Mercedes-Benz to apply name to a second NFL stadium

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Perhaps as a subliminal message that folks who already own a Mercedes-Benz should buy a second one, Mercedes-Benz will apply its name to a second NFL stadium.

More specifically, a second NFC South stadium.

Via Don Muret of SportsBusiness Journal, the futuristic change purse being constructed in Atlanta will bear the name of the German automotive giant.

Mercedes-Benz already has applied its name to the Superdome, where the Saints play. The 10-year agreement was signed in 2011, and it’s reportedly worth between $50 million and $60 million.

According to Muret, the Falcons had been looking for a 30-year arrangement with an annual value in excess of $15 million for their $1.5 billion venue.

And if a LeBron James tweet is worth $140,000, this article should at least be worth a Mercedes-Benz T-shirt.

29 responses to “Mercedes-Benz to apply name to a second NFL stadium

  1. If MB knows anything about the rivalry between the SAINTS & Falcons, they will realize this is a bad idea.
    Not smart to have two teams in the same division with their stadiums bearing the same first name (sponsor).

    Fans be heard!

  2. What amazes me is that the stadium costs $1.5bn to build, but the entire sum of this will be recouped in stadium naming dollars.

    Although the net present value of the future sponsorship income is less than the initial build cost, it amazes me that teams are still holding public funds at knife point, demanding public funding!

    I am rooting for the Kroenke Rams deal to go through, if only for the reason that he purchased the land and is building the stadium on his own dime.

  3. 30 years at 15mil a year for naming rights. Or 450 million.

    So nearly a third of the cost of the stadium could be paid off by sponsorship?

    Full stadiums for 8 Falcons games a year plus all the other events stadiums like to hold. It’s actually amazing how much more stadiums can bring in if managed correctly.

    Unfortunately it seems public funds are used to build them whilst the profits go to private owners.

  4. I think Bose speakers would be the best company for them. Bose Stadium where the crowd is even louder then humanly possible.

  5. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Aug 21, 2015 10:29 AM
    I would have thought Canon or Olympus would have been the perfect naming partner.


    I wish canon would name a stadium. My company handles their tradeshow/exhibit/event schedules and we could build some really cool stuff for their stadium.

    Check out the giant 49ers helmet, the toyota gates at the daytona 500 for reference.

    Would love to get paid to be inside an NFL stadium, as opposed to paying to be there.

    Then again, Olympus stadium is a pretty great name.

  6. FYI, Mercedes in moving its USA headquarters from NJ to Atlanta and will be opening their new facility in 2017… So this makes total sense for them to do this with the opening of the new ATL/Aurthur Blank stadium.
    Now you know.

  7. Once MB realizes how bad the Failcons are this year they’ll change their minds in a heartbeat

  8. I all of a sudden have the urge to go buy a Mercedes because of this news. Wait, no I don’t. I’m glad the rich can make the rich richer, I guess.

  9. I guess Home Depot stayed out of the bidding…..being the owner would essentially have to PAY FOR IT HIMSELF!!!

  10. I agree with the above post. Two of the most hated rivals in the same division with stadiums with the same name? Not a good idea.

  11. tmcb7, It also gives them a chance to stick it to Porsche, who also have their US HQ in Atlanta.

  12. How much of that goes back to the city coffers? You know, the came coffers that paid for the new stadium? Teams get all the free stadiums and all the profits? Oh right, they create hundreds of “jobs”: part-time (Sundays only) jobs of minimum wage and with no benefits. Construction jobs? Those jobs would have been created anyways if the multibillionaires paid for the stadium themselves.

  13. At least it’s the Mercedes Benz-Superdome so it won’t be confusing. Will Atlanta’s be Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

    ATL’s will be the Mercedes-Benz SphincterDome

  14. Mercedes-Benz knows that because the taxpayers are building a brand new stadium that Atlanta will get a Super Bowl. Multi-million dollars worth of free publicity for them.

  15. RaiderfansAreMentallyRetarded says:
    Aug 21, 2015 10:49 AM
    Mercedes are overrated.Would rather drive a Bmw
    I’m assuming you drive neither. BMWs are like driving a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood with wheels. Great if you’re on a race track but I couldn’t stand mine after a while.

    The Mercedes isn’t quite the race car but for commuting, driving for fun on twisty roads it’s a hell of a lot better vehicle IMHO. And I have two of them now.

    Easily the best cars I’ve ever owned.

    But I can’t understand why they want to do another naming rights deal in Hotlanta.

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