Jim McMahon: I know Belichick is a liar, probably a cheater too


Add longtime NFL quarterback Jim McMahon to the list of people who say you can’t trust Bill Belichick.

McMahon, who spent part of training camp and the preseason with the Browns in 1995 when Belichick was Cleveland’s coach, says that Belichick lied to him about the Browns’ intentions with him. McMahon says he moved his family to Cleveland because Belichick promised him that he’d have a spot on the Browns’ roster, but as it turned out McMahon lasted only three weeks in Cleveland.

“I was with Bill in Cleveland in ’95. He lied to me right to my face so I never trusted him after that. So all this stuff that happened, I’m sure he was right in the middle of it,” McMahon said on the Dan Patrick Show.

In fairness to Belichick, it’s possible that when he told McMahon that he’d be on the Browns’ regular-season roster, he meant it. Belichick said publicly after cutting McMahon in August of 1995 that he might re-sign McMahon days later, depending on how things worked out with some injured players on the Browns’ roster. And by that point, McMahon was a 13-year veteran who should have known that if you want a guaranteed payday in the NFL, you’d better have a guarantee in your contract, and not just take your coach’s word for it.

Still, McMahon said Belichick can’t be trusted, and McMahon believes that Belichick was probably involved in Deflategate.

“I know he’s a liar, so cheating ain’t far behind, I don’t think,” he said.

Despite McMahon’s hard feelings, things turned out OK for him. Later in 1995 he signed with Green Bay, where he earned a Super Bowl ring as Brett Favre’s backup. Belichick, on the other hand, got fired at the end of the season.

195 responses to “Jim McMahon: I know Belichick is a liar, probably a cheater too

  1. Only a chowder chomping fool would argue with Jimbo, the rest of the world knows they cheat on every aspect of the game ongoing.

  2. Jimbo – your still pissed off about something that happened 20 years ago… 2015 less 1995 is 20!!!! get over it jimmy, no one cares about you.

  3. Any player who claims Bill Belichick PROMISED them a roster spot is full of it. He doesn’t promise anybody a roster spot. Ask Lawyer Milloy.

  4. Annnddd the Patriots smear campaign continues

    Is Dan Patrick just rounding up anyone that will say something bad about Brady BB or the Pats

    How pathetic can you honestly be

  5. Love it, Belicheat is a good football coach that’s it. he has proven himself to be at best arrogant, a philanderer , a cheat and a bore. if you took away football he’d be as interesting as a stone crab.

  6. Except that nothing happened in #deflategate – it was completely fabricated by a handful of Patriot haters – so there’s nothing the Dark Lord could have been in the middle of.

    McMahon was never the brightest bulb.

  7. Sounds like McMahon lied to Belichick that he could still play quarterback.

    Don’t you think if he was any good, Belichick would have kept him?

    Butt hurt, McMahon????

  8. This is a funny way of pointing out that Belichick was the next to last person to give McMahon a chance to play in the NFL. He played in a grand total of 2 games after getting cut by the Browns, and he hadn’t played in over 2 years when Belichick gave him a look.

    Belichick may have been fired, but he is STILL the last Browns’ head coach to win a playoff game. Think firing Belichick was a good decision, or bad?

  9. Fantastic. A bitter old man has the stance that Belichick was involved because he’s a “liar and lying isn’t far from cheating.” That seems to match up with the logic of every other person who believes Defelategate actually happened.


  10. Everyone has an opinion on Belichick, but keep this in mind :
    After being cut by Cleveland, McMahon had a grand total of 5 pass attempts in the remainder of his entire career. Bill may have ‘lied’ to McMahon 20 years ago, but Bill was sure correct when he evaluated that the guy couldn’t play a lick any more.

  11. The Pats should not be punished for regular season games.
    They should be punished for post-season games.

    Hit them where it matters most.

  12. Oh for the love of God. Hasn’t this man been diagnosed with a scrambled brain.

    This is a direct quote from him:

    :”My memory’s pretty much gone.”

    Google it.

    And this
    “There are a lot of times when I walk into a room and forget why I walked in there. I’m going through some studies right now, and I am going to do a brain scan.”

    And this
    “I’ve been hit in the head so many times, it’s hard to remember that far back. I don’t remember specific games.”

  13. This article is certainly post worthy, he sure backs up his comments with plenty of solid fact….

    He lied to me right to my face so I never trusted him after that. So all this stuff that happened, “*I’m sure*” he was right in the middle of it,

    McMahon said Belichick can’t be trusted, and McMahon believes that Belichick was “*probably*” involved in Deflategate

    I know he’s a liar, so cheating ain’t far behind, “*I don’t think*”

    Well….. im sold!!!

  14. I am all for hating on Belichick. But really? Obviously McMahon is still hurt from being cut. Lying about making a roster and following the rules of the game are completely different.


  15. really 20 years later and hes still bitchin’ like a high school player, really, what a baby.

    it is possible that Belichick did learn from his errors at Cleveland, because now when he brings in a veteran player he is absolutely upfront with them

  16. I guess its open season on the Patriots, rumor has it a car park attendant at Gillette stadium only stuck 4 stickers on his free McDonalds coffee the other day too!

  17. Is what Jim McMahon has to said any more relevant than a bum on the street. Except the bum on the street probably looks better. And is this really news worthy. Kind of like when celebrity thinks there opinion about politics and other issues means more than the normal person. Self important boob.

  18. I’m starting to wonder whether my team’s 86′ and 90′ rings should have asterisks.

  19. LoL grow up Jim. He promised me lol. This is the NFL. You were a good QB but apparently nothing more. He obviously didn’t like what he saw. So he was probably just as disappointed as you were.

  20. Jim needs to learn a little something about the real world. Of I had a nickel for every employer who lied to me or deceived me in some way, either during employment, or during the recruiting phase, I wouldn’t need to work.

  21. steelbreeze676 says:
    Aug 21, 2015 12:37 PM
    In a related story Max Headroom and Alf just came out against Belichick.

    Take the rest of the day off sir – you have just won the interwebs

  22. Despite McMahon’s hard feelings, things turned out OK for him. Later in 1995 he signed with Green Bay, where he earned a Super Bowl ring as Brett Favre’s backup. Belichick, on the other hand, got fired at the end of the season.


    Yes McMahon went on to such glorious accolades and Belichick got fired, justice was served and that clearly was the end of the story. What ever did happen to Belichick anyway?


  23. We all know Belichick is widely regarded as a micromanager who is obsessive about every detail, its likely he at least knew.
    We all also know deflategate never gets this far without a few things:
    1. Brady’s comments about Harbaugh
    2. The Patriots past
    3. John Harbaugh being a sore loser and whiner.
    4. The Colts listening to Crybaugh.
    5. The Patriots, NFL, and Brady all could have handled things better.
    6. The nflpa exploitation of deflategate to try to stick it to Goodell.
    7. Goodell’s stubbornness, ego, and incompetence to properly discipline player.

  24. Bitter much? I think the thing is that McMahon still thinks too much of himself and can’t accept the reality of the situation in that he sucked and couldn’t win the back-up QB role so he was cut like the scrub he’d become.

    And even with the Packers, he was the 3rd string QB and threw all of five garbage time passes in his two year career there…

    But, Mr. Ego still thinks, twenty-years-later, it’s all about him and people should actually care about his inability to win a back-up QB role and that it’s evidence of anything but he couldn’t cut it any longer.

  25. No one has ever questioned McMahon’s word or integrity…so why shouldn’t we believe him?!

    In ALL fairness to Belicheat…he is a cheater & liar. And i say that with all the respect he deserves!

  26. Maybe he lied about how he could actually still play. Like no other teams lie to players. Its like signing a 60 million dollar contract…you’ll never see all 60 million. Idiot.

  27. So Mcmahon got cut by Belichick in ’95 because he could not cut it. So that means Belichick is a cheater too without any evidence? Wouldn’t Mcmahon or any former player who has a grudge against Belichick (which there are many because he’ll cut anybody) have come out by now with concrete evidence. The truth is there is none, when you’ve been on the top for so long people will do anything to bring you down, but that’s not happening anytime soon. Can’t wait for all the whining about the Pats running up the score this year.

  28. Well we all know that Belichek cheated. The league punished the Pats for it. Now McMahon tells us he thinks he’s a liar too.

    I think McMahon got it backwards. Belichek is a cheater and that’s not far from being a liar. I have to side with the punky QB on the liar part. Once you cheat you lose the benefit of the doubt.

  29. If anyone has heard McMahon talk about anything else, we can put zero stock into his version of anything. You didn’t make the team, and that’s that.

    If this diatribe emboldens the frothy-mouthed haters, so be it. What else is new, and who cares?

  30. What Jim fails to release is: if you get cut by the Browns, then you really suck

  31. ’85 Bears were awesome…back when football still allowed defense to be played. Pioneers of the modern day WNFL (Weak Sauce National Football League) Old 5 Head and Tommy Boy wouldn’t have had such prolific careers if they played from the early ‘8os to the mid ’90s. Before they both collectively whined in the early/mid ’00s to constantly changing the rules into the “All Offense & No Defense allowed” flag football, crappy yearly Madden glitch ball mode arcade game the NFL is now.

    Jimmy Mac is spot on too…Darth Beli has been on the path of the dark side of the force since he had his nervous breakdown after his Browns head coaching stint. His next job was going to be all absolutes. By any means necessary. Combine that with daddy issues, fear of never escaping The Tuna’s shadow and voila…

    A legacy of bending/breaking rules, fines and docked draft picks, and two ” ‘Gate” scandals. The taint is strong with this one.

  32. Elsewhere, Punky Brewster just admitted to Dan Patrick that she’s not a Patriot’s fan.

    Still developing…

  33. 2manyconcussions says:
    Aug 21, 2015 12:41 PM
    Cue the Pats fans telling McMahon to shut up. The last refuge of those without anything useful to say is to tell those with whom they disagree to cease talking.

    Pats fans? I’m a 49er fan. And I’m sick and tired of clowns like McMahon who can’t deal with their professional failures by blaming other people for them.

    McMahon was washed up. He couldn’t get the 2nd string job and Billicheck didn’t keep 3 QBs.

    Billicheck moved on. McMahan spent the next two years as a 3rd string back-up for the Packers. End of story.

  34. This is almost as pathetic as cheating your way to 4 Super Bowl titles and acting as though you legitimately won them

  35. If only he’d said this sooner he could have served as another exhibit in the Concussion lawsuit

    There’s only one person we have PROOF that has lied throughout DeflateGate

    Roger Goodell

    And as the Owners have said “only a person with unquestioned integrity can serve as Commissioner” in their supposedly sacred Constitution and Bylaws, it’s still confusing why Roger still has a job

    After all, he even was caught lying under oath before Judge Barbara Jones

  36. IF it came out tomorrow that Belichick was behind deflategate would anyone be surprised?

  37. “Love it, Belicheat is a good football coach that’s it. he has proven himself to be at best arrogant, a philanderer , a cheat and a bore. if you took away football he’d be as interesting as a stone crab.”

    Why are you ripping stone crabs??

  38. Phone rings at McMahon’s house, he answers cautiously… “Hello, if this is a debt collector, I’m hanging up…”

    You want to interview me, um why? I haven’t had anything interesting to say since the Bear’s D won me a Superbowl.”

  39. Jim McMahon was the acknowledged GOAT QB, so yeah Bill lied and cheated him….. Yeah right. He won that ONE SB on the strength of Buddy Ryan’s Defensive Genis that year. Look what you did after he left, you became an average QB. If Bill can dump the likes of Bledsoe, Seymour, Ty Law, Milloy all Multi-year Pro Bowlers, cutting you was easy. You were brittle and injury prone. Keeping you? You have got to be kidding. Vinyard Testaverde was much better than you. Guess all those hits to your head had an impact back in the early 90’s…

  40. Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time. People are envious of his immense talent and success. It is inappropriate to dredge up the comments from this bitter former player with cognitive problems and probable mental health issues.

  41. Jim mcmahon is allowed to express his opinion. Or are only bias patriot fans allowed to speak on the matter?

  42. Everyone already know Belichick is a liar and a cheat. That’s already been proven and is not news to anyone, other than the zombies of new england of course. What else would you expect of them anyway? Stupid is as stupid does!

  43. As a Pats fan, every day comes another story like this, and each brings more joy into my life. All you trolls that think we’re ashamed of the team crack me up. Sox and Pats were lovable losers for the first 50 years of my life and I’m reveling in the fact that they’ve been so successful for the past 14 years that they’ve got a target on their backs.

  44. crush22 says:
    Aug 21, 2015 12:50 PM

    ………and he is correct.
    Long Live The *!

    He probably is, about this part:

    “I don’t think”

  45. Jim probably promised him he would be a good QB, sometimes you don’t hit the bullseye and have to move on.

    Sounds like Bill did him a favor to get the SB ring. Otherwise, he would have ended up on a sad team that moved in the middle of the night to Baltimore.

    Is every player Bill ever cut going to step up to the mic and cry? That’s a lot of cying for any head coach.

  46. No disrespect to McMahon but he’s taking so many hits he doesn’t what day it is. He’s had so many concussions he’s basically got dementia can’t really trust what he says.

  47. Bill Belichick is to the NFL what Anton Chigurh was to No Country for Old Men: the awesome bad guy that everybody hates and nobody can their eyes off of. Easily the most riveting person in the game, player, coach or otherwise, which is amazing given his monosyllabic approach to the media.

  48. Once public opinion began to shift on TB12 in a positive way, the media narrative changed to bugging locker rooms (by the way, Peyton: the Pat’s continue to have your number) and JM9 talking smack. That guy has more head trauma than a war hero. He was a clown when he played and remains to be a huge donkey.

    “Just hand the ball to Walter34.”

    If Brady had the Bears defense and Walter34, he would have won 10 Super Bowls. JM9, you won one, awful!

  49. Using McMahon’s rationale, if he himself has ever told a lie to anyone, he’s also cheated at sports. Man, I can’t believe McMahon was a cheater… PFT, please write an article about how McMahon was/is a cheater.

  50. No offense Jim, but that’s a no brainer. People have been on to him for years, but you have to question his intelligence for videotaping a Jets practice back in the day, I mean what was he thinking?

  51. Considering McMahon’s memory and mental state, he needs to be reminded he moved his family to Cleveland for the weather, not Belichick.

  52. C’mon man, NFL is a business. You know how it goes – wasn’t different back then, although players didn’t make nearly as much as they do today.

    McMahon’s a funny dude, but this is nothing more than sour grapes. Get over it Jim, it was 20 years ago.

  53. The amount of crying online today is just surreal. Poor sports who can’t make the roster cut spouting gibberish, Colts looking for bugs in the locker room. Its like everyone can sense that the Pats are about to get vindicated in Goodell’s Deflategate mess and when that happens and the “cheater” allegations can no longer be credibly supported by any rational being there will be no more excuses for the losing that NFL teams do when they face the Patriots.

  54. Jim is generally aware that he has had multiple concussions and has been seen on TV whining about it so maybe his memory is not serving him correct .

  55. McMahon sucks!!!


    bitter pats fan still sore about the record setting demolition of my crappy Pats team in 1985 Super Bowl by Jim and his Bears.

  56. is this the NFL where they play PRO Football or is it an extended episode of the Morey Povich show? who failed the lie detector test?? what does the blood test say? who is the liar?

  57. How else have the Patriots been cheating all these years?

    My guess is they are tampering with in-game communications, possibly even recording opponents calls at that line of scrimmage.

    ****four tainted rings. one sixth round fraud.

  58. “… where he (McMahon) ‘earned’ a Super Bowl ring.”

    That’s stretching the definition of the word “earned” when carrying a clipboard in a uniform that hadn’t been washed all season counts too.

  59. BB probably had every intention of keeping McMahon on the team…..then he saw him play and realized he stunk. Sorry Jim, you should have played better dude.

  60. I put no faith in anything someone says 10, 15 or 20 years after the fact. McMahon, for your own well-being….let it go, man.

  61. I’d be pissed too if I was promised and didn’t get paid all that time. So all of you crying that he is bitter don’t act like you wouldn’t be mad either.

  62. So a guy who has his name sewed into his underwear is not being quoted?

    Do not mean to be nasty but he is not well
    So perhaps find someone who know his own name

  63. Jim McMan is a despicable human being. He was invited to a friend of mines golf outing to benefit his sons pop warner team. He reportedly was at a strip club the night before, wouldn’t sign autographs until after golf, after golf said he would sign after eating, grabbed a huge plate of food and as the master of ceremonies is making announcements and thanking him for coming, he is strolling around back of the tent up the driveway and waves as he is leaving! Never signed an autograph! And HE is criticizing BB????
    Go back to the old folks home Jim, maybe they will remember you when you played( fyi, without your D-no SB for you!).

  64. Oh god. I’m sure Belichick didn’t promise the guy anything, and I am sure he just sucked badly enough to be cut. McMahon wasn’t even very good in his prime for goodness sake.

    Why on earth would anyone listen to this lunatic.

  65. “Once a cheater always a cheater”

    Don’t know what team you follow but I advise you to look up their history. Every NFL team has been caught in cheats at different times and the holier than though attitude from fans who refuse to look at what their own team has done is pathetic.

  66. “Don Shula said it, he must be delusional too? The only coach to go undefeated”

    Umm, you know the Fins had their first round draft pick taken and given to Colts for tampering to steal Shula away from the Colts right ?

    By the standards of the haters that means the Fins cheated to get Shula and everything they achieved under Shula was done by cheating.

    Shulacheat * Fins Cheat*

  67. hehateme2 says:
    Aug 21, 2015 2:54 PM
    Ah, the Foxboro Frauds at it again.
    Should be thrown out of the league -or- shipped to Russia.

    You pick.


    Hey hehate me…. Belichick is looking to leave the Patriots… would you want him as your coach?

    …… don’t worry i wont tell. 😉

  68. Maybe when Bella check gave him that promise he thought McMahon could still play. NFL has been have two ways to get back into the public eye. The first is to go on Dancing with the Stars, and the second is to say something negative about the Patriots.

  69. Outside of New England, who doesn’t think Belichick is a lying, cheating scumbag? The answer is nobody.

  70. You Pat’s fans will no doubt go down with the ship !! EVERYTHING and almost everyone,even players know this team is filled with cheaters,but you guys keep putting your heads in the sand.Bugs in locker rooms,opposing teams head sets not working when at NE,Spygate,Deflategate,ineligible receivers.Dam what a stand up organization – You must be so very proud !! HaHaHaHaHa !

  71. Wonder if Jim thinks taking amphetamines before and during games it cheating? Or Ditka putting a bounty on kicker Tom Dempsey is cheating.. could go on, but just sayin’

  72. gopblows says:
    Aug 21, 2015 12:41 PM
    Brady and Belichick have zero trophies without a scandal attached. That’s interesting.


    Actually they have 3 SB trophies (4th pending) without any scandals attached. You do know the memo sent out to all 32 teams for filming in the designated spot was in 2006 right? You do know that other championship teams coaches admitted to doing the exact same thing right? Funny how I don’t hear anyone crying foul about any Cowboys tainted SB’s or how about those cap cheating Broncos or Jerry Rice and his stickum? Selective whining trolls parroting the word “cheat” are deliriously uneducated.

  73. I understand it’s probably far too late to try and real in most bandwagon NE fans. But in fact, that’s what the vast majority are. The reason it’s so easy for everyone else to tell is, they’ve been awarded a few suspicious W’s for some time now and they pissed away the biggest game to Eli Manning when they were huge favorites to go 19-0. Ain’t that a wicked pissah?

  74. Ask any “Patriot fan” who Hugh Millen is “He’s this wicked bahtendah buddy of mine” No, he was the qb of your beloved team when they blew….several ACL’s torn in the early 2000’s jumping on the bandwagon.

  75. I hope you losers realize that piling on the patriots doesn’t make your teams any better

    Us Pats fans? Could not care what you or any washed up d-bag has to say about our team because you all have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you know absolutely nothing about what you’re talking about and none of your opinions matter. Saw a comment about BB taping the Jets practice. What? When was that? 3

    Once the season starts everything will go back to normal anyways. The pats will crush everyone and probably win another SB and all of you will go back to your meaningless lives and your teams will continue to get beaten like an old drum.

    What do the bears have? 1 SB? HAHAHAA

  76. @lambeauheap OK superfan….I am sure you were this much of a fan when Don McPherson was your coach & you would win 2 games a year…shudddup

  77. He also said that he had a huge gash on his head that he couldn’t remember how he got, and some preposterous story about relieving extra cerebro-spinal fluid on his brain… there’s no doubt the man is seriously brain damaged, for real. Sad to say, but his memory of any event is simply not credible in any way.
    The Patriots are documented unapologetic convicted ongoing serial cheaters, and their titles are forever tainted if not outright frauds; but Mac’s story simply can’t be taken seriously.

  78. Patriots are cheaters and everyone knows this. Anything but 4 games will make the league look like a joke.

  79. This just in.

    Mass Pike toll attendant states Bill Belichick is a jerk. “He didn’t even say hello to me the other day,” states Monica Jackson of Newton. “He just handed me a 5 dollar bill and rode off. Didn’t even look me in the eye!”.

    Monica follows that up by saying, “You know if a guy is a jerk, it’s not a big jump to being a cheater. So maybe some of these reports are true.”

    When presented with this new information Jeff Pash, lead council of the NFL league office, stated he would love to her more from Ms. Jackson and intends to interview her immediately in their ongoing investigation.

    “Obviously this woman presents an interesting perspective on Mr. Belichick as a head coach and we think her strong evidence will prove useful” stated Mr. Pash.

  80. I guess I’m the only one here not surprised…Despite the few morons that believe the gospel from the Patriots more and more people come out and say their liars.

    Before we point the finger at Jimmy, perhaps you guys should look the Pats history of cheating and lying, it’s proven history of lying, so why is this so far fetched?

  81. If someone lies to me and never tries to make it right.
    I will never forget them and I will never trust them again.

    Which one of you would want to trust a person that you knew for sure was a liar because he directly lied to your face?

    He is telling his experience and if that happened anyone of us we would feel the same.

    You tools making fun of him are stupid or are Psychopaths.

  82. @ egslfn

    you still mad about 04 bro?

    ha get over it

    and yes I was still this much of a fan when the Pats would routinely get toasted every Sunday. So there’s that

  83. Refreshing someone on the upper end of media doesn’t carry Brady’s jockstrap. Like those delusionalist that have the run of this homertrain.

  84. “I understand it’s probably far too late to try and real in most bandwagon NE fans. But in fact, that’s what the vast majority are.”

    bwahahahahahaha ok dude, you’re right. feel better now?

  85. “What do the bears have? 1 SB? HAHAHAA”

    I am not a Bears, but the Bears only SB victory was the largest margin of victory in any SB of all time, defeating the Pats. Also here are the top five NFL Championship holders (including Superbowls) in the history of the NFL:

    Green Bay Packers: 13 NFL Championships
    Chicago Bears: 9 NFL Championships
    New York Giants: 8 NFL Championships
    Pittsburgh Steelers: 6 NFL Chamionships
    Washington Redskins: 5 NFL Championships

    New England was number 11th on the list (and all four wins are forever tainted), google it and keep on LooLing!

  86. Any player who claims Bill Belichick PROMISED them a roster spot is full of it

    That set off the BS alarm as soon as I read it.

    Dan Patrick show sucks, btw. I noticed Rich Eisen copied the same formula, and it’s unwatchable.

  87. He does know he actually had to EARN the roster spot right? Nothing is just going to handing to you in football, you actually have to earn. The dude is honestly just bitter

  88. Sometimes, one has to ask themselves; Why are these 15-20 haters(really 6-7 after the multiple screen names) on every thread remotely involving the Patriots? Integrity of the game? Don’t think so. They’re all fans of teams the Pats have trampled. They can’t get on with their lives or have too much free time on their hands. Laugh at them or pity them. Your call. They’ll still be at the mailbox at the end of the month.

    Google the seahawks fan in his 200/month apt, putting his head thru his 1980’s projection TV. That’s who these people are. Ruined your life? Good. Just like raider fans with the ‘tuck rule’ 15 yrs ago. Can’t let it go, because they’ve been a laughing stock ever since. Just like the Rams.

    That’s why they’re here. Day after day, night after night. So they can finally say, when the Pats finally fall, after 15 yrs of unprecedented excellence; ‘See, I told you so’.

  89. Say what you want about McMahon. At least he has a Super Bowl without cheating. Just sayin’… Belicheat is not only a cheater but far from a stand up guy as well. Disgusting franchise.

  90. pisano says:
    Aug 21, 2015 1:46 PM

    No offense Jim, but that’s a no brainer.

    I get where you are coming from. From the sounds of it, McMahon literally might not have a brain left.

  91. About those GBay Championships… it’s BS. Storied franchise, of course. But, in the old NFL days, you ony had to win 1 game in a 14-15 team league to be champs, after winning your conference. Not 3-4 games in a 28-32 team league like today. Never mind the salary cap. Good accomplishment, yes. Not the same as the post merger era. Even the 1rst two SBowls , the AFL was at a huge disadvantage because they didn’t have access to all the same players.

    As far as I’m concerned, the Packers have 2 SBowl Championships in the post-merger, modern era.

  92. misterpositivity says:
    Aug 21, 2015 6:01 PM
    Pats fans, thou protest too much.

    Outside of New England, no one respects this franchise anymore.

    First of all, there are certainly plenty of Patriots fans outside of New England, but more importantly would it surprise you to know that the Patriots and their fans really don’t care if you respect the team or not. All that matters is if we support and respect them and I guess you can surely see that we do.

  93. Great logic. He cut you because you weren’t good enough and you conclude that this is a real scandal. I suppose it’s as good as Goodell’s logic.

  94. Good thing tedmurph doesn’t write the history books on the game that millions obsess over year after year. By your rationale, you are taking away legit, history making Championships from teams that never cheated to earn their titles. The Playoffs have about the same amount of teams you stated from the old days every year and there is one winner…..A Championship is a Championship, you can’t laugh at the history of the sport you love to make yourself feel better, that’s cheap, but you’re a Pats fan so I get it.

    Meanwhile, you’re defending a team that are PROVEn cheaters multiple times in the past 4 Superbowl victories over the past 2 decades.

    Sorry, I’ll respect the teams with the “10 team” championship wins over a team that has been proven to cheat to win.

  95. This coming from an arrogant so-so QB who used to moon the press.

    If the Bears hadn’t had that all time defense, no one would know who McMahon is.

  96. Green Bays 1rst Championship was in 1929. They wore leather helmets. Only because some guys got killed wearing no helmets and FB almost got banned in America. They won 5 more, ending during WWII, when most of the real men were fighting a war.

    You can save the ‘cheater routine’ with me. I laugh at it.

  97. “if you want a guaranteed payday in the NFL, you’d better have a guarantee in your contract, and not just take your coach’s word for it.”

    So… He didn’t lie? I’m not getting your point here.

  98. “You can save the ‘cheater routine’ with me. I laugh at it.”

    You are having a drawn out argument over LEGIT Championships in defense of your team that has been found guilty and suffered consequences from cheating on multiple occusions, Homer.

    Keep on laughing at it, denial effects millions of ignorant Americans in this country.

  99. I’d think Jim could do better than a coach promising a player a spot and then making that leap and jumping on the cheat bandwagon 20 years later.

    I’d like to hear the interview.

  100. When Jim McMahon calls you a cheater and liar. Your not probably a liar and cheater, YOU ARE. Belicheat and Tom Shady will go down as the best cheaters in the history of the game.

  101. Lombardi Trophies traded for deflated footballs, bugging the opposing teams locker rooms and sideline communication. Props to you, cheater fan!

  102. Kidnapped by aliens and married to bigfoot? Let’s go all the way on th housewife theories.

  103. Soon to be changed to the Belichick trophy. Gotta name it after the GOAT. I know it hurts.

  104. That brought back some memories. I was working in Memphis area and north of there at the time. There was this Cleveland radio jock who absolutely loathed Belachick. Every day he talked about how lousy a coach he was and that he needed to go.

  105. “Thanks for stating what we already know Jim. Don Shula said it, he must be delusional too? The only coach to go undefeated, not 18-1 choke.”

    Don Shula coached Dan Marino for 15 years and never won a Super Bowl. Most overrated coach in NFL history. SCREWED Marino out of a career.

  106. Next week’s lineup of guests on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss Brady, Belichick and Deflategate: Tom Jackson, Ryan Grigson, Jim Irsay, Steve Bisciotti, Mike Kensil, Peyton Manning, John Harbaugh, Don Shula and Ted Wells.

  107. It’s looking more and more like Hernandez is a higher class citizen than Belicheat, Brady and Kraft.

  108. “There was this Cleveland radio jock who absolutely loathed Belachick. Every day he talked about how lousy a coach he was and that he needed to go.”


    Glad that happened.

    Remind me, did that move finally open the door for all the Cleveland Browns championships that ultimately ensued?

    Loathing Belichick is one thing, but listening to a nut like McMahon opine about how Belichick is “probably” this or that is nonsensical. The headline allows the losers to pile on, and that’s all it is for.

  109. Jim McMahon is living proof of the need for extensive concussion protocols in the NFL.

  110. Means little coming from an attention seeking jerk like McMahon who is probably everything he claims Belichick is. He has never been the greatest person either. Funny how he can remember that but claims to be brain damaged and in the NFL concussion lawsuit.

  111. McMahon is just another jealous egomaniac who didn’t win four Super Bowls. Those of us who actually bothered to find out the truth agree with Judge Berman who told the NFL You have no evidence duh. The haters better by extra diapers when TB is exonerated.

  112. I’m sure this was the first and last time that an NFL team misrepresented their intentions to a player, or cut a player when they didn’t live up to expectations (a better way to describe it).

    And piling on with “he must be a cheater, too” is just ridiculous. Nice logic there, Jim. It’s pretty much fool proof.

  113. I love them Patriots. With Brady it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Going for #5. Lots of angry little guys in here ranting – but if they could get over the lumps in their porridge, they should really be thankful they’re alive in this day and age to watch arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game. Simple facts.

  114. Jim McMahon really? Now there was a model citizen back in the day and now holding a 20 year old grudge against a coach who cut him when he was washed up? Keep up the good work Jimbo. You come off sounding like a true ex professional and an ambassador for the game. Of course, then again, maybe you’re on the commissioner’s payroll and you’re part of the misinformation machine against the Patriots organization.

    The question begs, why is this even news?

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