Alex Smith throws touchdown pass to a wide receiver


The Kansas City Chiefs went the entire 2014 regular season without a single touchdown pass being caught by a wide receiver.

Starting quarterback Alex Smith went all of the 2014 season – preseason included – without hooking up with a wide receiver for a touchdown. Friday night against the Seattle Seahawks, Smith finally snapped the streak.

With an asterisk.

Smith completed a 3-yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin to open the scoring against the Seahawks in the second preseason game for both teams. It was the first touchdown pass to a receiver by Smith since Kansas City’s 45-44 playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts on January 4, 2014.

The caveat with the touchdown pass to Maclin was that Maclin was lined up in the backfield as a running back for the scoring play. Maclin beat Seattle linebacker Bruce Irvin into the flat for the touchdown.

Chase Daniel completed three touchdown passes to receivers in backup duty last week against the Arizona Cardinals. So there appears to be some signs of life for the Chiefs passing attack in 2015.

The Chiefs passing offense has to be more effective this season. Maclin provides an explosive element at receiver that was lacking last season in Kansas City. It will inevitably get better for the Chiefs this year. It certainly can’t get worse.

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  1. if there’s an asterisk next to that, then there should also be one next to last year as well, since he threw touchdowns to both Charles and Kelce lined up out wide.

  2. its a shame the Chiefs are stuck with Smith as their QB for the foreseeable future. Thy look pretty strong everywhere else.

  3. And then the next series threw an interception and was booed by the home crowd. Good luck chief fans.

  4. That’s what they payed him 11m a year to do. Wish Mac the best but at that price we had to let him go.

  5. So if the caveat is he wasn’t lined up at the WR position you should caveat the amount of TDs he threw last year to non-WRs lined up at the WR position. De’Anthony Thomas, Jamaal Charles, Travis Kelce, Knile Davis just to name a few.

  6. Talk about captain check down. This guys scared to throw the ball 10 yards downfield. Dumping off to backs, wrs in the flat, and tight ends. Always hoping for a few yac to get the first. Painful to watch. Free Daniel!

  7. the signing of Maclin is one that i loved and not because he caught a touchdown…i loved it because i always felt he was very underrated. when he and Jackson were on the same team, i always felt that Maclin was just as good and then when Jackson went to Washington, he showed me that he is. Smith has a great weapon in KC.

  8. I love my CHIEFS. We can score and we have depth and RW has still not thrown a TD pass. Heck if it wasnt for the blown route they would have had 6pts the entire game.

  9. What I thought was kind of funny about that play is that they had Jamaal play WR and brought Jeremy to the RB spot beside Alex in the gun. Then they throw it to Jeremy for a TD, but since he was lined up at RB should be put a second asterisk beside the TD? It just amused me that when they “finally” got a TD pass to a WR he while lining up at RB. Either way I’m a happy Chiefs fan; the first team offense looked slightly better.

  10. I’ve never followed the Chiefs but their defense looked pretty stout. If Alex dinks and dunks again this year, they should do OK. It is a funny headline though.

  11. $17 million? Really? That’s more than manning is making in Denver this year.. Good luck chief fans.

  12. The Kansas City Chiefs went the entire 2014 regular season without a single touchdown pass being caught by a wide receiver.


    I don’t follow the Chiefs whatsoever, but I found this stat to be pretty amazing, especially given that they still finished above .500 on the year.

  13. I just shed a single tear.

    The same kind of single tear as when you have your arm firmly around the shoulder of your sobbing wife, as you look at you lock eyes with your daughter as she backs the family SUV out of the driveway on her way to college for the first time. The same kind of tear when you realize she isn’t your little girl anymore, the same kind of a tear when a lifetime of memories come rushing into your head. From the moment your wife told you that she was pregnant, to rushing to the hospital holding your wives hand, the joy of holding your baby girl for the first time, her first steps, her first word(Dada), her first day of Kindergarten, her first report card, the family vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida in the summer of ’05, her first bully, her first day of high school, when you found that cigarette in that shoe box underneath her bed, her first boyfriend(Michael, what a jerk), her first breakup(Your too good for him sweetie), driving her to prom, telling you and your wife she had been accepted into the University of Missouri, and now in the blink of and eye…this moment. It all went by so fast. An entire lifetime. How did that happen?

    Thats the moment, the tear has already rolled down off your right cheek, almost in disbelief you have to ask yourself, “Was that a tear? I havent cried since seeing Saving Private Ryan in the theatre??” retroactively speaking. Thats the very moment it hits you, almost as if the world has stopped spinning if not for that very moment. Thats the moment it hits you.

    That is the type of tear that just rolled down my cheek after reading this news.

    We are proud of you Alex, you have grown up before our very eyes.

    You will be great.

  14. So let’s get this straight, the seahawk’s have played 2 pre season games, Wilson has played 3 quarters and they’ve scored 2 TD’s, neither of those can’t from the Russell Wilson led offense who is only missing 1 starting player….. Yup, that’s about how it works there in Seattle.

  15. He also threw a TD pass to a Seahhawk linebacker (a pick six!) so goes the career of the 3rd most famous game manager. 1-Trent Difer, 2-Brad Johnson.

  16. The Chiefs are going to be mediocre as long as Andy Reid coaches them. Like Rex Ryan, he looks the part but doesn’t posses the brains to take his team to the next level.

  17. If I were a team in need of a QB, I’d offer up a second or 3rd pick for Chase Daniels. He had complete control of the offense when he was on the field. He even execute the hurry up. I have no clue why this guy hasn’t found the right situation to start somewhere. Though against back ups, other 2nd string QB’s (except in washington/Cleveland maybe) are running their respective offenses this smoothly. I hope some team takes a chance via trade and gives this guy a shot

  18. How did this guy go #1???? Fire all scouts.. He has no downfield accuracy, never has and never will..

  19. Bitter much? The Bucs never had to hold the reins with Brad Johnson. He could actually score points and put the ball in the air. Dilfer’s game was typical game management. You had to cringe every time he threw for more than 5 yards because you were scared he’d screw it up. Alex Smith did great his first year in KC. He needs to return to that form and play like he has a chip on his shoulder. He might actually play better now that he has an actual weapon down field who can get open.

    If he struggles this year, then you can’t blame the system. The WCO is supposed to allow QBs to check down instead of forcing a ball. And scoring points is predicated on reading the D and actually having open options to throw the ball to. So, let’s see how he does this year.

    raiderrob21 says:
    Aug 22, 2015 10:51 AM

    He also threw a TD pass to a Seahhawk linebacker (a pick six!) so goes the career of the 3rd most famous game manager. 1-Trent Difer, 2-Brad Johnson.

  20. Alex Smith: A nice enough guy who has gamed the system for millions upon millions. NOT gonna take your team anywhere in the end though.

  21. For the person who said he was making more than Manning, that doesn’t make any sense. The reason being is they structure these deals in a way that he made a lot more at one point of his contract and a little bit less this year. That doesn’t mean Manning’s being paid less.

  22. “its a shame the Chiefs are stuck with Smith as their QB for the foreseeable future. Thy look pretty strong everywhere else.”

    Spoken like someone who hasn’t got a clue.

    KC has the worst pass protection in the league, and it’s not even close.

  23. Alex Smith has outplayed both Drew Brees and Andrew Luck in playoff games. And QB play is about winning not stats. Look up Smith’s winning pct last several years. If he had any protection you would see more downfield plays. Chiefs line is a sieve.

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