McCoy, Cousins continue to out-play RG3


If Washington’s quarterback depth chart were determined by on-field performance, Robert Griffin III would be firmly entrenched at third string.

Although coach Jay Gruden insisted after Thursday’s preseason game against the Lions that Griffin will remain the starter, that game showed once again what we’ve seen throughout Gruden’s tenure as Washington’s coach: Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins are simply playing better football than Griffin.

So far this preseason, McCoy has a 131.6 passer rating and has led Washington’s offense on three touchdown drives. Cousins has a 118.3 passer rating and has also led Washington’s offense on three touchdown drives. Griffin has a 54.6 passer rating, and Washington has yet to score a touchdown with Griffin on the field.

You can argue that the preseason is too small a sample size to draw any conclusions, and that Griffin is playing against better defensive players than Cousins and McCoy are. But Griffin’s sub-par performance goes beyond just this year’s preseason. Last year Griffin started seven games, Cousins started five and McCoy started four. Washington wasn’t a particularly good team no matter who was starting, but according to ESPN’s QBR system, which combines both statistics and film study into one number on a 0-100 scale, Griffin was easily the worst of the three. McCoy had a 46.9 QBR, Cousins had a 46.5 QBR and Griffin had a 33.5 QBR. The Football Outsiders DVOA system, which uses play-by-play data to assess quarterbacks, similarly had Griffin as by far the worst of Washington’s three quarterbacks.

Given all that, it’s surprising that Gruden is so adamant that Griffin will continue to start. Perhaps Gruden is still intrigued by the great promise Griffin showed in his rookie season. Perhaps Dan Snyder has told Gruden to give Griffin a chance. Perhaps Gruden just doesn’t think McCoy and Cousins are legitimate NFL starters.

But at some point, on-field results have to matter. And Griffin simply isn’t getting results.

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  1. Yeah but, Skin’s Owner Snyder loves ME3 and that’s the way it is. Poor Jay will be gone before Columbus Day. Coach Killah wins again!

  2. Wouldn’t have mattered who was playing QB in that first quarter last night. Detroit’s front 7 was like a tornado going through a trailer park. Hard to totally blame RG3 when your #5 overall pick on the OLine is getting fork lifted into the QBs lap before he can get to the back of his drop.

  3. And the conclusion is?

    Trust me, as a Steeler Fan, I know the heart Colt McCoy has. He just isn’t a good enough QB to start in this league.

    How about Cousins. How many times, maybe once more, we’ll draw conclusions from these small samples of play, and push him forward, and maybe, just maybe, this time, he will play like a starter for a sustained period of time. But, at least consider the fact that this is the third crack.

    I don’t know if he is broken or not, but everyone in the leagues saw RGIII light it up and turn this team into a playoff team, for the first and only time in over a decade. I saw it. We all saw it.

    RGIII is the only guy on the roster who has demonstrated the capacity to be a quality starting QB in this league. I hope he is not broken.

  4. Gruden gave up on RGIII last year, this has to be driven by Snyder. The Redskins look completely different with anyone else under center — not great, but at least like a football team.

  5. Gruden is not intrigued by anything. He has been told who is his “starting quarterback,” which shows the depth of incompetency of the Redskins organization.

  6. Kirk Cousins looks good because he is playing against guys who will be working at McDonalds next week. If he had to play with the Oline aginst the 1st teamers that RG3 did he would have thrown a bunch of INTs.

  7. McCoy and Cousins proved they weren’t legitimate NFL starters last season. The Skins are just full of below-average QBs. Washington bet everything on RG3 in that draft, he’s the most talented athletically and he’s the only one who’s shown his ceiling can be higher than being a back up (albeit, only one season). If you’re the Skins, you might as well do all you can to get RG3 going if you’re not going to view him as a sunk cost and if he takes you all the way to 4-12, take that top 5 pick and draft a QB next season.

  8. As much as Gruden threw Bobby G under the bus last year, its a complete 180 this year. Which leads me to believe that Danny boy has his fingerprints all over this one.

  9. If I were Dan Snyder, I would immediately trade Cousins (or McCoy) and a draft pick to the Titans for the best backup QB in the NFL. Zach Mettenberger is notably better than several current starters. And I say that as someone who, frankly, isn’t a fan of his style of play. He’s old school. Cannon for an arm. Bold in the pocket. Accurate passer though a bit of a gunslinger.

    A Mariota Guy

  10. Stop blaming the Oline. The other 2 qbs play with the same group of guys. And I mean in regular season games last year. Dude just can’t get it done.

  11. There is some truth that RGME had little protection. But on the play he got the concussion he had a receiver open. And he is still showing that fumbling problem when someone gets near him.

  12. McCoy and Cousins didn’t have the protection issues because they were playing against the 2nd and 3rd stringers.

    As a Lions fan I am more concerned about the huge drop off in talent from the ones, to the twos. No sacks, over 130 yds rushing, we need depth and anyone who says we have it is kidding themselves.

  13. Has anyone in the front office considered that maybe the players are just not confident in Griffin and are not playing for him? It may be the best investment to cut bait, get what you can for him and give the offense a chance without him around as a distraction. Claiming to be the best QB with his numbers and performance gives him no credibility in huddle.

  14. It’s embarrassing and mind boggling how people like Cutler, Kaepernick, and RG3 get to start yet consistently get outplayed. Shows what a joke some organizations are. I hate New England but at least they kept playing their sixth round pick when he was hot over Bledsoe.

  15. The only reason RG me is starting is because of that meddlesome owner, and that is all you need to know.. Only injury and a complete face plant will bring the others to play, that should happen pretty quickly during this season.

  16. If Griffin is the best quarterback in the league, isn’t he therefore better than McCoy and Cousins???

    I’m confused

  17. The Skins have been stating the wrong QB for awhile. Ever since RG3 got broke, actually. Whenever I bet against the Skins I make sure they haven’t been forced to do the right thing and start McCoy. Starting the wrong QB can keep a team down.

  18. There is much angst in Washington over the Great Gimmick.

    I would offer that the offensive line intentionally tanked last night after the clown’s statements. Even the offensive line could see the obvious pass rushes – even as bad as they were last year, they never were like swiss cheese and would have offered more of a speed bump than last night.

    Combine that with the Great Gimmick’s unprofessional play – he did not act as a professional QB is required to do to win – he made no audibles, he paid no attention to the obvious pass rushes – he did not do basic rush avoidance techniques that even Cousins and McCoy have mastered – stepping up, back and side to side, and the clown never rolled out.

    What you have here friends is not a bad offensive line failing to protect the best NFL QB. You have a far more insidious situation – a team that has bailed on their QB on all levels.

    I also enter into exhibits the fact that once the clown disappeared, the offense and defense played far better.

    You can say that Colt and Cousins played against weaker competitors but these QB’s aren’t the NFL’s best either. I’d say that they played against their level of competition and simply run the whole offense.

    You will also note that the offense that the Great Gimmick runs is NOT the same full playbook the others run. GG’s is still on training wheels. Doubt me? Rewatch the game and the plays called. GG is running the Cliff Note’s version. Cousins and McCoy are running the full version – including run option.

  19. Cousins proved last year that he is no good either. They should roll with McCoy. And then draft 7 O-lineman next year.

  20. The myth lives. If Griffin is broken, Washington doesn’t have a QB capable of being a starter, or maybe people missed the other 2 guys when they actually played too. Cousins is a turnover machine and McCoy is well McCoy. Gruden likes him because hes the same kind of limited fool that he had in Cincy with worse physical limitations than the red popgun. Something tells me they’ll be picking top 5 again next year, and we can stop Gus Frerotting the backups to mythical status because the league figured Griffin out after his rookie year.

  21. I’m no RG fan but this is just poor, lazy journalism.

    Detroit’s “ones” absolutely obliterated Wash’s O-line. When the QB is getting lit-up on 3-step drops…well…that’s not the QB’s fault.

    Now, QBs who have been in the league for a few years ARE SUPPOSED to shred pre-season 2nd half defenses comprised of young men “just trying to make it”.

  22. Maybe Cousins or McCoy aren’t the final answer, but they’ve sure proven both play better than RGIII. This crap about Griffin playing badly because he’s playing against better players is old and frankly, wrong. Starters know they have their positions locked up and play accordingly, while it’s the guys on the bubble who come in later and play their butts off and play tougher. Although I could sure use the money, I wouldn’t trade places with Gruden for anything as long as he’s being strung up by Snyder the puppet master.

  23. Well, if you are being honest you will also note that Cousins and McCoy were not playing against first teamers.

    But no one can deny Griffin has not shown he can play well in game situations outside that first year, which now looks like an outlier. Plus, when you listen to breakdown of his plays by analysts, it’s clear some of his problems cannot be blamed on caliber of opposing players.

    Neither Cousins nor McCoy is a long-term answer, either.

    But Little Danny cannot ever stand to step away from things. He is as bad at personnel management as any person who ever ran a business. Dunder Mifflin would actually be a drastic improvement.

  24. Look at the tape and explain how RG3 had little to no time to throw the ball. Willie Smith #60 LT played a horrible game and continued once RG3 left. Actually watch the game not the stats and determine if RG3 actually had a shot in last night’s game. Colt’s 1st drive with the TD, he threw a whooping 2 times. 1 on a bootleg after he runs for some 50+ yards on multiple rushes, and then the touchdown.

    2nd point. IT’S PRESEASON! Yes you acknowledge Colt and Kirk played lesser talent but you completely dismissed it. RG3 had the lesser QB rating, but yet had more wins (2 wow) than the other 2 (1 yikes). Kirk’s win was a game he was benched against the TITANS at HOME by Colt.

    Speaking of Kirk, he’s done very little outside of his game against the Eagles game to demonstrate his PRESEASON games translate to the REGULAR season. Think back, he was amazing last PRESEASON. Back to the Regular season, he’s won 1 game against the Browns in 2012, went 0-3 in 2013, and 1-4 in 2014 (again a game he was benched). Colt is a journeyman, a solid #2.

    In short, stop judging the preseason when you are judging apples to oranges (1st teamers to 3rd stringers and hopefuls). I am not saying RG3 is the same RG3 from his rookie year, or “best QB in the league”, He gives the Redskins (Washington team sorry!) the best chance to win in the REGULAR season.

  25. fumblenuts says:
    Aug 21, 2015 3:49 PM
    McCoy, Cousins continue to out-play RG3.


    Yeah, I must admit I read that wrong too!

    I was like “McCoy cousins, who the hell are the McCoy cousins?”

  26. That’s ridiculous that you could say they are just simply playing better. That line was atrocious last night! I am starting to think Gruden doesn’t have Roberts best intentions in mind. Oh and Willie Smith should never play another down in this league after that performance last night.

  27. Just freaking cut or trade him, so he can go be good somewhere else. They don’t know how to run a dayum team up there anyway. Skins are a HORRIBLE franchise, from top to bottom.

  28. This reminded me of all these silly posts from WAS fans early in RG3’s rookie campaign. I’ll paraphrase:

    Brady < Rodgers < PManning < RG3!!!

    Next time, pause before you chug the Kool Aid, kids!

  29. tavisteelersfan says:
    Aug 21, 2015 3:49 PM

    Trust me, as a Steeler Fan, I know the heart Colt McCoy has. He just isn’t a good enough QB to start in this league.

    What are you basing that on? Because James Harrison tried to take his head off on a dirty play?

  30. Must be nice being a Pats’ fan who has had 3 teams like this in their division for the last 15 years.

  31. Anyone who is watching and is honest can call the ball on RG3.
    Dude stinks.
    He does not have the skills necessary to be have success at the QB position.
    He is also playing scared. With his injury history, and playing behind that sieve of a line, I would be too.

  32. It’s preseason; now having said that Colt McCoy was run out of Cleveland (what a terrible place to be an NFL QB) which is a place desperate for decent play at the most important position on the field. James Harrison wiping him out really set him back. At 28 and having been through the battles he has maybe now is his time. I do not think so but maybe. Kirk Cousins, god bless him, has shown a penchant for making horrible throws and/or decisions at just the wrong moment. Maybe he has now out grown that. I do not think so but maybe. Robert Griffin III looks broken; is someone telling him “stay in the pocket and hold the ball until it is too late”? He had no help last night and yes it is preseason but he had some similar games last year (Tampa and San Francisco) that say “the former ROY cannot play QB in the NFL. Does 3-13 get the Redskins a new coach?

  33. If I were Gruden, I’d roll with Cousins as the starter and McCoy the backup. Find a way to get rid of RGIII. Even if it cost me my job. If Dan Snyder is “meddling” in the personnel part of the QB competition, it’s a no win situation in D.C. for Gruden, the Redskins as a football team etc. etc. etc. I’d bail out of there however I had to do it even it if meant going against Snyder’s wishes and starting Cousins.

  34. Even for RGIII’s sake, maybe they should start McCoy until they get a real O-Line. RGIII is traumatized from getting hit all the time. That’s why he runs so much, he doesn’t trust his line to block for him long enough to assess his second option. The other two guys have more to gain from taking a beating, and they haven’t been hit nearly as much, so they can at least stay somewhat calmer in the pocket. But even Cousins, you see him regress if he starts for long periods of time because that line is just so pathetic. The Redskins are going to turn RGIII into the next David Carr.

  35. Al Davis got crucified for his handling of football operations toward the end of his life, and rightfully so.
    If you are a Redskins fan, and your owner makes Al’s later years look competent, you have to know that you and Cleveland fan will have something in common; sorrow and sadness.
    Dan Snyder has many a year ahead of him, and crashing the Redskins into the ditch year after year is his prerogative. Get used to it.
    Al had some great years and some glory. Dan has been a disaster from day one, and it looks to be getting worse every day.
    The best indicator of future behavior is past and present behavior.

  36. Not 1 qb in the nfl could had did well under the pressure he was getting last night. The last play a lot of guys were open but I think he was so surprised no one was in his face he fumbled.

  37. None of them are NFL starters. They have 3 good backup QB’s. Cousins is 2-7 as a starter. He has more Int’s than TD’s. Once teams got some of his game film they picked off passes at will.

    I love Colt McCoy. He is as tough as they come, but he isn’t a no.1 QB. He is a great backup that is ideal to come in for a quarter or make a spot start or 2.

    RG3 has at least shown he can get a team to the playoffs. He has not looked good since his knee injury however. If i were the Skins I’d let him take shot and see if he can get some mojo back. They aren’t making the playoffs with McCoy or Cousins…and probably not with RG3 either, but at least there is precedent there.

  38. Griffin being named starter was clearly Snyder’s call. Gruden wanted a real QB competition, but Snyder signs his checks. It’s clear that Robert isn’t ready to lead this offense. For all those who think Colt McCoy isn’t starter material—I don’t know what you’re basing that conclusion on because throughout his career he’s been saddled with lousy teams and a constantly changing cast of coaches and offensive systems. He played well last season with the exception of the Rams game, and anyone who watched that game knows that the offensive line had more holes than a piece of swiss cheese. I don’t trust Cousins once the games that count start, and McCoy is the more mobile QB. I think we’ll see a change at QB at some point, but some games are going to have to be lost before Gruden will be able to convince Snyder that it’s necessary. That is no way to run a football team.

  39. I don’t know why there’s criticism on RG3 right now.

    You put Tom Brady behind that line, same result
    You put Peyton Manning behind that line, same result
    You put Andrew Luck behind that line, same result

    If your qb REGARDLESS who he is, is running for his life the second the ball is hiked, you cannot blame the quarterback.

    He’s one of the fastest athletes in the game and even he cannot evade the incoming rush through his own protection.

    RG3 may be a horrible QB, but everything that is a result of the Redskins current failures is LINE RELATED.

    Start there before you point your fingers at the QB.

  40. RG3 was one dropped pass away from going 5-8 100 yards and a 1 td last week. His pro bowl left tackle, coincidently, played in that game as well. Most coaches and fans will take that production in only a couple of series. The line was terrible last night. He was hit on 6 of his 8 drop backs…..that’s 75%. No one would have looked good last night. Colt and Cousins have played well but look at the competition they’ve played against. They are playing against 2nd, 3rd and fringe roster players. I bet RG3 would look better playing against them too.

  41. I’m surprised no one’s writing about how Jay Gruden left RG3 in the game as long as he did. No coach in the NFL does that to their starting qb.

  42. Gruden has probably been instructed to play RG3, regardless. And he is just following his orders.
    Unfortunately, the Redskins are blessed with a meddling owner who thinks he is a genius. They are also blessed with a QB who believes he is the best. Until the genius owner recognizes that his highly compensated modest QB is a dud, the team will continue to struggle. This franchise is a joke.

  43. Based on what we saw last night, McCoy is clearly the best of the 3.

    But as others have stated, Griffin got no protection – he got clobbered, repeatedly. He showed some courage when he stood in there and made the throw while Levy was charging in unblocked. Unfortunately for Griffin, he got crushed for nothing — incomplete pass.

    I think it’s suspicious that the O-line instantly got better when Griffin left. It looks like at least one of them wanted Griffin out of the game. And the “concussion” play … didn’t look like he took a big hit to anything but his ego. He dropped the ball without being touched.

  44. Here’s the problem with your argument–Robert was sacked more than Cousins & McCoy combined last season. Did the entire first team OL (or the Lions DL) leave when McCoy came in? I don’t believe any of those QB’s you named would have had the same result that RG3 had behind the same OL. Of course the OL is a factor, but that doesn’t explain the difference you’ve seen in the play of Griffin vs McCoy & Cousins this season and last. He’s clearly not comfortable in this offense. He’s not adjusting coverages or changing plays which is what Peyton Manning would be doing in that situation.

  45. I’m not sayin RGIII is better than the other two, but anyone who watched that last game knows it was the offensive offensive (yes I meant to type that twice) line that was the issue.

  46. Hey if RGKnee says he is the best QB in the NFL then he is…who are we to dispute any of this regardless of his on field performances…

  47. Aren’t they measuring this guy for his Canton gold jacket?

    That’s all we heard around here like forever from the genius loudmouth Washington fans.

    They’re almost as insufferable as Vikings fans.

  48. First of all, RGIII had no protection from his o-line to even show what he can do. Both Cousins and McCoy had 2nd and 3rd stringers playing to guard them. Not the same as the 1st team going against the 1st team. If he had the protection, I am sure he would be playing just as well as Cousins and McCoy. After all, he has been out playing them in the training camps.

  49. RGIII is better equipped to get the Redskins the QB they have needed for over a decade. He can lead the team to the #1 pick overall.

  50. Bad situation in Washington. Meddling owner who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know; terrible line; coach who seems unhappy to be there, QB who’s had his best skills diminished by injuries and can’t adapt to the new him. Long season ahead.

  51. jfriedman21:

    McCoy’s NFL debut was in Pittsburgh. Took a whoopen. Didn’t quit. And yes, in Cleveland, Harrison blew him up, illegal hit, McCoy was laying there, destroyed. Got up, hobbled around and the negligent Browns coaching staff and medical team let him get back on the field. He has no quit in him.

    They played a few times. Colt never quit. But he wasn’t that good either. I respect the crap out of his character.

    P.S. Harrison got penalized, fined and suspended for that hit. He paid. Holmgren and that crowd of buffoons that sent Colt back on the field, they got off without any kind of penalty except for the public lashing Colt’s father unleashed. The league missed the real culprits here … worse than Shanahan letting RGIII in the game.

  52. RGIII definitely has a lot of work to do, but to be fair here, both QBs have ALSO had their chance to gain and maintain their OWN starting jobs, and failed. Especially Colt McCoy. So I’d not say there is exactly a terrible injustice here.

  53. I wonder if some of the posters actually read the article, rather than just attack it after having read the headline. I refer you to the 4th paragraph, in which Mr. Smith does in fact bring up the small sample size from the pre-season and the fact that RGIII has spent more time going against 1st team defenses. He then goes on to discuss how each performed last season as starters. Again, limited sample size, but RGIII again comes out on bottom using multiple metrics.

    Are Cousins and McCoy legitimate starters in the NFL? I don’t think so. I think both are quality backups. That’s not an insult. In this day and age, a quality backup is more important than ever, and can be the difference between making and missing the playoffs. In RGIII’s case, he flashed legitimate starter potential as a rookie, but has failed to live up to that potential. He seems to have regressed quite a bit, actually.

    So, the question for Washington is this: Go with someone who will never be a franchise QB, but who can provide a competent performance with some help from the team; or continue to go with someone who has/had the potential to be a franchise QB, but who shows no sign of living up to that potential? They also need to ask themselves if RGIII can still command the respect of his teammates and get the most out of them.

  54. Well, when you have so much money invested in Griffin you have to play him or look like complete fools. The ‘skins look like complete fools. I don’t think Gruden is making this decision. I see Snyder’s fingerprints all over this. It must be hell to coach and play in Washington.

  55. maybe they are better, but lets see them against the starters. so sick of hearing how backups and 3rd stringers are playing better against mediocre talent.

  56. I don’t see any more potential to be a franchise QB in Griffin than I see in the other two QB’s. The question is–can you win the majority of your games with this QB? Can you make the playoffs? So called franchise QB’s like Sam Bradford, Cam Newton, and even Andrew Luck haven’t managed to get to the Super Bowl while QB’s like Trent Dilfer and Russell Wilson have won SB’s. I think the ship has sailed on RG3 being a “franchise QB.” There aren’t that many Tom Brady’s and Peyton Manning’s. Go with the guy who’s going to win the most games and put a strong team around him and forget about this franchise QB fantasy. That ended when Robert when down in 2012. It’s not coming back anytime soon unless the Redskins have a horrible season and get a top draft pick.

  57. “Given all that, it’s surprising that Gruden is so adamant that Griffin will continue to start…..Perhaps Gruden just doesn’t think McCoy and Cousins are legitimate NFL starters.”

    Um…… That’s not it. If it were up to Gruden, RGIII would be wearing a different uniform right now. It’s fairly common knowledge around the team that it took a very long time last year for Gruden to get permission to bench RGIII, and that he has been ordered to give him a full shot at being the starter this year.

    I am not a fan of either team, but I always laugh when people make fun of Jerry Jones for insisting on being the GM. At least he has the cojones to admit he is the one making all of the decisions. Snyder not only makes all the decisions, he forces his GMs and coaches to act as though it was all their idea.

  58. RGIII will be traded to the Jaguars, Raiders, Cleveland or Buffalo for a conditional 7th round pick in the 2016 draft. Whoa, Shanny was right!

  59. The truth: RGIII had a ridiculous Junior season at Baylor, so much as to win a Heisman and hype-up his draft status.

    At full health, he gave the NFL a look that was unusual his rookie year, and he prospered.

    But much like Kaepernick, NFL teams have figured him out, and he’s gonna have to be a pocket passer, which thus far, he has shown the inability to do consistently.

    Shorter: he was a flash-in-the-pan that got hot at the right time, so as to fool the masses to believe he was a consistently legit QB. In reality, he is another mid-round QB that will probably not get signed by the Redskins to a long-term deal.

  60. Everyone was clamoring for Cousins til he threw all those picks… Mccoy is a backup… RG3 is the Skins best QB. He’ll be fine.

  61. Honestly I think the Skins messed up never giving Colt Brennen a shot a few years ago.

  62. He hasn’t been fine for the last 2 years or so far in preseason. McCoy was clearly better last season (and last night). There is no reason (that’s related to what happens on the field) to go with Griffin. He hasn’t played well since 2012. If you’re waiting for the 2012 Griffin to magically appear you’re going to be disappointed. Until he proves on the field that he’s the best of the 3 QB’s he doesn’t deserve to be the starter when the season begins.

  63. chargerdillon says:
    Aug 21, 2015 5:16 PM
    I don’t know why there’s criticism on RG3 right now.

    You put Tom Brady behind that line, same result
    You put Peyton Manning behind that line, same result
    You put Andrew Luck behind that line, same result

    If your qb REGARDLESS who he is, is running for his life the second the ball is hiked, you cannot blame the quarterback.

    He’s one of the fastest athletes in the game and even he cannot evade the incoming rush through his own protection.

    RG3 may be a horrible QB, but everything that is a result of the Redskins current failures is LINE RELATED.

    Start there before you point your fingers at the QB.

    So I guess you stopped watching the game when Griffin left and didn’t see the same offense line help the team march down the field and score a touchdown on the very next possession.

  64. Gruden is dumb… if he played McCoy/Cousins and won he would at least be in line for a job when Snyder fires him… play RGTree and then lose and he gets fired anyway and no one wants him

  65. I’m not a Skins or Griffin fan, but I can’t see how any QB could have performed under the pressure Griffin was facing. It almost looked like his line quit on him, like they won’t play for him. I wouldn’t go as far as saying they wNted him to get hurt, but MAN! He’s lucky he survived, the way he got thrown around.

  66. Problems in dc start with the head coach and end with rg3 who can’t read defenses and who’s teammates have lost all confidence in him.

  67. Cousins IS the answer. People forget he’s only started 9 games and no one can contest he was instrumental in RG winning that ROY award in 2012. Give him the reps, all the games, owner and coach support that are willing to put up with his young mistakes and you have a winner. He’s still a rookie in play time.

  68. chargerdillon says:
    Aug 21, 2015 5:16 PM
    I don’t know why there’s criticism on RG3 right now.

    You put Tom Brady behind that line, same result
    You put Peyton Manning behind that line, same result
    You put Andrew Luck behind that line, same result

    If your qb REGARDLESS who he is, is running for his life the second the ball is hiked, you cannot blame the quarterback.

    He’s one of the fastest athletes in the game and even he cannot evade the incoming rush through his own protection.

    RG3 may be a horrible QB, but everything that is a result of the Redskins current failures is LINE RELATED.

    Start there before you point your fingers at the QB.

    So I guess you stopped watching the game when Griffin left and didn’t see the same offense line help the team march down the field and score a touchdown on the very next possession.


    they marched down the field on a bunch of running plays. 1, yes, ONE completed pass by McCoy on that drive for 13 yards, and one Pass interference call. that drive was all Matt Jones and Chris Thompson.

  69. I’m not defending RG3’s poor play, but you can’t use Passer Rating stats from the preseason, and then a different Stat from 2014 (QBR) to show a “trend”.

    Maybe the author did that because the 2014 passers-by rating stats have Mccoy ahead 96, and Cousins and RG3 pretty much dead even at 86.

    Point being, different Stat categories aren’t a good measure of a trend.

  70. So I guess you stopped watching the game when Griffin left and didn’t see the same offense line help the team march down the field and score a touchdown on the very next possession.
    uh, it wasnt the same line…they took some guys out (except that bum Willie Smith). i’m sure Lichty (their center) was out and same with Lauvaro.

    in my book, this article is wrong. the first game, Griffin outplayed Cousins and McCoy. he was 4 of 8, BUT people seem to avoid looking at the one throw that was great and the ball was flat out dropped by Garcon. if that ball is completed, he’s 5 of 8 for about 110 yards and a touchdown.

    as for his 2nd game, there were TWO plays when he was hit in LESS than 2 seconds!!!!!! on one of those throws, it was completed to Garcon for 4 yards. the other was an incompletion (he was hit when he threw). in my book it’s WAY WAY too soon to suggest that they are outplaying him. if Trent Williams was in this game, i believe the stats would’ve been better, would they have been great, i dont know, but he wouldn’t have had just 8 yards. and trust me, the left tackle was the MAJOR problem yesterday, though admittedly, Scherif wasnt good, but the issue was Willie Smith and from what i’ve heard, he’s been having a bad camp and is in danger of not making the team. that guy was playing Griffin’s blindside.

  71. Shanahan is the only coach who could make RG3 look great as a NFL player. Every QB who has started for him has been in the pro bowl and top 5 in offense over 30 years. Minimum 2 year starter!

  72. Aaron Rodgers was outplayed by Matt Flynn at one point a few preseasons ago. Jimmy Garapalo played better than Brady in the preseason last year. I’m sure many other backup QB’s will look better than the starters this year. Will there be articles about them? No, because they don’t get the same hate as Griffin. Let the rest of the idiots eat that up. Not even saying he is good or will be good in the future but man oh man. Were McCoy or Cousins the rookie of the year?

    Also, go Eagles. Let the best team win. I know us classless Philly fans hate everyone right? Drunk Santa in 1960. Fools, all of you.

  73. It’s about developing talent and potential. The potential of RGIII is far far higher than the other 2. You saw in 2012 the “kinds” of things he’s capable of doing when he’s in a game plan that clicks. That’s not something that McCoy and Cousins have. RGIII needs more learning and grooming in the drop-back system. IF he can learn and develop in it, coupled with the talent-level that’s there, then the sky’s the limit. You have to explore that and give it a chance.

    Run the course with RGIII, and if it doesn’t happen you move on. “Kirk Cousins” and “Colt McCoy” are always available. Guys of that talent level are available in every draft and in every offseason. Guys of RGIII talent level are not.

  74. I was intrigued as everyone by RG3’s first year. Didn’t like his inability to protect himself. Now he’s in a bed of his own making. He and his father-coach told the Redskins he would not be a mobile QB. Thus what McCoy and Cousins did to escape pressure Gruden is forbidden to call. So Robert took his beating.

  75. So this shows that only one team in the east has an Elite QB and his name is Eli Manning

  76. McCoy and Cousins have been performing better overall. I still find it mind boggling the fact its not reported that Wash wasn’t at full strength at the Oline vs Detroit and I’m pretty sure Colt nor Kirk would have avoided the same hits Bob took during his drives. Their pockets were 10 times cleaner.. But yea the offense looks awkward when Bob is running the show and more fluid with Colt and Kirk, but its against 2nd and 3rd stringers. Cmon people you’re better than that..

  77. Cut him and move on. Cousins plays well=great.

    Cousins plays badly=top 5 pick and maybe hit reset in the draft. That time dont spend 3 years of 1st round picks so that guys can play with some talent.

    The trade was foolish anyway. Miracle making running QBs just dont exist. You trade the farm for a guy, he better have every ability and equaly as important, be a durable player. Even in college Robert wasnt.

    Its your mess Snyder and you know it. Too bad the Redskins fans have to suffer through it.

  78. To reference Bob’s rookie season where they played with his college playbook and Alfred Morris carried the load is ridiculous. The short lived read option is dead. Just like Kaepernick in SF. These guys are not suited to play QB in the NFL. Also saying Kirk Cousins had a chance and blew it is ridiculous. Griffin has had all of the first team reos in preseason. That is very important for a young QB to learn the offense and gel with the first team. Cousins never had that. The Redskins offense looked good with Cousins but had trouble in the 4thQ when defences showed different looks. A full season as a starter corrects these problems. Gruden’s hand is forced. Snyder mortgaged the future on Griffin so Gruden is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  79. cousins is not a starter he is a back up, you guys are on drugs.
    colt mccoy get real

  80. Go hear Cooley’s breakdown of RG3 and the Detroit game. More than half those sacks were on him. One sack he sent his line the wrong way. Two others who could have side stepped and thrown. The one big hit from he LB he should have gotten rid of that WAyyyyyy before he did and the line on that play was not designed to block LB’s so he had to THROW it.

    Rg has too much to learn. Time to wash our hands. Even Tebow is better at this moment and that kid got railroaded out of the league with a winning record.

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