never even attempting to go for the ball, which was already in RGIII’s possession on the ground. That is how you effectively end a man’s career SMH

  16. BEST QUARTERBACK IN THE LEAGUE!!! That play was all on Griffin. He was protected and had the clear shot for the side door but ‘ol boy simply Dropped. The. Football. Griffin contributes to Griffn’s slow demise. Can’t completely put all the blame on the O-line

  17. Still wondering why nfln isn’t showing it. I know they like showing preseason cause I’ve seen Cowboys vs chargers features about 10 times now since last week

  18. I’m a Redskins fan and it’s time to move on. He will never last in this league. Look at the play he was hurt on, 3 people wide open for short passes to the left, right, and middle. But this idiot tucks and runs like he is going to pick up 16 yards. Offensive line did him no favors but this experiment has to end. I’m done!

  19. I guess his O’Line didnt get the memo when he said he was the best in the game. Dude is done, its amazing how some feel he has something left, poor arrogant person.

  20. They never should have left him in. But I have a feeling that Jay Gruden’s playing with fire. RG3 maybe gone after this season but if he thinks that Colt McCoy or Cousins is the answer he will be gone also.

  21. Any QB who doesn’t move in the pocket or feel pressure is going to make his o-line look horrible. They were bad but most QBs could have avoided half those hits just by manipulating the pocket a little bit. Bob you do know you can take a few STEPS FORWARD, right?

    To brittle to be a running qb. To unskilled to be a pocket passer.

  22. Logically,
    I can see how Bobby ” the best qb in the league” Griffin and Desean “nobody can stop me but a blocking sled” Jackson and Washington’s #1 offensive line in the league will bring multiple championships to the city. Wait until Philly and that awesome defense eats them alive. You are right nobody has it better. Looking like a #1 pick for Danny next year. Keep up the good work Danny boy. The rest of the league applauds the circus you developed. #ICWT

  23. Coming on the heels of his recent ludicrous comments, I can’t imagine a worse outcome for Griifin than this. Based on what I’ve seen of him on the field and his questionable conduct off of it, RGIII is like a Kardashian…propping up his undeserved fame to protect his brand.

  24. How is that second “sack” a sack if he had already lost the ball and got piled on? He didn’t lose the ball during a sack, he dropped it when his lady parts panicked and got scared prior to being concussed.

  25. l0glcalv0icesays says:
    Aug 21, 2015 11:03 AM
    RG3 is still the best QB in the NFL. Anyone with eyes can see that. #HTTR #GodsChosenTeam

    I guess You might Sanchez in even better with his stats from his first game.

    #ICWT #HTCK #ChipTheGenius #StompTheSkins #RGknee #RG3IsAJoke #DysfunctionalCity

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